Understanding Zionist Speak

Headlines today are crying out about the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Freedom Fighters who have been brutally genocided and Holocausted by the red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jew Cult members since 1948, getting a bit of pay back.

‘Hamas pigs parade necked body of Israeli women’

To get to the truth one must convert Zionist speak to the truth.

Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Freedom Fighters in Illegally Occupied Palestine show off the necked body of a soul-less Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Invasive species Zionist Zombie Virus Host who’s kin have been brutally Holocaustoing the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians for seventy plus years.

Over at ‘Zero Hedge’.

“Israel “In State Of War” With Hamas After Palestinian Militants Launch “Unprecedented” Incursion Into Israel”.

Translation to truth.

Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Freedom Fighters Push back against Illegal Invasive Species red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Jew Cult Members after 75 years of trying to Genocide the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian people out of existence so the Pedophile’s end of Times Death Cult Jew Cult members can steal the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s ancestral lands.

Over at RT:

‘Moscow and Kiev react to Israel-Palestine escalation’


has urged both sides to stick to diplomacy, while Ukraine

has proclaimed its support for Israel.”

‘Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!’

The USA Corporation, the Military arm of the British Anglo zionist Empire, occupier and oppressor of America and Americans, Palestine & Semitic Palestinians is looking for excuses as to why they have murdered Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians in Mosul! They express sorrow that they were ‘Forced” to “inflict” civilian casualties.

Now, to someone who does not understand Zionist speak, this perhaps sounds truthful and sincere.

SO SON! (or Ladies), Let me translate.

Zionist speak Translation Rule # 1.

Flip the meaning of the words, 180%, to the exact opposite as was spoken in Zionist Speak.

Thus the above apparent heartfelt “regret becomes——————Ta-Dha! Damn right we killed the little brown SOB’s. If they would just give up an allow Nitwityahoo, the child raping SOB, to occupy them for the Zionist Nightmare of their “Greater Israhell Project”, we wouldn’t have to murder their rag headed asses!

See! With this formula, you can translate all that USA Zionist Government Speak, and all those State Department lies, all those MSM bimbos and gigolo’s CIA Propaganda! See how simple it is once one knows the formula! Enjoy Grasshopper!

Time to wake up America. Time to take out the Garbage. Time to get er done!

PS! Zionist Speak Translator Rule # 2. Refer to Rule # 1.

The Ole Dog!


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