The CEO of the Swiss watch company Swatch has accurately criticized the ZOG war agenda against Russia as hypocritical and arrogant. He also correctly described unfriendly statements by Germany’s foreign minister towards China as being unhelpful.


The West has double standards when it comes to the Ukraine conflict and is hostile to efforts to end the fighting through diplomacy, Nick Hayek, the CEO of Swiss watch-making giant Swatch Group, told the newspaper SonntagsBlick on Sunday.

“The whole world seems to act only based on ideology. Take the war in Ukraine. We all want this conflict to end. People are dying every day, no matter from which side they are,” the CEO said.

“In the past, people tried to find a solution through diplomacy. Today, you can’t do that anymore, otherwise you will be accused of betraying freedom and democracy.”

“Progress demands pragmatic solutions. Do you think it helps anyone if the German foreign minister calls [Chinese President] Xi Jinping a dictator?” Hayek said, referring to a recent statement made by Annalena Baerbock.

Asked if he thinks the West is “arrogant,” he replied that it is “hypocritical” as well, which “can be seen with the sanctions against Russia.”

“They impose them and continue to do business behind the scenes. The Americans, in turn, profit because they can now supply gas to Europe. Saudi Arabia is suddenly a well-liked energy supplier,” Hayek said, arguing that sanctions are “just lip service” unless everyone implements them.

According to Hayek, Switzerland, known for its long-standing neutrality, “can no longer play any positive role” in resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict because the Swiss government does not focus on diplomacy.

He is 100 percent correct in his assessment of the geopolitical situation.

This entire Jew war agenda is costing Western businesses lots of money. It’s been especially problematic in Europe and in Germany specifically. Energy prices have skyrocketed which has caused mass deindustrialization to take place.

Just the fact that you have billionaires and other business people coming out against all this, is proof that all of the sanctions, the war etc.. had no coherent plan or strategy behind it. The last thing you would want is people with money and resources coming out against your war plan and that’s exactly what is happening.