The Courage Tour: Training Christians To ‘Occupy Territory Now’ As Preparation For Ruling With Jesus

In 2023, self-proclaimed Christian nationalist and unabashed Trump cultist Lance Wallnau announced his intention to travel the country ahead of the 2024 elections in order to break the “demonic strongholds” in swing states that have supposedly been preventing Republicans from winning elections.

Wallnau’s vision manifested itself in the form of the “Courage Tour,” which is a series of multi-day events during which attendees hear from religious-right activists who mobilize them politically during the daily sessions, while the evening sessions are dedicated to spiritual revival and miracle healing.

So far, the Courage Tour has made stops in Georgia and Arizona, and it is currently stationed in Michigan, where Wallnau laid out the true purpose of these events: To prepare Christians to rule and reign when Jesus Christ returns by training them to “occupy territory now.”

Wallnau is a leading proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism, a radical theology associated with the New Apostolic Reformation that advocates having right-wing Christians control all aspects of society. Followers of Seven Mountains theology believe that they are to “do whatever is necessary” to take control of the seven main “mountains” that shape our culture—education, government, media, business, arts and entertainment, family, and religion—in order to implement the will of God throughout the nation and the world.

This worldview is also clearly the foundation of Wallnau’s “Courage Tour.”

“One of the interesting things about the Courage Tour is that we’re unashamed about the role of the body of Christ in the affairs of planet Earth,” Wallnau explained during Monday evening’s session. “We don’t realize that the ultimate role of Jesus is to come back to Earth to rule it. And when he comes back, he’s going to be administrating his affairs over nations with people that get it; meaning they understand that he is a ruler who rules.”

Wallnau then linked the Courage Tour to the Parable of the Ten Minas in the book of Luke, in which a nobleman gave his servants money to invest before he went away and then judged them on how well their investments did when he returned. The message of the parable is widely understood to be encouraging Christians to be diligent in their responsibilities in preparation for the return of Christ, but Wallnau specifically cited the King James version of this parable because it is the only translation in which the nobleman’s command is translated as “occupy till I come” rather than some variation of “conduct business until I come back.” Like many Christian nationalists, Wallnau prefers the KJV because this language can be used to justify the claim that Christians are called to “occupy” positions of influence in society.

“The Courage Tour is a unique alchemy,” Wallnau proclaimed. “It’s one of the few times where you’re gonna have election integrity, understanding how to vote, understanding how the state works, understanding stewardship, and occupying Michigan for the Kingdom of God. And then you can easily transition right from there into Jesus in the city, Jesus in the streets, worship, evangelism, and healing. Where in the world do you have the Kingdom of God so comfortably folded and naturally folded into ruling on planet Earth? You have it in the Bible, and you have it in the Courage Tour.”

“All of us are going to be invited to rule in the new administration,” Wallnau continued. “You want to be on the left hand and the right hand of Jesus. You want to be close to his administration. The great reward in the next stage isn’t mansions, it isn’t gold, it isn’t endless hedonistic pleasures and delights; it’s proximity to the power that rules the universe. And to him who has an understanding of that, they get more influence. To him who understands they’re stewarding what they’ve got to increase their leverage for his glory, to occupy territory now so that when he returns, you have something to offer him, to them that have that revelation, more resources will be given.”

“I want God to begin to transfer the resources of Earth into the hands of people that get it and that will use that influence in order to expand and occupy territory for the Kingdom of God,” Wallnau declared. “Are you willing to do that?”

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