The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution.

Zionism is NOT about a homeland for Jews - it's to establish the base of a One World Government, where the Jews tyrannically rule the goyim worldwide

If I converted to Buddhism, does that make me Chinese? If I converted to Hinduism, does that make me Indian? When Khazarians (Turks) converted to Judaism in 740 BC and stole the true Negro Hebrew identity, and turned them into slaves... did that make the counterfeit Jews Hebrew? Well, the Jew World Order seems to think so. They crucified Jesus Christ for exposing them.

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist by our Jewish Governments... to keep us in fear, and to justify raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent families in every country for power and control...for their 2 horned God Moloch.

Khazarian-Babylonian Mafia known as the JEW

Every Religion and Church has been infiltrated by the Jews. How do you know? ... if your Church has not discussed the below phrases by Christ... then it has been compromised.

Why do Children go missing every year

Why do Children go missing every year

Jewish Blood Libels and Child Sacrifices to Satan, Moloch.

Jews are not Gods chosen people

Jews are not Gods chosen people

Does "Moses supposes erroneously?"Does "Moses supposes erroneously?"

Does “Moses supposes erroneously?”

By Robbie the Pict

‘Jews are not the ‘Chosen People’, Palestine is not the Promised Land The Jews were rejected by the Israelites as brutal gang-masters and tax extortionists. British Hebrew exposes world’s greatest scam.’
A limited inquiry into why the Jews think they are ‘Chosen’ above others, and entitled to other people’s real estate as their ‘Promised Land’.

This essay will found its basic argument on the contents of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament, supposedly written by Moses but also rumoured to have been scripted by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus in the first century.  Short-hand on stone tablets is impossible so how was it recorded?  Leaving that aside, let us examine the contents, with the assistance of the First Book of Chronicles.

If we descend the family tree from Noah, our interest must focus on Shem, although a study of the sons of Japhet will also bring rewards. (See especially Antiquities of the Jews Book II, Chapter 6, by Josephus.)  One of Shem’s 5 sons was named Arphaxad, who in turn father Shelah, who fathered Eber.  At that point our interest is raised because Eber is accepted as the patriarch of the Hebrews.  Outside of the Old Testament myth-building, ‘habiru’ is simply the word for a wanderer.

Eber the first Hebrew had two sons, Peleg and Joktan.  I Chronicles 1, verse 20 seems to contain a misprint at this point, stating Joktan begat Almodad and twelve other sons, while verse 24 goes on to list another ten sons of Joktan without giving any mention to Peleg.  It would seem strange that Peleg had no sons and Joktan had twenty three.  (Falsus in unum, falsus in omnia?)

The last in the list of Joktan’s sons is “Abram, the same is Abraham” who had two sons Isaac and Ishmael.  I Chronicles I, verse 34 tells us “Abraham begat Isaac” and his sons were called Esau and Jacob, later Israel.  I Chronicles chapter 2 states “These are the sons of Israel; Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah, Isachar and Zebulun, Dan, Joseph and Benjamin, Naphtali, Gad and Asher.”  These names should be noted carefully.  These are the twelve tribes of the House of Israel, but also known elsewhere as the Sons of Isaac.

It should also be noted that the children of Israel have a sister Dinah.  We can but look forward to the revelation of the Dinahites as a full-blown Israeli tribe in their own right.  Perhaps the ‘woman’s touch’ could put the whole House of Israel in order.  Nothing says the next Messiah has to be male.

So what do these genealogical links leave us with?

  • The term Shemite is derived from Noah’s son Shem.
  • The term Hebrew is derived from Shem’s descendant Eber. Eber was a Shemite, and the first Hebrew. The first Hebrew could not be a Jew or even an Israelite because neither had come into being at that time.
  • Abraham in turn was Eber’s descendant. Abraham was a Shemite and a Hebrew, but still could not be a Jew or Israelite because neither yet existed.
  • Isaac was Abraham’s son. Isaac was a Shemite and a Hebrew, but could not be a Jew or an Israelite either because they didn’t exist.
  • Jacob, who God renamed Israel, was Isaac’s son. Israel was a Shemite and a Hebrew, but not a Jew.
  • Judah was only one of Israel’s twelve sons. Judah was a Shemite, a Hebrew, and an Israelite. The first Jews were the children of Judah. The descendants of the other eleven sons of Israel are not Jews. We will come to significant aspects of that fact later.

The Jewish myth about being the ‘Chosen People’ is supposedly founded in a reading of Deuteronomy 14.2.  It states: “For thou art a holy people unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.”  However, a reading of Deuteronomy 17.12, 21.20 and 26.15 makes it clear and confirmed that ‘the Lord’ is addressing Israel, not just the Tribe of Judah.

The promise is made to greater Israel, not just the Jews.  Sorry Zionists, but there are 13 other peoples just as ‘Chosen’ as you, namely the Reubenites, the Simeonites, the Levites, the Isacharites, the Zebulunites, the Danites, the Josephites, the Benjaminites, the Naphtalites, the Gadites and the Asherites.  To that must be added, from the sons of Joseph, the so-called ‘half-tribes’ or ‘step-tribes’ of Manassehites and Ephraimites.

However the story now takes a twist.  The House of Judah effectively shames itself OUT of the Kingdom of Israel, in reality becoming dis-enfranchised, to the extent that it ignores the commandments of the Lord laid out in Deuteronomy to keep Israel decent and thus one must assume alienates itself from any position of private peculiarity to God.

The historical event which caused the departure of the Jews from the bosom of Israel happened over 2,800 years ago and the rift has never been healed.  The circumstances were roughly as follows.  When Solomon died in 796 BC his son Rehoboam traveled to Schechem in the center of the country occupied by the Israelites for the crowning ceremony, as was traditional.  Although occupying a smaller territory in the south, along with the Benjaminites, the House of Judah maintained the ‘royal’ line of David and had provided the Kings of Israel.  When he traveled north to Schechem for his coronation in the land of Ephraim, he was met by elders from the House of Israel who complained of increases in taxation and excessive conscription of men as labor, beneficial only to the House of Judah.

Rehoboam had a fit at this disrespectful demonstration of impertinence and immediately doubled the taxation and threatened them with scorpions where Solomon had only used bull-whips.  Less than enamored by the new king’s diplomacy, the Israeli elders walked out on his coronation, went back to their tents and elected their own King Jeroboam.  The unfortunate gang-master Adiram was sent to the new northern kingdom to whip up some recruits for laboring down south and the response was to stone him to death.

This attempted extortion of excessive taxation from their own brothers caused a terminal fracture in the Israeli family, making it truly a ‘house divided’.  It has stayed that way ever since.  From that day on the Kingdom of Judah was divorced from the Kingdom of Israel.  There is therefore an argument, and a very good one in law, that Judah has blotted its copy-book and put itself out the will, so to speak.  It has disqualified itself, disgraced itself and thus dis-enfranchised itself from any favor or considerations which may or may not have been promised to the chosen people.  They are no longer of that people.  They are Judeans, not Israelis.

We can conclude this point with an additional observation in ‘God and My Birthright’ by Dr, J. Llewellyn Thomas, suggesting that this split had been pending and obvious long before “The distinction between Israel and Judah did not commence at the time of the rending of the kingdom after the death of Solomon.  One has only to read the preceding chapters of the books of Samuel to realize that from the days of king Saul the distinction between Israel and Judah is most marked.  The term Israel, except in a very few instances where it very obviously applies to the whole twelve tribes, is used of the tribes to the exclusion of Judah.

The Promised Land – A small but important observation.

That there would be a divinely-chosen place where Israel would be brought together is plainly stated in the scriptures.  God makes a remarkable promise in II Samuel 7.10.  He says “Moreover, I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more:  neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime.”  I Chronicles 17.9 says something similar:  “also I will ordain a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, and they shall dwell in their place, and shall be moved no more…”

Note that this promise was made to King David when the Israelites were already established in Palestine – ‘the Promised Land’ – and at a time when the kingdom did indeed already extend from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates and was at the peak of its power.  So when the Lord says “I will appoint a place for my people Israel and will plant them” the appointed place or promised  land cannot be Palestine.  That’s where they are standing.  It must be somewhere else, and it is for the whole of Israel, not just the House of Judah.

Dr Thomas’s view is that “This promise of God to David was given at a time when these terms ‘Israel’ and ‘Judah’ had meanings which were clear and distinctive, and became still more so during the long history of these separated peoples.”

A reading of ‘Antiquities of the Jews’ by Flavius Josephus, at Book 1, Chapter 6 is illuminating to reveal how a large number of European nations derive their origins from the ten tribes.  The detail readers can discover for themselves using the wonderful internet, but suffice for our purposes to say that it appears that the Anglo-Saxon Israel adherents have been right all along.  The Israelites proper are now scattered throughout European Christendom, principally centered in the British archipelago but also in the Scandinavian and Germanic countries.  For American readers, you seem to be disguising the Tribe of Manasseh, who along with Ephraim (now the English) comprised the House of Joseph.

The Jews are thus revealed as fraudulent scoundrels, continuing an eons-old tradition of criminal deception and extortion.  However one small matter might need clarification.  Recent writings have claimed DNA proof that the current occupants of Israel are not genuine Jews, but Ashkenazis from Kazakstan.  It should though be noted that in the seventh century AD, a tribe of so-called ‘Jews’ arrived in Kazakstan, having been turfed out of both Persia and Anatolia for the crime of usury, a practice prohibited by Muslim religion.  These banished crooks presented themselves to the Kazak king as royalty and inveigled their way onto the throne (King Joseph) of this rough nomadic society, by the ruse of marrying into the Kazak ‘royal’ family.  From this new powerbase east of Crimea they hustled their way into Europe and also back to the Levant through the Dardanelles and Turkey.  So there may be a smidgeon of Jew in them after all.

As I have stated elsewhere in VT absolute truth is another myth, so I can only point at clues and indications.  However if there is a God who chooses one part of his family over another and promises them real estate into the bargain, he’s not for me.  I’m with Jesus on the ‘promised land is within’ line, which puts us all on the same life-mains supply.  We are but one, so let us not self-harm, or extort, or deceive.

The Holy Bible of the Hebrews is by today’s standards a handbook and bid for white race supremacy.  The actions of the celebrated King David are those of a murderous thug.  The ‘uncircumcised’ Philistines/Palestinians are treated abominably.  For other Caucasians there is one good reply to Jewish charges of ‘anti-semitism’.  The bulk of ‘christendom’, spread throughout Europe, North America and the antipodes is likely to be the progeny of the ten tribes and we are not only mainly white but also Sons of Shem or Semites, just as the Jews are.  Logic dictates that inter-tribal criticism of indecent behavior is just that, contemptible conduct which gives us Shemites a bad name.  Race is essentially based on skin color.  It is white-on-white to criticize indecent Jewish crimes, an attempt to end practices which risk return fire on all other white tribes.  You can’t shut that down by calling it hate crimes, racism or terror.  You caused it Tel Aviv and so Bibi et al., you are both busted and about to get some payback!


Source Article from http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/01/28/hebrew-israelite-and-jew/

History of the Khazarians, today’s Jews

The Edomites are descendants of Esau (“hairy, rough”), the eldest son of Isaac, and twin brother of Jacob, whose singular appearance at birth originated the name (Gen 25:25). Also, he was given the name of Edom (“red”)  from his conduct in connection with the red lentil “pottage” for which he sold his birthright (Gen. 25:30, Gen. 25:31).

Esau was much loved by his father and was, because he was first-born, his heir but was tricked into selling his birthright to his younger brother, Jacob, with the help of his mother, for a meal of red lentil pottage. Esau lost his father’s birthright and his paternal blessing due to Jacob’s subterfuge and thus raised the anger of Esau, who vows vengeance (Gen. 25:29-34; 27:1-41).  Yahweh thereafter called Esau, “Edom” and the country subsequently settled by Esau/Edom and his brood was “the country of Edom” (Gen 32:3). Jacob, the grandson of Abraham and Sarah, the son of Isaac and Rebecca, is the ancestor of the Israelites. Later, Yahweh told Jacob that his name was no longer Jacob, but henceforth, Israel (Gen. 32:22-32; Gen. 35:10). Jacob’s twelve sons were the ancestors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and their descendants are described as the Twelve Tribes of Israel originally identified by the names of the twelve sons of Jacob: the Patriarchs Joseph, Judah, Issachar, Benjamin, Levi, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Simeon, Dan, Zebulun, Reuben. Later, Joseph’s two sons, his eldest, Manasseh and his second son, Ephraim, were adopted by Jacob as his own and so those two tribes replaced Joseph and Levi among the Twelve of Israel.  The patriarch Judah was the fourth son born to Jacob (Gen 29:35).

