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Swatch CEO CRITICIZES WAR AGENDA OF UKRAINE (Sponsored By British Royals & Rothschilds)

Swatch CEO Criticizes ZOG’s Hypocritical War Agenda Comment:  Ukraine is a NWO/Nazi Stronghold in Europe run by Satanic British Empire.  Boris Johnson made sure there would be no peace Ardently interfering in peace process between Russia & Ukraine.  Pictured is the Moloch Sigil for Ukraine signifying burning babies alive in sacrifice.  I could not make […]

What happened when Biden and the Royals came to Boston

BOSTON — Help Raphael Warnock from afar: Check. Earn some union credibility: Also check. President Joe Biden returned to Boston on Friday for a whirlwind afternoon that began with a Prince William meeting and ended with a fundraiser for the vulnerable Democratic senator ahead of Tuesday’s Georgia runoff election. But it was the union-sponsored phone […]

Who Runs England & Poor “royals”

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Who Runs England & Poor “royals”

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The Dark History of the Royals

Queen Elizardbeast is dead, long live King Charles?! Yes, for those lucky souls who are so blissfully detached from the 24/7 newsfeeds that you haven’t heard yet, I bring you the news that the longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II, is dead. It’s tempting to interpret the double rainbow that appeared over Buckingham […]

Tiny Island for Misfits, Pedophiles and pretend “royals” “british” Navy comments on failure of its biggest warship

Back when my Plantagenet ancestors ran that little Island along with half of France there were real men and kicked ass. Back when my Great-grandfather typed Edward the 1st kicked the child gang raping and sacrificing in heathen rituals red Russian Usury Khazarian’s asses out of Merry Ole. Course that was also before the commoner […]

Royals and the Occult: Witchcraft, Astrology, and Mystical Healing

We often talk about the modern world’s obsession with celebrities. People love to talk about the rich and famous. Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Famous People Read Later  Source

UK Royals’ Spending Up 17%, Mostly For Palace Overhaul Costs

The most expensive official royal tour in the past year was the trip taken by Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, to the Caribbean in March. Source

Controversy Over Viral Video Of Child Getting Trampled By UK FAKE “royals” But Real Pedoist Guard

Necked child-escaping-from-buckingham Well, I guess thats better than them kidnapping him and dragging him into Buckingham palace! ‘The Horsemen Sat Overlooking Buckingham’ The Horsemen sat overlooking Buckingham-Shaking their heads the world did not give a damn- A parasite class of demon worshiping on the dole infestation-Bunch of losers squatting in Buckingham, pedophilic lizards in gestation- […]

Japan Crown Prince Says Royals Should Refute False, Extreme Attacks

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese Crown Prince Akishino, the younger brother of Emperor Naruhito, has complained about harsh criticism of his daughter’s recent marriage and suggested that the imperial family should be allowed to refute false and extreme attacks. Currently, members of the family are generally expected to stoically weather any criticism with little public complaint. […]


 [embedded content]… Jacinda Ardern. Royals [embedded content].. Alitalia Rio Tinto driving ecological destruction in the Jadar ValleyReview: Incubus of Intervention – Inside Indonesia Something newsworthy from Melbourne, Australia, which has the dubious honour of world’s most locked-down city…  The Age newspaper has just definitively proven it is unworthy to host Michael Leunig’s cartoons.  For […]

Dutch royals can enter same-sex marriage and not give up throne, Prime Minister says

The Dutch monarch can marry someone of the same sex without giving up the throne, the Prime Minister has said. In a written answer to questions from parliamentarians, Prime Minister Mark Rutte wrote on Tuesday that “the Cabinet does not see that an heir or the King would have to abdicate the throne if he/she […]

Royals attend military parade marking Spain’s Day

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain presided over Spain’s annual military parade in central Madrid Tuesday, in celebration of the country’s national day. The royal couple were joined by their daughter the Princess Sofia and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, on a crisp morning in the Spanish capital. A large crowd watched on, […]

Fake Black Promoting Mandates of Fake Royals For ZIONIST British Monarchy & Empire-Proof Here

By infostormer -August 1, 20212 A short while ago, Shaun King a White person who falsely claims to be black, removed himself off of Twitter. As it turns out, there was a reason for that. He’s apparently been stealing money from blacks who donated to him and he’s been using that money to support his lifestyle. He […]

Benjamin bla bla blah Fulford – 7/12/2021 – Great Victory For Humanity As European Royals Reject Rothschilds

July 12, 2021 Great Victory For Humanity As European Royals Reject Rothschilds By Benjamin Fulford  Major developments have been taking place behind the scenes recently as both the British Royals and the P3 Freemasons have declared war against the Rothschild family and the Swiss-based Octagon group, MI6 and P3 sources say.The liberation of the Jewish people […]

Prince Harry Issues Blistering Attack on Royals: ‘Those Racist Bullies Trigger Me’

