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Kate Middleton Wearing the Same Sweater 7 Years Ago

This video, dating back seven years, features Kate Middleton wearing the same sweater, with her hairstyle bearing a striking resemblance to her recent video where she discloses her battle with cancer. Speculation is arising among some individuals that a deepfake or AI may have been crafted based on this footage of Kate from 2017. What […]

Norway Ski Team Sweater Featuring Ancient Tyr Rune Results in Europhobic Hysteria

Editor’s note: It is very fitting that Norway’s Alpine ski team would have the Tyr rune stitched into their jumpers. It is representative of the Norse god Tyr or Tir (or Tiw in the Anglo-Saxon, hence Tiw’s day or Tuesday). Tyr is a warrior god. The appearance of the Tyr rune in any rune reading […]

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