The Edomites were thus the progeny of Esau, whose name was Edom, so called from the red lentil pottage he sold his birthright for to his brother Jacob (later, at Yahweh’s behest, called Israel). These Edomites were also separate from the Twelve Tribes of Israel and so were not true Israelites. They lived separately in a different land nurturing an enmity originating with their patriarch, Esau/Edom for Jacob/Israel and his descendants: a hatred born of a deep sense of injustice and betrayal that birthright and grace had been arrogated by trickery. Edom’s violence against Israel (Jacob) was so intense not only due to a sense of betrayal but also because they both came from the same parents (Isaac and Rebekah); in fact, this great and enduring enmity began in Rebekah’s womb, continued as the boys grew to manhood and endured until today in the phenomenon of the struggle of nations. Moreover, because of this enduring bitterness and jealousy, Esau would have destroyed Jacob had Yahweh not intervened

Ezekiel 35:1-15 describes Yahweh’s judgement on, and devastation of, Edom who exulted over Israel’s humiliation, who was their most bitter foe, and who “had a perpetual hatred to them, to the very name of an Israelite.” Esau/Edom in his hate and anger pursued “his brother with the sword, and did cast off all pity, and his anger did tear perpetually, and he kept his wrath for ever.” (Amos 1:11). Hence, the Edomites’ “perpetual hatred” and “wrath forever” toward Israelites. That is, this seminal struggle of nations, which began in Rebekah’s womb, endures today in the modern-day descendants of Israel (Jacob) and Edom (Esau) …. a great struggle between the Israelites and the Edomites.

The Edomites lived and prospered in a land separate from Israel but were later attacked and defeated by Saul (1 Sam. 14:47) and some forty years later, by David (2 Sam. 8:13-14).  Later, in the reign of Jehosaphat, (c 914 BC), the Edomites attempted to invade Israel, but failed (2 Chron. 20:22). They later joined with Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Chaldea, in his invasion of Judaea, the Judaean kingdom of the Two Tribes, and helped in his destruction of Jerusalem as well as the subsequent deportation of the Judaeans to Babylonia (c 630-562 BC). The terrible cruelty displayed by the Edomites at this time provoked fearful denunciations by the later prophets (Isa 34:5-8; Isa 63:1-4; Jer 49:17). Afterwards, the Edomites invaded and held possession of the south of Palestine but they eventually fell under the growing Chaldean power (Jer 27:3, Jer 27:6). The Edomites were thus Semites since they are closely related in blood and in language to the Israelites but they had no claim on the unique Bible Covenant and Birthright Promises gifted by Yahweh to Abraham, then to Jacob/Israel and then to his descendants. However, for more than four centuries, the Edomites continued to prosper but during the warlike rule of the Maccabeans, they were again completely subdued, and even forced to conform to Jewish laws and rites, and submit to the government of Jewish prefects. Here, at this time, the Edomites become incorporated within the resurgent Judaean kingdom.

Edomites are therefore descended from Edom (Esau) whose descendants later intermarried with the Turks to produce a Turco-Edomite mixture which later became known as Khazars. That is, most of today’s Jews are descendants of this interbreeding that produced a race called Khazars who had once governed an empire called Khazaria. Furthermore, this hybrid race Edomite/Turk/Khazar who created the Khazar kingdom and who between the seventh and ninth centuries AD, adopted the religion of Judaism. And, it is these Khazar Jews who are the ancestors of the vast majority of today’s Jewish people. That is, Edomite/Turk/Khazars are the ancestors of the modern “Jews” including the Torah-true and Zionist Jews who spuriously claim right to the land of Palestine claiming it it is theirs by biblical demands and ancestral rights.

Consequently, the majority of today’s Jewish people are known as “Jews” not because they are Judahites and descended from Jacob/Israel but because their Edomite/Turk/Khazar ancestors in their Kingdom of Khazaria adopted the religion of Judaism, called themselves “Jews” and arrogated the Birthright Promises and Bible Covenants belonging to the Israelites, but especially those belonging to the Judahites.

Thus, “Jews” are not Israelites and certainly they are not Judahites. Hence, modern Jews are not heir to the Bible Covenants nor to the ancient Nation of Israel given by Yahweh to the Israelites and the Judahites and so have no Divine Right or biblical mandate to the modern Land of Palestine.

Similarly, Jesus of Nazareth was not a “Jew” he was a Judahite, and Jesus Christ was not “King of the Jews.”

Our Communist Judeo Society

Our Communist Judeo Society

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How the Jews swindle our Taxes and Economies

Gay Homosexual Jews are GODS

Gay Homosexual Jews are GODS

Jews Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.

Jews Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.

Jews behind every Terrorist Attack and Fake Muslim Groups

Jews behind every Terrorist Attack and Fake Muslim Groups

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Jews Control All Governments in Every Country

Jews Control All Governments in Every Country

Muslim Mother confronting the ISRAEL CIA ISIS Terrorists

Muslim Mother confronting the ISRAEL CIA ISIS Terrorists


London Bridge staged Terrorist Attack by Government

London Bridge staged Terrorist Attack by Government


Jews faking the News again

Jews faking the News again

How the Jews mock Jesus Christians and Christmas

How the Jews mock Jesus Christians and Christmas


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Confessions of a CIA economic hitman Terrorist


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Are you a real Christian?

Or are you led by the devil himself.

What did the Jews do to Germany in 1930?

What did the Jews do to Germany in 1930?

More Jewish Terrorism

Special Notice to all Jews

Special Notice to all Jews

Israel The Promised Land of Global Jewish Organized Crime

What World-famous Men have said About the Jews

What World-famous Men have said About the Jews


The Jews are the only people in the world who have found hostility in every country in which they settled in any numbers. The big question is — WHY?

Today it is taught in the schools that “Anti-Semitism” began in Germany in the 1930s after which they were deported. What is not studied is the fact that at one time or other the Jews have been expelled from every nation in Europe! When the Jews first began to immigrate to America the early colonialists in New York, Charleston and Savannah tried to ban their entry. Benjamin Franklin pleaded with the members of the Continental Congress to enter a specific ban against Jewish immigration into the U. S. Constitution to bar them for all time to come.

The Jews claim that they are “only” a religion. The truth is that the Jews are a RACE of Khazarian / Babylonian Mongol Turks. Less than 30% are members of any Synagogue. Whether they are Orthodox religious, atheists, capitalists or communists — they still claim to be Jews — members of the Jewish race! Every race has inherited traits. In the case of the Jews they include trading, money-changing, Murder, Satanism, Child sacrifices, Pedophilia, Beastiality, Slavery, usury, and a loathing for “productive labor” which is scorned as beneath the dignity of the Jews in their “bible” called “THE TALMUD.”

The Jews have not changed since the days when Jesus Christ took up a whip and drove “the money changers out of the Temple.” Jews have always united to form monopolies. Today they control all the department store chains, Music industry, Hollywood, TV, Radio Industry, News and Media Industry, Organised Crime, Slave trade, Drug Trafficking, Governments, Large Corporations, Medical industry, Terrorism, Drug Industry, Oil Industry, Creating new viruses in Labs, creating more Poverty, creating famine, Child trafficking, Organ trafficking, Sex slaves, Pedophilia networks, Blood diamonds, Ivory industry, Exotic animals, Fur industry,and specialty shops along with the lucrative jewelry and animal fur trade. Jews dominate the fields of all precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, tin, lead, etc. They will always ban together to drive Gentile competitors out of business… by defaming them, or slaughtering them.

Today America is being flooded with Jewish immigrants from Russia and even 20,000 per year leave Israel for the U. S. — all with dollar signs in their eyes. Jews have used their vaunted money-power to seize control of every Political Party in every country. Today they own nearly every Corporation around the Globe. While only 3% of the population, the Jews control over 90% of the nation’s wealth and this percentage rises every year. They are the only racial group totally organized to work for political domination over the planet.

Opposition to the Jews did not begin in Germany but dates back before the birth of Christ over 2,000 years ago! Study the statements made by “The world’s greatest men.” They reveal why the “wandering Jews” have made enemies out of every host country that ever accepted them.

CICERO (Marcus Tullius Cicero). First century B.C. Roman statesman, writer.

“Softly! Softly! I want none but the judges to hear me. The Jews have already gotten me into a fine mess, as they have many other gentleman. I have no desire to furnish further grist for their mills.” (Oration in Defense of Flaccus)

Cicero was serving as defense counsel at the trial of Flaccus, a Roman official who interfered with Jewish gold shipments to their international headquarters (then, as now) in Jerusalem. Cicero himself certainly was not a nobody, and for one of this stature to have to “speak softly” shows that he was in the presence of a dangerously powerful sphere of influence. and on another occasion Cicero wrote: “The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.”

SENECA (Lucius Annaeus Seneca). First century Roman philosopher. “The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors.” (De Superstitione)

DIO CASSIUS. Second century Roman historian. Describing the savage Jewish uprising against the Roman empire that has been acknowledged as the turning point downward in the course of that great state-form: “The Jews were destroying both Greeks and Romans. They ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood… In all, 220,000 men perished in Cyrene and 240,000 in Cyprus, and for this reason no Jew may set foot in Cyprus today.” (Roman History)

DIODORUS SICULUS. First century Greek historian.Observed that Jews treated other people as enemies and inferiors. “Usury” is the practice of lending money at excessive interest rates. This has for centuries caused great misery and poverty for Gentiles. It has brought strong condemnation of the Jews!

BERNARDINO OF FELTRO. 15th century Italian priest. A mild man who extolled patience and charity in normal circumstances, he described himself as a “barking dog” when dealing with Jews: “Jewish usurers bleed the poor to death and grow fat on their substance, and I who live on alms, who feed on the bread of the poor, shall I then be mute before outraged charity? Dogs bark to protect those who feed them, and I, who am feed by the poor, shall I see them robbed of what belongs to them and keep silent?” (E. Flornoy, Le Bienbeureux Bernardin the Feltre)

AQUINAS, THOMAS, Saint. 13th century scholastic philosopher. In his “On the Governance of the Jews,” he wrote: “The Jews should not be allowed to keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they were compelled to worked so that they could earn their living instead of doing nothing but becoming avaricious.”

HILAIRE BELLOC, in the book THE JEWS, page 9 “There is already something like a Jewish monopoly in high finance . . . There is the same element of Jewish monopoly in the silver trade, and in the control of various other metals, notably lead, nickel, quicksilver. What is most disquieting of all, this tendency to monopoly is spreading like a disease.”

H. H. BEAMISH, in New York Speech, October 30, 1937 “The Boer War occurred 37 years ago. Boer means farmer. Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers. Upon making inquiry, I found all the gold and diamond mines of South Africa were owned by Jews; that Rothschild controlled gold; Samuels controlled silver, Baum controlled other mining, and Moses controlled base metals. Anything these people touch they inevitably pollute.”

W. HUGHES, Premier of Australia, Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919 “The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews?”

POPE CLEMENT VIII “All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate people into a state of poverty, especially the farmers, working class people and the very poor. Then as now Jews have to be reminded intermittently anew that they were enjoying rights in any country since they left Palestine and the Arabian desert, and subsequently their ethical and moral doctrines as well as their deeds rightly deserve to be exposed to criticism in whatever country they happen to live.”

NESTA WEBSTER, In World Revolution, The Plot against Civilization, page 163 “Since the earliest times it is as the exploiter that the Jew has been known amongst his fellow men of all races and creeds. Moreover, he has persistently shown himself ungrateful . . . The Jews have always formed a rebellious element in every state.”

