South African Communist Party is Getting a Land Expropriation Bill Passed

If you didn’t think South Africa was at the sharp end of the White Genocide spear, think again.

This is what the international community pushed for when they lobbied and sanctioned South Africa into dismantling Apartheid. I am not here to defend Apartheid, as it was doomed from the start due to poor implementation. The reliance on cheap black labour and not following through with the proper enactment of the “homelands” meant it was never going to work. In theory, like most things, it was perfect, as each tribe would have its own homeland, and they would then have the right to manage their own affairs and a right to self-determination. This is a right every nation, people, and race should have, being free from interference. The black tribes would have independence and the whites would in effect be sheltered from these “noble savages”. The original model was not about supremacy, but pure segregation. The reason for this not being implemented was, of course, the desire for cheap black labour.

Jeremy+Cronin+Thulas+NxesiWhat we have today is a tripartite alliance, which rules South Africa. There is the ANC (African national Congress), the SACP (South African Communist party) and COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Unions) who, due to their numbers, dictate policy as it suits them.

This is African-style democracy and another example of why democracy is a huge failure. The masses of illiterates support a government hell-bent on stealing as much as they can, while the poorest of the poor still think they will get the crumbs from the table. Every time it’s local, provincial or national elections, the ANC and its cadres hop on the campaign bus and make promises. They promised housing, jobs and better schools, and just as quick as the electioneering bus gets taken out, it gets put away. The affluent connected black upper class get richer, the poorest of the blacks get poorer and middle class whitey sits in the middle, paying the tax.


What has changed in the last few years is the rise of a radical new party aimed squarely at the “worker” in South Africa. This political party is called the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and is headed up by former ANC youth league president Julius Malema. He is a staunch communist and preaches a very likable brand of rhetoric to the masses. He promises jobs, he promises the nationalization of the mines and banks, and he promises land.

EFF-Poster-RevolutionaryLand is a huge issue in South Africa. Blacks automatically think owning land will somehow elevate them from all their issues and throw off the shackles of colonialism. They really should be looking at Zimbabwe to see how well that theory has worked so far.

With the EFF gaining momentum and stealing voters from the ANC and its partners, it’s no wonder they have been trying to push through a new land bill. Passing this law will ensure the ANC victory at the next election.

The Bill itself would even make Mao blush. It is supposed to help speed up land reform. However, more than 90% of land reform projects have thus far failed.

Scanning the new bill a few serious issues jump to the forefront. I have listed them below numerically to make it easier to grasp:

  1. If the Government seizes the land as a custodian and not an owner; no compensation has to be paid. So theoretically if the Government looks at farm land and says it will expropriate it and hand it over to the SA Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a custodian for “all South Africans” this would mean farmers will lose ownership of their land and will not be compensated for it
  2. Prior court orders are needed to inspect the property without the owner’s permission, but no prior court order is required before the final expropriation takes place.
  3. Once a notice of intent has been given to expropriate a property, you as the property owner may object, but the Government does not have to respond to objections, or give reasons for rejecting them, having then taken these preliminary steps, it may then serve a notice of expropriation.
  4. Once this notice has been received by the owner, ownership of the property will be passed to the government on the specified date, which could be the very next day after the notice has been served.
  5. If the expropriated owner wants to dispute the expropriation or argue that the compensation offered is not “just and equitable” he will have to prove this in a court of law; the onus will shift from the government having to defend its claim and the owner having to defend his claim.

The Bill is clearly unconstitutional, but this has not stopped the ANC as using the land as their own private savings account.


The Zimbabwe model is in full effect, it’s just been dressed up in new clothes. However unlike Zimbabwe, many of us will not move. The majority of whites in Zimbabwe had British passports, which afforded them the luxury of leaving. White South Africans do not have this luxury, and if asked they majority do not want it; they reject any proposals for a right of return to Europe. Whites have been living in Southern Africa since before Sir Isaac Newton penned the Principia. We are not going anywhere.

This is communism in 2016, in a country that is supposed to be the “rainbow nation”. South Africa has, as predicted, become another failed African state after the handover in 1994.

This should be a warning to everyone in Europe and the United States. This is what happens when you lose political power and you become a 2nd class citizen in your own country. The illiterate masses wield power over you and you cannot do anything about it. Don’t let yourselves end up in a situation like South Africa, you still have plenty of time to re-correct your current course, but it must begin now.

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