Terrifying video outlining City Council’s Nazi style invasion of your home

Hume City Council CEO’s office?

You may have heard of a few sayings such as:

– The land of the ‘free’,

– This is a free country,

– Your home is your castle, legally referred to as the castle doctrine/castle law/defence of habitation law.

The land of the free, is with reference to the United States of America, where people erroneously think that the free part is with reference to the people, where in fact it is with regards to ‘free’ trade.

This is a free country or Australia is a free country is also used without any merit, as Australia is a colony, albeit a self-governing one, and not a ‘country’ where colonial rules still apply.

See book within the link: Australia The Concealed Colony the book the federal police removed from bookshelves

Your home is your castle doesn’t stand up to scrutiny in the colony’s states or territories either.

If someone breaks into your home and hurts themselves, the colony’s law makers make it possible for the criminal or criminals to sue you.

There may also be some loose reference to a ‘home owner’, where even that is technically a ‘question of law’ or a Section 78B, as are you really an ‘owner’, where no person is legally a land owner. You do not ‘own’ the land you bought.

Australians are (deliberately) over administered, where those in government make ‘money for mates’ jobs, where city councils are just one place where this corruption occurs.

MANY city councils across Australia are corrupt to the core, where in reality they all should be razed to the ground, but we know that will NEVER happen.

A while ago Melbourne’s entire Brimbank City Council was fired, as a result of too much visible corruption.

Also a while ago, Hume City Council was to be declared a Muslim State, where that didn’t go down too well, in this ‘lucky country*‘.

Are the current ‘city councils’ lawful?

The short answer is no, where primarily, they’re not in accordance with the Constitution.

In Victoria, the councils will claim that they obtain their power from the Local Government Act 1989, but again a Section 78B applies, or is that Act in circulation lawfully?

Again the short answer is no.

So the authorities have allowed ‘city councils’ to usurp municipal offices that were under the department of state.

Persons in positions of power within the current ‘city councils’ also believe that they have the power/authority to make law.

There are only two bodies in Australia that can make legally binding law, that being the Federal Parliament and State parliaments.

Councils across Australia have gone feral with all sorts of policies against their ‘rate payers’, where at this point in time the focus is on the Hume City Council, which is in charge of the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

The federal government has deliberately created a problem, for the inhabitants of this land, where it also stated that it will allegedly ‘fix’ it. How convenient; Problem Reaction Solution.

In order to boost the economy, or rather to create bank slaves, the federal government has overpopulated the land, meaning it has brought in too many immigrants, more immigrants than the current resources can handle.

As a result the people in government have knowingly created the ‘housing crisis’ in order to profiteer (taxes raised) from the overinflated pricing of sales and rentals, also taking other industries with it, building supplies, supply/demand of other resources like gas, electricity and even food.

So, the people in charge of the Hume City Council have put out a terrifying video, that has connotations to Nazi occupied Germany, where your home will no longer be your (alleged) castle and you will be forced to accept ‘refugees’ as it would be very inhumane of you, if you have more bedrooms than people in your ‘own’ home.

See video of the title: What are Hume’s housing needs? (1m37sec):

This is not the first time Nazi style policies have been implemented in Australia.

The forced use of smart-meters (for electricity, where other utilities will follow soon) is just one example, for a more cheaper and easier way of administering the serfs, but more importantly to turn off their power, you know for not paying a parking fine in the not too distant future?

Another one that started in 2020 that being Human Rights abuse across the land and medical apartheid, where people were forced to participate in the world’s largest clinical trials (see article: On this day 3 years ago Australia’s largest health & legal farces began), otherwise they would lose their job, not get operated on, or even see their yia yia (grandmother in Greek).

From the very inception of this colony, the people in government ‘misbehaved’ where the imperial government had enough and installed the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865.

You can oppose this tyrannical action (Amendment C263):

Hume City Council did not allow comments for the video. Why? How very ‘free speech’ of them.  

within the following link:


Keeping in mind: Silence is acquiescence. 

That’s life in a colony!

*– The myth: “Australia is a lucky country” (because it sure isn’t a clever one!)

The REALITY: “a lucky country run mainly by second-rate people who share its luck”

TIL calling Australia ‘The Lucky Country’ was actually intended as an insult, not a compliment.    


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