Suing the Tyrants – #SolutionsWatch

If going against gubment/some agency, you need to know some (many) things:

– always be aware of the jurisdiction in which you are finding yourself and know which jurisdiction you need to be in.
– even winning can be a major loss in the courts. See Tim vs (shameful) Mann
– many courts are kangaroo courts. See Steyn vs (reprehensible) Mann
– when you find yourself in the court with 2+ lawyers and something that passes for a judge, you have to be aware that all the lawyer,s and possibly even the judge, are part of the same lodge. It’s a big club and you are not in it. All of them are there to extract funny money from you.
– courts are choke full of incompetent, uneducated, immoral scum
– the process has bankrupted many people, and this is so by design. See: doctor who was sued for 508 billion by the gubmnet.

If you think that is something you can pull off on your own, without a lawyer, seek Alphonse Faggiolo telegram group. There’s a group of people who are ready to assists and who have quite unorthodox views on the law.

Another option is the Rule of Law radio show, hosted by Randy Kelton/Eddie Craig. These guys are quite more orthodox in their treatment of the law and they don’t question much of it.


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