Sept 6 – Vigano – Globalism Represents Satanism

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Westerners are learning the hard way that globalism is Communism and the overthrow of all that makes life worth living. 

Archbishop Viganò: Globalism is ‘satanic’ preparation for the ‘rise of the Antichrist’

He argued it is “essential” for Catholics “to understand that the Second Vatican Council and the Novus Ordo were to the Church what the Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights were to civil societies, because at the root of both lies the poisonous germ of Revolution, that is, of the subversion of the natural order that God established for man and human societies.”

Continuing, the archbishop painted a link between globalism and satanism, arguing that they are almost synonymous. “The essence of globalism is satanic, and the essence of satanism is globalist.”

For Satan’s plan is to establish the reign of the Antichrist, giving him a way to parody the earthly life of Christ, imitate His miracles with grotesque wonders, and drag the crowds not with the simplicity of Truth but with deception and lies. 

Globalism constitutes, so to speak, the stage set-up, the script, and the screenplay that must prepare humanity for the political rise of the Antichrist, to whom the rulers of the world servants will surrender national sovereignties so that he will become a kind of world tyrant.

Expanding on how such a “stage set-up” might be accomplished, Viganò wrote that “what was left of Christ’s reign must be wiped out in the institutions, culture and everyday life of citizens.” One way to effect this would be to implement “moral dissolution” he argued, which would encourage people “to vice and mocking virtue.”

Right-wing candidate in Masonic handshake. Right and Left = Freemasons
Left-liberal media outlets and parties went into a rage when they learned that Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (left) would not drop Aiwanger as a partner in his ruling coalition due to the antisemitic pamphlet he wrote as a teenager. There had been hopes from the left that the Bavarian government would collapse, but their rage has been likely exacerbated after polling shows that Aiwanger is in a stronger position than ever heading into fall elections. In effect, it appears that the scandal boosted his profile

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan says the UK is experiencing a worrying rise in vigilantes where police refuse to do [anything].

“They’ve stepped in where police won’t, to shift eco-protestors off our roads and they’ve taken to now ransacking the new ULEZ clean air cameras in London,” Mr Morgan said.

“People think that nothing works including the police and they’re tired of it so they’re getting on with action themselves.”

Dr. Michael Yeadon: Polio Joins HIV and in My View, SARS-CoV-2, in the Category Marked “Fraudulent Disease Attribution”
Polio wasn’t eradicated, it was renamed. Vaccines never helped.

Migrants are grifters 

The figures come from a government fact sheet published on Monday as ministers announced income tax breaks for low to medium-earners

Must Watch Interview with Dr. William Makis – The Whole Truth!
Reposted Interview by Dan Fournier, September 6, 2023
In the interview, Dr. Makis diligently illustrates the evil complicity of governments (with the Trudeau & Biden governments in particular), the medical establishment, and the intelligence agencies in their push for the so-called Covid-19 vaccines and egregious measures that have caused more damage and victims than the Holocaust and both world wars combined.

CDC- Center for Disease Creation

EXCLUSIVE: CDC Repeatedly Advised People With Post-Vaccination Conditions to Get More Doses

COVID-19 booster shots are expected as early as next week; what you need to know is that it is already obsolete and will drive more sub-variants like EG.5 and BA.2.86 etc. It is ludicrous that they are bringing a XBB.1.5 booster that already will not match the dominant variants, setting up the stage for viral immune escape, original antigenic sin (immune priming, fixation); vaccinated at-risk

Mask Mandates: “We (the public) need to crush the 1st corporation that mandates masks. It has to be fast & brutal” Scott Adams is right, COVID hysteria must be crushed: masks, lockdowns, vaccine fraud

Why there is no illegal immigration in China?

Check out Yellow Lion, by Frans Vandenbosch, a proud member of the China Writers’ Group

Pierre Poilievre calls Justin Trudeau and his father ‘Marxists’ in exchange with concerned Canadian
The Conservative Party leader was campaigning door to door for Jamil Jivani while explaining to a woman the ideology that has influenced the Trudeaus.

US gun sales top 1 million for 49 consecutive months
The heightened number of gun sales comes even as the Biden administration tries to crack down on firearms.

Details of the Amish Farmer Story Prove the FDA and USDA Should Be Dissolved Completely

“The story about the Amish farmer who had his cattle seized by the authoritarian Biden-Harris regime has been circulating through its various stages for weeks. Like many people, I heard the basic details and was infuriated by it all. But a deeper dive into it by James Corbett really opened my eyes.

This isn’t just a  taste of food tyranny. This should be the lead story for evidence that the FDA, USDA, and all federal government agencies involved in food tyranny must be dissolved completely. They’re not here to protect us. They’re only here to protect the globalist agenda.
“The basic details made me mad. Learning what was done to this family has me absolutely infuriated.

PJW- Israel discovers cultural enrichment that is diversity

Netanyahu vows to deport all Africans that threaten Israel’s racial identity

Israel is the only “Western” nation allowed to be an ethnonationalist state

But that’s how Jewish supremacism works 

PJW – For false opposition, Elon Musk is upsetting a lot of powerful people

His father worries he will be assassinated

Video explains the wildlife corridors and other “non-human habitation” areas that are being planned for Western Canada and the Western US, with a completion target of 2025.  These fires are as deliberate as the ones in CA and HI.  Only freemasons will be allowed to live in these areas.  All others will be forced into sustainable cities.  Not long.  Under 15 minutes.  

Tony Blizzard explains money, correcting Edward Dowd.

“The only money that will be worth anything in the future is the kind that’s backed by SOMETHING”

THAT IS EXACTLY BACKWARD, WRONG!  It leads to the same Rothschild hell we live in now.  Proper Money is meant to be an honest government COUPON representing values to be used in exchanges to keep them fair exchanges.  It absolutely must NOT be any kind of commodity that gives that commodity a double value which speculators love to manipulate against fair dealings.  In fact, speculation of a nation’s money should be a crime punished by death as it allows the few to accumulate the whole wealth of the nation while the creators of that wealth live in the worst kinds of poverty.  Money is properly a measure of value, not a value itself.  It must never be itself an object for sale.  This truth the greedy, soft-life, bastards fight with every dollar they have stolen to keep their racket intact. They consider any lie about money to be worth using to obscure the simple truth.

This man is totally ignorant about money, it is worse than a waste of time to listen to what he says about money as it can lead you into no means of survival.  Go to to learn the true basics about honest, proper money.

This is what systemic racism looks like

National Film Board Says 30% of Films Its Funding Will Be Made by Artists Identifying as Black, ‘People of Colour

Comparisons with unvaxed Haiti and Nigeria expose COVID Hoax

Unvaxxed Haiti Recorded 0% Covid Deaths – News Addicts

“NPR admits in a report about Haiti that Covid restrictions were never enforced there. Nobody there wears a mask, people are mostly unvaccinated, and daily life is normal with busy and crowded buses and markets. For most Haitians, the pandemic never happened.”

Hundreds of anecdotal reports of vax injuries and deaths that the media is hiding from us


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