GOD cursed the Satanists out of Jerusalem for life. Jesus focused on Jerusalem because it was the most unholy, evil, place on earth... still is today.

The Turkic Khazars (Jews) have been behind all the Evil in the world since Cain.
Using their News networks to create the news, and set the stage, to blame their opponents.

Communist Jewish dictum:-

"Accuse the enemy of those crimes you are guilty of."


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution... for more control and power.

Islam and Christianity have become servants of the Jews. Acting as physical and spiritual cattle for the Jews to harvest in building their Global Satanic Kingdom.

If I converted to Buddhism, does that make me Chinese? If I converted to Hinduism, does that make me Indian? When Khazarians (Turks) converted to Judaism in 740 BC and stole the true Negro Hebrew identity, did that make the counterfeit Jews Hebrew? Well, the Jew World Order seems to think so. They crucified Jesus Christ for exposing them.

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist by our Jewish Governments... to keep us in fear, and to justify raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent families in every country for power and control...for their 2 horned God Lucifer... which the Jews named him "Morning Star."

Every Religion Church and Mosque has been infiltrated by the Jews. How do you know? ... if your Church has not discussed the below phrases by Christ... then it has been compromised.

Become A Socialist With This CEO Pay Calculator

Above photo: Picture alliance. Getty Images.

You’ve probably heard, anecdotally, that Jeff Bezos earns your salary in some absurdly short amount of time—but do you know exactly how short? Well, now there’s a tech CEO salary calculator from SimpleTexting that can give you the infuriatingly precise answer. You can also use it to figure out how quickly Elon Musk could pay off your mortgage, or that Mark Zuckerberg could pay off the average American’s $35,359 in student debt in 8 1/2 minutes. Does Jeff Bezos make enough to cover your living expenses in more or less time than it would take you to pledge yourself to the fight to burn capitalism to the ground? (The answer is less time—Bezos earns the annual rent for my two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment in under 15 seconds.)

(If you read at an average speed of around 300 words per minute, it took you roughly 24 seconds to read the preceding paragraph; according to the calculator, Jeff Bezos made just over $62,000 in that time.)

While there’s nothing particularly unique about the vast sums accumulated by tech CEOs versus those in, say, the banking sector, they have become familiar targets of proletariat ire, particularly as their fortunes have grown even as the pandemic has taken a toll on the wealth of average Americans (and Black Americans in particular). SimpleText’s calculator operates based on data from a pool of the 15 most generously compensated executives in the tech industry, from Bezos to Zuckerberg (what a pool party that would be). According to the site:

We ran the numbers, and as of 2019, fifteen of the most generously-compensated tech CEOs in the U.S. have a combined annual income of over 83 billion dollars. We calculated annual income from SEC filings by collecting the sum of each CEO’s base salary, annual cash bonuses, annual stock awards (or earnings from equity), and other forms of compensation.

Simply pick a CEO from the dropdown menu, choose your salary or expense, enter the amount and hit “calculate” to see how long it would take said mogul to thoughtlessly earn your life-changing financial windfall in terms of days, hours and minutes. You can then share your results on Facebook—though I wouldn’t, unless you are ok with giving everyone an easy way to figure out what you make, and also ok with using Facebook.

SimpleText presents the calculator without particular context, though it’s pretty clear we’re supposed to walk away with the idea that executive compensation is absurd; executive pay averages 278:1 versus the average worker salary, according to a 2018 report from the Economic Policy Institute. You already know, of course, that (again according to the Economic Policy Institute) “[e]xorbitant CEO pay is a major contributor to rising inequality” and that “CEOs are getting more because of their power to set pay, not because they are increasing productivity or possess specific, high-demand skills.” You’re already angry. But now your anger is, at least, more exact.

Joel Cunningham is the managing editor of Lifehacker. He lives in Brooklyn and occasionally goes outside.

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Perseid meteor shower: shooting stars set to rain down in annual spectacle

Skywatchers will be treated to one of the year’s biggest cosmic light shows overnight, with the Perseid meteor shower about to reach its peak.

The annual shower, famed for its high number of “shooting stars”, is caused by debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle, which moves across the skies from late July until late August, peaking in the early hours of August 12.

Therefore staying up late tonight (August 11), or getting up before dawn tomorrow (August 12) will give viewers the chance to see the meteors and fireballs. They are best seen between 2am and dawn.

Fireballs are caused by larger particles of comet material, and can persist in the sky longer than the average meteor streak.

Unfortunately, according to NASA, a bright moon will impede the viewing somewhat – reducing visible meteors from the usual rate of over 60 per hour down to 15-20.

To get the best possible view, try and go to a place with as little light pollution as possible, and from there, you don’t need to focus on a particular part of the sky – meteors could appear in any part.

The Perseid shower arrives hot on the tail of Comet Neowise, which made a rare visit past the Earth over the month of July.

That comet gave stargazers the chance to observe its stunning trail of debris, but it will be another 7,000 years until humans get to watch it again from Earth.

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New Report: US Special Forces Active In 22 African Countries

Above photo: Mauritanian Soldiers simulate a casualty during the Flintlock Exercise in partnership with US Special Forces in Nouakchott, Mauritania on Feb. 27, 2020. Sidney Sale | DVIDS.

The US has roughly 6,000 military personnel scattered throughout the continent with military attachés outnumbering diplomats in many embassies across Africa.

A new report published in South African newspaper The Mail and Guardian has shed light on the opaque world of the American military presence in Africa. Last year, elite U.S. Special Operations forces were active in 22 African countries. This accounts for 14 percent of all American commandos deployed overseas, the largest number for any region besides the Middle East. American troops had also seen combat in 13 African nations.

The U.S. is not formally at war with an African nation, and the continent is barely discussed in reference to American exploits around the globe. Therefore, when U.S. operatives die in Africa, as happened in Niger, Mali, and Somalia in 2018, the response from the public, and even from the media is often “why are American soldiers there in the first place?”

The presence of the U.S. military, especially commandos, is rarely publicly acknowledged, either by Washington or by African governments. What they are doing remains even more opaque. U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) generally claims that special forces go no further than so-called “AAA” (advise, assist and accompany) missions. Yet in combat, the role between observer and participant can become distinctly blurry.

The United States has roughly 6,000 military personnel scattered throughout the continent, with military attachés outnumbering diplomats in many embassies across Africa. Earlier this year, The Intercept reported that the military operates 29 bases on the continent. One of these is a huge drone hub in Niger, something The Hill called “the largest U.S. Air Force-led construction project of all time.” The construction cost alone was over $100 million, with total operating costs expected to top $280 billion by 2024. Equipped with Reaper drones, the U.S. can now conduct cross border bombing raids all over the North and West of Africa.

Washington claims that the military’s primary role in the region is to combat the rise of extremist forces. In recent years, a number of Jihadist groups have arisen, including Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, and other al-Qaeda affiliated groups. However, much of the reason for their rise can be traced back to previous American actions, including the destabilization of Yemen, Somalia, and the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.

It is also clear that the United States plays a key role in training many nations’ soldiers and security forces. For example, the U.S. pays Bancroft International, a private military contractor, to train elite Somali units who are at the forefront of the fighting in the country’s internal conflicts. According to The Mail and Guardian, these Somali fighters are likely also funded by the U.S. taxpayer.

While training foreign armed forces in basic tactics might sound like a bland, unremarkable activity, the U.S. government also spent decades instructing tens of thousands of Latin American military and police in what they called “internal security” at the notorious School of the Americas at Fort Benning, GA (now rebranded as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security). Recruits in the twentieth century were instructed on internal repression and told that a communist menace lied around every corner, meting out brutal repression on their own populations once returning. Likewise, with counter-terrorism training, the line between “terrorist” “militant” and “protester” can often be debatable.

The U.S. military also occupies the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, claimed by the African island nation of Mauritius. In the 1960s and 1970s, the British government expelled the entire local population, dumping them in slums in Mauritius, where most still live. The United States uses the island as a military base and a nuclear weapons station. The island was critical to American military activities during both Iraq Wars and continues to be a major threat, casting a nuclear shadow over the Middle East, East Africa, and South Asia.

While there is much talk, (or more accurately, condemnation) in Western media of China’s imperialist motives in Africa, there is less discussion of the U.S.’ continuing role. While China operates one base in the Horn of Africa and has greatly increased its economic role on the continent, the thousands of American troops operating in dozens of countries are overlooked. The amazing thing about the American Empire is it is invisible to so many who serve it.

Alan MacLeod is a Staff Writer for MintPress News. After completing his PhD in 2017 he published two books: Bad News From Venezuela: Twenty Years of Fake News and Misreporting and Propaganda in the Information Age: Still Manufacturing Consent. He has also contributed to Fairness and Accuracy in ReportingThe GuardianSalonThe GrayzoneJacobin MagazineCommon Dreams the American Herald Tribune and The Canary.

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‘Nation’ report on Ilhan Omar race has one glaring omission (pro-Israel donors)

John Nichols, the National Affairs Correspondent at The Nation magazine, is one of the best political reporters in America. He knows more about grass-roots organizing across the country than almost anyone else. But his latest article, on today’s primary challenge to Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, has one serious omission; he leaves out the huge role that elements of the pro-Israel lobby are playing in the effort to unseat her.

Most of Nichols’s report is a characteristically informed and passionate endorsement of Rep. Omar. He enumerates her enthusiastic advocacy on a wide range of progressive issues, including her co-sponsorship of the Make Billionaires Pay Act, where she (and Sen. Bernie Sanders) are demanding tax hikes for the super wealthy to start paying for the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Nichols’s article has almost nothing to say about Israel-Palestine. He has only one solitary sentence, in which he notes only that, “She has helped foreground a national conversation on Palestinian rights and the U.S.-Israeli relationship.”

