The Rise and Fall of the First Emirate on Syrian soil – Syria: The first Islamists

The first Islamic emirate on Syrian soil has barely existed for one day. The Ideology, tactics and procedures of the bandits in Syria are remarkably reminiscent of the unrest in Chechnya.

Yesterday, the following information by ANNA-News and others was published:

“In the morning, at 4 o`clock, a larger unit of armed fighters from the village Bkas, more than 500 men strong and under the command of the “Emir” Sayed Tabbush, has attacked several villages near al-Haffah in the province of Latakia: Dschub al-Akhmar, al-Harwat and al-Hamilah.

After the capture of these villages, the armed militants proclaimed the establishment of an Islamic emirate in the region.

Currently, there is still heavy fighting in the region of Latakia. The armed gangs have taken a number of Alawite as hostages; about 1,500 people had to flee from these villages. Under Sayed Abbush immediate mobilization of the population was initiated, was incorporated in the course of every male citizen of military age in the ranks of the FSA.

Each of the new recruits has received a one-time pay in the amount of $ 500. It should be noted that the average salary in Syria is only slightly above 300 U.S. dollars per month. It is known from the biography of Sayed Tabbush, that he has formerly burnt coal for water pipes, and thus he is a representative of the small business.”

This morning, however, there was already the information, that the armed gang was smashed by the Syrian army; the “Emir” was killed in the fight.

Here, a larger number of mercenaries were also arrested, mercenaries coming from Tunisia and Yemen.

The plan of the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan is so clearly history. The Syrian army had, by this plan, the right to defend themselves against direct attacks, but “cleaning missions” in areas and towns were, however, prohibited in this plan.

Apparently, the war is now entering a new phase, in the manner, which was mentioned by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his recent speech to the Syrian Parliament (interesting article about his speech). He has no options and no time anymore. The armed terrorists carry out their attacks practically on the entire inhabited Syrian territory; hesitancy would here lead only into another disaster.

The terminology of the armed groups is interesting; it corresponds in every detail of what has happened some time ago in Chechnya. Every scrap of earth had its “emir”, sooner or later, brigadier generals appeared; with other words, this has all – including the same ideology, and the same sources of financing and arming – already given.

The (Chechen) “Republic of Ichkeria” still exists on the paper to today, and their protagonists sit – no wonder – in London.

Perhaps the Syrians and their friends now understand it better, what have Grozny, Beslan, and Budjonnowks have meant for the Russians. The only difference is, that there was only the one Chechnya in the Russian Federation, while the proportions between this territory and the rest of Russia are relatively “handy”.

In Syria, there are three: the provinces of Homs, Latakia and Idlib (Idleb), but armed actions (of radicals and religious fanatics) are also carried out in the province of Damascus and in the south of the country.

The Syrian army is forced to split their forces and to actively maneuver. The resource against terror remains the one and the same: the liquidation of the armed gangs, reprisals against civilians who support these armed groups and amnesties for those who voluntarily lay down their arms.

There is no other way for a victory and to end this bands-terror, which is funded also by foreign powers. Not to mention that some similarities raise questions and thus, they could even confirm the statements of the Syrian side.


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