Shungite for Radiation from / EMF / EMR / ADS

People who have been subjected to the weapons that are being deployed by the ACT security forces have a number of symptoms following exposure including dizziness, mild traumatic brain injuries, permanent hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), eardrum perforation (holes), disorientation, headache, nausea, and tiredness purportedly  caused by so called LRAD weapons. Some victims from the Canberra deployment however have burns to various parts of their bodies including the face – plus nausea, vomiting, fevers, profound headaches, fatigue and diarrhea . These symptoms and injuries look very much like radiation poisoning or sickness and radiation burns. Whilst LRAD may well have been deployed, LRAD is an acoustic device and cannot cause the types of injuries reported..

The device that we believe was used is called ADS – Access Denial System – which uses a 5G type millimeter wave frequency as a targeted weapon. It appears that at least some of the devices used in Canberra were disguised as LRAD – what in combat are called Deception Devices – weapons or devices that are disguised to look like something else – a kind of ‘Trojan Horse’.

You can see USA alternative media commentary including an interview with Mark Aldridge at

How to treat Radiation sickness/poisoning

Shungite is proven to be able to bind with, transmute and eject radioactive isotopes. You can use shungite in the form of powder as a cold poultice paste on injuries, particularly burns, and consume shungite powder and shungite (fullerene) water for detox of radiation and other toxins. Convoy to Canberra people with burn injuries may have received a dose of radiation and therefore need to detox from this using shungite. Shungite is particularly proven to assist in healing for burns victims. Amongst other powerful properties Shungite is the most powerful free radical scavenger available and will assist in detox from all environmental contaminants in water, the atmosphere, food, textiles, cosmetics and other poisons. There are a number of other additions to the protocol including a type of iodine. For more information send an email to [email protected]

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In addition, a glutathione REDOX supplement will aid in overall recovery and a topical REDOX glutathione gel will help reduce or eliminate scarring. Find out more here >>

And don’t forget to help victims get together to launch a group class action against the ACT government, the federal government, its privately employed black-shirt security forces and anyone else that may have given the orders. These attacks with so called ‘non-lethal’ weapons were unprovoked and targeted peaceful, unarmed civilians exercising their Constitutional right to protest.


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