The 12 Days of MUNCHIES: The Best Food Gifts of 2022

The holidays are here, and you’re ready to absolutely annihilate your friends and family with tight food gifts. We’re not talking about restaurant gift certificates and boring ol’ dried spice collections here; no, your circle deserves the weirdest and most fly cuisine-related presents money can buy. They deserve things they’ll love and remember, and you’re the chosen one who gets to deliver the goods.

To help you with this task, we sailed to the edge of the internet and beyond, searching for presents that are useful, unique, and unexpected. Behold, the 12 Days of MUNCHIES Gifts, wherein we’ll reveal a Highly Curated Rec each day for the next—checks math—12 days. Let’s do it.

Day 1: Protect the bag burrito

By any metric, the burrito is a perfect food. That said, when it comes to travel, things can get messy. Whether you’re trying to mainline a gargantuan Chipotle burrito while driving or are carefully munching an overstuffed breakfast burrito at your desk, it’s imperative that you minimize spillage while still maintaining convenience and holdability. (Do you want your colleagues or loved ones to think you’re one of those forsaken people that eats burritos with a fork and knife? God, no.) Enter the Twist & Eat Burrito Holder, which not only insulates and protects your food, but also lets you twist the bottom to bring it closer to heaven (and your mouth) with each bite. It’s also BPA-free, and the lid can be used as a sauce container so you can keep all that beautiful salsa off your clothes and desk.

Day 2: Tiki-fy your life

Most cocktails have their fair share of haters, but almost everybody loves a good Tiki drink. A colorful, rum-based beverage in an anthropomorphic vessel, topped with a fun garnish or three? What’s not to like? And whether you’re going to Smuggler’s Cove or Rainforest Cafe, that drink should be slid over to you in a hella cool Tiki-style glass. When it comes to classy-cool glassware, Viski reigns supreme with its dazzling array of tumblers, coupes, highballs, and more for turning your home bar into a personal speakeasy. For the master of Tiki home mixology, the casual Jungle Bird appreciator, and everybody in between, level up your next drink 1,000% by scoring Viski’s crystal Tiki glasses this holiday season (to complete your build-your-own-tropical-bar gift set, this incredible cocktail recipe book from Martin Cate should help, too). Now all you have to do is perfect your mahi-mahi tacos and coconut shrimp and your home will quickly become the Tiki HQ of your neighborhood.

Day 3: Enjoy the smell of pizza all the time (without working in a pizzeria)

There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than putting on your favorite slow jam playlist, running a hot bath, tossing in some Epsom salt, and lighting your favorite candle. And while some candles are meant to help us unwind at home, others transport us to delightful places… like a beloved New York pizzeria. Enter Brooklyn (and Miami) pizza giant Lucali, which partnered with candle producer Joya to create a series of candles that smell like America’s collective happy place. With scents like Roasted Garlic, Brick Oven, Spiked Espresso, and Herbs—and a gift pack with the latter three—you can experience a whole night on the town without leaving your home. Now, when do we get VR goggles that make us feel like we’re sliding right into a booth with a fresh pepperoni pie in front of us?

Day 4: ?????

Day 5: ?????

Day 6: ?????

Day 7: ?????

Day 8: ?????

Day 9: ?????

Day 10: ?????

Day 11: ?????

Day 12: ?????

This story is being updated every day through December 12 with a rad new gift. 

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