Sweden’s Police Chief Says Somali Killer is the Real Victim

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2016

This is what a Swedish cuck looks likeThis is what a Swedish cuck looks like
This is what a cucked Swedish meatball looks like

Like a good goyim, Sweden’s chief of police knows that when a White bitch dies it is a good thing. He also knows that she deserved to die, and if sympathy is going around it belongs exclusively with her non-White killer.

This is why it shows how far down the path Sweden has come with White Genocide that when National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson commented on the murder of Swedish woman Alexander Mezher, his first thoughts were for her Somali killer: “What has that person been through? Under what circumstances has he grown up. What is the trauma he carries?”

Well, the victim was not White, but she might as well have been for all the importance that has been put on the killer instead of her. And this should become the new natural, worrying about the psychology behind the vagrancies of murderous invaders rather than the welfare of your own people; especially when you are, cough, the “police commissioner.”

The Daily Mail, which makes toe-jam seem like a pleasant breakfast condiment, reports:

The head of the Swedish police has sparked outrage by expressing sympathy with the teenage asylum seeker accused of murdering social worker Alexander Mezher.

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, who has already admitted police cannot cope with the wave of migrant crime, said he has concerns about the ‘horrors’ and trauma the accused murderer may have witnessed. He said he was ‘distraught’ on behalf of Miss Mezher’s family but also for the killer, saying: ‘What has that person been through? Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries?’

It came as court documents showed the boy suspected of the killing is being held in a secure psychiatric that specialises in patients with psychotic illness, drug and alcohol addiction.

 She did not live White, she was not White, but she sure as hell died like a White Swedish woman She did not live White, she was not White, but she sure as hell died like a White Swedish woman
She did not live White, she was not White, but she sure as hell died like a White Swedish woman

Of course, Dan would do well to consider the trauma this poor Somali savage is undergoing in the cruel system that was cold enough to arrest him for the accidental killing in the first place. How privileged was this girl when she was alive? How much more comfort had she enjoyed, and how better were her meals than the poor Somali boy who nobody knows the true age of? When you look at things in this Jewish fashion, you come to see how the girl is guilty of her own killing and her family should be giving everything they own to the Somali boy. Indeed, they should adopt him.

Kent Ekeroth, a member of parliament for the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats tweeted: ‘This is where Dan Eliasson feels sorry for the guy who knife murdered the woman at the asylum home – resign!’

Eliasson is not the first senior political figure in Sweden to demand compassion for the 15-year-old boy being held on suspicion of murder.

His comments follow the release of court documents which show murder detectives do not know the true identity of the Somali boy who allegedly stabbed to death Miss Mezher.

Reports suggested the boy was 15 and living in a child migrant centre in Molndal where Miss Mezher worked. But next to the suspect’s name are the words ‘ID ej styrkt’, meaning ‘ID not proven’.

It means the boy had nothing to prove his identity when he arrived in Sweden – and that he could be 18 or even older.

A police spokesman in Gothenburg yesterday told MailOnline: ‘We are not 100% sure about the boy’s identity. But we do have a good picture and will find that out eventuallyThis is usually the case with unaccompanied refugee children. It is hard to establish if their identity is true or not.’

It is not his identity that matters, but the fact that he is not White. This is the only thing that matters in this day and age. White is bad, non-White in angelic, and Sweden leads the world in self-loathing on the basis of their skin colour and their historical crimes against… er… um… well… being White they must have done mass murder on innocent non-White civilisations somewhere in their history. Probably when they were Vikings and stuff.

Controversial police chief Eliasson, 54, has held several senior positions within the Swedish justice system.

After completing a law degree, and studying European Integration in Amsterdam, he went on to work on for the Swedish government both in the Foreign office and the Justice department.

He has since served in a number of positions, including acting head of the Swedish Security Service and the Ministry of Justice Chief of International Affairs.

A former lawyer, he was Director-General of the Swedish Migration Agency, from which he resigned in 2011, just before the migration crisis started.

He became the Director-General of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the government agency for welfare benefits.

However, long before he embarked on a career in law and politics, he was a passionate musician.

In the late 1970s he was in a punk group called ‘Bad Boo Band’, who sang ‘Knulla i Bankok’ (F*** in Bankok), criticising Thailand’s sex tourism.

Earlier this week, Eliasson demanded 4,100 more police officers as Sweden struggles to cope with the new wave of migrant related crime.

He said: ‘We are forced to respond to many disturbances in asylum reception centres. In some places, this takes significant police resources.’

Sweden's Count Cuckular shows how it's doneSweden's Count Cuckular shows how it's done
Sweden’s version of Popeye’s spinach, designed to cuck you instead of make you strong

 Ooh, watch it there, Dan. You cannot on one hand admit that migration is out of control, but that you are also pro-White genocide because that will make you bad goyim. You must be demanding MORE Somali refugees and it should not matter to you how many Swedish sluts he kills because his traumas and feels supersede those of his victim. But then, wait on, this girl was actually Lebanese and  her parents were refugees!

The psychology graduate, whose parents fled Beirut more than 25 years ago, was stabbed in the back and thigh on Monday in a block of flats housing ten youths aged 14 to 17.

Her mother wept bitterly as she remembered her ‘angel’ daughter.

Dressed entirely in black, Chiméne Mezher, 42, repeatedly broke down as she told mourners of her ‘utter devastation’.

A hundred friends and family came together in grief at a local church and cried for Alexandra.

They hugged each other as they gathered around a table with candles and a single framed photograph‎ showing Alexandra wearing a mortarboard hat on her graduation day – the proudest moment of her mother’s life.

Grief-stricken friends brought pink and white roses, Alexandra’s favourite flowers.

So if you wanted to be cynical, you would say that it can’t be all that bad when one refugee kills another… kind of likes rats eating rats, but the fact that this girl looked White is probably why the Somali killer gets the benefit of the Jew Sympathy. Being black is like at the absolute peak of the non-White privilege pole.

Mrs Mezher blamed Swedish politicians for a dramatic rise in immigration in Molndal, a suburb of Gothenburg, where a population of 60,000 has grown by 8,000 migrants in less than a year – 4,000 of whom are unaccompanied children.

Officers in Molndal say they have had to ignore lesser offences such as drug-dealing because they are so overrun by migrant crime, with gang fights and violent assaults.

And in capital Stockholm police this week warned that the capital’s main train station was ‘overrun’ by gangs of Moroccan street children ‘stealing and groping girls’.

Swedish police revealed they have sent plain-clothes officers to monitor swimming baths in Stockholm after increased reports of sexual harassment of girls and women.

Last night it was also claimed police had been forced to flee after being attacked by a mob of asylum seekers as they tried to relocate a ten-year-old boy amid allegations he had been ‘raped repeatedly’ at a refugee centre.

Miss Mezher had been working at the housing block since September.

And Sweden leads the world in a whole new approach to policing whereby at the first sign of danger — and the danger being to confront the reality of the fact your nation has been invaded and you are the worst, most cucked species of people on the planet — you run like a chick being raped.

Which makes you wonder who the police call when they are forced to run away from non-White teenage children.

And you will know this ungrateful rapeugee's feels, Swedish goyimAnd you will know this ungrateful rapeugee's feels, Swedish goyim
And you will know this ungrateful rapeugee’s feels, Swedish goyim

Source Article from http://www.dailystormer.com/swedens-police-chief-says-somali-killer-is-the-real-victim/

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