WHY JEWS hate monarchy in Europe? 

by Alicia Frischmann

The great monarchies of Europe were the main redoubt of Christendom against the tyranny of the JEWS

But where are all the monarchs now? Mostly gone or reduced to figureheads. The government forms of the two last centuries, republics, democracies, communism were relatively new compared to the History of Europe

The entire “power to the people” movement from communism to democracy is a hoax because it convinces the masses that they have the power unlike under monarchy systems. This fake ideology was created by the JEWS especially since the French revolution that claimed to fight for “Equality, Liberty and Fraternity”. Till today the French people are so proud of their slogan that is even written on administrative papers of the “Republic”.

The same clams was during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia that the “people should have power” and “all people should be equals”. So their aristocrats and monarchs are evil and don’t have the right to lead the nation.

There was always JEWISH hands behind all the popular revolutions in Europe against the ancient order of monarchs. The reason why JEWS hate monarchy is because the monarchs don’t need the JEWS since they themselves own the lands, wealth and authority so the JEWS cannot really buy them as they do with the puppet politicians of today.

The nightmare of the JEWS is when the monarchs are devoted Christians involving the church in social and political decisions. This is when the JEWS cannot destroy the nations anymore by all the ideas and movements they push in society. Europe was the light of the world at that time, and the Whites were the masters of the universe. All other races looked at them with astonishment on how these people can create far more advanced societies and excel in all domains of life such as Arts, Science and literature…

Today democracy means a system run by the JEWS, since the JEWS run the media and shape the minds of people on which politician is good or bad.

JEWS adore democracy

In fact real democracy (Greek democracy) cannot work if the JEWS are not banned in the country. Simply because the mass of people are so ignorant, or at least cannot be wise enough to know the truth of every subject, thus be able to elect the good leadership who defends them. It is also why the JEWS distract the masses by gigantic sport events and stupid TV shows while enslaving them financially with the usury monetary system that doesn’t allow them to afford a descent life, or even make children, but instead should even work harder and longer or maybe a 2nd job to afford the materialist life the JEWS push or to pay the huge taxes that JEWS impose to finance the welfare of millions of unproductive non-White immigrants who will soon become the majority.

All this system is made to keep the JEWS in power and destroy the Whites. Probably only dictatorship or violent take-over by Nationalists (National Socialists) can save the people from the JEWS.

note from chad –

Alicia is right…Western democracy and Judaism are completely incompatible because as Tacitus said, Jews are loyal only to themselves and they believe they are superior to all non-jews. So it is inevitable that all countries which welcome Jews will eventually become dominated and enslaved by Jews. The only way to prevent this is recognizing the fact that Jews are a hostile race which need severe limitations and restrictions placed on them or, ban them completely from your country, but even that is risky because as long as they exist, they will always try to sneak in and infiltrate their way back into power.

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