“Screaming” Teenager Schools Police Officers During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

Watch how the teenager in the video above takes two cops to school after they pull him over for yelling at another officer on a different traffic stop.

What did the teenager yell?

“You’re causing a traffic hazard!”

After (possibly) realizing that the illegality of the stop could be in question officer Willard (pension #29) decided to make up a few other reasons for the stop. Stating that the teeangers windows were tinted and was quickly questioned about having a tint reader to produce evidence for court. This clearly caught #29 off guard and lead to him asking the teenager if he’d like to speak to his supervisor.

When the supervisor shows up he also tries to justify the stop for what the teeager said claiming the officer who was yelled at didn’t understand what was said. That he thought it might have been an emergency and instructed other officers to stop the vehicle.

This is basically the ‘we stopped you for your own protection’ line of crap officers always give you when they want to harass you.

Thankfully the young driver was able to use  his wits and camera to bust up this attempted officer intimidation. Which this clearly was and it happened again two days later (hope there’s video, I messaged the YouTube account), as stated in the YouTube channel description:

I got pulled over for nothing. Watch what happens next! And 2 days later i got pulled over by the cop who I yelled at and what he told me was so funny. He pulled me over and said that he’d give me a ticket and that i’m going to be noticed now. How can i get a ticket for doing nothing wrong? And im sorry that i’m exercising my rights because if you don’t we lose them. He than decided to harass me and my friends that i had with me. He also told me to watch out when i’m in town… is that a threat? I think so.

The teenager concluded this interaction and video with some very wise words:

“Don’t believe jack shit the officers say. They lie to you, they do other shit to you, just beware of that. Always get their name and their fucking badge number.”

Ladies and gentleman, that is how you CopBlock the police.

Learn more about filming the police (click here) and connecting with other CopBlocker Groups (click here).

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Source Article from http://www.copblock.org/157625/teenage-schools-police-officers-during-traffic-stop/

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