Tornadoes, Electoral Votes, and the Narcissism of a ‘Prophet’

In early April, MAGA pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman endorsed a right-wing effort to get the Nebraska legislature to change the way the state allocates its electoral votes. Kunneman even made his church in Omaha available to right-wing activist Charlie Kirk, who organized a rally in support of his campaign to pressure the Nebraska legislature to change the system explicitly for the benefit of Donald Trump.

More than two weeks later, a devastating outbreak of tornadoes swept across the Midwest and, predictably, Kunneman thinks it was “a manifestation of the Devil,” who was upset about their efforts to help Trump.

Kunneman has been one of the most obstinate of the self-proclaimed “prophets” who repeatedly guaranteed that Trump would win reelection in 2020. In the years that President Joe Biden has been in office, Kunneman has petulantly refused to apologize for his false prophecies or even admit that Biden is president, instead promising that God will reward those who stand with him while attacking those who have dared to criticize him.

During a recent “Prophetic Pulse” program, Kunneman asserted that the two things were obviously connected because Lincoln, Nebraska, was hit particularly hard and that is where the state legislature sits.

“You gotta remember something that was happening,” Kunneman said. “There had been legislative arguing going on about winner-take-all, the electoral [vote] being changed. It’s no coincidence that within a week of that being discussed that this thing shows up in Lincoln.”

“I think they’re connected because you’re going to see from one of [Kunneman’s] prophecies, God talks about ‘tornadic,’ and then he says, ‘Even regarding your election process,’” Kunneman added. “You say ‘Well, the Devil and the weather, he can’t create.’ No, but he can use things.”

For the record, the Nebraska legislature adjourned on April 18 without taking up the issue of the state’s electoral vote system, which was more than a week before the tornado occurred. In addition, the tornado that struck Lincoln was part of widespread storm system that spawned tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Despite the fact that the tornado occurred long after the rally at Kunneman’s church and after the state legislature had adjourned without taking action, and that the tornado was just one of at least 92 that spawned that day, Kunneman is convinced—or is at least trying to convince his followers—that this natural disaster was really a “manifestation of the Devil” brought about by his efforts to change the election process to help Trump.

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