Wisdom of our People

We’ll go through some of our racial Knowledge and Wisdom. It is good to actually go back and understand the Intelligence of our People, rather than to listen to modern day lunatics or read a Semitic book of nonsense. Refreshing, to say the least. These ones are Slavic proverbs.

A good painter need not give a name to his picture, a bad one must.

Interesting how Jewish degenerate art, which has “progressed” its way into our daily, “modern” art, always requires a god damn name or label. You have seen it before, all those idiots standing in front of a good damn canvas with one single color and nothing else on it; I mean how much must your IQ drop to actually stand in front of such crap with amazement – or even start to wonder and imagine what this single color should represent. Then you compare it to the name/label and start to come up with explanations and possible hidden meanings behind this one god damn color – the Jew who drew it might even come to like one of your meanings and sell it as such. Sick, degenerate art – nothing but Chaos – I even saw once a piece of work where the canvas had only white color on it with the word “art”. I mean – come on. Get the fuck out of here!

Each country has its own tradition.

Why, those god damn European Pagans – who are they to talk about countries and traditions? What exactly is tradition anyways – the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on in this way.

What are we going to pass on to the next generation? Multi-culturalism? Diversity? How are those long-established customs? As a matter of fact – our own Race itself – is a long-established tradition that has been passed on generation to generation – if we go extinct, there is nothing that we will pass on. There is Natural hierarchy in everything – we find it in logic and truth as well. If the White Race doesn’t exist anymore, the whole idea of Tradition and passing on itself doesn’t exist either. If the White Race is gone, whatever is left of us in terms of technology, books, movies – whatever – and stolen by non-Whites – is not tradition anymore. They can only continue a Lie and say that they made all that stuff. The same way Blacks today, brainwashed by Jews, are trying to sell us the idea that they invented everything, that they were the Egyptians, that god damn Beethoven was a Black man – and so on. Lunacy. Idiocy.

In general, Jews have managed to destroy our Sense and Perception of “Country”, that is to say Nation, therefore we feel no obligation to advance or keep any Traditions. Without tradition, there is no country; without country there is no living space for our People; without a living space, we cease to exist.

The greatest oaks have been little acorns.

Ah, such refreshing simplicity! Notice how all these sayings are direct, simple, natural. No hidden bullshit, no intentional speaking in parables – simple Wisdom expressed in the most basic way. But, there is great symbolism in this saying – as the little acorn finally begins to grow – it also Roots itself. A reason why our People accepted the Tree as a symbol of their own racial Organism as well – the people are rooted to the land.

Wherever you go, you can’t get rid of yourself.

Has both a positive and negative meaning attached to it. Wherever the White man has gone he has created civilization, brought light to the world and advanced the other races into the future. Wherever the Jew however goes we find Chaos, Destruction, Death, Lies, Usury – the Jew can’t get rid of himself. In modern days – this saying would actually be considered racist. Or, I can already see this application of it: A White man can’t get rid of being White – what a privileged racist nazi scum that White man is.

Where two people fight against each other, the third one wins.

The Jewish art of War, right? Them being the 3rd person, of course. There has yet to be a war in which god damn Jews are directly involved – even when they declared war on Germany, they had the rest of the World attack them while drinking cocktails in other Nations.

Keep learning because knowledge is the key to might.

I wonder who is currently winning the knowledge-war in our struggle and fight? I also wonder why there are so many supposed “pro-white” characters who think that spreading knowledge about the Truth is simply a waste of time – in other cases they would even suggest that we have to “out-jew the jew”; but I guess when it comes to countering the Jewish propaganda – then we simply shouldn’t try to stop the Jew – let them brainwash our people.

When two are doing the same, it isn’t the same.

The more you read, the more you realize why the Jews have to literally annihilate our Race in order to accomplish their plan. Since our inception, we were the total opposite force of them.

The bird is known by its flight.

Reminds me of another one: You can take a lion out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out the a lion. Very similar in its meaning. What is the flight of the White race? This is something we should be asking ourselves more – What is the sound of the White race? How do we walk? How do we laugh? How do we look like? We basically have to re-educate our own People and make them interested into their own kind again – we have fucking people going to the most dangerous areas of the planet to see an animal or plant – but they refuse to see the beauty of their own people. We even made Humans god damn fly.

Good brotherhood is the best wealth.

