Thutmose III, the Famed Warrior King of Ancient Egypt

The statue of Pharaoh Thutmose III at the Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor, Egypt. Source: Andrej /Adobe Stock

The power that marked the rise of Ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom period rested solely on the shoulders of capable pharaohs. Such a vast realm could never thrive if it weren’t for leaders that were bold, confident, and eager to expand their territories. One such pharaoh was Thutmose III, widely regarded as one of Ancient Egypt’s greatest rulers ever. With a lengthy reign and a relentless drive towards Egyptian expansion, Thutmose ushered his realm into a new golden age. What were some defining moments in his reign?

On the Threshold of a New Golden Age with Pharaoh Thutmose III

The official regnal dates for Thutmose III are 28th April 1479 BC to 11th March 1425 BC. This means that the pharaoh ruled Egypt for roughly 54 years. That is an incredibly lengthy reign for any monarch, especially at a time when many wanted to usurp the throne. However, we must consider that Thutmose officially became a pharaoh when he was only two years old. Historians can provide such a precise number thanks to funerary inscriptions discovered within the tomb of a military commander from the time of Thutmose. This commander was Amenemheb-Mahu, and on the walls of his tomb it is recorded that Thutmose III died in his 54th regnal year.


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