THE FOURTH TURNING: America can no longer avoid the final turn of the screw…..

…as the inescapable jaws of karma begin
to bite hard in 2024 and beyond.

Submitted by The Armchair Prophet
State of the Nation

First, watch the entire video posted at the link below to get some big picture context.

The Vedic Lunar Planetary Year Began April 8th: A very difficult period for all of humanity because of the highly challenging
prospects for the USA. (Video)

Second, understand that every nation gets the leaders that they karmically deserve.

Which means that whoever wins POTUS in 2024 (and not necessarily legitimately) will, to a great extent, determine the national karma of the American Republic over the course of their 4-year term.

Sorry to say, but in either case, the karma will be extremely negative and oppressive in virtually every area of life for the US citizenry.

If Biden wins, it will be much more hell on Earth than his first catastrophic term.

If Trump wins, the Democrats will make sure there will be more hell on Earth than his first term.

However, that does not even reflect the worst of what is on the horizon (read: multiple black swans).

Anyone who understands the Strauss–Howe generational theory as explained in THE FOURTH TURNING, as it applies to the United States of America, knows that the three previous most monumental events in our history occurred precisely as the theory states they would take place.

Those hugely impactive events are (i) The American Revolution, (ii) The Civil War, and (iii) World War II.

Which means that the rapid unfolding of the present FOURTH TURNING of the current cycle will be punctuated by a series of protracted apocalyptic events which, in the aggregate, will dwarf those three historic happenings.

Exactly what is this “series of four protracted apocalyptic events”?

Second American Revolution

Civil War 2.0

American Cultural Revolution

American Bolshevik Revolution

The Second American Revolution (SAR) effectively began with the declaration to run for POTUS by Donald J. Trump in June of 2015. The SAR pits the conservative American Patriots (who are mostly righteous Christians and truth-seekers) squarely against the woke progressive Democrats, most of whom suffer from the serious mental disease known as liberalism.

Civil War 2.0 has been going on practically since Civil War 1.0, but is much more kinetic since Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was installed in the White House to create the odious Obamanation. (See articles on AntiFa & Black Lives Matter anarchy)

The American Cultural Revolution also revved up during Obama’s first term and was put on steroids under Biden. A second term under Biden will see the cultural marxists put this utter devastation of American society on super steroids.

The American Bolshevik Revolution will be started at a time when the foreign tyrannical powers which control the USA can no longer rule by fraud and can only continue their veiled dictatorship via brute force.

How, pray tell, did the American people get into this roiling stew pot?

Folks will definitely not like the true answer to this question.

Because it is you — American citizen — who is fully responsible for this predicament.

And it is only you who can resolve this extremely formidable challenge … … … if it can be at this late date.

In other words, this mess has nothing to do with the New World Order globalist cabal or the Illuminati bloodline families who have ruled the realm – the whole earthly realm – for millennia.

It has nothing to do with the Council on Foreign Relation or Chatham House also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Nor does it have anything to do with the Trilateral Commission or Bilderberg Group. Nor the ever-manipulative Tavistock Institute and CIA’s Mockingbird Media. Nor the super controlling Pilgrim’s Society or SERCO.

This has nothing to do with the Committee of 300 or Club of Rome or Fabian Society.

This doesn’t even have anything to to with the notoriously wicked and utterly satanic Khazarian Cabal and their Ashkenazi banksters, Zionist warmongers and Khazarian Mafia. See: SATANIC GLOBAL POWER STRUCTURE AND KHAZARIAN OVERLORDS WHO RULE THE REALM

On the other hand, the current dismal plight has everything to do with the American people.

Now we can hear all the vociferous protests across the Internet … and see the numerous vituperative comments in comment sections, chat rooms and forums big and small.

Yes, that would be totally expected when a group of people that has become so narcissistic that they can only see the bad guy out there … and never the bad guy or bad girl within.

So how does super raw reality manifest during a POTUS election cycle such as 2024?

Here we see that The Powers That Be have quite purposefully put two highly flawed candidates in front of the American electorate for their consideration and vote.

In this corner, the Democrat side we have “Lyin Joe Biden”, perhaps the most corrupt politician in US history who is a POTUS Imposter after outright stealing 2020.

And yet the Left absolutely loves this guy even after he thoroughly destroyed the nation in record time.

In the other corner we have The Donald, a completely mind controlled and financially controlled political pawn, if there ever was one, but who has also done some truly heroic things to put some shine on him.

With these two 2024 candidates, the patently demonic puppet masters have duplicated the same dumpster fire that burned down the country four years ago.

And, in so doing, they have quite successfully pushed virtually every voter even deeper into their own version of Political Bipolar Complex—a very serious psychiatric illness indeed.

