Vincent James and Nick Fuentes: The Rosa Parks And Martin Luther King Jr. Of White Nationalists

Over the holidays, racist, misogynistic, antisemitic, homophobic Christian nationalist Nick Fuentes hosted an 13-hour “Moneybomb Marathon Stream” to raise money for his America First movement heading into 2024. Among the guests were far-right activists and commentators Gavin McInnes, Keith Woods, Elijah Schaffer, Stew Peters, and Vincent James, an unapologetic racist, antisemite, misogynist, conspiracy theorist, and fascist, who serves as the treasurer of Fuentes’ white nationalist America First organization.

During their discussion, Fuentes and James spent a good deal of time reminiscing about their years of working together to spread their shared racist, antisemitic, and fascist worldview while commiserating over the fact that their dedication to spreading that worldview has largely ruined their respective lives.

Fuentes and James asserted that all of their efforts are starting to pay off, as younger far-right activists are now able to say the sorts of things that have turned Fuentes and James into social pariahs without “having to make the same sacrifices” that they did.

In fact, said James, he and Fuentes are basically the Rosa Parks and/or Martin Luther King Jr. of bigoted fascist far-right activists.

“We’ve reached millions of people,” James said. “There’s a big benefit to that but it’s something—I’m not saying that I regret it, I’m just saying that it’s not easy. It’s not for the weak, that’s for sure. To go through the things that we [have]—journalists stalking us and shit like that—it’s not for the weak.”

“The fact that we have sort of paved the way and made it easier for people to talk about these things,” he continued, “you’re kind of jealous. It’s like, ‘What the fuck man?’ It’s like, ‘Dude, I lost my job, all these things happened to me, I lost my bank account to say these things.’ It’s kind of like, almost, you know, Martin Luther King in a way, kind of, or Rosa Parks.”

“Yeah,” Fuentes agreed. “We’re the first ones. We’re the ones getting beaten down and firehosed.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of like that,” James replied. “It’s almost exactly like how those Blacks were hit with fire hoses.”

It is also worth highlighting Stew Peters’ participation in Fuentes’ livestream, as not only did Peters speak at Fuentes’ last AFPAC conference, but he has had both Fuentes and James on his program recently, and is now helping to raise funds for the America First organization. Given that Peters regularly manages to get Republican leaders, elected officials, and candidates for office to appear on his own program, it is becoming imperative that any GOP elected official or candidate who agrees to appear on Peters’ program be held accountable for giving credibility to someone who is not only actively raising money for fascists but is, himself, a unhinged and dangerous far-right activist who openly advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government.

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