TruNews Sends $15,000 of Their Donors’ Money to Brooklyn Synagogue

You have probably heard of TruNews, spearheaded by Pastor Rick Wiles. Christians especially love this crap. TruNews has been a popular promoter of Donald Trump for some time now. I saw lots of people sharing their work on the “jew coup” against the ZOG emperor. The news outlet has also been a vocal opponent of the COVID lockdown, but tellingly likens the draconian measures to Nazism.

I had also covered how TruNews promotes the fake holocaust narrative.

Their latest stunt, which came to light last week, takes the cake. On November 24th, TruNews reported:

Today on TruNews we announce a donation to the Yetev Lev temple to cover the full unconstitutional penalty being placed against Hasidic Jews by NYC Mayor De Blasio for the crime of assembling for a wedding.

Here’s the kicker, though. All the dumb sheeple who donated to TruNews, likely because of the shows that were critical of jewish criminality, had their money end up in the hands of jewish supremacists! At 5:40 in the broadcast, Rick Wiles says:

… we’re going to do something about it. That’s why we’re sending this check. It’s $15,000 in there. You know, it’s not coming from me… but it’s coming from you, it’s coming from everybody who donates to TruNews. We’re all doing this together.

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It appears this was money well spent for TruNews because a week later Pastor Rick Wiles was mentioned prominently on the website of a homosexual jew named Matt Drudge.

Here is the article.

After being asked on his TruNews show why the Trump administration is fast-tracking the reimplementation of execution methods like firing squad, Wiles said, “I’m not trying to be funny, but because they plan to shoot some people.”

You know who Trump would really execute with firing squads? People like you and me! Honestly he called to execute people who commit “hate crimes”.

Mediate goes on to mention Wile’s “jew coup” talk, which was just a limited hangout from controlled opposition.

The Trump administration has previously faced criticism for giving Wiles — who called the impeachment of Trump a “Jew coup” — White House press credentials.

This is just one more example of “jew-namers” who are so obviously working for the enemy.

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