Vaccine Death Hasbara

I have been noticing a disturbing trend around here in comments sections of articles that detail the murder victims of the recent Covid vaccine.  Whenever it is an article detailing the death of a beautiful young White women who was murdered by this jewish bio weapon, we get comments like these:

Yes, this commenter would cheer on the murder of “leftists” and other White people who make our lives “difficult”.  He doesn’t desire for the jewish criminals who are murdering our people do be injected. No, he wishes for more misguided brainwashed White victims to be murdered. How nice! Does this “fellow White” hold the same hatred for “right wingers” that call for the rape torture and murder of White women? Nah, he gives them a pass, because according to him they’re “good people” that just need a girlfriend.

Here is another comment demonstrating the vaccine hasbara I am witnessing. In response to yet another young, beautiful White women being murdered:


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