The Slippery Slope: Queers Trying to Sexualize 4-Year-Old Prince George

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

Are queers pedophiles? A lot of evidence collected before the politicization of the subject by Kikeademia says there’s a substantial link.

But the Southern Poverty Law Center says all studies that reveal any connection are hate, so let’s cut Judah’s lying tongue with Occam’s Razor using contemporary Jew pseudo-scientists instead.

Homosexuality as a paraphilia (i.e., getting off on the idea of a sex act that is anti-social or taboo – this definition was changed from “acts that cannot lead to reproduction” in the 70s) is still hotly debated in academic institutions. A collection of evidence for and against was compiled by Cantor (2012), but the evidence for gays being paraphiles is heavily scientific while opponents argue from a mostly ideological position (classifying homosexuality as paraphilic is wrong because it’s homophobic).

Paraphilia is a sort of psychological tendency in and of itself, but it unites deplorable sex acts since they tend to overlap with each other. Getting empirical data in respects to homosexuality on this matter is impossible nowadays due to problems with grants and censorship, but we can get an idea by looking at other deviants that fall under the paraphilic umbrella.

One study of individuals arrested for bestiality (people who rape animals aren’t a protected class… yet) by Holoyda and Newman (2014) found that culprits had an average of 4.8 paraphilic disorders. The most common ones were pedophilia, exhibitionism and extreme sexual sadism.

Holyda and Newman naturally didn’t have the guts to factor in homosexuality, but we can all take an educated guess. 29% of individuals who raped and killed a child admitted to being homosexuals in a survey by Dr Paul Cameron, to cite one of many.

So with all this in mind, is it crazy to believe queers (or at least a significant number of them) who get off on shocking people would start talking about kids once adult man on adult man sodomy is considered normal and mainstream?

Pink News:

Prince George has become a gay icon overnight.

The monarch-to-be has always been cute and well-dressed, but one day before his fourth birthday, a photo of him excitedly holding his face changed everything.

At least, that’s what the people – sorry, his subjects – are saying.

The picture in question shows the prince on board a helicopter, staring at another helicopter in sheer awe.

The genuine expression of joy and surprise lights up the child’s face, as he contentedly takes in the view.

The image of the prince expressing his happiness in this way led many to declare their support of George for a whole new position: gay icon.

Kids are born with a sexuality, and should be encouraged to find it without it being assumed that they’re straight.

This type of sickness should bring a reaction from Britain’s infamous speech laws, but it won’t. Big Homo is free to sexualize a 4-year-old boy all it wants in its publications.

Rather than at least pretending to condemn fellow fags for this, Louis Staples of The New Statement has decided to write a long rationalization for it.

According to Staples, breeders who have a problem with fags thinking of little kids in sexual terms are the reason they’re committing suicide!

New Statesman:

I also understand that speculating about a child’s future sexual orientation, especially from one photograph, has potential to cause them distress. But to assume that gay men tweeting this photograph are labelling Prince George is a misunderstanding of what we take from the image.

The reaction to this photo isn’t really about sexuality; it’s about the innocence of childhood. When I look at the carefree image of George, it reminds me of those precious years in early childhood when I didn’t know I was supposed to be manly. The time before boys are told they should like “boy things”, before femininity becomes associated with weakness or frivolity. Thanks to a supportive environment created by my parents, I felt that I could play with whichever toys I wanted for those short years before the outside world pressured me to conform.

Effeminate gay men like me have very specific experiences that relate to growing up in a heteronormative world. It is incredibly rare to see anything that remotely represents my childhood reflected in popular culture. This image has prompted us to discuss our childhoods because we see something in it that we recognise. In a community where mental illness and internalised homophobia are rife, sharing memories that many of us have suppressed for years can only be a good thing.

People expressing outrage at any comparisons between this image and growing up gay should remember that projecting heterosexuality on to a child is also sexualising them. People have no problem assuming that boys are straight from a young age, and this can be equally damaging to those who don’t fit the mould. I remember feeling uncomfortable when asked if my female friends were my girlfriends while I was still in primary school. The way young boys are taught to behave based on prescribed heterosexuality causes countless problems. From alarmingly high suicide rates to violent behaviour, the expectation for men to be tough and manly hurts us all.

Some more public relations minded fags claim the LGBTP social media fixation on little George is tongue-in-cheek, comparable to what they’ve done to the Babadook.

The Babadook is a monster from an Australian film about a grieving mother and her son. It’s one of the few non-Pozzed movies that has come out as of late that is really good, which is the sole reason faggots have to ruin it for everyone by sticking it up their ass.

The fag fixation on this character is not as innocent as they claim.

Does anyone have to the guts to stand up to the LGBT-P mafia?

The train of “progress” keeps chugging along and they won’t tell us the destination. They’re pouring all the political KY Jelly they have on the slope to make it as slippery as possible!

We’re the last battalion willing to fight the decline – become one of us!

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