‘Threat Level Red’ Declared? Preparedness Pro – Air Force Reserve Base in Portland on Stand-by

Here we go. Empty threats and fears. Korea can fire—maybe—but it certainly won’t be nuclear and there will be no global war. The Galactics will not permit it. The American cabal wants to PROVOKE an attack from ANYONE, if not Iran, then Korea. Whatever…

Poof just told us that there’s a whole lot of posturing and mis/dis-information disseminated by the cabal trying to paint a picture that makes it look like they’re in control and they’re trying to wind us up.

Fear porn? Disinfo? Who knows? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Shared by Drake at American National Militia


According to Preparedness Pro via a post on Facebook, the United States Military has gone to ‘threat level red’. After this original post was made approx. 5 hours ago (approx. 1:30 pm eastern time on Thursday March 28th, 2013), confirmation HAS BEEN received from 6 different sources as outlined in comments further down in the post. What are they preparing for? North Korea has declared war upon the United States and South Korea; the Pentagon has deployed B-2 Stealth Nuclear bombers to South Korea. One could quite easily say that WW3 is now upon the horizon. Let’s all pray that cooler heads prevail. The original Facebook post is here:

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FYI – The Militias’ Defcon site has lots of chatter about various things like the Canary Islands, a possible Tsunami, the “hundreds” (not) of armoured vehicles on a train in Arizona, and various other things, and now this Korea thing. Their “light” is still orange, not red, so no one thinks the militia is required any time soon.


Source Article from http://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/threat-level-red-declared-preparedness-pro-air-force-reserve-base-in-portland-on-stand-by/

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