FRANZ LISZT, famed composer quoted in Col. E. N. Sanctuary’s Are These Things So?, page 278 “The day will come when all nations amidst which the Jews are dwelling will have to raise the question of their wholesale expulsion, a question which will be one of life or death, good health or chronic disease, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever.”

JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

MARTIN LUTHER, Table Talk of Martin Luther, translated by William Hazlet, page 43 “But the Jews are so hardened that they listen to nothing; though overcome by testimonies they yield not an inch. It is a pernicious race, oppressing all men by their usury and rapine. If they give a prince or magistrate a thousand florins, they extort twenty thousand from the subjects in payment. We must ever keep on guard against them.”

REV. GORDON WINROD, in his book The Keys to Christian Understanding, pages 114 – 115 “Judaism does not know Jesus Christ. Judaism hates Jesus Christ. When St. Paul was in Judaism, before he was converted to Christianity, he hated Jesus Christ and persecuted Christians and Christianity.” Paul said: “You have heard of my earlier career in Judaism — how furiously I persecuted the Church of God, and made havoc of it; and how in devotion to Judaism I out-stripped many men of may own age among my people, being far more zealous than they for the tradition of my forefathers.” (Gal. 1:13, 14, Weymouth Translation).

While in Judaism, Paul persecuted Christians because of his intense hatred for Christians and because of his conformity to the tradition of the fathers. This shows that the tradition of teachings of Judaism are filled with hate for Christians. Few people know of this because they do not carefully read their Scriptures and because of the great pains which Jews have take to deceive the Christians. Care has been exerted by the Jews to hide their ECONOMIC-POLITICAL conspiracy for complete world domination UNDER high sounding words that have a “RELIGIOUS” ring in the ears of Christians. The Jews use such “religious” sounding words as “the Jewish faith,” “the Jewish religion,” “Jewish spiritual values,” “Jewish religious doctrines,” and like phrases which deceive and lead the unlearned into total equanimity. Behind this mask of religiosity stands a complete plan for world government, world power, world conquest, a Jewish kingdom of this world, and the destruction of Christianity.

REV. WILLIAM S. MITCHELL of Philadelphia, quoted in Count Cherep-Spiridovich’s book The Secret World Government, page 194 “If there is an ingrate in history, it is the Jew. In this land which befriended him he as conspired, plotted, undermined, prostituted and corrupted and (hiding to this hour behind the braver screen of other folks), dares to contrive and scheme the death of every Christian principle which has protected him.”

ST. JUSTIN, martyr stated in 116 A. D. “The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wandered through the country everywhere hating and undermining the Christian faith.”

ST. JOHN, Gospel of St. John 7:1 “After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry because the Jews sought to kill him.”

M. H. DE HEEKELINGEN, in Israel: Son Passe, Son Avenir “The former Rabbi Drach, converted to Catholicism, says that the Talmud contains “a large number of musing, utterly ridiculous extravagancies, most revolting indecencies, and, above all, the most horrible blasphemies against everything which the Christian religion holds most sacred and most dear.” “In the matter of the translation of the Talmud by non-Jews, we have always preferred that of Luzsensky, whose accuracy has been established by the Courts. In 1923, the Public Prosecutor of Hungary caused his Hungarian Talmud to be seized on account of “attack on public morals” and “pornography.” In delivering its verdict, the Court declared ‘INTER ALIA:’ “The horrors contained in the translation of Alfred Luzsensky are to be found, without exception, in the Talmud. His translation is correct, in that it renders these passages, which are actually to be found in the original text of the Talmud, after their true meaning.” QUINTAS SPETIMUS FLORENS TERTULLIAN (160 – 230 A. D.) Latin Church Father “The Jews formed the breeding ground of all anti-Christian actions.”

REV. MARTIN LUTHER, sermon at Eisleben, a few days before his death, February, 1546 “Besides, you also have many Jews living in the country, who do much harm . . . You should know the Jews blaspheme and violate the name of our Savior day for day… for that reason you, Milords and men of authority, should not tolerate but expel them. They are our public enemies and incessantly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ, they call our Blessed Virgin Mary a harlot and her Holy Son a bastard and to us they give the epithet of changelings and abortions. Therefore deal with them harshly as they do nothing but excruciatingly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ, trying to rob us of our lives, our health, our honor and belongings.”

MARIA THERESA, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1771 – 1789) “Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

(The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states that “The Talmud is the real “bible” of the Jews and that it supersedes the Old Testament. This volume has been condemned down through the ages for preaching hatred for Christ and all Christians. Read “THE TALMUD UNMASKED” for the full shocking details.)

DIDEROT, DENIS. 18th century French scholar. His famous ENCYCLOPEDIE, the bible of the pre-revolutionary French “enlightenment,” has often been complained of by Jewish writers as ‘anti-Semitic.’ Some of Diderot’s other writings are likewise unfriendly: “And you, angry and brutish people, vile and vulgar men, slaves worthy of the yoke [Talmudism] which you bear … Go, take back your books and remove yourselves from me. (LA MOISADE) [The Talmud] taught the Jews to steal the goods of Christians, to regard them as savage beasts, to push them over the precipice . . . to kill them with impunity and to utter every morning the most horrible imprecations against them. (JUIFS)

NESTA WEBSTER, in Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, page 370 “The Jewish conception of the Jews as the Chosen People who must eventually rule the world forms indeed the basis of Rabbinical Judaism . . .The Jewish religion now takes its stand on the Talmud rather than on the Bible.”

F. TROCASE, in Jewish Austria “No obstacle discourages them; they persevere throughout the world, throughout the centuries, the unity of their race. The Talmud has given them a powerful organization which modern progress has been unable to change. Deep, ineradicable hatred of everything that is not Jewish stimulates them in war which they wage against Christian Society, which is too divided to be able to fight with the necessary energy.”

COUNT HELMUTH VON MOLTKE, Prussian general “The Jews form a state, and, obeying their own laws, they evade those of their host country. The Jews always consider an oath regarding a Christian not binding. During the Campaign of 1812 the Jews were spies, they were paid by both sides, they betrayed both sides.”

MOHAMMED, in the Koran “Whoever is a friend of a Jew, belong to them, becomes one of them, God cannot tolerate this mean people. The Jews have wandered from divine religion. You must not relent in your work which must show up Jewish deceit.”

BACON, FRANCIS. 16th century British writer, politician. In his The New Atlantis, he remarked that Jews “hate the name of Christ and have a secret and innate rancor against the people among whom they live.” He also disapproved of non-Jewish usurers as “Judaizers” who would wear “tawny bonnets” like Jews.

LUTHER, MARTIN. 16th century German religious reformer. “They are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have not only perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing with their interpretations. And all of the anxious sighing, longing and hoping of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as they dealt with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther . . . On how they love the book of Esther, which so nicely agrees with their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope.

1). The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they, who imagine to be the people of God, and who desire to and think they must murder and crush the heathen. And the foremost undertaking which they expect of their Messiah is that he should slay and murder the whole world with the sword. As they at first demonstrated against us Christians and would like to do now, if they only could; have also tried it often and have been repeatedly struck on their snouts . . . Their breath stinks for the gold and silver of the heathen; since no people under the sun always have been, still are, and always will remain more avaricious than they, as can be noticed in their cursed usury. They also find comfort with this: “When the Messiah comes, He shall take all the gold and silver in the world and distribute it among the Jews.

2). Thus, wherever they can direct Scripture to their insatiable avarice, they wickedly do so. Therefore know, my dear Christians, that next to the Devil, you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement and enemy than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew. There may be some among them who believe what the cow or the goose believes. But all of them are surrounded with their blood and circumcision. In history, therefore, they are often accused of poisoning wells, stealing children and mutilating them; as in Trent, Weszensee and the like. Of course they deny this. Be it so or not, however, I know full well that the ready will is not lacking with them if they could only transform it into deeds, in secret or openly.

3). A person who does not know the Devil, might wonder why they are so at enmity with the Christians above all others; for which they have no reason, since we only do good to them. They live among us in our homes, under our protection, use land and highways, market and streets. Princes and government sit by, snore and have their maws open, let the Jews take from their purse and chest, steal and rob whatever they will. That is, they permit themselves and their subjects to be abused and sucked dry and reduced to beggars with their own money, through the usury of the Jews. For the Jews, as foreigners, certainly should have nothing from us; and what they have certainly must be ours. They do not work, do not earn anything from us, neither do we donate or give it to them. Yet they have our money and goods and are lords in our land where they are supposed to be in exile! If a thief steals ten gulden he must hang; if he robs people on the highway, his head is gone. But a Jew, when he steals ten tons of gold through his usury is dearer than God himself! Do not their TALMUD and rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel? It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their moneylending) from a heathen, is a divine service . . . And they are the masters of the world and we are their servants — yea, their cattle! I maintain that in three fables of Aesop there is more wisdom to be found than in all the books of the Talmudists and rabbis and more than ever could come into the hearts of the Jews . . . Should someone think I am saying too much — I am saying much too little! For I see in [their] writings how they curse us Goyim and wish as all evil in their schools and prayers. They rob us of our money through usury, and wherever they are able, they play us all manner of mean tricks . . . No heathen has done such things and none would to so except the Devil himself and those whom he possesses — as he possesses the Jews. Burgensis, who was a very learned rabbi among them and by the grace of God became a Christian (which seldom occurs), is much moved that in their schools they so horribly curse us Christians (as Lyra also writes) and from that draws the conclusion that they must not be the people of God. Now behold what a nice, thick, fat lie it is when they complain about being captives among us! Jerusalem was destroyed more than 1,400 years ago during that time we Christians have been tortured and persecuted by the Jews in all the world. On top of that, we do not know to this day what Devil brought them into our country. We did not fetch them from Jerusalem! . . . Yes, we have and hold them captive, as I would like to keep my rheumatism, and all other diseases and misfortunes, who must wait as a poor servant, with money and property and everything I have! I wish they were in Jerusalem with the other Jews and whomsoever they would like to have with them.

Now what are we going to do with these rejected, condemned Jewish people? . . . Let us apply the ordinary wisdom of other nations like France, Spain, Bohemia, et al., who made them give an account of what they had stolen through usury, and divided it evenly; but expelled them from their country. For as heard before, God’s wrath is so great over them that through soft mercy they only become more wicked, through hard treatment, however, only a little better. Therefore, away with them! How much more unbearable it is that we should permit the entire Christendom and all of us to be bought with our own money, be slandered and cursed by the Jews, who on top of all that be made rich and our lords, who laugh us to scorn and are tickled by their audacity! What a joyful affair that would be for the Devil and his angels, and cause them to laugh through their snouts like a sow grinning at her little pigs, but deserving real wrath before God. (From THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES) Maybe mild-hearted and gentle Christians will believe that I am too rigorous and drastic against the poor, afflicted Jews, believing that I ridicule them and treat them with much sarcasm. By my word, I am far too weak to be able to ridicule such a satanic brood. I would fain to do so, but they are far greater adepts at mockery than I and possess a god who is master in this art. It is the Evil One himself. Even with no further evidence than the Old Testament, I would maintain, and no person on earth could alter my opinion, that the Jews as they are today are veritably a mixture of all the depraved and malevolent knaves of the whole world over, who have then been dispersed in all countries, similarly to the Tartars, Gypsies and such folk.”

WASHINGTON, GEORGE, in Maxims of George Washington by A. A. Appleton & Co. “They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”

This prophecy, by Benjamin Franklin, was made in a “CHIT CHAT AROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSION,” at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787. This statement was recorded in the dairy of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a delegate from South Carolina. “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal. For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race. If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty. If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves. Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not even thou they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention.

