Steve Kirsch Testifies the Truth About All Vaccines to Pennsylvania State Senate

“All these vaccines are causing harm to our kids. It’s not just the COVID vaccines,” attested entrepreneur and citizen journalist

in front of the Pennsylvania State Senate.

Here’s the transcript of his testimony:

All these vaccines are causing harm to our kids. It’s not just the COVID vaccines; it’s every single one of them. There has never, ever been a study [by the CDC] comparing the fully vaccinated kids who follow the CDC schedule versus kids who have not been vaccinated at all, who did not get a vitamin K shot, which is not a vitamin, and whose mother did not get vaccinated.

If you compare the results of kids whose mom didn’t get vaccinated, no K shot, and no vaccines, and if you compare the outcomes of those kids versus kids who got the CDC schedule, there is a dramatic difference. It is an unbelievable difference. It is a difference that nobody wants to talk about. There are no studies, zero, that show the opposite.

I go on Twitter, and the doctors say, well, for every study, there’s always a study that shows the opposite. This is the one case where there are no studies in medicine that show the opposite results. The fully unvaccinated kids are always healthier.

And in fact, there was a ten-year study done by Dr. Paul Thomas, and of course, they got that study retracted unethically, in violation of the Cope guidelines. That ten-year study showed that the kids who got measles were the kids who were vaccinated against measles. The kids who got mumps were the kids who were vaccinated against mumps. The kids who did not get any vaccines did not get any of the diseases that the kids were vaccinated against.

So when you talk about you shouldn’t be discriminated against because you didn’t get a vaccine, you should be applauded because you didn’t get a vaccine because you did the right thing. If you’re a parent and you didn’t vaccinate your kids, you should be applauded because you did the research and you found out that vaccines are causing chronic disease in America.

There’s a study that was done by the Control Group. They have over 1000 people who are unvaccinated. The health outcomes in those people is night and day comparison with fully vaccinated people. We have like a 60% rate of people with a chronic disease in America. If you’ve not been vaccinated at all, the rate is close to zero. And, of course, none of this is talked about.

They tried to get the CDC to do a study of the fully vaccinated versus the fully unvaccinated. In 2005, CDC Director Julie Gerberding promised to do such a study. She said, yes, we should do such a study. It’s important that we do a study now. We can refine it later.

And that was nearly 20 years ago. And that study has never been done, and it will never be done, because they don’t want to know that all these vaccines have been harming people since the very beginning. There is no safe vaccine. Not a single one. Not one vaccine is safe and effective.

And I actually went on Twitter, and I offered $2,500 to anybody who could show me such a study. And nobody was able to produce such a study.

Steve Kirsch’s notes and references can be found here:

And the entire Medical Freedom Panel 2023, featuring testimonies from

, , and is available to watch here.


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