No doubt plenty of people would like Ilhan Omar removed from Congress. But it is pro-Israel forces that have donated $2 million to her opponent, Antone Melton-Meaux. Public records show that among the Melton-Meaux campaign’s biggest donors are the pro-Israel America PAC, which has given him $500,000, and NORPAC, which coughed up another $350,000. In total, the challenger has raised about $4 million, so the pro-Israel donors, few of whom apparently live in Omar’s Congressional district, account for half of his war chest.

John Nichols of “The Nation”

Melton-Meaux’s campaign website praises Israel, calling it a “beacon of liberal democracy.” He keeps his donors even more happy by adding:

Movements such as Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel (BDS) only serve to further the conflict, elevate the violence, and harm those they seek to help. That is why I will always oppose BDS. 

The good news is that Ilhan Omar, who has supported BDS, does not seem to be in great danger of losing today. Polls show her with a commanding lead, and she raised $4.2 million, most of it in small donations. Still, she had to spend time pursuing contributions and campaigning against an opponent who, without the pro-Israel support, would surely have been considerably weaker. 

And if a progressive magazine missed the pro-Israel connection, how can we expect that mainstream centrist corporate media will report it?

P.S. Meanwhile, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is not so squeamish. A report today by Amir Tibon notes straightforwardly that the donations to Ilhan Omar’s opponent include

a direct attempt by organizations and Political Action Committees such as “Pro-Israel America,” “Friends of Israel “ and NORPAC (an organization affiliated with AIPAC) to drive Omar out of Washington.

And Alex Kane at 972 is also on the mark: “Israel lobby faces off with Palestinian rights movement in Ilhan Omar primary. The Democratic race for Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District has become the latest proxy war over the future of U.S. policy toward Israel.”

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Lebanon’s Government Resigns Over Deadly Beirut Port Blast

In a brief televised speech on Monday, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said he was taking “a step back” so that he can stand with the Lebanese people “and fight the battle for change alongside them.”

“I declare today the resignation of this government. May God protect Lebanon,” Diab announced.

“Today we are heeding the people and their demands to hold accountable those responsible for a disaster.”

Diab blamed his predecessors for last week’s deadly blast in the capital Beirut. “They (political class) should have been ashamed of themselves because their corruption is what has led to this disaster that had been hidden for seven years,” he added.

“Their corruption created this tragedy,” said Diab. “Between us and change stands a thick wall protected by their dirty tactics,” he added.

President Michel Aoun accepted the resignation of the government.

Earlier on Monday, Health Minister Hamad Hassan told reporters that Diab was heading to the presidential palace to “hand over the resignation in the name of all the ministers.”

“The whole government resigned,” Hassan said.

The Lebanese government on Monday held a cabinet meeting amid mounting pressure to step down over the devastating explosion that killed more than 150 people in Beirut earlier this week.

‘Aspirations of the Lebanese people’

Meanwhile, France has urged the “rapid formation” of a new government in Lebanon.

“The aspirations expressed by the Lebanese in terms of reforms and governance must be heard,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a statement following Diab’s announcement.

“The priority must be the rapid formation of a government that can live up to the expectations of the people, whose mission will be to meet the main challenges of the country, especially the reconstruction of Beirut and reforms without which the country will plunge into economic, social and political chaos,” he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron was the first Western leader to visit Beirut on Thursday, just days after the deadly explosion.

Ministers step down amid growing public anger

Protesters and critics of the government have blamed corruption and poor leadership at the heart of Lebanon’s government for the explosion. 

At least nine members of parliament have resigned since the blasts with many more ministers wanting to resign, Reuters reported citing ministerial and political sources.

The cabinet was formed in January with the support of the Iran-backed Hezbollah group and its allies.

Snap elections

Hours after the first protests rocked Beirut over the weekend, Prime Minister Diab vowed to hold early parliamentary elections as his embattled government faces calls to resign.

Diab said he would stay in government for another two months until major parties can reach an agreement.

About 20 people have been detained over the explosion, including the head of Lebanon’s customs department and his predecessor, and the chief of the port. Dozens more have been questioned, including two former Cabinet ministers, according to government officials.

The investigations is focusing on how 2,750 tons of the extremely explosive ammonium nitrate chemical came to be stored at a warehouse in Beirut’s port for six years.

Protests grip Beirut

Protesters clashed with riot police in Beirut and tried to break into a cordoned-off area at the parliament square on Sunday amid widespread anger over the massive explosion that killed at least 158 people earlier this week.

A fire broke out at the entrance to the square near the parliament building, according to footage shown by Lebanese television. Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Suburban Americans are showing up to beat down the Antifa myth.

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“Financially Devastated” – Over 80% of NYC Restaurants Unable to Pay Rent

The state of the New York City restaurant industry is in dire straits. July proved to be another disastrous month for restaurants, bars, and nightlife establishments across the city with a majority unable to pay rent in July, a new survey found.

NYC Hospitality Alliance surveyed about 500 owners and operators of eateries in the city, with 83% of respondents indicating they couldn’t pay the entire rent in July while 37% paid no rent at all.

“Restaurants and nightlife venues are essential to the economic and social fabric of our city, but they are struggling to survive and absent immediate and sweeping relief so many will be forced to close permanently,” said Andrew Rigie, executive director of The Alliance.

“While complying with the necessary pause, our industry has been uniquely and financially devasted. Small businesses urgently need solutions from government leaders at the city, state, and federal level, inclusive of extending the moratorium on evictions, extending the suspension of personal liability guarantees in leases, pausing commercial rent taxes, providing landlords with needed support, and infusing small businesses with enough cash to weather the storm,” Rigie said.

To make matters worse, 71% of owners and operators said landlords “would not waive portions of rent due to COVID-19.” About 61% said, landlords “would not defer rent payments,” while 90% of landlords “would not formally renegotiate leases.”

Indoor dining in the city remains halted, “outdoor dining service is not generating sufficient revenue to cover rent and other expenses, small business owners in the industry continue to express significant concerns about surviving the pandemic and staying viable in the future,” said The Alliance.

Through July, OpenTable restaurant data reveals foot traffic at eateries remains depressed.

We recently outlined how high-frequency data suggests New York City’s recovery has stalled, as well as the US recovery has reversed.

Some restaurants in the city are just calling it quits, liquidating everything they have on Facebook Marketplace.

Is New York City in a depression?

Suburban Americans are showing up to beat down the Antifa myth.

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ACH (1317) Paul English – Paul Zwillenberg’s Wholly Revolting Daily Mail

ACH (1317) Paul English – Paul Zwillenberg’s Wholly Revolting Daily Mail

In today’s show originally broadcast on August 11 2020, Andy is joined by Paul English for a show entitled, “Paul Zwillenberg’s Wholly Revolting Daily Mail.”

We discussed: the Carry On films that have become a British Institution; the audio clip of Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm that is now available at Money Tree Publishing; the significance of Napoleon Bonaparte; the work of Sir Walter Scott; Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay’s The Nameless War; the sad passing of our friend Christopher Wright; Ricky Gervais’ latest attack on Cancel Culture; the British attitude of expecting not to get what they want; how we know the masks are there to restrict our breathing; numerous examples of how the Daily Mail uses weaponized words and deceptive language to brainwash its readers; how the Tower Of Babel in the Old Testament proved bringing everyone together doesn’t work; and many other topics.

This show is dedicated to Christopher Wright. REST IN PEACE!

Click Here For The YouTube Of The Carry On Clip We Played During The Show Intro

Click Here For The Daily Mail Propaganda Piece Disguised As An Article That We Read From During The Show

Click Here For The Consultancy.UK Article, “BCG Partner Paul Zwillenberg Named New Chief Executive Of DMGT, “That We Read From During The Show

Click Here For Paul’s Gab Page

Click Here For The Radio Gab Page

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Dutch police arrest 17 after finding country’s ‘largest ever’ cocaine lab

Dutch police have dismantled what they described as the Netherlands’ “largest cocaine laboratory ever”.

The discovery was made during raids at a converted riding school in Nijeveen, 120 kilometres northeast of Amsterdam.

Police confirmed in a statement that they discovered tens of thousands of litres of chemicals and 100 kilograms of crack cocaine.

The so-called “drug laundry” – where police say smuggled drugs were “washed” out of clothes – was found in the sleeping quarters and recreation rooms.

Police arrested sixteen suspects at the scene, including the owner of the site.

Raids were also carried out on sheds in Elshout and Apeldoorn, where authorities found 120,000 kilos of “carrier material”. Another suspect was also detained.

“Given the number of people working there, the installation, the size, the layout, and the equipment, we estimate the production capacity at 150 to 200 kilos of cocaine per day,” said André van Rijn, chief inspector of National Dismantling Support Facility (LFO).

“This number of kilos equals a street value of between €4.5 million and €6 million unadulterated.”

Police video from the scene shows equipment and supplies, including plastic barrels, vats of chemicals, and a row of five red cement mixers.

After the raids, the LFO took three days to carefully stop the chemical process and dispose of the material.

The National Investigation Service in the Netherlands is continuing the investigation and police are not ruling out further arrests.

Police said that 13 of the suspects in custody are Colombian nationals and one other suspect has dual Dutch and Colombian nationality.

Three others detained on suspicion of producing drugs are Dutch and another suspect is Turkish.

