Very First Batch of US-Trained Syrian “Moderates” Promptly Join Al Qaeda

Very First Batch of US-Trained Syrian “Moderates” Promptly Join Al Qaeda

In yet another “stunning” development Division 30, a “moderate” rebel group, which had been trained by the CIA decided last month that Al Qaeda was a better employer; on crossing the border, the men immediately defected to Al Qaeda, handing over weapons and their substantial expertise- they were after all the pioneering batch for the US terroris- I mean rebel training program.

Seriously, this says a LOT about how much “vetting” the CIA really does when selecting “moderates” to train;  I reckon shouting ” down with Assad”  20 times in quick succession was the extent of their testing.

The Telegraph:

A statement on Twitter by a man calling himself Abu Fahd al-Tunisi, a member of al-Qaeda’s local affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, read: “A strong slap for America… the new group from Division 30 that entered yesterday hands over all of its weapons to Jabhat al-Nusra after being granted safe passage.

They handed over a very large amount of ammunition and medium weaponry and a number of pick-ups.”

Abu Khattab al-Maqdisi, who also purports to be a Jabhat al-Nusra member, added that Division 30’s commander, Anas Ibrahim Obaid,had explained to Jabhat al-Nusra’s leaders that he had tricked the coalition because he needed weapons.

Yet another “accidental” boon for the “moderate-Islamists” in Syria. At least they didn’t lose tanks or vehicles this time

reported that seventy-five Division 30 fighters had crossed into Syria from Turkey early the day before with “12 four-wheel vehicles equipped with machine guns and ammunition”.

Aw, f***.

In the statement, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad al-Dhaher complained of insufficient numbers of trainees and fighters, inadequate supplies, and even “a lack of accuracy and method in the selection of Division 30’s cadres”.

Yeah, they don’t really care who gets the US arms and ammo. 500 million US tax-payer dollars worth of it. The whole absurdity is probably one of the reasons they’re desperately trying to shut the program down. That and the fact that Russia’s intervention just made removing Assad impossible.

This defection was a long time coming; the fighters had already voiced solidarity with Al Qaeda,refusing to fight against them.



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