Why Aaron Rodgers Is Still Furious About COVID

• “They locked everybody up forever — was supposed to be a couple of weeks.”

• “Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed and never opened again.”

• “The wealth gap got even bigger from the haves and have-nots.”

• “They lied to us over and over.”

• “They vilified early treatments.”

• “They censored legitimate doctors in the space like Dr. Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, and Robert Malone.”

• “They were arresting people who were surfing in California; they closed the beaches.”

• They told us to “stay inside and wait for this vaccine, which is 100% safe and effective.”

• “They increased the mental health issues exponentially; the rates of suicide went way up.”

“There’s no NFL owners who are mad about this,” Rodgers said. “Maybe we could have stopped this with early treatments, or not given Remdesivir and the ventilator to these patients.”


Shout-out to MythinformedMKE for pulling this clip.

Are you still mad about COVID?

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