They are due to appear before an investigating magistrate on Wednesday and Thursday.

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5-Year-Old Boy ‘Executed Point Blank’ by Criminal Thug – Silence From National Media

A 5-year-old boy was allegedly executed at “point-blank” range with a gunshot to the head by a convicted felon while playing with his sisters outside his house on Sunday evening in Wilson, North Carolina — and the national media is refusing to report on the incident.

The national media will blow up every story of a thug getting shot by police to help trigger rioting and looting across the country but when a criminal thug reportedly shoots a five-year-old white child in the head all we hear is crickets. 

5-year-old Cannon Hinnant’s brutal murder was reportedly witnessed by his two young sisters and a neighbor who couldn’t believe what she saw. 

I saw him just run right up to him and [he] put the gun right up to his head and shot him,” neighbor Doris Labrant told WRAL. 

Darius Nathaniel Sessoms, who is the Hinnant’s next-door neighbor, is being charged with first-degree murder. 

Cannon Hinnant, pictured riding his bicycle in this family snapshot, died Sunday afternoon. Contributed photo

From WRAL, “Wilson man wanted in fatal shooting on 5-year-old apprehended”:

Family members said Cannon Hinnant was playing outside his father’s house when he was shot in the head. The boy’s two sisters, ages 8 and 7, saw their brother get shot, according to Cannon’s mother.

Cannon was taken to Wilson Medical Center, where he died.

No details about a possible motive for the shooting have been released, but police said the shooting wasn’t random.

Sessoms lives next door to Cannon’s father, and a neighbor said that the two men had dinner together Saturday night and that Sessoms was at his neighbor’s home earlier Sunday.

Doris Labrant, who witnessed the shooting, said Sessoms ran up to Cannon, put the gun near his head and fired before running back to his own house.

“My first reaction was he’s playing with the kids,” Labrant said. “For a second, I thought, ‘That couldn’t happen.’ People don’t run across the street and kill kids.”

She said she realized the gun was real when she saw Cannon’s father’s reaction to the shooting, and she quickly went inside her home, locked the door and tried to call 911.

“You don’t expect to see somebody shoot someone,” she said.

Cannon’s family and friends are demanding “Justice For Cannon” on social media. 

WRAL released a follow-up report after Sessoms was caught by members of the U.S. Marshals Service Carolinas Regional Fugitive Task Force, Goldsboro police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office:

Sessoms was convicted of felony larceny of firearms in Wilson County in March 2016, misdemeanor maintaining a place for a controlled substance in Wake County in April 2016 and felony marijuana possession in Nash County in November 2016, according to N.C. Department of Public Safety records,” The Wilson Times reported. “His probation was revoked twice in 2017, resulting in separate three-month stints in prison.”

Court records show Sessoms has two pending counts of felony maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place for a controlled substance in Wilson County.”

Cannon’s family and friends are demanding “Justice For Cannon” on social media. 

Cannon’s life mattered!!!” wrote Heather Morgan on Facebook. “My 3 yr old grandson says to me ‘Mimi, I miss Cannon so much. Why did he have to be in that road Mimi? I just want to play with him.’”

Please join his family and show them they have all the support they could possibly have through this unbearable time,” Morgan said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Email: baxter@yournewswire.com
Follow: @baxter_dmitry
Baxter Dmitry

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Reddit Leftists Celebrate Police Putting Woman in Chokehold For Not Wearing a Face Mask

Leftists on Reddit suddenly dropped all concerns about police brutality to celebrate a video of a woman in Australia being put in a chokehold by a cop because she wasn’t wearing a face mask outside.

We reported on the shocking video yesterday, which shows a police officer in Melbourne grab the woman by the throat, wrestle her to the ground and sit on her while maintaining the chokehold, all for the ‘crime’ of violating lockdown law.

The footage is bad enough and follows other incidents where police in the region have enforced the state of Victoria’s draconian new curfew and lockdown law with physical force.

However, many of the same leftists who have been decrying police brutality for the past two months plus, in some cases protesting and rioting against it, apparently think police brutality is just fine when enforcing COVID-19 lockdowns.

A post on the subreddit called ‘Justice Served’ currently has over 35,000 upvotes and is entitled “This is how the Australian police will deal with you if you treat public health and safety directives as a threat to your masculinity or nutjob conspiracy.”

Respondents to the video reacted with glee to video of the woman being choked to the ground.

“Every anti-masker deserves this. Stand Your Ground rules should apply to interactions with them as they are threat to others,” responded one.

“Wish my country would enforce masks like this. Maybe then we would not lead the world in covind deaths,” added another.

“Ughhh. We need some of that energy here in the states,” said another.

Numerous other respondents defended the male police officer and claimed that he didn’t have the woman in a chokehold.

“People on here are saying the cop isn’t choking her if she is able to say she’s being choked is pretty much the same as when people defended the George Floyd cops because they claimed, if he can say he can’t breathe then he can breathe,” remarked one poster.

One wonders if their reaction would have been the same if the person on the receiving end of the chokehold had been an African-American career criminal who was high on Fentanyl and had just committed fraud.

I very much doubt it.


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Americans Renounce Citizenship in Record Numbers

Americans are ditching their US citizenship in droves thanks to an unbearable political atmosphere and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, new research shows, indicating that both residents and expats are cutting ties in record numbers.

More than 5,800 Americans renounced their citizenship in the first half of 2020, according to a report by Bambridge Accountants New York, a firm that specializes in US expat tax compliance, a dramatic 1,210-percent spike compared to the last six months of 2019.

“There has been a huge turnaround during coronavirus of US expats renouncing [citizenship], where the figures have been in steep decline since 2017,” said Alistair Bambridge, a partner at the New York-based accounting firm, pointing to a contentious political landscape, the coronavirus pandemic, and onerous tax regulations.

“The huge increase in US expats renouncing [citizenship], from our experience, is [due to the fact] that the current pandemic has allowed individuals the time to review their ties to the US and decide that the current political climate and annual US tax reporting is just too much to bear.”

The number of Americans who gave up their citizenship in the first six months of 2020 was more than double the figure for all of 2019, in which a mere 2,072 citizens cut ties to the US. The recent wave of renunciations has made the first quarter of 2020 the highest on record, the firm said, with 2020’s second quarter taking the number-two spot.

The surge in those abandoning their citizenship – particularly among the estimated nine million Americans living abroad – has been especially driven by ever-more burdensome tax rules, Bambridge went on, noting that “for many Americans this intrusion is too complicated, and they make the serious step of renouncing their citizenship,” despite a mandatory $2,350 government fee for doing so.

Even as an unprecedented number of Americans leave their citizenship behind, new immigrants are seeing a major spike in application fees, some of which rocketed by more than 80 percent earlier this month, according to a release from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS).

Under the revised fee, new applicants will pay some $520 more than before, erecting a larger financial barrier for new arrivals, for whom a number of fee waivers were also recently eliminated. The UCIS, which relies on such fees to cover its operating costs, argues that the increases are needed to make up for budget shortfalls, having already requested a $1.2 billion bailout from Congress to fill the gap.

Suburban Americans are showing up to beat down the Antifa myth.

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Kanye West Claims Dems Spying on His Presidential Campaign

Kanye West has accused Democrats of spying on his presidential campaign amid a battle to get his name on the ballot across the country, TMZ reported citing documents it obtained.

According to the tabloid, West claimed Democrats have hired a private investigator to spy on his team as part of an “organised effort of harassment and intimidation” against his candidacy.

The musician’s last-minute announcement to run for president in the upcoming US elections has caused concerns among Democrats, who said that West is supporting Trump and attempting to steal African American votes from Joe Biden.

West’s alleged claim comes as he faces a complaint from Democrats in the state of Wisconsin. The complaint, filed on 7 August, included affidavits from six individuals, who said they were tricked by West’s team into putting their names on the list of signatures collected in order to get the musician’s name on the state’s ballot.

In one affidavit a woman reportedly said she put her name on the list after a person approached her and asked if she was a registered voter and asked her to sign a document if the answer was yes. Another individual claimed that she put her name on the list after the person, who was gathering them, said he got paid $1 for every signature.

According to TMZ, Kanye West said that the complaint filed against him last week was submitted by a man, who is reported to be a front for the Democratic Party.

Wisconsin’s Elections Commission will review the complaint as well as the signatures West’s team collected and will make a recommendation about whether to allow the musician’s name on the ballot.

This is not the first time the rapper has encountered problems during his campaign. In his home state of Illinois he was accused of submitting invalid signatures, while in New Jersey he was accused of voter fraud, with many signatures written by the same hand. In addition, West missed ballot deadlines in several states, including Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, and Texas.

Suburban Americans are showing up to beat down the Antifa myth.

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jewish Math Professor Claims The Equation 2+2=4 “Reeks of White Supremacist Patriarchy”

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four.” – Winston Smith, 1984

Winston Smith worked in the Ministry of Truth in 1984 putting history down the memory-hole. He thought that no matter what the party said as their official line, truth still exists independently, and 2+2 will always equal 4. Eventually he was tortured to the point of “confessing” that 2+2 actually equals five.

Now this equation is being called into question by a professor in Brooklyn.

From Campus Reform:

Laurie Rubel, who teaches math education at Brooklyn College, says that the idea of math being cultural neutral is a “myth,” and that asking whether 2 plus 2 equals 4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.”

That’s right, it’s White supremacy to assert that when you have two things and you add two more, you have four things.

One of her tweets about objective math being a myth was retweeted by Spencer Bagley, a math professor at Westminster College in Pennsylvania.