STYVESANT, PETER. 17th century Dutch governor in America. “The Jews who have arrived would nearly all like to remain here, but learning that they (with their customary usury and deceitful trading with the Christians) were very repugnant to the inferior magistrates, as also to the people having the most affection for you; the Deaconry also fearing that owing to their present indigence they might become a charge in the coming winter, we have, for the benefit of this weak newly developing place and land in general, deemed it useful to require them in a friendly way to depart; praying also most seriously in this connection, for ourselves also for the general community of your worships, that the deceitful race — such hateful enemies and blasphemers of the name of Christ — not be allowed further to infect and trouble this new colony. (Letter to the Amsterdam Chamber of the Dutch West India Company, from New Amsterdam, September 22, 1654.) The Jews whom he attempted to oust merely applied to their fellow Jews in Holland, and the order came back from the Company countermanding the expulsion. (For a similar situation during the Civil War, see ULYSSES GRANT). Among the reasons given by “their worships” for over-ruling their governor, one stands out rather glaringly, in view of the usual Jewish contention that their people were ‘poor and persecuted:’ ” . . . and also because of the large amount of capital which they have invested in shares of this Company.” (Harry Golden and Martin Rywell, THE JEWS IN AMERICAN HISTORY) THE GEORGIA COLONY IN AMERICA. On January 5, 1734, the trustees ordered that three Jews who had been sending coreligionists into the colony without authorization “use their endeavors that the said Jews may be removed from the Colony of Georgia, as the best and only satisfaction that they can give to the Trustees for such an indignity offered to Gentlemen acting under His Majesty’s Charter.” (C. Jones, HISTORY OF SAVANNAH)

JEFFERSON, THOMAS. 18th century American statesman. “Dispersed as the Jews are, they still form one nation, foreign to the land they live in.” (D. Boorstin, THE AMERICANS) “Those who labor in the earth are the Chosen People of God, if ever he had a chosen people.” (NOTES ON VIRGINIA)

BEAMISH, HENRY H. 20th century British publisher. “There is no need to be delicate on this Jewish question. You must face them in this country. The Jew should be satisfied here. I was here forty-seven years ago; your doors were thrown open and you were then free. Now he has got you absolutely by the throat — that is their reward.” (New York speech, October 30, 1937)

HARRINGTON, LORD. 19th century British statesman. Opposed admission of Jewish immigrants to England because: “They are the great moneylenders and loan contractors of the world… The consequence is that the nations of the world are groaning under heavy systems of taxation and national debt. They have ever been the greatest enemies of freedom. (Speech in the House of Lords, July 12, 1858)

WALTER CRICK, British Manufacturer, in the NORTHAMPTON DAILY ECHO, March 19. 1925) “Jews can destroy by means of finance. Jews are International. Control of credits in this country is not in the hands of the English, but of Jews. It has become the biggest danger the British Empire ever had to face.”

WORLD FAMOUS MEN of the past accused the Jews of founding Communism. This charge is well founded. The Communist philosophy was drawn up by Karl Marx who descended from a long line of Rabbis. His ideology of anti-Christian and Socialist thought is outlined in the Jewish “TALMUD” which is the “bible” of the Jews. Of the four political groups which overthrew the Christian Czar of Russia two were 100% Jewish. They were the Mensheviks and The Jewish Bund. The other two were the Socialist Revolutionary Party and the Bolsheviks. Both were headed by Jews but had some Gentile members. Today we now know that Lenin was Jewish and all of the leaders of his first government were Jews. They were Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Sverdlow. The wealthiest Jewish banker in the world at that time, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb investment bank of New York City, gave Trotsky and Lenin $20 million to overthrow the Czar and establish the Soviet tyranny (according to the “NEW YORK JOURNAL-AMERICAN” of February 3, 1949.)

CHURCHILL, WINSTON. 20th century British politician. In 1920, he wrote a long newspaper article of the recent Bolshevik seizure of Russia. After praising what he called the “national Jews” of Russia, he said: “In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish efforts rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxemburg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide revolutionary conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster has ably shown, a definite recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworlds of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of the enormous empire. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creating of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistic Jews. It is certainly the very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders . . . In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astounding. And the prominent if not the principal part in the system of terrorism applied by the extraordinary Commissions for combating Counter Revolution has been take by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every bit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing. (“Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People.” ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY HERALD, London, February 8, 1920.)

BAKUNYIN, MIKHYL. 19th century Russian revolutionary. “Marx is a Jew and is surrounded by a crowd of little, more or less intelligent, scheming, agile, speculating Jews, just as Jews are everywhere, commercial and banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades; in short, literary brokers, just as they are financial brokers, with one foot in the bank and the other in the socialist movement, and their arses sitting upon the German press. They have grabbed hold of all newspapers, and you can imagine what a nauseating literature is the outcome of it. Now this entire Jewish world, which constitutes an exploiting sect, a people of leeches, a voracious parasite, Marx feels an instinctive inclination and a great respect for the Rothschild’s. This may seem strange. What could there be in common between communism and high finance? Ho ho! The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists there must inevitably exist a state central bank, and where this exists, there the parasitic Jewish nation, which speculates upon the labor of the people, will always find the means for its existence . . . In reality, this would be for the proletariat a barrack regime, under which the workingmen and the working closely and intimately connected with one another, regardless not only of frontiers but of political differences as well — this Jewish world is today largely at the disposal of Marx or Rothschild. I am sure that, on the one hand, the Rothschild’s appreciate the merits of Marx, and that on the other hand, women, converted into a uniform mass, would rise, fall asleep, work and live at the beat of the drum; the privilege of ruling would be in the hands of the skilled and the learned, with a wide scope left for profitable crooked deals carried on by the Jews, who would be attracted by the enormous extension of the international speculations of the national banks . . . (Pol Emique contres les Juifs) This startling piece of prediction is particularly impressive to those who have observed the Soviet scene and notice its strange relationship with capitalist financiers — overwhelmingly Jewish – since the revolution. The line runs from Olof Aschberg, self-described “Bolshevik banker” who ferried to Trotsky the huge sums raised for the revolution by financiers in Europe and America, to Armand Hammer in the 1970s, who has specialized in multimillion-dollar trade concessions with the now supposedly ‘anti-Semitic’ commissars.

WILHELM II. German Kaiser. “A Jew cannot be a true patriot. He is something different, like a bad insect. He must be kept apart, out of a place where he can do mischief – even by pogroms, if necessary. The Jews are responsible for Bolshevism in Russia, and Germany too. I was far too indulgent with them during my reign, and I bitterly regret the favors I showed the prominent Jewish bankers.” (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, July 2, 1922)

CARDINAL MINDSZENTY, of Hungary quoted in B’nai B’rith Messenger, January 28, 1949 “The troublemakers in Hungary are the Jews… they demoralize our country and they are the leaders of the revolutionary gang that is torturing Hungary.”

ADRIEN ARCAND, New York speech, October 30, 1937 “When it came to Mexico, the promoters of Communism were the Jews Calles, Hubermann and Aaron Saenz; in Spain we saw Azaa and Rosenberg; in Hungary we saw Bela Kun, Szamuelly, Agoston and dozen other Jews; in Bavaria, we saw Kurt Eisner and a host of other Jews; in Belgium Marxian Socialism brought to power Vadervelde alias Epstein, and Paul Hymans, two Jews; in France, Marxian Socialism brought forth the Jews Leon Blum (who showed so well his Jewish instincts in his filthy book Du Mariarge), Mandel, Zyromsky, Danain and a whole tribe of them; in Italy we had seen the Jews Nathan and Claudio Treves. Everywhere, Marxism brings Jews on the top — And this is no hazard.”

HILAIRE BELLOC, renown historian in G. K.’s WEEKLY, February 4, 1937 “The propaganda of Communism throughout the world, in organization and direction is in the hands of Jewish agents. As for anyone who does not know that the Bolshevist movement in Russia is Jewish, I can only say that he must be a man who is taken in by the suppression of our deplorable press.”

A. HOMER, writes in Judaism and Bolshevism, page 7 “History shows that the Jew has always been, by nature, a revolutionary and that, since the dispersion of his race in the second century, he has either initiated or assisted revolutionary movements in religion, politics and finance, which weakened the power of the States wherein he dwelt. On the other hand, a few far-seeing members of that race have always been at hand to reap financial and political advantage coincident with such upheavals.”

CAPTAIN MONTGOMERY SCHYLER, American Expeditionary Forces, Siberia, in a military intelligence report dated March 1, 1919, to Lt. Col. Barrows in Vladivostok “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type, who have been in the United States and there absorbed every one of the worst phases of our civilization without having the least understanding of what we really mean by liberty.”

MRS. CLARE SHERIDAN, Traveler, Lecturer in NEW YORK WORLD, December 15, 1923 “The Communists are Jews, and Russia is being entirely administered by them. They are in every government office, bureau and newspaper. They are driving out the Russians and are responsible for the anti-Semitic feeling which is increasing.”

MAJOR ROBERT H. WILLIAMS, in Fecp and the Minority Machine, page 10 “B’nai B’rith, the secret Jewish fraternity, was organized in 1843, awakening world Jewish aspirations, or Zionism, and its name, meaning “Sons of the Covenant,” suggests that the 12 men who organized the fraternity aimed at bringing about the fulfillment of “the Covenant,” or the supposed Messianic promise of rulership over all peoples. To rule all peoples, it is first necessary to bring them together in a world federation or world government — which is the avowed aim of both Communists and Zionists.”

VLADIMIR, LENIN, Founder of Bolshevik Communist (From an article in Northern Pravda, October-December 1913, quoted in Lenin on the Jewish Question, page 10) “There the great universally progressive features of Jewish culture have made themselves clearly felt: its internationalism, its responsiveness of the advanced movements of our times (the percentage of Jews in democratic and proletarian movements is everywhere higher than the percentage of Jews in the general population.) . . . Those Jewish Marxists who join up in the international Marxist organizations with the Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and other workers, adding their might (both in Russian and in Jewish) to the creation of an international culture of the working class movement, are continuing the best traditions of Jewry.”

JOSEPH STALIN in a reply given on January 12, 1931 to an enquiry made by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency of America (Stars and Sand, page 316) “Anti-Semitism is dangerous for the toilers, for it is a false track which diverts them from the proper road and leads them into the jungle. Hence, Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be irreconcilable and bitter enemies of anti-Semitism. In the U.S.S.R., anti-Semitism is strictly prosecuted as a phenomenon hostile to the Soviet system. According to the laws of the U.S.S.R. active anti-Semites are punished with death.”

HENRY FORD in (The Dearborn Independent, 12-19 February 1921 “Jews have always controlled the business . . . The motion picture influence of the United States and Canada . . . is exclusively under the control, moral and financial, of the Jewish manipulators of the public mind.”

M. OUDENDYK, the Netherlands’ Minister to Petrograd on September 6, 1918, to the British Government, published in the unexpurgated edition of A Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia, April, 1919 “. . . I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue before the World, not even excluding the war which is till raging, and unless, as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole World, as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”

A. N. FIELD, in Today’s Greatest Problem “Once the Jewishness of Bolshevism is understood, its otherwise puzzling features become understandable. Hatred of Christianity, for instance, is not a Russian characteristic; it is a Jewish one.”

FATHER DENIS FAHEY; in his book The Rulers of Russia, page 25 “The real forces behind Bolshevism is Russia are Jewish forces, and Bolshevism is really an instrument in the hands of the Jews for the establishment of their future Messianic kingdom.”

A. N. FIELD, The Truth About the Slump, page 208 “The World today, however provides a spectacle of a great concentration of Jewish power. In New York there is a concentration of Jewish financial power dominating the entire world in its material affairs, and side by side with it is the greatest physical concentration of the Jews ever recorded. On the other side of the globe, there has taken place in Russia the greatest concentration of the Jewish revolutionary activity in all history . . . The enormously significant thing in the world today is that both this power of the purse (Theodor Herzl’s “terrible (Jewish) power of the purse”) and revolutionary activity are working in the direction of destroying the entire existing order of things, and not only are they working in a common direction, but there is a mass of evidence that they are working in unison.”

H. H. BEAMISH, N.Y. speech, 1937 “Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918.”

HILARY COTTER, author of Cardinal Minszenty, The Truth About His Real “Crime,” page 6 “Communism and Judaism are one and the same.”