Indeed it is. All my life I have been going around trying to find a group of people that will work together, protect each other, love one another, help each other – I tried relentlessly and have been disappointed every single time. The quality of people I would manage to find was simply not good enough. They had been Jewed so much by all the brainwashing, that they could practically pass as Jews. The White race is not allowed to have any kind of “brotherhood” – they ban it instantly. Paganism, as the Christians love to call it, was basically a Brotherhood – it was based on Natural Science and our People. Christianity killed this and replaced it with a Jew. How wonderful.

It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Oh, it sure is. Sometimes, once is all it takes. At least it should be that way. But we have modern leftist liberals who literally get raped by the non-white invasion and still pretend everything is alright. They even feel guilty for it – these brainwashed zombies actually believe that the invaders are raping them because of some micro-aggression or whatever the fuck they call these modern terms. They believe that this rape is somehow a pay-off for something we have done to them before – ironically – all these invaders are Muslim.

Surprisingly, all these leftist liberals seem not to know that Muslims have been invading Europe for over 1400 years and have killed millions; raped millions; enslaved millions. Sometimes I attempt to walk into the minds of these zombies – and I must admit – I have to escape that projection very fast because I feel as if I am losing my mind. It must be horrible within their head; or perhaps they don’t even have a working brain anymore – who knows. Interestingly enough, Christians also feel guilty since birth and believe they have  to suffer all life – do I see some kind of Jewish pattern here?

It’s not Gods who make pots.

Yes, yes and yes. So much Intelligence in this sentence. Just think about it for a moment – all the technology we have, all the things we have done, developed, invented – it wasn’t a God who made it happen – it was Us. This is highly important when you compare, for example, the White race to the Black race. You can’t say anymore – “we are all made in God’s image”. This is also why the European, pre-Christian spirit was attempting to “prove itself” to God by becoming God-like. We didn’t fall on our knees and begged for mercy or salvation. Our ancestors and Gods wanted us to become Worthy – True – Honorable. This was our way of understanding the world. The semitic idiocy is all about Fearing God and Submitting to him entirely.

This saying also gives you the knowledge that the gods themselves have no direct influence on this realm – there is no one coming to save you. It is you who has to save yourself – it is us who have to save our people. There is another saying that goes like this: God keeps safe those who keep themselves safe. In other words, if we are to believe in a powerful Spiritual being – then it can just and only help you as well – if you yourself become a powerful Spiritual being. Christians are told to be weak in spirit; how the meek will inherit the Earth. Sure, sure.

A soldier who doesn’t dream of becoming a general is a bad one.

Our race had dreams once upon a time. We dreamed of a better life, of reaching the stars, of acquiring knowledge and wisdom – of unlocking the Universe. Hell, we even dreamed of becoming Gods. All those ambitions and dreams were shattered to dust – we even have Blacks saying now that going to Mars is a racist thing for Whitey to do. We can’t dream of something better because we would destroy the “liberty, equality, fraternity” ideology of the Jew – well, you damn evil racist White nazi scum – how can you dream of becoming better and better when you are supposed to be equal and tolerant? Everything the Jew has brought with him has killed our Spirit – the Spirit of Creativity. If anything can be defined as “God”, then it is Creativity. And, as Jews have said – they will kill God. Not every soldier will become a general – that is fact – but a good general can make every soldier feel like one.

The devil boasted of ruling the whole world, but God didn’t give him power over the pig.

Isn’t it Jews, Muslims – and Christians, even though they ignore it, that is to say they ignore everything within the Bible – who are afraid of the pig? Are we to understand that Yahweh and his followers are the devil? Oh my god – what did those evil European Pagans say? And the final saying :

United we stand, divided we fall.

Probably the best message for our current situation. Not only have we been divided through Christianity, but also through all other Jewish poisons such as – feminism, liberalism, communism, bolshevism, transgenderism, etc. – they keep dividing us on every possible level of existence. Can you even begin to understand how much they are afraid of us? Can you even begin to understand how powerful we actually are? Look at all the shit the Jew has to bring about in order to destroy us – all the non-White invaders; all the ideologies, religions, mindsets, moralities – 2000 years in a row he is attempting to completely annihilate us and brainwash.

And all it takes is one single moment of Universal Truth to ruin it all. Can you even being to imagine how much the Jew is afraid of us? This should be your daily morale boost – understand the Fear that runs through the veins of the Jew. What we need to do is make him experience that Fear and create a domino-effect of Jewish failure.

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