Now we could argue about how there are different kinds of math, and get into a super theoretical discussion about “reality,” but all we really need to know is that Laurie Rubel is yet one more jewish professor trying to subvert the minds of impressionable “goyim” with her cultural Marxism.

Check out her bio on the Brooklyn College website:

Before coming to teach in Brooklyn College’s mathematics education program, Laurie Rubel taught high school mathematics, statistics and computer science for nine years, in Manhattan and in Tel Aviv. Her research interests include probabilistic thinking, teacher education, diversity and equity in mathematics education, and the use of real-world urban contexts in the teaching of mathematics…

This teacher from Tel Aviv is dedicated to “diversity and equity in mathematics education” and using “real-world urban contexts” in teaching math?

So if Tyrone’s nine holds 6 bullets in its mag and he has fired 3, how many more racist can he shoot at?

Why does she not just teach actual math to her students? Oh yeah, that would be conforming to the White supremacist system of math.

This story reminds me of a scene from The Believer, a Hymiewood movie about a jew who pretends to be a “Nazi”.

The insane Orwellian world jews are creating must be stopped ASAP.

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Polish Ambassador: Poland Is ‘Last Bastion Of The West’ Against The ‘Fall Of Europe’

Andrzej Przyłębski, the Polish ambassador to Berlin, asserts that, with Germany and other countries succumbing to ‘postmodernism’ and “gender ideology,” Poland now stands alone as “the last bastion of the West” holding out against “the fall of Europe”:

He also criticises German media for producing “anti-Polish propaganda” and for supporting the Polish political opposition, including “clear interference” in the recent presidential election.

Andrzej Przyłębski, who has served as ambassador since 2016, made the remarks in an interview with right-wing German newspaper Junge Freiheit and reported by wPolityce, a conservative Polish news website.

“Germany, and in fact the entire European West, has changed a lot,” said Przyłębski. “Today’s Europe is founded on principles that lead to a dead end.”

As examples, he pointed to “the widespread atomisation of societies, family breakdown, growing hostility towards the Christian faith, the domination of gender ideology and destructive criticism of European culture”.

We Poles, at least the majority, can no longer recognise ourselves in this Europe,” he added. “We are alone as the last bastion of the West.”

Przyłębski warned that the “postmodernism stemming from French and American universities is fundamentally changing our view of reality – so much so that it will lead to the fall of Europe”.

In particular, he decried the “triumph of narrative” over “truth”, warning that “if we renounce the truth – that is, true dialogue free from political correctness – then we Europeans can ‘pack up’ and announce the end of our culture and greatness”.

The ambassador added that this postmodern approach also “unfortunately shapes today’s journalism – and is clearly visible in the narrative of the German media about Poland”.

“I am horrified to see what is being written about my country in Germany,” Przyłębski told Junge Freiheit, arguing that coverage of Poland in leading German outlets is overwhelmingly negative, one-sided and often inaccurate.

Reporting on Polish politics and judicial reform gives the false impression that something terrible is happening, said Przyłębski. This arouses “hostility” towards Poland among Germans while also leaving German politicians misinformed about the situation.

The Polish ambassador cagily substituted the euphemism ‘postmoderism’ for what it really is — Jewish bolshevism, or as Professor Kevin Macdonald would describe it, the Jewish ‘culture of critique’.

In academic circles, so-called ‘postmodernism’ has been dominated by Jewish homosexuals such as Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, and Roland Barthes — who apply Talmudic techniques of endless questioning of authority and objective reality to render all western Christian culture meaningless and inane.

Poland has taken the strongest stance of all western nations against LGBT subversion and perversion — with many towns and cities declaring themselves ‘LGBT-free zones‘.

Indeed Poland is last country in Europe that still identifies as White and Christian, and maintains that identity by rejecting the two weapons of Jewish subversion — Third World immigration and pluralism.

Despite the best efforts of the Vatican to promote these Jewish weapons of mass destruction, Catholic Poland has as of yet stood up to them — having recently thrown off the shackles of Jewish communism, they have no interest in embracing this death cult once more.

How long Poland can hold out against these powerful satanic forces remains to be seen — but as long as they insist on their Christian identity — and that Christ is their one and only king — they have a chance to remain standing.

Also on Christians for Truth:

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New Zealand Goes Into Lockdown After Just Four New Cases of Coronavirus

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered parts of the country to go into lockdown after just four new cases of coronavirus, the country’s first in 102 days.

“The infected people are from the same family in south Auckland,” reports ABC News.

Ardern’s response to four people from the same family being infected was to order a three day “level three” lockdown of Auckland while the rest of the country will go into a level two lockdown.

Under level three restrictions, travel into Auckland is suspended while people will be asked to stay at home as businesses, bars, restaurants and schools all close.

The total coronavirus death toll for New Zealand amounts to just 22 people. That’s right, 22 people, over the course of the entire pandemic.

“Yep, we have cases! All four of them,” writes a resident in a message posted on LockdownSkeptics.org. “Who’d have predicted that maintaining pristine isolation of NZ from the rest of the world couldn’t be maintained forever? Announced at 9pm tonight and enacted by midday tomorrow. Precisely and exactly as bizarre and arbitrary as the recent flip-flops in UK policy.”

If the Kiwis copy their close neighbors Australia, expect enforcement of the new lockdown measures to be draconian in nature.

Aussies in the state of Victoria have been subjected to an 8pm to 5am curfew and numerous videos have already emerged of police violently arresting people for violating it, including one case where a woman was put in a chokehold.


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Was yesterday’s White House shooting part of a thwarted assassination attempt?


Assassination attempt? President Trump Pulled Out Of Briefing After Secret Service Shoots Armed Man Who Approached The White House Who Refused To Drop His Weapon 
Assassination attempt?  Today, at approximately 3:06 pm, an adult male subject, carrying a firearm, approached an outer perimeter checkpoint accessible to the general public on E Street. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers gave numerous verbal commands for the subject to stop and drop the firearm. When the subject failed to comply with the verbal commands, he was shot once by a Secret Service agent and taken into custody. The Secret Service recovered a firearm at the scene. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers and an agent provided medical aid to the subject. The subject has been transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment.”

A man carrying a firearm was shot by a Secret Service agent at the White House on Friday afternoon after he failed to comply with multiple orders to drop his weapon.

Ihave long said that there is a plot to assassinate President Trump, and the closer we get to election, the more we will see events like what just happened moments ago. An armed man attempted to enter through the White House gate, was warned by agents to drop his weapon, he refused and was dispatched promptly. I do not think this is a lone, one-off incident, I think there are many more people just like this waiting in the wings.

“Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.” Daniel 2:20-22 (KJB)

Democrats know they do not have a candidate to beat Trump, they know every plan and scheme they have hatched has failed, and they also know that there is only one way to “stop Trump”, and that is to stop him permanently. 6 weeks after saying that “secret societies have no place in a free America” and vowing to uproot them, an insider plot to kill President Kennedy was launched and was successful. I believe that President Trump is a similar such target.

FROM THE DAILY BEAST: The suspect approached a White House gate on 17th and E streets N.W., where he was ordered by multiple Secret Service Uniformed Division officers to drop his firearm. When he did not comply with their directives, an agent shot the man in the abdomen.

The suspect was then taken into custody and transported to a local hospital with “critical” injuries, according to the Washington, D.C. Fire and EMS Department. A lockdown at the White House was lifted shortly after the area was deemed secure.

A government official told The Daily Beast that the suspect never accessed the White House complex. The official added that no law enforcement officers or members of the general public were injured. The firearm was recovered at the scene.

Members of the White House press corps and others within the complex were told to shelter in place in the basement immediately following the reports of a shooting outside the building. President Obama was golfing at Andrews Air Force Base during the incident.

A Secret Service spokesperson sent the following statement to The Daily Beast:

“Today, at approximately 3:06 pm, an adult male subject, carrying a firearm, approached an outer perimeter checkpoint accessible to the general public on E Street. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers gave numerous verbal commands for the subject to stop and drop the firearm. When the subject failed to comply with the verbal commands, he was shot once by a Secret Service agent and taken into custody. The Secret Service recovered a firearm at the scene. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers and an agent provided medical aid to the subject. The subject has been transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment.” READ MORE

TRUMP EVACUATED: President removed from White House press briefing by Secret Service

President Donald Trump on Monday was abruptly pulled from a press briefing room as the White House went on lockdown

Source: President Trump Pulled Out Of Briefing After Secret Service Shoots Armed Man Who Approached The White House Who Refused To Drop His Weapon • Now The End Begins


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Australian Cop Strangles Woman for Not Wearing a Muzzle

Australia has recorded 331 official COVID-19 deaths at the time of this writing, although I am sure all of those deaths could be attributed to other causes. Let’s compare this terrifying “pandemic” to the amount of people who die of heart disease in Australia each year, which is 19,777. You don’t see the government doing anything to address their high rates of morbidity due to heart disease, like shutting down fast food restaurants (as this could hurt Australia’s livestock industry), but government has taken insanely draconian steps in combating the fake pandemic.

When residents in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire leave their homes, they are expected to wear masks (aka face diapers or muzzles) at all times as part of the stage four lockdown. One woman, who was walking down the street “barefaced” soon found out the penalty for disobedience, which is a $200 and also apparently involves being strangled by a police officer until the offender submits.

