The Best Gifts for Gamers (Aside From Some Fresh Air)

Do you see Takis in the cupboard? Mountain Dew in the fridge? You’ve got a gamer on your hands, chap. We’re not about stereotypes and clichés, but when it comes to gifts, we’ll take all the context clues we can get. Gamers are an interesting breed. Sitting for hours at a time, staring at a glaring screen that is considered the time of their (and our) lives—this is what gamers live for, and as a gamer, I speak from experience. Even watching other people play games can be a meditative activity. Pleasure is, after all, in the eye of the beholder.

This is a guide for lads and lassies that know someone that already owns an unhealthy amount of Funko Pops; for people who consider Toad from the Super Mario franchise the only shroom they need in their lives, who listen to the Halo theme song for joy, and who actually want to attempt to make money on Twitch. We scoped out the best gaming accessories, tech, and merch so the gamer in your life might actually give you attention away from the screen for once.

For high-definition picture

We get it: Going full ragdoll on the couch is sometimes better than sitting like a proper fellow. But doing all that with your dad’s tube TV is not the way. This 4K TV from Sony has special gaming features, including low lag for zero disruption during a rousing game of Cuphead, tone mapping, and auto genre picture switch.

If they know how to code

This retro-feel console builds and runs arcade games, if your giftee is interested in game development. It comes with a free web-based visual editor with beginner coding from the programs JavaScript and Python.

A light-speed mouse

Are they just *too underground* to take the plunge and cop a Sony Playstation 5? If they’re the indie gamer type who uses Steam on a PC, a gaming mouse like this one from Logitech is essential for clicking away zombies.

For Playstation simps

This sign immortalizes Sony’s four famous icons featured on its Playstation controllers and turns them into art. It lights up and illuminates with three modes, and is music-reactive. Have them cue up their latest record and watch their reaction.

And a gaming monitor, obviously

Even if they’re not playing games on a PC, Xbox consoles easily hook up to this monitor for an immersive gaming experience, so they can scream through their headset during online gaming sessions.

Speaking of headsets

This one has a 4.5-star rating and over 116,000 reviews on Amazon, which is a lot! Wawaweewa. Gossip about how Kevin got ghosted with the bros while firing up a game of Halo.

The only shroom they love

Is Toad from Super Mario the light of their life? Make it official with an actual lamp that radiates a warm glow while they immerse themselves in Super Mario Galaxy.

A life-sized Snorlax to replace a partner

Instead of coming home to a ball and chain, they can snuggle with this monstrously large manifestation of the laziest, coziest Pokémon. It may not make them dinner, but it will support them.

And support their feet

There are also Snorlax slippers??? Yes.

For gaming marathons

Sitting on a rock hard, wooden chair is no way to escape from reality. Make sure your Mario Kart companion is seated comfy at all times with this ergonomic butt hugger. Maybe they’ll even let you win a game or two.

Escape *from reality*.

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