Trump Says if the GOP Continues to Try to Jew Him Over, He’ll Just Fund His Own Campaign!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2016

They say Trump couldn’t afford to fund his own campaign.

But they said Trump couldn’t do a lot of things, didn’t they?

Fox News:

Donald Trump on Saturday hit back at Republicans trying to undermine his presidential campaign with continued talk about eleventh-hour challengers, delegate hopping and other tactics, saying he’ll “fund my own campaign.”

“If the Republican Party acts like they don’t want to help, I’ll fund my own campaign,” Trump said at a rally in Las Vegas.

“Right now, I’m raising a lot of money for the GOP. I like doing it. But we have to have help. Life is like a two-way street. Otherwise, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, funding my own campaign. That’s the easy way. Hopefully we can continue to go the way we’re going.”

Trump, the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, also downplayed the most recent controversy involving reports of convention delegates trying to switch allegiance.

He said there was “maybe a little delegate revolt,” following a Washington Post story that stated the delegates are attempting to change party rules so that their nominating votes can go to another candidate, despite Trump winning those delegates in state primaries and caucuses.

Since Trump became the nominee, some Republicans have apparently tried privately to recruit a last-minute challenger, while others, particularly incumbents, still refuse to endorse Trump, especially after his remarks about a Mexican judge that were widely perceived as racist.

I continue to be shocked at the insolence of these GOP scumbags. It truly is incredible that they are openly, purposefully sabotaging their own party, planning to give the entire Supreme Court over to communists who will totally abolish all freedoms, planning to allow the legalization of so many brown people that it will be impossible for a Republican President to ever get elected again.

But we will remember these men and what they have done.

We talked about this issue when I was on Fash the Nation yesterday.


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