From The Guardian:

Victoria police have arrested and charged a young woman in Melbourne who was captured on video allegedly being choked and pinned to the ground by a police officer. In video footage posted initially on social media, the woman – who was subsequently found to have had an exemption for wearing a face mask – can be heard shouting “He’s choking me” as she was arrested on Wellington Street in Collingwood on Monday evening. The woman has been charged with resisting police and assaulting police and the arrest has been referred to an internal police review body, the Professional Standards Command.

We do not really see the beginning of the altercation, and whether or not the woman even had an opportunity to present her mask exemption, but let’s be clear here, she should not need one. She is a human being who has the right to breath air; this is a very fundamental right, and because she chose to exercise her right to oxygen, this police officer decided it was his duty to deprive her of that oxygen with his stranglehold.

The stranglehold is absurd tactic to use in subduing someone. It leaves their arms free to strike and gouge, and anyone with a little knowledge of self-defense would know how to easily escape. It’s also very dangerous for the person being strangled, as the windpipe can be damaged, along with the possibility of the victim losing consciousness and being injured in a fall.

Australian cops have really gone all-in with their enforcement of these draconian regulations, which have shuttered countless businesses and ruined countless lives in Australia. Not only are they arresting and fining people who refuse to wear masks, the police smashed the car window of a “COVID skeptic” because she refused to comply with their checkpoint demands.

The Melbourne police have vowed that they will smash your windows, arrest you, and detain you if you do not submit.

When will be people have had enough tyranny? How long will they comply?

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U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper Morphs Into Naked Warmonger

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told Europeans, in statements on July 29th and August 9th,

“I’ve said that very publicly, I’ve said that very privately to my counterparts as well, about the importance of NATO, any alliance, sharing the burden so that we can all deter Russia and avoid peace in Europe.’”

“We are moving many troops further east, closer to Russia’s border, to deter them.”

The U.S. Department of Defense’s website, when it issued the transcript of Esper’s statement “so that we can all deter Russia and avoid peace in Europe,” added in brackets, “[editor’s note. Secretary Esper intended to say ‘avoid conflict in Europe’]”; however, that does not appear to reflect Esper’s statement, for the following reasons:

1. The assertion “so that we can all deter Russia and avoid peace in Europe” was so inflammatory as to demand a ‘correction’ regardless of whether that statement was consistent with everything else that he has been saying, and it is consistent with everything else that he has been saying.

2. Esper’s 4,800-word speech on that occasion did not use the word “conflict” even once. It is not a word that he typically uses. By contrast, against that zero frequency for “conflict,” he used there “deter” 21 times. He used “peace” three times. Each of those was in a hostile context: First,One of our primary missions is to prevent another great power war, and to maintain great power peace. The National Defense Strategy, the NDS, guides our efforts to adapt the force, and the EUCOM plan optimizes our force posture in Europe as we seek to deter malign actors there.” Second,These efforts all increase our opportunity to generate greater peace in Europe and enhance the U.S.’s effectiveness in great power competition.” Third,And I’ve said that very publicly, I’ve said that very privately to my counterparts as well, about the importance of NATO, any alliance, sharing the burden so that we can all deter Russia and avoid peace in Europe.”

He used the phrase “great power competition” five times: First,Today, we want to update you on the status of our U.S. European Command review, which was accelerated with the president’s decision in early June to reduce our footprint in Germany, and our plans to reposition our forces in Europe to be better-situated for great power competition.” Second,As we’ve entered a new era of great power competition, we are now at another one of those inflection points in NATO’s history.” Third,One of our primary missions is to prevent another great power war, and to maintain great power peace.” (“Great power peace” did not mean “peace” in any broader sense but only that the U.S. does not want to become a battlefield in World War III — that’s for Europe, etc., not for the U.S., to serve as the war-fields; it would be like happened during WW II. This was a very careful usage of words.)  Fourth,We focus on actions inside and outside our area of responsibility, and vigilance with respect to great power competition is an absolute imperative.” (That reaffirms Esper’s focus on “great power competition.” Europe’s nations are vassal-states. They are expendable. The way that Barack Obama said this was “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation.” Every other nation is “dispensable.” How much clearer can it be? Furthermore: Esper explicitly asserts there that “We focus on actions inside and outside our area of responsibility,” which means that the U.S. military imposes its will “outside our area of responsibility” — anywhere in the world — meaning against any real or imagined “great power competitor,” which refers specifically to both Russia and China. Consequently, the U.S. regime demands that Europe get in line with the U.S. Government’s objective to defeat both Russia and China. He says that this is “an absolute imperative.”) Fifth,These efforts all increase our opportunity to generate greater peace in Europe and enhance the U.S.’s effectiveness in great power competition.” (“Greater peace in Europe” implies that European nations are at war. It’s a lie. Esper has made clear that “great power competition” is the U.S. regime’s obsessive focus.)

The other assertion, that “We are moving many troops further east, closer to Russia’s border, to deter them,” is a clear affirmation of the U.S. regime’s lie to Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 when he was ending the Cold War on Russia’s side — ending its communism, ending its Warsaw Pact military alliance, ending the Soviet Union — and George Herbert Walker Bush deceived him into believing that NATO would not move “one inch to the east.” The sheer evilness of that man and of all subsequent U.S. Presidents, for their ceaseless efforts ultimately to conquer Russia, and now with Trump also to conquer China, is perhaps unsurpassed in human history, competing even with Adolf Hitler. It’s what happens when a country — in this instance the United States — gets taken over by its aristocracy, its billionaires.

Europe is to serve, along with the Middle East and elsewhere, as America’s battlefields to conquer Russia and China. That’s the plan.


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Lebanese diaspora in France swings into action to help Beirut

Many Lebanese in France are collecting money and essential items to help their fellow citizens struggling in the aftermath of the explosion in Beirut that occurred last week.

There are around 37,600 Lebanese nationals currently living in France according to data from the French national statistic institute (INSEE).

Both countries have had close ties as Lebanon was placed under French mandate for more than 20 years, following the great war.

About 1.3 million Lebanese live outside of Lebanon according to a 2018 survey by Information International — which equates to about 24% of the country’s population.

“The locals have been helping to clean, search the debris, assist the injured and look for the missing persons. As expatriates, we can only help from afar,” Raymond Hajj from “Meghterbin Mejtemiin” (“Diaspora United”) told Euronews.

The network has been collaborating with the non-profit organisation Impact Lebanon which has raised more than £5.8 million (about €6.5 million).

In most cases, the money that is being collected will go to local NGOs which are “apolitical”, “non-sectarian”, “registered” and “recognised”.

“We have a team […] dedicated to vetting other NGOs and leading careful examinations of their suitability to receive our funds,” wrote Impact Lebanon on their crowdfunding page, promising full transparency.

“We do not trust our government at all. This is why we rely on solidarity because our leaders are often missing,” said Hajj.

“It is important to highlight that it was the people themselves who gathered the day after the blast to help. This is what rallied the diaspora,” explained Tarek Sayde, who set up a donation collection in collaboration with the town council of the city of Limoges.

Facebook enabled individuals to initiate private fundraisers too. Lebanese student Rebecca Chahine is one of them and hopes to collect up to €10,000 through Habibi Beyrouth. She promises the money will be “directly” forwarded to local organisations and not to banks which are “corrupt”.

“It’s us, the youth, we will make a difference,” she says.

Alongside fundraising, other organisations like Bordeaux-based AquiCèdre have been trying to collect items — clothes, drugs, diapers, etc — to be sent to Lebanese in need.

However, “since the port is closed”, they have not able to send material and will collect money for France’s Red Cross instead, AquiCèdre spokesperson Layal Massara told Euronews.

Her organisation has also been trying to reach out to universities as “many students in Lebanon are giving up on their degree for lack of money to keep studying,” she says.

People have gathered in support of Lebanon throughout France.

“These moments of union are important,” said Paul Assouad from Les Amis du Liban (“Friends of Lebanon”) in France’s southern city of Toulouse.

“It enables Lebanese who are away from their country to feel less isolated,” he told Euronews.

A ‘long historic friendship between two people’

“Lebanon and France have had the best relationship for decades,” Hajj said. “This is a long historic friendship between two peoples”.

“France is like our mother,” explains Massara who referenced France’s active presence in Lebanon in the 20th century. “We learn French as a child,” adds Massara.

“Our link is almost thousand-year-old,” Assouad highlights, referring to French crusaders who settled in the region.

At the end of World War I, Lebanon was placed under French military administration until independence was formally proclaimed on November 22, 1943.

The Free French government, led by Charles De Gaulle, showed an unwillingness to let go of their control over the region.

After an insurrection and a diplomatic intervention by the British, the French transferred powers to the newly-elected national Lebanese government.

It was not until the total withdrawal of British and French troops in 1946 that Lebanon became wholly independent.

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Swarm of Subsea Earthquakes Sparks Concern About The San Andreas Fault

A swarm of small earthquakes in California is being closely monitored to see if it might raise the chance of a much larger event on the San Andreas fault.

Dozens of minor earthquakes hit just south of the dangerous San Andreas fault in a matter of hours, prompting concerns among seismologists that it may trigger a megaquake in the near future.

USGS research geophysicist Morgan Page said that Monday’s swarm “does increase the chance of a big earthquake on the San Andreas somewhat, so it’s definitely something to watch.”

It’s only the fourth time in the 88 years of modern records that such a swarm has occurred in this part of California

RT reports: The largest temblor in Monday’s swarm was a magnitude 4.6, while there were multiple magnitude 3 quakes, all of which struck in an area known as the Brawley Seismic Zone, wedged between the San Andreas Fault and the Imperial Fault which goes all the way south to Mexico.

