The Best Adult Coloring Books (for Stress Relief and Erotic Fun)

We have a crystal shrine and aromatherapy going 24/7, but news flash: We still don’t always know how to successfully relax. Deep breathing exercises, eucalyptus, and *good vibes* from expensive rocks can only get you so far. Having a hobby is a great way to let your mind wander, such as building Van Gogh’s Starry Night out of Legos. Let’s be real, though: You can only build fine art out of blocks so many times before it gets old. When that happens, we like to pivot to another creative hobby of ours: getting artsy with *bizarre* adult coloring books.

Adult coloring books have really taken off in recent years as a way of mindlessly unwinding and letting your inner child run free with, say, a box of colorful markers. As they’ve become more and more popular, they’ve also gotten weirder and weirder. Should you wish for a relaxing hobby to take up instead of scrolling through Nextdoor while watching Love Is Blind, this is a wholesome one—but the books decidedly aren’t. Here are some freaky adult coloring books to gift to yourself or anyone you know who needs to unwind and can’t afford a $255,000 hunk of tanzanite.

The Infectious Disease Adult Coloring Book

If you’ve been looking for a pick-me-up, maybe this 35-page coloring book with images of syphilis, parasitic worms, and infectious diseases will excite your sick mind. It has a 4.6-star average rating, it’s not only creepy; it’s also seemingly very popular. Each page also describes how each disease is contracted, so it’s slightly educational! Being a scholar never sounded so… inviting (?).

90s Cartoon Stoner Adult Coloring Book

We wonder how our parents would feel to know that our favorite cartoon characters are now stoners…at least in this coloring book. It features 50 hand-drawn illustrations of our childhood heroes—including names like SpongeBob and Mickey Mouse–enjoying a bit of the devil’s lettuce.

Drinking Animals Adult Coloring Book

We already enjoy alcoholic beverages and animals, so coloring pictures of drinking animals is the next best thing. This is one of the most popular ones we’ve seen with a 4.7 star average and over 7,500 reviews on Amazon. All 52 pages also include cocktail recipes, so you don’t need to feel weird bringing the coloring book along when you post up at your local cocktail bar.

Far Out: Trippy Coloring Adult Coloring Book

Get tripped out without having to track down your shroom dealer by coloring cursed images of your potential hallucinations. It has 97 pages of surreal designs that will make you confuse what is actually reality. Perfect.

Keep Calm and Color Dicks Adult Coloring Book

We already find the best sex toys, so of course we had to find a coloring book to further elevate our expertise: a coloring book filled with 50 printed dicks. What more can you ask for besides an orgasm? It has a 4.8-star average on Amazon with one reviewer claiming it to be “an acceptable dick pic to receive.” LOL.

Time to bust out the Crayola crayons.

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