The Samson Option – How Israel will take the rest of the world down with them if threatened

The Samson Option – How Israel will take the rest of the world down with them if threatened

By Dark Politricks

Now you cannot call me an anti-Semite or jew hater for this as it’s official Israeli government policy that they were going to try out in the 67 war before they won.

The Samson option comes from a story from the made up old testament bible where Samson pulls down a whole temple on top of him and the other people inside. Basically if we are going down, you’re going down with us.

According to some Israeli military sources they have nuclear missiles pointed at every capital city in Europe and Moscow. Maybe they don’t have the rocket technology either passed to them from dual citizen Zionist Americans or spies like Jonathan Pollard, jailed for 30 years, for passing NATO secrets to Israel who then passed them onto Russia, to get a missile to the USA. Maybe they are just keeping that quiet or maybe the US will never sell them any technology that would enable that.

Even though Israel doesn’t comment on their duplicitous hiding of their nuclear weapons and fake walls when a US inspection of their Dimona plant occurred to hide the real technology, they have admitted on multiple occasions that they possess nuclear weapons: Ephraim Katzir in 1974, Moshe Dayan in 1981, Shimon Peres in 1998, and Ehud
Olmert in 2006.

Therefore they should join the NPT and have regular check ups and stop moaning about Iran whose recent deal, that maybe stopped by Trump, has sorted their fears out.

No-one mentions that in the Iraq/Iran war, when Saddam Hussein was still ‘our boy’ and the CIA gave him geo co-ordinates to gass the Iranian troops.

The Iranian mullahs prevented their own military from firing missiles into Baghdad and other Iraqi cities because it was “un-islamic”.

Therefore if they wouldn’t even fight back when their soldiers were being poisoned and their cities bombed I doubt they are lying when they say that the atomic bomb is a step they have never planned on going to, that it is un-Islamic and there is no danger of them using one now the agreement to have their nuclear rods, and excess uranium removed to be destroyed is not too far from the truth.

However this video is scary, and it is why so many US President’s tried to prevent Israel from getting the bomb, and their test with the racist South African government in the Vela nuclear incident. Even Jimmy Carter believed the Israeli’s had carried out the test.

What I find interesting is why Israel supposedly a safe haven for Jews who had been thrown out of every country in Europe at one time or another, and who had suffered so much at the hands of the NAZI’s would collaborate with a neo-NAZI white rule, South African government to carry out this test.

It just goes to show that the victims of bullying often become bullies themselves, keeping the people in Gaza in an open air prison, and colluding with white supremacists to test a nuclear bomb.

Well it just goes to show how two apartheid counties can work together and treat their own people like they had been treated themselves.

Basically, like the story of Samson goes, if they are threatened with annihilation again and no-one helps them then they are going to push the pillars down and send nukes every which way from Sunday. To Europe, to Russia, Africa and maybe even the USA.


By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

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