ADRIEN ARCAND, Canadian political leader in New York Speech, October 30, 1937 “There is nothing else in Communism — a Jewish conspiracy to grab the whole world in their clutches; and no intelligent man in the world can find anything else, except the Jews, who rightly call it for themselves a “paradise on earth.”

Jews are eager to bring Communism, because they know what it is and what it means. It is because Communism has not been fought for what it really is — a Jewish scheme invented by Jews — that it has progressed against all opposition to it. We have fought the smoke-screen presented by Jewish dialecticians and publicists, refusing to fight the inventor, profiteer and string-puller. Because Christians and Gentiles have come to fear the Jews, fear the truth, and they are paralyzed by the paradoxical slogans shouted by the Jews.”

REV. KENNETH GOFF, in STILL ‘TIS OUR ANCIENT FOE, page 99 “The Frankenstein of Communism is the product of the Jewish mind, and was turned loose upon the world by the son of a Rabbi, Karl Marx, in the hopes of destroying Christian civilization — as well as others. The testimony given before the Senate of the United States which is take from the many pages of the Overman Report, reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jewish bankers financed the Russian Revolution.”


SYLVESTER I. Condemned Jewish anti-Christian activity.

GREGORY I (‘The Great’). Protested wholesale circumcision of Christian slaves by Jewish traders, who monopolized the slave trade in Europe and the Middle East and were widely suspected of supplying white girls to Oriental and African buyers.

GREGORY VIII. Forbade Jews to have power over Christians, in a letter to Alfonso VI of Castile.

GREGORY IX. Condemned the TALMUD as containing “every kind of vileness and blasphemy against Christian doctrine.”

BENEDICT XIII. His Bull on the Jewish issue (1450) declared:

“The heresies, vanities and errors of the TALMUD prevent their knowing the truth.”

JULIUS III. Contra Hebreos retinentes libros (1554) ordered the TALMUD burned “everywhere” and established a strict censorship over Jewish genocidal writings — an order that has never been rescinded and which presumably is still binding upon Catholics.

PAUL IV. Cum nimis absurdim (1555) promulgated immediately after his coronation, was a powerful condemnation of Jewish usury. It embodies a model legal code to curb Jewish power that was recommended to all communities.

PIUS IV. Condemned Jewish genocidal writings.

PIUS V. Hebraeorum gens (1569) expelled all Jews from the Papal States.

GREGORY XIII. Declared that Jews “continue to plot horrible crimes” against Christians “with daily increasing audacity.”

CLEMENT VIII. Condemned Jewish genocidal writings.

ALEXANDER VIII. Condemned Jewish genocidal writings.

BENEDICT XIV. Quo Primum 1751) denounced Jewish control of commerce and “systematical despoliation” of the Christian through usury.

PIUS VII. Known generally as an ‘anti-Semite’ by Jewish writers.

BENEDICT XV. Warned, in 1920, against “the advent of a Universal Republic which is longed for by all the worst elements of disorder.” This is resented by some Jews because of their active sponsorship and direction of such projects as the League of Nations and United Nations. — And in effect, all Popes who have issued editions of the Index Expurgatorius, in which Jewish genocidal and anti-Christian writings are condemned, according to the instructions of the Council of Trent.

GRANT, USYSSES S. 19th century American general, politician. While in command of the 13th Army Corps, headquartered at Oxford, Mississippi, he became so infuriated at Jewish camp-followers attempting to penetrate the conquered territory that he finally attempted to expel the Jews: “I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be infused into post commanders, the special regulations of the Treasury Department have been violated, and that mostly by Jews and other unprincipled traders. So well satisfied have I been of this that I instructed the commanding officers at Columbus to refuse all permits to Jews to come South, and I have frequently had them expelled from the department, but they come in with their carpet-sacks in spite of all that can be done to prevent it. The Jews seem to be a privileged class that can travel anywhere. They will land at any woodyard on the river and make their way through the country. If not permitted to buy cotton themselves, they will act as agents for someone else, who will be at military post with a Treasury permit to receive cotton and pay for it in Treasury notes which the Jew will buy up at an agreed rate, paying gold. (Letters to C. P. Wolcott, assistant secretary of war, Washington, December 17, 1862)

1). The Jews, as a class, violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department, and also Department orders, are hereby expelled from the Department.

2). Within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order by Post Commanders, they will see that all of this class of people are furnished with passes and required to leave, and anyone returning after such notification, will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permits from these headquarters.

3). No permits will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application for trade permits. By order of Major Gen. Grant Jno. A. Rawlings, Assistant Adjutant General (General Order Number 11, December 17, 1862)

The expulsion order was immediately countermanded by the general-in-chief, H. W. Halleck, in Washington. Apparently the expelled Jews had immediately contacted their kinsmen there and had pressure brought to bear.

SHERMAN, WILLIAM T. 19th century American soldier. In a letter from Union-occupied Memphis, July 30, 1862, he wrote: “I found so many Jews and speculators here trading in cotton, and secessionists had become so open in refusing anything but gold, that I have felt myself bound to stop it. The gold can have but one use — the purchase of arms and ammunition . . . Of course, I have respected all permits by yourself or the Secretary of the Treasury, but in these new cases (swarms of Jews), I have stopped it.” (The Sherman Letters)

ROSS, L. F. 19th century American military man. As did Generals ULYSSES S. GRANT and WILLIAM T. SHERMAN, Ross confronted Jewish ‘carpetbagging’ cotton traders preying upon captured Confederate areas during the Civil War. In a letter to General John A. McClernand, he wrote: “The cotton speculators are quite clamorous for aid in the getting their cotton away from Middleburg, Hickory Valley, etc., and offer to pay liberally for the service. I think I can bring it away with safety, and make it pay to the Government. As some of the Jew owners have as good as stolen the cotton from the planters, I have no conscientious scruples in making them pay liberally to take it away.”

OLMSTED, GREDERICK LAW. 19th century American architect, historian. “A swarm of Jews has, within the last ten years, settled in every Southern town, many of them men of no character, opening cheap clothing and trinket shops, ruining or driving out of business many of the old retailers, and engaging in an unlawful trade with the simple Negroes, which is found very profitable. (The Cotton Kingdom. For other views on Jewish involvement in exploiting the South, see ULYSSES S. GRANT and MARK TWAIN.)

TWAIN, MARK (S. L. Clemens). 19th century American writer. “In the U.S. cotton states, after the war . . . the Jew came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, supplied all the Negroes’ wants on credit, and at the end of the season was the proprietor of the Negro’s share of the present crop and part of the next one. Before long, the whites detested the Jew.

1). The Jew is being legislated out of Russia. The reason is not concealed. The movement was instituted because the Christian peasant stood no chance against his commercial abilities. The Jew was always ready to lend on a crop. When settlement day came, he owned the crop; the next year he owned the farm — like Joseph.

2). In the England of John’s time everybody got into debt to the Jew. He gathered all lucrative enterprises into his hands. He was the King of Commerce. He had to be banished from the realm. For like reasons, Spain had to banish him 400 years ago, and Austria a couple of centuries later. In all ages Christian Europe has been obliged to curtail his activities. If he entered upon a trade, the Christian had to retire from it. If he set up as a doctor, he took the business. If he exploited agriculture, the other farmers had to get at something else. The law had to step in to save the Christian from the poor-house. Still, almost bereft of employments, he found ways to make money. Even to get rich. This history has a most sordid and practical commercial look. Religious prejudices may account for one part of it, bit not for the other nine. Protestants have persecuted Catholics — but they did not take their livelihoods away from them. Catholics have persecuted Protestants — but they never closed agriculture and the handicrafts against them. I feel convinced that the Crucifixion has not much to do with the world’s attitude toward the Jew; that the reasons for it are much older than that event . . . I am convinced that the persecution of the Jew is not in any large degree due to religious prejudice. No, the Jew is a money-getter. He made it the end and aim of his life. He was at it in Rome. He has been at it ever since. His success has made the whole human race his enemy. You will say that the Jew is everywhere numerically feeble. When I read in the Cyclopedia Britannica that the Jewish population in the United States was 250,000 I wrote the editor and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that, and that his figures were without doubt a misprint for 25,000,000. People told me that they had reasons to suspect that for business reasons, many Jews did not report themselves as Jews. It looks plausible. I am strongly of the opinion that we have an immense Jewish population in America. I am assured by men competent to speak that the Jews are exceedingly active in politics. (“Concerning the Jews,” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, September 1899)

Twain’s opinion on the Jews is probably the best-kept secret in American literary history. Immediately after his death, his eccentric daughter Clara married — or was married by — the Jewish piano player, Ossip Galbrilowitsch. Twain’s publishers were given speedy instructions to delete “Concerning the Jews” from the collected works, where it had appeared in the book The Man that Corrupted Hadleybury & Other Stories.

1). Since Jews provided most of the agitators and orators who pushed forward the Abolition campaign that culminated in the Civil War (which Jewish bankers largely financed, on both sides), it seems a legitimate question whether there was any preplanning for the wholesale — and retail — economic looting done by mainly Jewish carpetbaggers after the war.

2). We have cited a host of other writers on the terrible economic depredation that Jewry visited on the people of Tzarist Russia.

ERNEST RENAN, French historian “The Jews are not merely a different religious community, but — and this is the most important factor — ethnically an altogether different race. The European felt instinctively that the Jew is a stranger, who immigrated from Asia. The so-called prejudice is natural sentiment. Civilization will overcome antipathy against the Israelite who merely professes another religion, but never against the racially different Jew . . . In Eastern Europe the Jew is the cancer slowly eating into the flesh of other nations. Exploitation of the people is his only aim. Selfishness and a lack of personal courage are his chief characteristics; self-sacrifice and patriotism are altogether foreign to him.”

GOLDWIN SMITH, Professor of Modern History at Oxford, wrote in Nineteenth Century, October 1881 “The Jew alone regard his race as superior to humanity, and looks forward not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them all and to its final ascendancy under the leadership of a tribal Messiah.”

MENCKEN, H. L. 20th century American writer. “The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered they lack any of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude, such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display.” (Treatise on the Gods) The fact that what are commonly spoken of as rights are often really privileges is demonstrated in the case of the Jews. They resent bitterly their exclusion from certain hotels, resorts and other places of gathering, and make determined efforts to horn in. But the moment any considerable number of them horns in, the attractions of the place diminish, and the more pushful Jews turn to one where they are still nicht gewuenscht . . . (“not wanted.”) “I am one of the few Goyim who have ever actually tackled the TALMUD. I suppose you now expect me to add that it is a profound and noble work, worthy of hard study by all other GOYIM. Unhappily, my report must differ from this expectation. It seems to me, save for a few bright spots, to be quite indistinguishable from rubbish . . .”