Without getting into the full etiology of Political Bipolar Complex or the highly diverse symptom set, it ought to be apparent that such a serious mental and emotional disease will eventually cause the sufferer to vote against their own interest, even to the point of their own horrible death.

Can you imagine millions of folks voting to keep the borders wide open thereby forever demolishing the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of their beloved USA?!?!

Can you imagine folks voting for someone who continuously brags about being “I’m the Father of the Vaccine” after singing his own praises for the rapid military deployment of 5G across the country?!?!

Like we said, the people ALWAYS DESERVE THE LEADERS THEY GET, whether they are voted in or installed by a CIA-coordinated color revolution or wily soft coup.

Back to the “FOURTH TURNING“.

What makes this particular “Fourth Turning” so much more consequential than the previous three is that there’s so much more friggin’ karma — BAD KARMA — to go around. Remember: “What goes around comes around.” ALWAYS!!!

“Each of the past Fourth Turnings were
more cataclysmic than the last….”

Well, this just happens to be the moment for a HUGE collective reckoning for a LOT of terribly lost souls.

Also, remember that each of us brings every single iota of karma – both good and bad – upon ourselves; no one out there does it to US. We — me, I — do it to myself and do it to ourselves. Got it?!

For example, in light of the fact that Joe Biden is synonymous with nothing short of a full-scale “Reign of Terror”, his voters don’t seem to care. They still want him as their prez.

That’s because they fail to correctly understand that when they vote for an utterly corrupt, warmongering terrorist, they energetically take on some of the karma that the POTUS invariably incurs for their corruption and criminality, warmongering and terrorism. The degree of karma that the voter receives is in direct proportion to the energy that they invest in their candidate and moral support they give him.

Similarly, anyone who votes for Trump will karmically receive the fruits of his disastrous presidency, should he be elected or selected. He already gave himself away by fully supporting Speaker Mike Johnson’s tax stealing legislation to give Ukraine more billions so Zelensky can continue the terrible and long-planned genocide of the Ukrainian people. Now that’s bad karma!

Do you get it?

Well, do you?!

You had better, because this thing will only
get worse — MUCH WORSE — before it
gets better, if it ever does.

The “Fourth Turning”, in a cycle of four “Fourth Turnings”, always ends this way because of the inevitable accumulations of LOTs of bad karmas for both the individual and collective.


Now many Patriots on the Right, and there are many truly righteous ones, are justifiably asking: “But what do we do at this late date?” And, “What can we do at this late date?”

It’s true, we are “moments to midnight” and, quite unfortunately, too many souls have been captured by their own variation of Political Bipolar Complex, which, by the way, always evolves into Political Bipolar Syndrome on the physical level. All the super vaxxed and boosted libtards can tell you more about that terrible physical state of affairs.

But really, what can we do? Those of US who are not held captive on any reservation whatsoever?

First, it’s important to properly comprehend that April 8th really did function as the point of no return for the US of A, both cosmically and astrologically.

When babies across America are not being killed right up to the very moment of birth by with legislative legality, what could anyone expect as an outcome?

When children are being permitted to cut off their genitals, and then pumped full of extremely dangerous puberty blockers, at such a young age, what would anyone expect to occur?

When the U.S. Federal Government literally conducts a full-blown genocide against the citizens via the OPERATION COVID-19 biowar and weaponized Covid Super Vaccination Agenda with no real attempt to expose it by Congress, we have very serious problems.

When so many horrendous wars are waged across the planet by the powerful US Military — with your tax dollars and in your name — what else would you expect?

When the US government morally and militarily supports a transparently apartheid and rogue nation such as the Zionist State of Israel in perpetrating such an atrocious Gaza Genocide and Palestinian Holocaust…..

Dear American people, your borders have been kept wide open on purpose, and your US Congress has done nothing meaningful or substantive to terminate the countless naked acts of treason which are deliberately designed to carry out this most fateful of all national karmas—the American Bolshevik Revolution.

Here’s how you know when they’re crossing the Rubicon

To be continued —

The Armchair Prophet
State of the Nation
April 18, 2024

SOTN Editor’s Note: 2024 is clearly the prophetic year as outlined above. Everyone is constantly asking us what they can do. Because we really are a moment to midnight, all we can do is pray and meditate, do penance in whatever way is meaningful, and invoke the grace of God with every thought, word and deed. There is simply no one who can save US individually or collectively in view of “the inexorable jaws of karma”. So put on the armor of a spiritual warrior who is about ready to enter the battlefield of the final battle of the very last war in this epoch between the forces of light and powers of darkness.

Comment about this post submitted to SOTN:

“Just another sign that the American people have so hardened their hearts that they now need to be busted upside the head with a divine four-by-four is that prophetic warnings like this are rarely if ever picked up by the conservative and Christian and Patriot-run websites on the Right. If those folks don’t get this, then who else is there?”



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