What is another job of government?

Over 8 years ago or on the 15th of June 2015, the colony’s state media aired on a programme called ‘Q&A’ the topic of the Magna Carta (‘Great Charter’ in Latin) from 1215.
Then Speaker of the House of Representatives Ms. Bronwyn Bishop stated (at 12m16s) 
that “The first job of a government is to look after the safety of its people”

Also note that the Australian Government did not allow ‘Free Speech’ on this topic on the YouTube platform by turning off comments.
The government’s ‘people’ are those in the Executive that being the Monarch, Governor General, the Parliament that being the MPs, lawmakers and the Judiciary that being the Courts and police.
The general population/serfs/plebs are not part of the government’s ‘people’.
MANY people may have problems in comprehending Ms. Bishops statement, where a simple analogy can be made substituting the word government for a ‘favourite’ company or international corporation, e.g:
The first job of Google is to look after the safety of its people
That means Google’s customers are not on the radar, or of zero significance in relation to the policy.
So what could be the second job of those in government, or even a highly prioritised agenda?
To rort the tax pool to the maximum without any consequences?
To give money for mates jobs in falsified tenders, irrespective of any legal action?
To implement actions that punish people, which have zero legal and lawful basis to exist therefore let alone to be enacted upon?
To commit criminal actions when in office with the intention to get away with them?
Or why not to enact pain and suffering or austerity on the general population to a predefined level that is just below then rioting.
That is what is happening to Australians at this point in time, where the Australian Government is responsible for the housing crisis, rental crisis, job crisis, and high inflation ‘crisis’ where all these actions are carried out to a level just below people having enough and rioting, just like in Sri Lanka.
The people in the Australian Government, must really hate the (mums & dads) tax payers, the very people that afford those in government to have an exorbitant tax rorting lifestyle even after they have left office.
Remembering, silence is acquiescence.


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