“The Jewish theory that the GOYIM envy the superior ability of the Jews is not borne out by the facts. Most GOYIM, in fact, deny that the Jew is superior, and point in evidence to his failure to take the first prizes: he has to be content with the seconds. No Jewish composer has ever come within miles of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms; no Jew has ever challenged the top-flight painters of the world, and no Jewish scientist has equaled Newton, Darwin, Pasteur or Mendel. In the latter bracket such apparent exception as Ehrlich, Freud and Einstein are only apparent. Ehrlich, in fact, contributed less to biochemical fact than to biochemical theory, and most of his theory was dubious. Freud was nine-tenths quack, and there is sound reason for believing that even Einstein will not hold up: in the long run his curved space may be classed with the psychosomatic bumps of Gall and Spurzheim. But whether this inferiority of the Jew is real or only a delusion, it must be manifest that it is generally accepted. The GOY does not, in fact, believe that the Jew is better than the non-Jew; the most he will admit is that the Jew is smarter at achieving worldly success. But this he ascribes to sharp practices, not to superior ability.” (Minority Report: H. L. Mencken’s Notebooks)

SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD. 20th century British dramatist. “This is the real enemy, the invader from the East, the Druze, the ruffian, the oriental parasite; in a word: the Jew. (London Morning Post, December 3, 1925) This craving for bouquets by Jews is a symptom of racial degeneration. The Jews are worse than my own people. Those Jews who still want to be the chosen race (chosen by the late Lord Balfour) can go to Palestine and stew in their own juice. The rest had better stop being Jews and start being human beings. (Literary Digest, October 12, 1932)

WAGNER, RICHARD. 19th century German composer. “The Jew has never had an art of his own, hence never a live of art-enabling import . . . “So long as the separate art of music had a real organic life-need in it, down to the epochs of Mozart and Beethoven, there was nowhere to be found a Jew composer: it was utterly impossible for an element quiet foreign to that living organism to take a part in the formative stages of that life. Only when a body’s inner death is manifest, do outside elements win the power of judgment in it — yet merely to destroy it. On one thing am I clear: that is the influence which the Jews have gained upon our mental life, as displayed in the deflection and falsification of our highest culture-tendencies. Whether the downfall of our culture can be arrested by a violent rejection of the destructive alien element, I an unable to decide, since that would require forces with whose existence I am unacquainted. (Judaism in Music)

SOMBART, WERNER. 20th century German economist. “Capitalism was born from the money loan. Money lending contains the root idea of capitalism. Turn to the pages of the TALMUD and you will find that the Jews made an art of lending money. They were taught early to look for their chief happiness in the possession of money. They fathomed all the secrets that lay hid in money. They became Lords of Money and Lords of the World . . . ”

FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT. 20th century American novelist. “Down a tall busy street he read a dozen Jewish names on a line of stores; in the door of each stood a dark little man watching the passers from intent eyes — eyes gleaming with suspicion, with pride, with clarity, with cupidity, with comprehension. New York — he could not dissociate it from the slow, upward creep of this people — the little stores, growing, expanding, consolidating, moving, watched over with hawks’ eyes and a bee’s attention to detail – they [were Jews.]

EMERSON, RALPH WALDO. 19th century American philosopher, poet. “The sufferance which is the badge of the Jew has made him, in these days, the ruler of the rulers of the earth. (Fate an essay)

BURTON, SIR RICHARD FRANCIS. 19th century British diplomat, writer. After a sting as consul at Damascus, Syria, where some years before, a Catholic priest was allegedly murdered in a blood ritual by Jews, Burton took an interest in the matter. His investigations satisfied him that such killings actually were performed by certain sects of Jews. “The Jew’s hand was ever, like Ishmael’s, against every man but those belonging to the Synagogue. His fierce passions and fiendish cunning, combined with abnormal powers of intellect, with intense vitality, and with a persistency of purpose which the world has rarely seen, and whetted moreover by a keen thirst for blood engendered by defeat and subjection, combined to make him the deadly enemy of all mankind, whilst his unsocial and iniquitous Oral Law contributed to inflame his wild lust of pelf, and to justify the crimes suggested by spite and superstition.”

DREISER, THEODORE. 20th century American writer. “New York to me is a scream — a Kyke’s dream of a ghetto. The Lost Tribe has taken the island. (Letter to H. L. Mencken, November 5, 1922) ” “Liberalism, in the case of the Jew, means internationalism. If you listen to Jews discuss Jews, you will find they are money-minded, very sharp in practice. The Jews lack the fine integrity which at last is endorsed, and to a certain degree followed, by lawyers of other nationalities. The Jew has been in Germany for a thousand years, and he is still a Jew. He has been in America for all of 200 years, and he has not faded into a pure American by any means — and he will not. (Letter to Hutchins Hapgood, The Nation magazine, April 17, 1935)”

WELLS, H. G. 20th century British writer. “The Jews looked for a special savior, a messiah, who was to redeem mankind by the agreeable process of restoring the fabulous glories of David and Solomon, and bringing the whole world at last under the firm but benevolent Jewish heel.” (The Outline of History)

“Zionism is an expression of Jewish refusal to assimilate. If the Jews have suffered, it is because they have regarded themselves as a chosen people.” (The Anatomy of Frustration)

“A careful study of anti-Semitism prejudice and accusations might be of great value to many Jews, who do not adequately realize the irritations they inflict.” (Letter of November 11, 1933)

Wells was in the habit of referring to KARL MARX as “a shallow third-rate Jew,” and “a lousy Jew” in private correspondence. (Norman MacKenzie, H. G. Wells)

LINDBERGH, CHARLES. 20th century American aviator, writer. Wednesday, August 23, 1939 “We are disturbed about the effect of the Jewish influence in our press, radio and motion pictures. It may become very serious. [Fulton] Lewis told us of one instance where the Jewish advertising firms threatened to remove all their advertising from the Mutual system if a certain feature were permitted to go on the air. The threat was powerful enough to have the feature removed.”

Thursday, May 1, 1941 “The pressure for war is high and mounting. The people are opposed to it, but the Administration seems to have ‘the bit in its teeth’ and is hell-bent on its way to war. Most of the Jewish interests in the country are behind war, and they control a huge part of our press and radio and most of our motion pictures. There are the ‘intellectuals’ and the ‘Anglophiles,’ and the British agents who are allowed free rein, the international financial interests, and many others.” (The Wartime Journals)

GENERAL GEORGE VAN HORN MOSELY, in the New York Tribune, March 29, 1939 “The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish influence throughout the world.”

HERDER, JOHANN GOTTFRIED. 18th century German philosopher. “The Jewish people is and remains in Europe an Asiatic people alien to our part of the world, bound to that old law which it received in a distant climate, and which, according to its confession, it cannot do away with . . . How many of this alien people can be tolerated without injury to the true citizen? A ministry in which a Jew is supreme, a household in which a Jew has the key of the wardrobe and the management of the finances, a department or commissariat in which Jews do the principal business, are Pontine marshes which cannot be drained. (Bekehrung der Juden) For thousands of years, since their emergence on the stage of history, the Jews were a parasitic growth on the stem of other nations, a race of cunning brokers all over the earth. They have cause great evil to many ill-organized states, by retarding the free and natural economic development of their indigenous population. (“Hebraer,” in Ideen)

BONAPARTE, NAPOLEON. French statesman, general. “The Jews provided troops for my campaign in Poland, but they ought to reimburse me: I soon found that they are no good for anything but selling old clothes . . .” “Legislating must be put in effect everywhere that the general well-being is in danger. The government cannot look with indifference on the way a despicable nation takes possession of all the provinces of France. The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age; they are the carrion birds of humanity . . . “They must be treated with political justice, not with civil justice. They are surely not real citizens.”

“The Jews have practiced usury since the time of Moses, and oppressed the other peoples. Meanwhile, the Christians were only rarely usurers, falling into disgrace when they did so. We ought to ban the Jews from commerce because they abuse it . . . The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of this people.” (From Napoleon’s Reflections, and from speeches before the Council of State on April 30 and May 7, 1806.)

“Nothing more contemptible could be done than the reception of the Jews by you. I decided to improve the Jews. But I do not want more of them in my kingdom. Indeed, I have done all to prove my scorn of the most vile nation in the world.” (Letter to his brother Jerome, King of Westphalia, March 6, 1808)

1). Every big and small Jew in the peddling trade must renew his license every year.

2). Checks and other obligations are only redeemable if the Jew can prove that he has obtained the money without cheating. (Ordinance of March 17, 1808. Napoleonic Code.)

DE GAULLE, CHARLES. 20th century French politician. Addressing the Zionist imbroglio in the Mideast in a news conference of November 27, 1967, he observed: “The Jews remain what they have been at all times: an elite people, self-confident and domineering.”

SAND, GEORGE (Amantine Dupin Dudevant). 19th century French novelist. “I saw in ‘the wandering Jew’ the personification of the Jewish people, exiled in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, they are once again extremely rich, owing to their unfailing rude greediness and their indefatigable activity. With their hard-heartedness that they extend toward people of other faiths and races they are at the point of making themselves kings of the world. This people can thank its obstinacy that France will be Judized within fifty years. Already some wise Jews prophesy this frankly.” (Letter to Victor Lorie, 1857)

COMMUNITY OF STRASBOURG, FRANCE. In an address to the ASSEMBLEE in 1790, the city’s revolutionary leaders opposed citizenship for Jews, because: “Everyone knew the inherent bad character of the Jews and no one doubted they were foreigners . . . Let the ‘enlighteners’ stop defaming the Gentiles by blaming them for what is wrong with the Jews. Their conduct is their own fault. Perhaps the Jews might eventually give up every aspect of their separation and all the characteristics of their nature. Let us sit and wait until that happens; we might them judge them to be worthy of equality. (Tres Humble Adresse qui Presente la Commune de la Ville Strasbourg)

ROBERTS, STEPHEN H. 20th century Australian historian. Though hostile on almost every point to National Socialism, his The House that Hitler Built does admit that Jews were a menace in Germany: “It is useless to deny that grave Jewish problems existed in Germany. The nation was in the unfortunate geographical position of being the first stage in the perennial push westward of the Polish Jews. Unless forced on, they tended to stop in Berlin and Hamburg, where they obtained an unduly share of good professional positions. In Berlin, for example, when the Nazi came to power, 50.2 percent of the lawyers were Jews. In medicine, 48 per cent of the doctors were Jews, and it was said that they systematically seized the principal hospital posts. The Jews owned the largest and most important Berlin newspapers, and they had made great inroads on the educational system.”

FRANCO, FRANCISCO. 20th century Spanish statesman. In his victory speech in Madrid, on May 19, 1939, he declared: “Let us be under no illusion. The Jewish spirit, which was responsible for the alliance of large-scale capital with Marxism and was the driving force behind so many anti-Spanish revolutionary agreements, will not be got rid of in a day.”

PRIMO DE RIVERA, JOSE. 20th century Spanish political reformer (assassinated by the Communists). He stressed that the instruments of Jewish domination in the modern world are money and the press, and that communism is an instrument of international Jewish capitalism used to smash and afterwards rule the nations. (El Estado Nacional)

H. H. BEAMISH, in a New York address, October 30 – November 1, 1937 “In 1848 the word “anti-Semitic” was invented by the Jews to prevent the use of the word “Jew.” The right word for them is “Jew” . . . “I implore all of you to be accurate — call them Jews. There is no need to be delicate on this Jewish question. You must face them in this country. The Jew should be satisfied here. I was here forty-seven years ago; your doors were thrown open to the Jews and they were free. No he has got you absolutely by the throat — that is your reward.”

CHRISTEA, PATRIARCH. 20th century Romanian prelate. “The Jews have caused an epidemic of corruption and social unrest. They monopolize the press, which, with foreign help, flays all the spiritual treasures of the Romanians. To defend ourselves is a national and patriotic duty — not anti-Semitism. Lack of measures to get rid of the plague would indicate that we are lazy cowards who let ourselves be carried alive to our graves. Why should we not get rid of these parasites who suck Romanian and Christian blood? It is logical and holy to react against them.” (New York Herald Tribune, August 17, 1937)

HOUSTON STEWART CHAMBERLAIN, world famed author of Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, Vol. I, page 337 “The revelation of Christ has no significance for the Jew! . . . I have searched through a whole library of Jewish books in the expectation of finding — naturally not belief in the Divinity of Christ, nor the idea of redemption, but the purely human feeling for the greatness of the suffering Savior — but in vain. A Jew who feels that, is, in fact, no longer a Jew, but a denier of Judaism. And while we find, even in Mohammed’s Koran, at least a vague conception of the importance of Christ and profound reverence for His personality, a cultured leading Jew of the nineteenth century (Graetz) calls Christ “the new birth with the death mask,” which inflicted new and painful wounds upon the Jewish people; he cannot see anything else in Him. In view of the Cross he assures us that “the Jews do not require this convulsive emotion for their spiritual improvement,” and adds, “particularly not among the middle classes of inhabitants of the cities.” His comprehension goes further. In a book, republished in 1880, by a Spanish Jew (Mose de Leon) Jesus Christ is called a “dead dog” that lies “buried in a dunghill.” Besides, the Jews have taken care to issue in the latter part of the nineteenth century several editions (naturally in Hebrew) of the so-called “censured passages” from the Talmud, those passages usually omitted in which Christ is exposed to our scorn and hatred as a “fool,” “sorcerer,” “profane person,” “idolater,” “dog,” “bastard,” “child of lust,” etc.: so, too, His sublime Mother.”

