The Sleeper Awakens

by Peter Lorden
Are the goyim at last  becoming aware
of their enslavement to the Jews?


When Jewish leaders bewail the dilution of their own kind through assimilation and “marrying out,” do we call them “racists”? No, we don’t. We agree with that 19th-century English squire who said,“A man should have as much care for his race as he has for his horses.”

What is more natural that that people should care for the preservation of their own kind and their own culture? Doesn’t one naturally care most for one’s own family? Isn’t one’s race an extension of one’s family? To us, nothing seems more essentially evil than the old Bolshevik dream of crushing all the peoples of the world into an amorphous, beige-colored “global proletariat” without loyalty to race or faith or

This is why we see nothing wrong with Jewish leaders worrying about the weakening of the Tribe. But if we don’t call this attitude “racist,” why do they so readily slap that label on a non-Jew’s concern for his kind? Why are they not ashamed to do this? Why are they not troubled by their own hypocrisy? What can be the source of this contradiction between what Jewish leaders practice and what they preach to the rest of us?

The answer lies in their religion.

Judaism requires its “true believers” to use a double standard. That requirement comes from the Talmud, a compendium of rabbinical utterances dating back some 1,500 years, which in turn is based upon the Torah (the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible). Jewish writers today maintain that it’s really the Talmud that is “the heart’s blood” of their religion.

It is, they say, “so sacred that God himself must stand up to read it.” True, the Talmud contains a wealth of wit and wisdom. But it also declared Jews to be the only human beings on Earth! All the rest of us, the Goyim or “cattle,” are classified as animals created only to serve the “Chosen.”

When Kipling wrote of “lesser breeds,” he was not denying the humanity of other peoples. Only the Talmud does that. Most Jews may not embrace this brand of racism, but hardline Zionists certainly do. The Talmud tells them, “Even the best of the Goyim should be killed.” Hard as it may be for most of us to accept that an outwardly civilized people could still cherish an ideology so savage, the mass graves scattered around Palestine and Lebanon speak for themselves.

Even the best of the goyim should be killed!

— Rabbi ben Yohai, the Talmud’s most venerated sage

In that primitive perspective, Jewish leaders do not feel themselves to be hypocritical in applying a double standard. Their own racism authorizes it.

Lower beings, in their view, have no business dictating rules of behavior to higher ones. Nor have the Goyim any right to complain of unfair treatment. Doesn’t the Talmud say, “In dealing with the Goyim, moral considerations need not be taken into account?”

Consequently a Talmudist can say, “Why should we honor your ideas of fairness and honesty when these were never ours? Your rules cannot apply to us!”

There’s an ominous echo here of the Communist ideology promoted by Lenin.

He, too, dismissed all the founding values of Western Christian civilization as “obsolete bourgeois morality.” Just as the only loyalty permitted a Communist is that to the Party, so loyalty to the Tribe is the ultimate rule for a Zionist. Could this similarity in outlook be the reason we so often find Communists and Zionists working together to impose a totalitarian mind-control on the rest of us by incessantly attacking our freedoms of speech and assembly?

Chosen History

It is worrisome that so many of us have been taken in by the Zionists’ self-serving account of their own history. Swallowing the “Chosen” line as though it was actual truth means tacitly conceding their right to be above the law. If  many of our people had not been suckered in this way, would they be so ready to echo accusations of racism uttered by those whose own racism is the oldest and ugliest on Earth? Or so ready to allow Israel to violate international law as none of her neighbors is allowed to do? Or, indeed, to accept that questioning the Six Million figure should be made a criminal offense, when disagreement on other historical events draws no such penalty?

Why should the Jewish lobby’s endless promotion of the Holocaust be permitted to obscure the greater truth that the number of non-Jews
killed by Jewish Bolsheviks in Stalin’s “evil empire” was many times the number of Jews murdered by non-Jews? How much does the public ever hear about that side of things? They would certainly never get a hint of it from reading Goldhagen’s totally one-sided indictment of the German people in Hitler’s Willing Executioners. That monocular tract ignores what eventually induced most Germans to accept the Nazi anti-Semitism – namely, the Bolshevik atrocities that had already been going on for 15 years when Hitler came to power!

That very year, 1933, saw those atrocities culminate in the greatest single crime of our century — the systematic murder by starvation of some 7 to 8 million people in the Ukrainian Holocaust. If our schoolchildren ever hear of that Holocaust, they will certainly not be told that it was largely conceived, conducted and covered up by Jewish Bolsheviks. Nor will they be told that those people were then running Stalin’s secret police and the Gulag Archipelago — in the years which a Canadian-Jewish newspaper has described as “a golden age for Soviet Jewry.”

Students at Harvard University won’t hear of this either, if the recent boast of a rabbi there is to be believed. He said that Harvard has now been “thoroughly cleansed and Judaized.” Could this be the reason that our history seems to be taught less and less these days? Could this be the reason why the mass media, while continually hitting us over the head with the suffering of Jews under Hitler, tell next to nothing of the Jews’ significant role in Statin’s “evil empire?”

Soviet crimes get very little “play” compared to those of the Nazis. More often than not, Stalin is presented (as in Hollywood movies of the 1940’s) as the leader of an heroic war against Fascism.

This should not be taken as a defense of Hitler, but simply as an illustration of the gross imbalance in the picture commonly presented to us- and as yet another aspect of the double standard we’re complaining of. Whatever the reasons for it, half the history of our time has been virtually suppressed — an erasure of history that could never have come about if we “stupid Goyim” had not allowed ourselves to be deceived.



Is it not time we woke up to the true state of affairs? Is it not time to shake off that 2,000-year-old brainwashing which has allowed a small ethnic minority to impose its will on the rest of us?

If we fail to wake up, our children and theirs will pay the price. They may well find themselves the slaves of an ethnic elite which despises them as much as Bolsheviks despised the people of Russia.

How much longer are we going to let ourselves live under the shadow of Jewish slavery?

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