Meghan Markle’s woke husband Prince Harry has issued a blistering attack on his family, claiming they ‘bullied’ and ‘neglected’ him and saying his mother Princess Diana was “chased to her death while she was in a relationship with someone who wasn’t white”. Harry, who fled the UK to escape his public duties in order to […]

Royals follow Philip hearse, coffin outside chapel

Queen Elizabeth II and other members of Britain’s royal family joined a procession at Windsor Castle ahead of the funeral for Prince Philip. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who was consort to Queen Elizabeth II for 73 years, died on April 9th, just two months shy of his 100th birthday. His coffin, draped in […]

Zionists Are the Maestros of Organized Crime & Yes, the Royals ARE ZIONISTS!

by Admin · Published April 13, 2021 · Updated April 13, 2021 blob: Source

Prince William Defends Royals: ‘Very Much Not A Racist Family’

LONDON (AP) — Prince William on Thursday defended Britain’s royal family against accusations of racism made by his brother Prince Harry and sister-in-law Meghan, saying the royals are “very much not a racist family.” In comments made during a visit to an east London school, William became the first royal to directly address the explosive […]

Britain’s royals silent as ‘Megxit’ crisis rages from bombshell interview

Britain’s monarchy kept its silence on Tuesday, after Meghan and Prince Harry sparked a crisis by alleging that a family member made a racist remark about the color of their son’s skin and that she was alienated to the point of contemplating suicide. The family, led by Queen Elizabeth, 94, was grappling with how to […]

Oprah Promotes”Racism” of the Royals; Might Really Be BlowJob Scene Offensive to Royals

[embedded content] © REUTERS / HARPO PRODUCTIONSUK08:28 GMT 08.03.2021(updated 08:41 GMT 08.03.2021)Get short URLby Max Gorbachev29725Subscribe The tell-all interview, the first since the couple quit royal life in 2020, has drawn numerous reactions, with many celebrities throwing their weight behind Harry and Meghan. However, there were those who criticised the Sussexes. TV host Piers Morgan described […]


ENDING THE BRITISH-SWISS ROTHSCHILDS-ROYALS CRIME SYNDICATE IS A CAKE WALK! Rothschild’s Inter-Alpha Group Pushes Imperial Genocide by John Hoefle ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB’S INTER ALPHA GROUP Click for Source Article on ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB 1971 CE: Lord Jacob Rothschild’s Inter-Alpha Group, a London-centered group and CRIMINAL SYNDICATE of financial institutions created to fully ROB and dismantle […]

False flag: Canada lays out German tricolor for Belgian royals at WWI event

The offending flag was paired with the Canadian emblem and tied to a tree on the grounds of Rideau Hall in Ottawa, the residence of the governor general of Canada. Belgium’s King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were at the historic house to meet Governor General Julie Payette, who is Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Canada. […]

Royals on the Run

I just finished a quick tour of the life of the royals by reading “Daughter of Empire” My Life as a Mountbatten by Lady Pamela Hicks. Pammy, as she was affectionately known, was the younger daughter of Lord Mountbatten and his very progressive wife, Edwina Ashely. She was lady in waiting to the young Lilibet, […]

European Royals Killing Naked Children for Fun at Human Hunting Parties?

(Child Abuse Recovery) : European royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties :  This is one in a series of articles taken from eyewitness testimony before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by […]


THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BRITISH-SWISS ROTHSCHILDS & BRITISH ROYALS in 2013 The Black Nobility The Royal Families by MIP Peru Nov 21, 2013 as described by Duke Mehal Rockefeller Click for Source Article on Rockefeller Interview Tony Zee interviewed Duke Mehal Rockefeller — Highlights by Dave Stewart DOWNFALL OF THE BRITISH MONARCH & EMPIRE by […]

Moment of suicide blast that killed 1, injured 13 in Turkey’s Bursa caught on video

The blast occurred as a funeral prayer was about to take place at the Grand Mosque of Bursa.  Photos and videos from the scene showed the blast site near the mosque cordoned off by police. Extensive damage to nearby buildings is seen on the footage. The Turkish health minister said that at least 13 people […]

President Assad Vote in People’s Assembly Elections

  Local Editor Syrian President Bashar Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad voted Wednesday in the People’s Assembly elections at a voting center in al-Assad Library in Damascus. In a statement to the media as he left the voting center, President al-Assad said “the Syrian people are engaged in a war that has been going on […]

What You Need to Know About Naturally Treating Your Thyroid Condition

18th February 2016 By Dr. Kelly Neff Guest Writer for Wake Up World Thyroid Disease – Triggers, Symptoms and Natural Solutions Are you one of the 20 million+ Americans suffering from a thyroid condition? Did you know that over 60% of people who have thyroid conditions remain unaware of them? Or that women are five to eight […]

Vladimir Putin 2015 media Q&A

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