Senior U.S. Army Official Says There’ll Never Be a Return to “Normal” Post-COVID

A video out of the UK shows a gym owner explaining how armed police were sent to issue fines because his business violated COVID restrictions by failing to close down following a government mandate.

Nicholas Whitcombe previously announced via a YouTube video that his Bodytec Fitness gym, which is located in Wirral, would be remaining open despite a new law that mandates all gyms in the region close their doors due to a rise in coronavirus infections.

“The UK’s Government has took it upon themselves to close gyms in the North West, despite the overwhelming evidence that gyms are not a major spreaders of COVID,” says a description on his fundraiser page.

“We respected the last lockdown although we financially suffered and only survived because of our amazing members. However they now want us to close, with minimum financial support for 6 months. We get no rent break, bills break both personally and as a business,” he added, asserting that he would keep his gum open for his members’ “mental and physical well-being.”

This prompted a visit by several armed police officers seen in a video originally posted by Whitcome to Instagram.

Whitcome explained that he was ordered to immediately close the gym or be hit with a £1,000 fine but that he told them, “I’m not asking anyone to leave.”

The gym owner took the fine but was then told that police could repeatedly return within just a few hours to issue more fines that double each time.

“They sent out seven or eight firearms officers – what a waste of resources – this is fucking nuts guys, it’s fucking nuts,” he added.

Whitcome said that he had received a lot of support from other gyms and that a petition to get the issue in front of Parliament had reached over 1000 signatures.

In the video description on Instagram, Whitcombe also explained how the closure of gyms made no sense given that, “22,000,000 (22 million) gym visits resulted in a mere 78 Covid cases,” and there have been just 0.35 COVID cases per 100,000 visits.


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