The Gene Keys: Unleashing Your Highest Potential Through 64 Genetic Archetypes

The Gene Keys - Unleashing Your Highest Potential Through 64 Genetic ArchetypesThe Gene Keys - Unleashing Your Highest Potential Through 64 Genetic Archetypes

21st March 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Have no doubt, human consciousness is experiencing a massive jump in evolution, even if it’s not obvious on the surface. We’re fortunate to have many tools, teachers and techniques available which can help us along on the path. All the same, it can be overwhelming to have such an infinite number of options to choose from — not to mention we can never quite be sure if the journey we are traveling and the tools we are using are the best for our specific circumstance and level of understanding.

This is where the Gene Keys come in. Developed over fifteen years, the teachings combine the wisdom of the I Ching, astrology and Human Design. Geared specifically for each individual, they unlock the higher purpose embedded within DNA. Through the use of a Hologenetic Profile, the system offers insight into life purpose, relationships and prosperity, while reprogramming DNA so that you can reach your greatest potential. It’s the ultimate self-directed journey of consciousness.

Unlocking Hidden Gifts

“The central premise of the Gene Keys is that we have inside us a hidden higher purpose. It’s encoded in our DNA, in the substructure of our physical bodies. And I am talking about a higher purpose – not just the purpose of our lives as a vocation. You may have been born to be a doctor or a mother or a mountaineer, but what is underneath that? What’s the quality you bring to what you do? Every human being is a mystery. We are a secret code. We are literally made up of code. And all code conceals a message. It’s not a metaphor. It’s literal. We each contain a secret message – an essence. The point of the Gene Keys is to unlock the code and release your message, your special essence, into the world.” ~ Richard Rudd, creator of the Gene Keys

When the code has been touched upon and unlocked, life will never be the same again. Everything suddenly seems simple. What you do isn’t as important as how you do it. We’re able to relax and be fully present while our life unfolds. It’s a journey along the path of illumination.

Rudd uncovered the Gene Keys over many years of reflection and study. With an interest in secret knowledge, he was fascinated with the Chinese I Ching, a 5000-year-old text that follows seasonal flux, as well as the cycles of change and life. What’s incredible about the I Ching is that it has a profound binary logic that is virtually identical to genetic code. He feels it represents the code of life.

Rudd was also introduced to another system by the name of Human Design. Combining astrological positions from your time and place of birth, along with the I Ching, it creates a map from a single moment of imprinting as you began your life journey.

As his study deepened, Rudd realized that these codes of life are not fixed, but actually fluctuate constantly, corresponding to the state of our consciousness at any given moment.

“And so I adapted what I had learned from Human Design, and it became this – the spectrum of consciousness. This is a map of all the major human states of consciousness, divided into 3 levels, which I called the Shadow, The Gift and the Siddhi. So now, with your birth time, we could see specific patterns of consciousness that governed your life. But these patterns were dependent on frequency.”

The Gene Keys - Unleashing Your Highest Potential Through 64 Genetic Archetypes 1The Gene Keys - Unleashing Your Highest Potential Through 64 Genetic Archetypes 1

With this table of frequencies, he began to observe his own and other’s lives, which lead to the birth of the Gene Keys. It contains 64 core genetic archetypes that shift depending on the frequency of our consciousness. The system also has three main sequences — Venus, Pearl and Activation.

Venus Sequence: opening your heart in relationships

Pearl: releasing prosperity through service

Activation: your genius

Once you have your Hologenetic Profile, you can select a key that is in an important position. Each key contains a specific shadow, gift and siddhi. It’s all about frequency and within every shadow there is a gift. We can raise our frequency through our attitude, which in turn has a physiological effect, flooding our body with endorphins and opening the heart. You can deeply relax into the moment. This is the Golden Path.

Shadow: the victim pattern. Intolerance — everything and everyone is an obstacle, everyone and everything irritates you. Low frequency.

Gift: the field of transformation, self-empowered. High frequency.

Siddhi: the arising essence. Unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. Higher manifestation, a divine grace of universal forgiveness. Highest frequency.

The path is about contemplation. At first, we understand the key mentally, but over time, the gift will reveal itself. We then begin to apply this understanding emotionally to our relationships and our lives. Eventually, it imprints on our physical DNA. “It takes time to change the way you behave. To reprogram a lifetime of low-frequency, it takes commitment. You take these simple teachings and begin to apply them to your life. You have to do the work,” said Rudd.

Moreover, he notes:

“We were taught that DNA controls all of life. Scientists believe your genes are pre packaged. That you’re a victim of your genes. But epigenetics has found that there is far more interaction with the environment in an open system. So how we respond to our environment sends a signal back into the cell. Before it gets to the DNA, its reprogrammed in this cellular membrane, then the message returns to the DNA. This then determines our behavior and actions, but it doesn’t just determine our behavior, it determines our body. It puts consciousness first, it’s your consciousness that creates reality.”

If you stick with the Golden Path long enough, it will transform your life. Just remember to be playful and contemplate everything within the framework of the Gene Keys. When something hurts, that’s one of the best reminders to apply your understanding of the system.

Introduction to the Gene Keys Golden Path

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