Similar swarms have been recorded in the past and typically last approximately one week but with each new swarm, tensions mount that the Big One could hit at any moment. 

“We have faults that are building up strain all the time,” said Zachary Ross, a seismologist at Caltech who studies these swarms.

At present, there is a one in 10,000 chance of a magnitude 7 and above quake hitting the southern San Andreas area. 

There is roughly a one in five chance of one hitting in the next three decades and a one in a hundred chance of a magnitude 7 and above quake occurring in the next week, a similar level of risk in the aftermath of another such swarm in 2016. 

A view of the San Andreas Fault north of Wallace Creek, California. © REUTERS/Scott Haefner/U.S. Geological Survey

“It’s definitely something to watch,” said USGS research geophysicist Morgan Page, cuationing that there was no immediate need for panic, just vigilance. 

Monday’s swarm is only the fourth time in the 88 years since official records began that such a swarm has struck this area. Meanwhile, the San Andreas fault has not ruptured in the vicinity since 1690 and it is estimated to rupture once every 250 years or so.

While seismologists are concerned, they would be far more concerned were the swarm to shift northwards toward the fault. That didn’t stop people from posting doomsdayprophecies in response to the USGS, though others were a little more playful.

The last true mega quake to occur in Southern California was a magnitude 7.8 in 1857. However, just last year, on July 5, a magnitude 7.1 quake struck the Golden State, causing billions of dollars in damage.

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WaPo Glorifies Antifa In Fashion Spread That Tries, Fails To Make Bike Helmets Sexy

WaPo Glorifies Antifa In Fashion Spread That Tries, Fails To Make Bike Helmets Sexy

WaPo Glorifies Antifa In Fashion Spread That Tries, Fails To Make Bike Helmets Sexy

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BLM Leader Defends Chicago Looters Who Ransacked Gucci Store: ‘That Is Reparations’

Black Lives Matter protesters held a rally to support more than 100 looters arrested after widespread rioting, destruction and looting in Chicago caused $60 million in property damage and injured 13 police officers on Monday night.

A BLM organizer defended the looting of designer and luxury stores including Gucci, Apple and Lamborghini as “reparations” that “makes sure that person eats.

“That is reparations,” the BLM organizer told Fox. “Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance.”

The rally was organized by Black Lives Matter Chicago and was held at a police station in the South Loop where organizers say arrested looters are being held in custody.

I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats,” said Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer, according to NBC Chicago. “That makes sure that person has clothes.”

“This was not an organized protest. Rather, this was an incident of pure criminality,” Police Superintendent David Brown told reporters. “This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city.”

The Chicago Tribune reported the looters carried away “shopping bags full of merchandise” as “cars dropped off more people” and “at least one U-Haul van” was involved in the co-ordinated criminality.

Fox reports: The unrest was prompted by a social media post urging people to converge on Chicago’s business district after police shot a man on the South Side around 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

Officers had responded to a call about a man with a gun in the Englewood neighborhood. While being pursued by police, the man, who was on foot, “turned and fired shots” at officers before being struck himself and taken to a local hospital, Deputy Chief Delonda Tally told Fox 32 Chicago.

CBS-Chicago reported that the mayhem in Chicago was “coordinated.”

Latrell Allen, 20, was charged with attempted murder Monday after firing on officers, according to Chicago police. A video posted on Facebook around 6:30 p.m. falsely claimed that officers had shot and killed a 15-year-old boy.

The shooting prompted hundreds of people to descend on downtown Chicago early Monday with vandals smashing the windows of dozens of businesses and making off with merchandise, cash machines and anything else they could carry, police said.

BLM organizers criticized police reports surrounding the shooting, noting that none of the officers involved had body cameras, which investigators confirmed, according to NBC Chicago.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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The Real World Reasserts Itself By Patrick J. Buchanan

The Real World Reasserts Itself

Tuesday – August 11, 2020
“If black lives matter, where is Black Lives Matter?  Rarely in these stories of shootings and killings does one read that the dead were the victims of rogue cops or white supremacists.”

Since the death of George Floyd beneath the knee of a cop in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, the nation has been instructed by its cultural elites that this is the daily reality that a racist America has too long ignored

Our nation, it was shouted in our faces, is a place where white cops harass, brutalize, assault and kill Black Americans regularly and with impunity.

“Defund the police!” the Black Lives Matter demand went out, to be echoed and re-echoed by BLM’s amen corner of progressive elites.

The pendulum may be swinging back, for this weekend reintroduced us to the old familiar world.

In Washington, D.C., about midnight Saturday, at a block party in the Southeast sector of the city, three shooters fired 100 rounds, wounded 20, killed a teenager and left a female police officer in critical condition.

It appears to have been an attempted massacre, a slaughter.

“More than 115 people have been slain in the District this year, a 17 percent increase over this time in 2019, which ended the year with a decade high,” reports The Washington Post.

D.C.’s numbers, however, pale by comparison to Chicago, where this weekend recorded 32 more people shot, with three dead.

According to the Sun-Times, there were 106 homicides in the city in July, a single-month body count almost equal to the toll D.C. has piled up in all of the first seven months of 2020.

A disproportionate number of the dead and wounded are Black Americans, and a disproportionate number of the shooters and killers are Black men.

If black lives matter, where is Black Lives Matter?

Rarely in these stories of shootings and killings does one read that the dead were the victims of rogue cops or white supremacists.
Indeed, the front page of Monday’s New York Times gave voice to the city’s Black and Hispanic leaders who are objecting to a proposed $1 billion cut in the police budget. The people in high-crime precincts, for whom these leaders speak, want more, not fewer, cops on the beat.

Even Portland, Oregon, which has been indulging nightly protests since the killing of George Floyd, seems to be awakening to the real world.

When the Department of Homeland Security pulled its agents out of Portland and handed the defense of the Mark Hatfield federal courthouse to the state police, the “peaceful protesters” shifted their attention to the city’s buildings and Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct.

With police personnel corralled inside, the East Precinct was barricaded with cars and wooden planks, and an attempt was made to set it afire by throwing flaming objects into the building.

Mugged by reality, Mayor Ted Wheeler seems to have belatedly awakened to the character of the protesters he has been coddling:

“When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people whom you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder.”

Equally problematic: “You will be creating the B-roll film that will be used in ads nationally to help Donald Trump during his campaign.”

Portland police union president Daryl Turner was enraged at what he had seen. “I am disgusted that our City has come to this,” said Turner. “If it is acceptable for rioters to… try and burn down occupied buildings, and if this conduct is allowed to continue, then Portland is lost.”

Wheeler, having gotten the message the rioters have been trying to deliver, finally ordered his city’s police to do “what is necessary” to quell the rioting, even if it means using tear gas.

What has happened in Portland, and across much of America, was predictable, and predicted.

First, the progressives tolerate and even celebrate civil disobedience, because the cause is just and noble. Then, to hold onto public attention, the protesters march and block traffic. Next comes the cursing of cops, the throwing of trash, water bottles and rocks. Then there’s the smashing of store windows, looting and arson, and Molotov cocktails. Finally, there’s instigating violence with cops to get footage of police fighting back so the law enforcement officers can be painted by the progressive press as stormtroopers and the Gestapo.

In Portland, we reached the point where “peaceful protesters” tried to set a building ablaze with cops barricaded inside.

This, as the mayor said, is attempted murder.

Today, people watch their leaders in city after city fail to keep the peace and restore order as protesters riot at will, and they make plans to move out. In the suburbs and country, they quietly observe the inability of cops to quell the violence, and they buy guns.

While the right backs Trump’s stand for law and order, the ultimate battle here may be between liberal Democrats elected to, and failing to, run the cities, and the radical left and M

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Watch Live: Chicago Draw Bridges, Civil War & Pork Politics

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Macron Takes Advantage of Explosion to “Conquer Lebanon”

By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida

Global Research, August 10, 2020

All relevant events on the international stage have some geopolitical effects. Terrorist attacks, natural catastrophes, accidents and other tragedies also have implications for the power game between nations. In fact, any atypical event can completely change the way of relations between states and generate major political, economic and diplomatic crises. The global pandemic of the new coronavirus itself is an example of how major tragedies can influence geopolitics and international relations. Now, with the recent explosion in Lebanon, we have a new example that tragedies can bring profound political and geopolitical changes.

The explosion in Beirut has generated many questions and controversies worldwide. While several experts are investigating the causes of the accident and thinking alternative explanations to the official reports, the political effects of the explosion are going unnoticed. The accident generated several immediate reactions, justifying protests across the country and international mobilizations. Currently, Beirut is experiencing a great wave of demonstrations that are supported by foreign states with an interest in Lebanese politics. In fact, the explosion has accelerated the creation of a scenario of political and social instability and collective dissatisfaction, where the possibilities are many and virtually any change is possible.

A curious detail in the current situation in Lebanon is the foreign attempt to influence national policy, taking advantage of the effects generated by the explosion, with great emphasis on the incursions promoted by France. French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the first heads of state to show his solidarity with Lebanon after the accident. Macron traveled to Lebanon almost immediately after the attack, aiming not only to show solidarity, but to show signs of binational cooperation for the Lebanese recovery. However, this “cooperation” soon proved to be a real attempt to violate Lebanon’s sovereignty and to impose interests and agendas.