ADRIEN ARCAND, Canadian political leader of the 1930s “Through their (Jew’s) international news agencies, they mold your minds and have you see the world not as it is, but as they want you to see it. Through their cinema, they are the educators of our youth — and with just one film in two hours, can wipe out of a child’s brain what he has learned in six months in the home, the church or the school.”

NESTA WEBSTER, in her book Germany and England “England is no longer controlled by Britons. We are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship — a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life.”

HENRY WALLACE, Secretary of Commerce, under President Harry Truman, wrote in his dairy that in 1946 “Truman was “exasperated” over Jewish pressure that he support Zionist rule over Palestine. Wallace added “Pres. Truman expressed himself as being very much ‘put out’ with the Jews. He said that ‘Jesus Christ couldn’t please them when he was here on Earth, so how could anyone expect that I would have any luck?’ Pres. Truman said he had no use for them and didn’t care what happened to them.”

WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYANT, three times the Democratic Party candidate for President said: “New York is the city of privilege. Here is the seat of the Invisible Power represented by the allied forces of finance and industry. This Invisible Government is reactionary, sinister, unscrupulous, mercenary, and sordid. It is wanting in national ideals and devoid of conscience . . . This kind of government must be scourged and destroyed.”

HENRY ADAMS (Descendant of President John Adams), in a letter to John Hay, October 1895 “The Jewish question is really the most serious of our problems.”

SPRING-RICE, SIR CECIL. 20th century British politician. “One by one, the Jews are capturing the principal newspapers of America. (Letter of November 1914, to Sir Edward Grey, foreign secretary. Letters and Friendships)

CAPOTE, TRUMAN. 20th century American writer. In an interview, he assailed “the Zionist mafia” monopolizing publishing today, and protested a tendency to suppress things that do not meet with Jewish approval. (Playboy magazine, March 1968)

VOLTAIRE (Francois Marie Arouet) 18th century French philosopher, writer. “Why are the Jews hated? It is the inevitable result of their laws; they either have to conquer everybody or be hated by the whole human race . . .” “The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.” (Essai sur le Moeurs)

“You seem to me to be the maddest of the lot. The Kaffirs, the Hottentots, and the Negroes of Guinea are much more reasonable and more honest people than your ancestors, the Jews. You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny.” (From a letter to a Jew who had written to him, complaining of his ‘anti-Semitism.’ Examen des Quelques Objections . . . dans L’Essai sur le Moeurs.)

“You will only find in the Jews an ignorant and barbarous people, who for a long time have joined the most sordid avarice to the most detestable superstition and to the most invincible hatred of all peoples which tolerate and enrich them.” (“Juif,” Dictionnaire Philosophique)

“I know that there are some Jews in the English colonies. These marranos go wherever there is money to be made . . . But whether these circumcised who sell old clothes claim that they are of the tribe of Naphtali or Issachar is not of the slightest importance. They are, simply, the biggest scoundrels who have ever dirtied the face of the earth.” (Letter to Jean-Baptiste Nicolas de Lisle de Sales, December 15, 1773. Correspondence. 86:166)

“They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

CANNOT, E. 19th century French reformer. In La Renovation, journal of the socialist school of CHARLES FOURIER. “Jews! To the heights of your Sinai . . . I humbly lift myself. I stand erect and cry out to you, in behalf of all my humble equals, of all those whom your spoliation has brought to grief, who died in misery through you and whose trembling shades accuse you: Jews! for Cain and Iscariot, leave us, leave us! Ah, cross the Red Sea again, and go down there to the desert, to the promised land which is waiting for you, the only country fit for you; o you wicked, rude and dishonest people, go there!!!” repute.htm


TUT Broadcast Oct 18, 2017

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WATCH – Jewish police officer beat, headbutted and insulted a Palestinian truck driver

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Iran guards vow to boost missile program in defiance of US pressure

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Israel finds a welcome audience with Christian journalists

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End of the Petrodollar: China to Compel Saudi Arabia to Trade Oil in Yuan

In an interview with CNBC Weinberg said China has become a key player in the oil market since overtaking the US to become the world’s largest importer.

Saudi Arabia has “to pay attention to this because even as much as one or two years from now, Chinese demand will dwarf US demand,” Weinberg told the media.

“I believe that yuan pricing of oil is coming and as soon as the Saudis move to accept it — as the Chinese will compel them to do — then the rest of the oil market will move along with them,”he added.

A 1974 agreement between US President Richard Nixon and Saudi King Faisal meant Riyadh has been accepting dollars for all its oil exports.

However, recently, countries like China and Russia have been looking to exclude the greenback from bilateral oil trade. Russia and Saudi Arabia are the most significant exporters of oil to China, alternating in top spot.

China has already said it wants to start a crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold.

SEE: The West IS Engineering its Own Downfall!!! 

Veteran investor Jim Rogers told RT last month that countries are getting more concerned about trading in dollars, because “if the US gets angry at you, they just set enormous pressure on you that can even get you out of business.”

“China, Russia, and other countries understand this, and they are trying to move world trade and world finance away from that,” said Rogers.

In July, Russia and China signed a 68 billion yuan ($10 billion) investment fund to ease ruble-yuan settlements.

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The Las Vegas and Weinstein Cover-ups: Boiler Room EP #132

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals.

Join ACR hosts Hesher and Spore along side Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis, Shawn Helton (of 21st Century Wire) Andy Nowicki (The Nameless One) & Randy J (ACR & 21Wire Contributor) for the hundred and thirty second episode of BOILER ROOM. Turn it up, tune in and hang with the ACR Brain-Trust for this weeks boil downs and analysis and the usual gnashing of the teeth of the political animals in the social reject club.

On this episode of Boiler Room the ACR Brain-Trust is further analyzing aspects of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay mass shooting event with Shawn Helton joining to share his latest discovery with this exclusive 21Wire/ACR report. Shawn uncovers connections between the Phoenix charity foundation co-founded by Kymberley Suchomel, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting, and the well known DHS related Geo Group. Kymberley Suchomel is reported to have died suddenly on October 9th, of apparent known health conditions. “The reason why the Geo Group link is so significant, is that prior to modern America’s largest mass shooting in Las Vegas, an apparent survivor of the incident was operating a foundation that was accepting financial support from a large-scale company formerly known as The Wackenhut Corporation, a subsidiary of G4S Secure Solutions, one of the world’s largest security firms, and a Department of Homeland Security connected conglomerate tied to the suspicious Orlando shooting in the summer of 2016 – an event, that was previously the country’s largest mass shooting.”  

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STRANGER THAN FICTION: Why Is Foundation of Vegas Shooting Survivor Sponsored By DHS Linked Firm?

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

When looking at the deeply entangled mystery surrounding the Las Vegas mass shooting, there’s been no shortage of questionable details and information that just doesn’t add up.

You know the old adage, truth is often stranger than fiction… 

‘VEGAS QUESTIONS’ – Who’s behind the scenes concerning the High Desert Phoenix Foundation? ( Photo illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

The shooting involving the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Resort and Route 91 Harvest Festival, has ushered in the brutal return of politicized mass tragedy in America. The dramatic nature of the surreal as of yet still motiveless crime, only adds to a traumatic event that is now being described as “the 9/11 of Mass Shootings.”

Similarly, over this past week, a story of concerning the sudden tragic death of a Las Vegas shooting survivor sent shock waves through both mainstream media and alternative media alike.

As a chorus of gripping media reports detailed the unexpected death of 28 year-old Kymberley Jo (Synder) Suchomel (left photo Daily Press) in the days after the Las Vegas mass shooting, many still in search of answers in the aftermath of the Las Vegas tragedy were left captivated by her tale.

By now, many may already be familiar media accounts of Suchomel’s harrowing tale of survival, who along with close friends, was said to have attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival the night of the Las Vegas shooting massacre.

However, the untimely circumstances of Suchomel’s death has been conflated with the unexplained events in Las Vegas, as many in alternative media have hastily assumed that the young fund raiser’s death was somehow linked to her dispute of the Las Vegas mass shooting storyline via social media posts on a Facebook account associated with her. Subsequently, online interpretations of the Suchomel story have led to a digital firestorm on social media, producing a wave of speculation prior to a more complete analysis of the survivor’s tale.

Despite sensationalized reportage, at this time, there’s no concrete evidence to prove a social media-based conspiracy concerning the death of Suchomel…

According to the original story first published by the Daily Press, we’re told Suchomel died in her sleep as she was said to have suffered from epilepsy and had been “prone to seizures.” Additionally, Suchomel, who was reportedly taking medication for a pituitary tumor, was discovered dead by her grandmother Julie Norton at 8:30am on October 9th at her Apple Valley, California home. An autopsy of Suchomel’s death is still pending.

QUESTION: Is it possible that ‘open source investigators’ are being led into a virtual cul-de-sac and thus missing the real story?

Media Tripwire?

The uncanny timing of Suchomel’s death has come on the heels of a brewing controversy over the Las Vegas shooting. This has led to increased speculation, turbo-charging even more spurious internet-based conspiracies and allegations. These now viral stories have simultaneously been published as anonymous survivor claims from those close to her have presented Facebook messages associated with Suchomel’s account. We’re told Suchomel claimed there were multiple shooters involved in the Las Vegas shooting, as she allegedly planned to “organize a group of survivors,” and that “The media can suck it. They have no idea what went down!” 

While all of this is compelling, you have to wonder – is there more to Suchomel’s story?

While Suchomel’s public account of the Las Vegas shooting is persuasive and does appear to question the official narrative, its important to look at information from multiple angles in order to formulate a more full spectrum understanding of complex multilayered crimes.

Although the police dispatch communication, along with eye-witness testimony reveals some startling information contradicting the official story surrounding the Las Vegas mass shooting, one must be cautious when looking at all of the available evidence of a crime – however difficult that may be.

SEE ALSO: The Las Vegas Mass Shooting – More to the Story Than We’ve Been Told

As larger outlets in alternative media such as Infowars have sensationalized this highly emotive aspect of the Las Vegas tragedy, a series of formulaic polarizing political points have become an echo chamber in its aftermath. This type of conjecture rapidly descends into wild speculation only serving to magnify emotionally driven elements of a particular story, something that could be used to deliberately steer public perception away from any potential forensic clues.

Its important to remember that during same time SITE Intelligence injected an ‘ISIS meme’ into the Las Vegas tragedy without revealing any solid evidence, Infowars quickly followed suit. This then prompted an apparent ‘official’ statement that echoed those dubious claims from the terror group ISIS. Although these claims still linger, they’ve failed to produce any real connection to ISIS.

As we’ve noted numerous times here at 21WIRE, the intelligence monitoring group called SITE, has ties to both the CIA and Israeli intelligence. The group has also had ethical concerns raised over the nature of their intel gathering in the last decade and according to the group’s founder, Rita Katz – they’ve managed to release terror related material linked to ISIS prior to the group itself.

‘GEO GROUP’ – A private-for-profit corrections and detention firm formerly known as Wackenhut Corrections Corporation under the umbrella of The Wackenhut Corporation. (Image Source corporatewatch)

Strange Bedfellows: Follow the Money

What your about to see below, is a collection of material revealing what appears to be a rather incredible financial component connected to the High Desert Phoenix Foundation, a charitable organization co-founded by the recently deceased Las Vegas mass shooting survivor Kymberley Suchomel. 

The High Desert Phoenix Foundation claims to have raised funds for grieving families affected by trauma since 2008. This amazing coincidence, rather incredibly, has not been mentioned once in any of conspiratorial claims surrounding the Suchomel story at alternative media outlets. Put another way, a survivor of a traumatic event has been a long time co-founder of a foundation that portends to have helped those who have endured a traumatic tragedy – what are the chances of this uncanny coincidence?

Furthermore, new evidence uncovers details concerning the High Desert Phoenix Foundation’s high-profile sponsors, one that includes the The Geo Group, Inc (GEO).

In 1984, Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC) had been formed as a part of The Wackenhut Corporation. In 2003, WCC management bought up all stock held by its subsidiary G4S, altering its name to The GEO Group, Inc.

