Tech CEO Warns COVID Vaccines Part Of Sadistic ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ To Exterminate Billions Of People

(Israel National News) David Bateman — the founder and chairman of a major property management software firm — warned a coterie of associates, including the governor of Utah, that COVID was a “sadistic” Jewish plot to exterminate billions of people:

I believe there is a sadistic effort underway to euthanize the American people,” David Bateman, the founder of Entrata, said in the email, first reported Tuesday by Fox 13, a Salt Lake City TV station. The email, subject-lined “Genocide,” suggested that COVID-19 and its vaccines are the work of Jews, and that both are “attacking the reproductive systems of women” and eroding natural immunity.

I believe the Jews are behind this,” Bateman wrote in the email sent to leaders in Utah’s tech and political sectors, including Gov. Spencer Cox and Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith. Bateman is active in Utah GOP circles.
Last year Entrata raised $507 million in funding.

For 300 years the Jews have been trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church and place a Jew covertly at the top,” Bateman wrote. “It happened in 2013 with Pope Francis. I believe the pandemic and systematic extermination of billions of people will lead to an effort to consolidate all the countries in the world under a single flag with totalitarian rule. I know, it sounds bonkers. No one is reporting on it, but the Hasidic Jews in the US instituted a law for their people that they are not to be vaccinated for any reason.”

Vaccine hesitancy among Hasidic Jews has proliferated as it has in some other insular sectors. Some of the recipients of the email and others in Utah’s business and political sectors were aghast. “It’s incredibly disturbing that somebody in our community would voice these kinds of opinions, especially during this time,” Elizabeth Converse, the executive director of Utah Tech Leads, a group promoting tech investment in the state, told Fox 13. “We’ve all seen a rise in antisemitic behavior across the country and specifically in Utah because of the virus.

Bateman told Fox 13 in a text message that “some of my closest friends are Jews,” but also that “I do believe Scottish Rite Freemasons are behind the pandemic (overwhelmingly Jewish). And I fear billions of people around the globe right now are being exterminated.”

Of course, Bateman is a very common Jewish surname, but many Anglo non-Jews also have Bateman as a surname — so it would be presumptuous to automatically assume that David Bateman is Jewish.

From available photos of David Bateman, he does not appear to be Jewish — but with the high rate of Jewish out-marriages, many Jews today are “becoming whiter” — and sometimes very hard to distinguish from non-Jews.

That said, it is nevertheless astonishing that Bateman would express these views in an email circle that included the Governor of Utah — and other business leaders in Utah — he must have known he was risking everything by writing it — and pressing “send.”

Perhaps he is a very naive Christian who honestly believes that people will accept what he’s saying simply because it’s the truth — after all, even Joseph Goebbels naively believed that the Germans could win the propaganda war simply by telling the world the truth about the Jews — a truth the Allies didn’t want to hear.

It’s interesting that one of the women interviewed for this article claimed that Utah has seen an uptick of “anti-Semitism” during the pandemic — a state with a lot of Mormons — many of whom ironically believe that Mormons and Jews share the same ethnic origins.

So much so that Mormon founder Joseph Smith was such an enthusiastic supporter of Zionism that he traveled to Palestine in 1841 — climbed the Mount of Olives — and dedicated Palestine for the return of the Jews.

Of course, David Bateman did not come to this conclusion about Jews and the pandemic out of thin air as the Jewish supremacists at the ADL would have us believe — after all, Jews themselves couldn’t help but notice that all the developers behind the COVID vaccines “just so happen to be Jewish.”

Not only that, most of the government agencies — and their media enablers — who are orchestrating the pandemic Just So Happen To Be Jewish™ — so at the very least Jewry should at least stop gaslighting us, making us feel like we’re “crazy” for noticing Jewish fingerprints all over the pandemic.

In fact, according to an article by Forbes, Bateman prefaced his email with the comment, “I write this email knowing that many of you will think I’m crazy after reading it.”

Jews have tried to have “anti-Semitism” classified as an actual psychiatric disorder for years — that they would like nothing better than to legally have every David Bateman in the world locked up in a mental hospital and force medicated to silence them.

And how does the COVID pandemic benefit Jews at the highest levels? It gives them iron-fisted control of every aspect of our lives — especially the economy — while physically eliminating their enemies — including their greatest material and spiritual threat — the white race — Adamkind.

Satan’s time is short — and his willing executioners — the Jews — want their “moshiach” now — and the pandemic is their greatest opportunity yet — far greater than 9/11 — to take that Great Leap Forward — before they are utterly crushed as promised in prophecy.

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