Macron is an interesting character for his skills as head of state. His strategic intelligence and ability to predict results are notorious. Since the beginning of his mandate, Macron has maintained a conciliatory discourse in relation to the Middle East and specifically Lebanon, seeking proposals for international cooperation and mutual support, however, demanding, in return, democratic political reforms in the country. Macron does not try to approach Lebanon without reason: France has historical ties to the country. With the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, the League of Nations – the UN’s precursor international organization – imposed on France the duty to administer and build Lebanon as a country. Due to the years of strong presence in Lebanon, a considerable part of the population continues to have strong ties with the European country, mainly the Christian portion of the population (almost 40% of the Lebanese population), who sees the western nation as an ally within a region of Islamic majority. As a result, many Lebanese, especially among economic elites, tend to see France as a possible ally for their country – something that Macron will certainly explore in his favor.

Lebanon: President Macron Pushes “Neo-expansionism”

When visiting Beirut, Macron called for an international mobilization to send financial and humanitarian support for Lebanon but demanded the implementation of several reforms in the country. The French president announced that a major investigation will be launched to ascertain possible negligence by the Lebanese state, which would make it “responsible” for the tragedy. According to Macron, France has demanded several reforms in Lebanon for years that have not been carried out. Macron believes that if these reforms had been carried out, the explosion could have been prevented.

Immediately after Macron arrived in Lebanon, a part of the pro-French Lebanese community initiated an online petition demanding that Lebanon undergo French intervention and remain under Paris’ rule for the next ten years. Despite the absurd and almost impractical content, the petition already counts more than 60,000 signatures, which shows the popular strength willing to support Emmanuel Macron’s neocolonialist plans. In fact, while Macron demands changes in Lebanon, a national economic elite sees the approach to Europe as a way of protection and development, leading an online movement for French sovereignty in their own country. On the other hand, protests in the country are increasing in size and reaching a worrying stage of violence, with official government buildings being invaded and public peace disrupted incessantly.

Protesters demand, among other things, an end to corruption and the same as Macron: reforms. Lebanon has been suffering for a long time with several popular demonstrations, but immediately after the explosion the intensity of the protests increased profoundly, driven mainly by the state’s blame speech, which seems to be a weak and unconditional rhetoric. After all, what evidence does the French government or the demonstrators have to conclude that something as abstract as “corruption” (a problem that exists in all National States) or the “lack of reforms” were in fact responsible for the explosion that destroyed the Lebanese economy? Still, in a time of humanitarian crisis and national emergency, is it ethical to endorse an anti-government discourse on the international stage driven simply by French interests in the country? Are these demonstrators acting in collusion with French interests in Lebanon? Is Lebanon undergoing a colorful revolution?

In fact, Lebanon was not chosen by France because of its “historical ties”, but because of its extreme strategic importance in the Middle East. The country was considered the safest in the region, being sometimes called “Arab Switzerland”, enjoying great economic stability. In addition, Lebanon is an important player in the geopolitical balance of the Middle East, mainly because of its historic and frontal opposition to the Israeli Army. Indeed, for the West, Lebanon is an important country to be controlled. What France is doing is simply taking the lead in the quest to influence Lebanon.


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This article was originally published on InfoBrics.

Lucas Leiroz is a research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Featured image is from InfoBricsThe original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, Global Research, 2020

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UK reports highest number of quarterly job losses since 2009 recession

The number of people working in the UK fell by the highest amount since the global financial crisis more than a decade go, according to official figures released on Tuesday.

Employment fell in the April to June quarter by 220,000, its biggest three-month decline since the 2009 recession.

This came even as the unemployment rate held steady at a historically low 3.9% in June.

The Office for National Statistics also reported that the number of people on payroll in the UK fell by a a further 81,000 in July to 28.27 million.

The number of people coming off the payroll since March is now 730,000, with the decline in employment greatest among younger and older workers, along with those in lower-skilled jobs.

The stable jobless rate is largely due to a government salary support scheme. Some 1.2 million employers took advantage of the programme during the lockdown to furlough 9.6 million people at a cost to the government of £33.8 billion (€37.5 billion).

Although those on the scheme are not working, they are not counted as unemployed. UK finance minister Rishi Sunak said Tuesday’s figures showed the support measures have helped to “safeguard millions of jobs and livelihoods that could otherwise have been lost”.

But the government has been phasing out the programme and it is due to end in October, a cliff-edge moment that many economists think will lead to an almost immediate doubling in unemployment.

It’s thought the number of jobseekers could rise to over three million, a level not seen since the 1980s.

Unions are urging the government to at least extend the furlough scheme to those sectors that are still suffering because of lockdown restrictions.

The long-established UK retailer Debenhams announced plans on Tuesday to cut a further 2,500 jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic, despite praising the performance of 124 stores that have reopened since the end of the lockdown.

“The trading environment is clearly a long way from returning to normal and we have to ensure our store costs are aligned with realistic expectations,” the company said in a statement emailed to Euronews.

The number of firms cutting jobs has accelerated in the past month or two with big companies like British Airways and Rolls Royce announcing layoffs.

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“The CIA Simulated UFO Abductions In Latin America As Psychological Warfare Experiments” – Dr. Jacques Vallée

  • The Facts:

    In his book, “Forbidden Science 4,” Dr. Jacques Valle explains how he came in possession documents showing that forced “UFO abductions” were conducted by the CIA as psychological warfare experiments.

  • Reflect On:

    What type of technology would the CIA have to have in order to pull something like this off?

The picture you see above is of Joseph Allen Hynek, American astronomer, professor, and ufologist. Hynek acted as scientific advisor to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive projects: Project Sign (1947–1949), Project Grudge (1949–1952), and Project Blue Book (1952–1969). The man standing next to him is Dr. Jacques Vallee, more on him below.

Throughout history, the field of ufology and the examination of the extraterrestrial hypothesis has, without a doubt, been overcome with a plethora of disinformation. Those who have dived into the depths of ufology know this best, as it’s well documented that ‘outsiders’ from intelligence agencies and governments have infiltrated the field for the purposes of deceiving researchers and people who are interested in the topic for one simple reason, to keep them away from the truth. On top of these disinformation campaigns, which still seem to be in operation today, there has long been an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” (Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Ex CIA director)  associated with the subject. This is why I encourage all those reading who dive into this subject to stick with facts, data, and evidence rather than entertain what seem to be outlandish claims that in no way, at all, can be verified.

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I’d like to draw your attention to Dr. Jacques Vallee, who holds a master’s degree in astrophysics and a Ph.D. in computer science. The subject of UFOs first attracted his attention as an astronomer in Paris. He subsequently became a close associate of Project Blue Book’s J. Allen Hynek and has written several books on the UFO enigma. He is currently a venture capitalist living in San Francisco. Vallée co-developed the first computerized map of Mars for NASA in 1963. He later worked on the network information center for the ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet, as a staff engineer of SRI International’s Augmentation Research Center under Douglas Engelbart.

He’s a researcher that’s had a very interesting life, to say the least, with regards to researching the topic of UFOs. He’s come into contact with and had meetings with most experts in the field, politicians from around the world, high ranking military personnel and much more. His journey into the subject has led him to investigate an uncountable amount of case reports regarding UFOs and supposed extraterrestrial beings, and he’s been a major player with regards to bringing the mainstream scientific community forward to look at the evidence and data that’s involved with such a serious subject, that, in his time, was largely ridiculed. He is an important reason why the phenomenon has gained as much credibility as it has today.

Valle is one of many who have written about and documented the startling evidence that well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations have misled UFO researchers, diverting them from the UFO phenomenon itself, what’s really going on.

In one of his latest books, Forbidden Science 4he shares a record of his private study into unexplained phenomena between 1990 and the end of the millennium, during which he was traveling around the global pursuing his professional work as a high-technology investor. It’s a bit of a diary, documenting his experiences and encounters/meetings as he tries to examine and explore the phenomenon.

In an entry dated Thursday 26 March 1992, Valle writes:

I have secured a document confirming that the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) as psychological warfare experiments.

Reading this line from his book triggered me back to earlier in his book when he mentions one of many conversations he’s had with Ron Blackburn.

On Monday 16 April 1990, he writes:

Over lunch again with Colonel Ron Blackburn (Air Force) at the Gatehouse in Palo Alto he revealed that the “Secret Onion” group started in 1985 in the classified tank located in his basement at the Lockheed Skunk Works. Colonel John Alexander had brought him a list of the people in the inner circle. They divided the world into layers of concentric trust and ability. John introduced Blackburn to Ed Dames. Blackburn and I have a firmed up our plants to ravel to New Mexico on May 4th, up the high mesa – supposedly to meet some Aliens.

It’s interesting to note that Colonel John Alexander army writes about Blackburn in his book, “UFOs, myths, conspiracies and realities.”

Among the people I met was Dr. Ron Blackburn, a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel who was then working at the Lockheed Skunk Works in Burbank. It was Blackburn who first asked me if I had ever heard of the infamous Area 51. In the early 1980s, this facility was still not widely known inside the military, let alone the general public, even though it had been functional for decades…Among areas of common interest between Blackburn and me were UFOs. We discussed many possibilities related to who might be in charge of UFO research. We both thought that there was some organization, probably within the U.S. Air Force, which had the responsibility. But we acknowledged that whoever had the ball, there must be a an interagency effort as well. Our assumption was that somebody must be in charge, and we were well aware of all the prevailing stories and rumours. Roswell, we assumed, was a real UFO event.

Fast forward to Friday, May 4th, 1990, Valle writes about Blackburn:

“I’m convinced the government is working on UFOs,” he told me. “What are the chances some witnesses are being fooled by special effects developed by psychological warfare?” I countered. Thinking of cases like Bentwaters in the UK or Cergy-Pontoise in France. “They’re pretty good,” he admitted. “Suppose you shine a week infrared laser into people’s eyes; it won’t hurt them but may induce a hallucinatory state. Experiments have been done where you send a microwave beam through someone’s brain; you pick up the transmitted energy pattern. You can influence people this way, even make them hear things. Holograms have been used too,”

It’s interesting to note the conversation Valle had with Blackburn in 1990, and then in 1992 writes that he had received a document that the CIA had been involved with staging UFO (alien abductions). Combine this information with Blackburn mentioning that holograms have been used, and technology exists to produce “hallucinatory” states.

This is just one of many examples and pieces of evidence many researchers in the field point to suggesting that there are staged abductions happening for reasons unknown, and that it’s continuing today.  It’s not surprising either if you’ve ventured down the road of CIA mind controlled tactics, programs like MK ultra and their desire to manipulate the perception of the masses with regards to various topics. It’s not surprising if you’ve looked into the black budget world, a world that’s far more advanced that the mainstream world with regards to technology.

Dr. David Jacobs, a retired university professor, is one of many experts who has hypnotically regressed people who claim to have had ET abduction experiences. After thousands of people, they all share the same story. Many filled with forced impregnation, and ‘hybrid’ children, among other things. Could many of these forced abduction experiments simply be deep black projects that are being conducted by rogue government agencies? Now we know that yes, many of them could be. Are all of them? There are stories floating around out there without much evidence, like the idea that Eisenhower made a deal with certain extraterrestrial groups, that they could abduct a certain amount of humans for the exchange of technology. Based on the idea that that forced abductions may be military operations, this supposed meeting is called into question.

Valle writes of Jacobs in his book:

I am trying to read Jacob’s Secret Life.’ The author appears obsessed with what he views as a massive Alien invasion, his analysis is no longer balanced.

This may explain why there is a whole array of people who claim to have had experience with beings from somewhere else, but these experiences did not involve forced abductions, but rather, simple contact experiences. Remember, the key nuance here is we’re talking about human and ET contact, vs forced abductions which are often quite aggressive or terrifying for people.

I’ve written previously about the work of Jacobs, you can read that article here. I’ve been in this field for more than a decade now and the more I learn, the more I have to unlearn and consider other possibilities. I wrote that article being aware that many abduction cases could be military operations, but I did not mention it. I’ve come across the work of many who have interviewed abductees and, from their experiences, there also seems to be a military component as well, or a feeling of military personnel appearing as ‘Aliens.’

How Deep Does The Misinformation Go?

Richard Doty is also mentioned multiple times in Valle’s book. He is a retired Air Force Special investigations officer (AFSIO), and his job was to spread disinformation about the UFO subject during his time with the Air Force. Spreading disinformation about the reality of UFOs is no secret, and in Doty’s case, he admitted to infiltrating UFO circles along with his colleagues to feed ufologists and journalists lies and half truths so that they would never understand any real truth.

So, as you can see, this type of narrative has many interesting sources. You can read more about Doty and watch an interview with him here.

Regardless, There Is Something Going On Here

Valle, and all others in this field are quite aware that something real is going on, and something quite possibility extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional. This article is not meant to shed doubt on the phenomenon itself as well as the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Credible information with regards to sightings, crash retrieval, and possible bodies and contact experiences with ‘aliens’ are out there and can be examined. That being said, there is obviously a lot of disinformation out there as well, ridiculous claims as well as charlatans who are in the field spreading lies and fake stories for the purposes of making money, or perhaps to do what Doty was once tasked with, to spread disinformation, are out there.

With all that being said, the fact remains that:

There is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, from other civilizations….This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not the subject of ‘rubishing’ by tabloid newspapers. – Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (source)

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Matches postponed and Scottish football season at risk after players flout coronavirus rules

A number of Scottish football matches have been postponed after the Scottish government threatened to suspend the national football season, which has just begun, following a number of breaches of regulations put in place to guard against the coronavirus pandemic.

Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo, a defender for champions Celtic, admitted he had not observed quarantine requirements after returning from a holiday in Spain, shortly before playing a match against Kilmarnock on Sunday.

That incident followed controversy around the actions of eight Aberdeen players, who went to a bar in the city last week. Two of them tested positive for COVID-19, leading to the postponement of the club’s match scheduled for Sunday.

Aberdeen’s match against Hamilton Academical and St Mirren’s against Celtic on 12 August have been put on hold, along with Aberdeen v Celtic on 15 August.

The Scottish FA said the matches had been postponed following “a breach of government public health guidance” involving Bolingoli-Mbombo.

The Scottish football season has only just begun, with 11 fixtures played so far.

The Scottish government said in a statement: “We are in discussions with the club and the football governing bodies to establish the facts.

“If this is confirmed as a further serious incident in Scottish football, where protocols have been breached which put public health at risk, then the Scottish Government will have no choice but to consider whether a break is needed in the return of football to Scotland.”

Celtic said in a statement it “unreservedly condemns and apologises for the behaviour” of Bolingoli, saying in a statement he had not informed the club of his trip.

“It is difficult to imagine a more irresponsible action in current circumstances and we find it beyond explanation. The Club will take immediate action through our own disciplinary procedures,” the statement continued.

Following the Aberdeen incident, a videoconference was organised between managers and captains of Scottish Premiership clubs and the National Clinical Director for Scotland, Professor Jason Leitch.

Rod Petrie, Chair of the Scottish FA’s Joint Response Group, said: “Harsh lessons have been learned by Aberdeen that will have been heeded by the rest of Scottish football and that message was made clear to Professor Leitch this evening.”

The previous season was stopped on 13 March due to the pandemic, with the title awarded to Celtic on the basis of their points per game.

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COVID-19: New Zealand sees first outbreak after 102 days as Auckland is put into lockdown

Auckland has been put back into lockdown after New Zealand recorded its first cases of COVID-19 following 102 days without any domestic transmission in the country.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday announced four confirmed cases of the virus in one Auckland family, adding that the source was unknown.

The index case was a person in their 50s from South Auckland, the Ministry of Health said in a press release.

The person had been symptomatic for five days but had not reported any overseas travel prior to their positive test result.

Household contacts of the original case received a rapid test and three of these tests also came back positive, while three were negative, the ministry said.

Anyone who came into contact with the person will be traced and tested for COVID-19, as is the usual protocol, it added.

All close contacts of the four cases will remain in self-isolation for 14 days, regardless of their test result, and all casual contacts will remain in self-isolation until they have the results of their tests.

Arden said that Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, would be moved to Alert Level 3 from midday on Wednesday through midnight on Friday with bars and many other businesses closed. Citizens will be asked to stay at home.

Traveling into Auckland will be forbidden unless people are residents returning home.

The rest of the country will be raised to Level 2 until Friday, which will see gatherings limited to 100 people and attendees required to socially distance from each other.

“These three days will give us time to assess the situation, gather information, make sure we have widespread contact tracing so we can find out more about how this case arose and make decisions about how to respond to it once we have further information,” Ardern said at a news conference late on Tuesday.

“I know that this information will be very difficult to receive,” she added. “We had all hoped not to find ourselves in this position again. But we had also prepared for it. And as a team, we have also been here before.”

Social media users posted pictures of the large queues that formed outside grocery shops after the local measures were announced.

New Zealand was praised internationally for its response to the coronavirus pandemic after the virus’ spread was stopped by the introduction of a strict lockdown in late March when only 100 people had tested positive.

The World Health Organization had applauded the country prior to Tuesday saying it was an example to others for having “successfully eliminated community transmission”.

New Zealand had not recorded community transmission since May 1.

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Seattle Police Chief Resigns After City Council Slash Law Enforcement Budgets

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

Seattle’s first black female police chief has announced her resignation following a city vote to slash law enforcement budgets and salaries.

Carmen Best, whose own salary was also cut, described the cuts as “punitive.”

She had been on the force for 28 years

RT reports: Seattle’s city council approved legislation to enact significant cuts in a 7-1 vote on Monday, which will eliminate some $4 million from the police department’s $400 million yearly budget, including a sizable reduction of $800,000 to the PD’s recruitment spending. Among other measures, the 2020 budget package will also cap Best’s salary at $275,000, reduced from $294,000.

Hours after the vote, local media were inundated with reports that Best, the city’s first black and female police chief, was stepping down. She confirmed the news in a letter to the Seattle Police Department on Monday evening, saying that her resignation would be effective from September 2.

Best did not reveal in the letter what prompted her to end her career with the SPD. However,  local media linked the move to the budget cuts, citing sources close to the chief.

While the cuts will also see up to 100 officers laid off from the force by November and a $150,000 pay cap for command staff, they fall far short of the 50 percent cut sought by some activists, who have been vocal in demanding to see the SDP defunded following the police killing of George Floyd in late May. Among those calling for a more radical proposal is councilmember Kshama Sawant – the lone dissenter in Monday’s vote – who insisted the cuts did not go far enough, arguing “this budget fails working people.”

Best’s attorney, Anne Bremner, previously argued that the police chief was being targeted with retaliation over past criticisms of the city council, alleging that lawmakers had moved against her in secret.

“[Best] and Jenny Durkan gave a press conference where they were critical of the council. In my view, this was retaliation because as soon as they did that, the council – in a vote that was not publicized, that was not on the agenda publicly – voted to reduce her salary,” Bremner told a local news outlet.

Critics have already weighed in on the reports, with one local journalist calling the move “surreal,” while suggesting the city council had “[chased] off a police chief, a Seattle veteran, and a woman of color.” Others noted the irony that the fight against ‘white supremacy’ had forced a black woman out of her job.

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