In 2004, other divisions of the Wackenhut Corporation were purchased by Group 4 Falck, a security focused subsidiary known as G4S Wackenhut, was later renamed again as G4S Secure Solutions.

Here’s a screen shot of the High Desert Phoenix Foundation’s mission statement. Notice the modest look of the website – an organization with the financial backing of the multi-billion dollar GEO Group, one of the nation’s largest for-profit prison operators…

The reason why the Geo Group link is so significant, is that prior to modern America’s largest mass shooting in Las Vegas, an apparent survivor of the incident was operating a foundation that was accepting financial support from a large-scale company formerly known as The Wackenhut Corporation, a subsidiary of G4S Secure Solutions, one of the world’s largest security firms, and a Department of Homeland Security connected conglomerate tied to the suspicious Orlando shooting in the summer of 2016 – an event, that was previously the country’s largest mass shooting. 

If you remember, 29-year old Omar Mateen, an Afghani-American was located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, about 120 miles outside of Orlando. In 2013, Mateen was placed under a terror watch list for 10 months (interviewed two to three times by the FBI 2013-14) and had worked for G4S Secure Solutions, headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, which was formerly part of a CIA-linked government contractor and security firm, The Wackenhut Corporation.

G4S, as it turns out, was the very first ‘designated’ and certified Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contractor and recently secured a $234 million dollar contract with the federal cabinet department. In addition to apparently providing security solutions for “90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities,” G4S, according to border patrol sources has also been tasked with the transportation and release of illegal immigrants inside the interior of the United States. At least one of Mateen’s roles with G4S, was to transport and provide security for prisoner youths in Florida.

Here’s a screen shot from the High Desert Phoenix Foundation’s website that proudly displays their billion dollar government contract linked ‘diamond’ donor, The Geo Group…


Below is a link to the first discussion about the Geo Group connection as it relates to the Las Vegas mass shooting…

Boiler Room: Stranger than Fiction – New Anomalies in the Las Vegas Mass Shooting with Shawn Helton & Hesher

The amount of independent examination regarding the Las Vegas shooting case thus far is fairly staggering and in the wake of any multilayered event, one must proceed with caution when reviewing the available evidence, as the doorway for a ‘trial by media’ frenzy in both mainstream media and alternative media could be used to derail sincere analysis.

What should we make of the the High Desert Phoenix Foundation’s long time links to a high-profile government contractor?

All of this comes, as the Las Vegas shooting star witness, Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos resurfaced to appear in what the public has been told will be his only media appearance to discuss this bizarre and highly questionable case.

It’s also worth mentioning, that Campos failed to shed any more light on the shifting timeline of events associated with the Las Vegas mass shooting. Watch Campos ‘break his silence’ in an interview that appeared on Ellen

Stay tuned for any updates to this story…

21WIRE associate editor Shawn Helton is a researcher and writer, specializing in forensic analysis of high-profile crime scene and counter terrorism investigations, and the deconstruction and analysis of the mass-media coverage surrounding those cases. He has compiled an extensive body of work covering a number of high-profile events since 2012.

READ MORE DAILY SHOOTER NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Daily Shooter Files


Source Article from http://21stcenturywire.com/2017/10/19/stranger-than-fiction-why-is-foundation-of-vegas-shooting-survivor-sponsored-by-dhs-linked-firm/



QUOTE Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. END QUOTE Jawaharlal Nehru Indias first PM Rahul Gadhis great grandfather

The policy of the Jews has always been to“go to headquarters.” They never tried to placate the Russian people, but they did endeavor to enlist the Russian court. They never tried to placate the German people, but they did succeed in permeating the German court. In England they shrug their shoulders at the outspoken anti-Jew reactions of the British populace — what care they? Have they not all of lords of the Kingdom at their heels,do they not hold the strings of Britain’s purse?Through this ability of theirs to “go to headquarters” it is possible to account for the stronghold they got upon various governments and nations. Added to this ability was, of course, the ability to produce what the governments wanted. Source Henry Ford The International Jew

The Nehru Gandhis are modern India’s Monarchs Members of the Nehru Gandhi family have  have ruled India as Prime Ministers directly for 36 of Indias 70 years as a free Republic If the 10 year rule of Manmohan Singh is added thats 46 out of 70 years under direct and indirect Gandhi family rule See List of Prime Ministers of India

Here’s a collection of Jews who had personal ties with the Nehru Gandhi’s For more see The Court Jews ……the Nehru Gandhis

In Sept 2017 Rahul Gandhi the current scion of the Nehru Gandhi family went on a US speaking tour

There he met an interesting collection of shady globalists He met Nicholas Bruggruen a dual citizen Jew who made his billions through mysterious means.Bruggruens’s father was an art dealer and the art market is often used by jews as a money laundering tool

IN 2016 Berggruen Institute,  received a $500 million endowment from the Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust on the institute’s fifth anniversary.

Berggruen’s net worth being pegged at 2.2 billion thats a massive 25% of his wealth So how did he make his money ? In 1988, he co-founded Alpha Investment Management, a fund of hedge funds, with Julio Mario Santo Domingo Jr, the eldest son of a Colombian tycoon. Berggruen created Berggruen Holdings, a private vehicle that buys stakes in companies around the world. They later sold Alpha Investments to Safra Bank for an undisclosed sum.

















Bruggruen’s ideal form of Government is the Singapore Model a form of governance Modi is enthused with In its seventh year, the Berggruen Institute is on its way to establishing itself in a crowded landscape of think tanks.

The New York Bank owned by Jew Edmond Safra has been accused of moneylaundering Columbian drug money Joseph Safra also used former Mossad agents as his bodyguards In the 80s, Safra and Republic were the targets of a global whispering campaign. Among the allegations that surfaced in a variety of mostly obscure publications was the suggestion that he was involved in the IranContra affair; that he had double-crossed the Medellin cocaine cartel; that he was a confrère of mafia legend Mayer Lansky;(Jewish Crime boss of the Kosher Nostra) and that Republic had laundered the drug-trafficking profits of Panama’s General Noriega


Thus the man the mysterious Bruggruen sold his hedge fund to was a Kosher Nostra linked Mossad tied moneylaundering banker

The Berggruen Institute’s mission acc to its website is to develop foundational ideas The work of the institute  has primarily been done through three projects: the 21st Century Council, the Council for the Future of Europe, and the Think Long Committee for California.  In January of 2014, the Berggruen Institute formed a partnership with The Huffington Post, creating The WorldPost

What role India is to play in this collection of ‘Foundational Ideas” isnt really clear Maybe Bruggruen enlightened Rahul Gandhi about it

During his visit to India in November 2015, Berggruen told ET that his five-year old think tank is also paving the way to work with India. The Paris-born investor’s private investment company — Berggruen Holdings — has invested about $200 million in hotels under the Keys brand, car rental services called Car Club, real estate and education sector in India.


The Center for American Progress CAP receives money from multibillionaire hedge fund manager George Soros through two of his nonprofit groups, the Foundation to Support Open Society and the Open Society Institute. From 2005 through 2010, the two organizations gave CAP over $5.4 million. CAP also receives money from  the Tides Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the foundation of Progressive Insurance chairman Peter B. Lewis.

In 2015 Rahul Gandhi had attended the Conference of the Aspen Foundation


The Aspen Institute another Jew funded body has the nasty habit of infiltrating Governments all over the  world in India Aspen linked people  have been directly or indirectly via family members  linked to the Prime Ministers Office

Ashish Gupta  Director in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) from 2006 – 2011 was part of the Third Batch of  Aspen Institutes “Leadership Initiative” Fellows Nandidni Kumar Singhla   wife of Sanjeev Kumar Singhla PRIVATE SECRETARY TO PRIME MINISTER MODI 2012 -now was a member of the Fifth Batch of Aspen Institutes “Leadership Initiative” Fellows

Out of Aspen Institutes total assets of 220 million dollars and the bulk of those assets (a minimum of 20 million US dollars) have come from 4 families ,all of them Jewish These are the Crown (Krinsky) family ,the Pritzker family the Resnik family and David Rubenstein The Crowns and Pritzkers both have links to the Jewish Mob and both are tied to and have funded Obama Both are also hardcore Zionists The Crowns own General Dynamics  see General Dynamics the largest Zionist Jewish Arms manufacturer in the world and the Pritzkers  Hyatt hotel chain,  the Superior Bank of Chicago, and the Royal Caribbean cruise line. Penny Pritzker of the Pritzker family is the Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration

The Aspen Board of Directors is very interesting Besides the main donors it includes Madeline Albright a”Converted Jew” (Original Jewish name Jana Korbel) Miguel Bezos (Jeff Bezos father) Michael Eisner (Former President of  Disney Corp) and Jewish


Congress leader Manish Tewari hosted a lunch for the Atlantic Council Among the attendees were Council  President Fred Kempe Ambassadors and political leaders Tewari is a  Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council What stipend or salary Tewari gets for being a Senior Fellow is not publicly known


Manish Tewari was also one of the Indian invitees to the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange where important people are taken on a week (or more) long free trip to Israel where it is rumored they are given cash filled envelopes and  women & girls  (or boys) as per the guests choice


Wether by coincidence ot cohencidence the Indian media suddenly started noticing that the Modi Magic was waning around the time Rahul Gandhi returned from the US

If by some chance the Congress does play a part in the 2019 Govt formation process what deals have been stuck with these Globalists

What pound of flesh have the American Jewish Committee the Pritzjkers Crowns Resniks Bruggruens etc extracted from Rahul Gandhi ?


div.wpmrec2x div.u > div:nth-child(3n){margin-right:0px;}


Source Article from https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2017/10/20/rahul-gandhis-tryst-with-shady-globalists/

Discovery Of Cave On Moon Raises Hope For Lunar Human Habitation

Discovery Of Cave On Moon Raises Hope For Lunar Human Habitation

Mac Slavo
October 20, 2017

Japans space agency said it has discovered an enormous cave beneath the lunar surface that could be turned into an exploration base for astronauts. It appears to be the perfect spot for humans to colonize the moon.

The discovery, made by Japans Selenological and Engineering Explorer (Selene)probe, comes as several countries compete to follow the United States in sending manned missions to the moon. Using a radar sounder system that can examine underground structures, the orbiter initially found an opening 50 meters wide and 50 meters deep, prompting speculation that there could be a larger hollow. Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) confirmed the presence of the cave after examining the hole using radio waves.

According to The Guardian, the chasm appears to be structurally sound and its rocks may contain ice or water deposits that could be turned into fuel, according to data sent back by the orbiter, nicknamed Kaguya after the moon princess in a Japanese fairytale. Jaxa believes that the cave, located from a few dozen meters to 200 meters beneath an area of volcanic domes known as the Marius Hills on the moons near side, is a lava tube created during volcanic activity about 3.5 billion years ago.


The agency said the chamber could be used as a base for astronauts and their equipment because it would protect them from extreme temperatures. Lunar temperatures range from an average of 107 Celcius during the day to -153 Celcius at night, and radiation from the suns ultraviolet rays it extremely dangerous.

Weve known about these locations that were thought to be lava tubes but their existence has not been confirmed until now, said Junichi Haruyama, a senior researcher at Jaxa. Lava tubes might be the best candidate sites for future lunar bases, because of their stable thermal conditions and potential to protect people and instruments from micrometeorites and cosmic ray radiation, Haruyama said. The same stable and protected environment that would benefit future human explorers also makes them an enticing target for scientific study. Careful examination of their interiors could provide unique insights concerning the evolutionary history of the moon.

We havent actually seen the inside of the cave itself so there are high hopes that exploring it will offer more details, Haruyama said. China, Russia, India, and the United States have made successful unmanned moon landings, but the US is the only country to have put humans on the lunar surface. But that could all change in the very near future, as nations look to build colonies for people on the moon.

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Watching The Hawks – Protecting the Future & Deep Facebook State

Watching The Hawks – Protecting the Future & Deep Facebook State

Watching The Hawks

The FBI and government oversight crack down on child sex-trafficking and abuses in the foster-care system. Senators crack down on political advertising on social media. Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg discusses what a recent PBS series glosses over in its depiction of the Vietnam War. RTs Trinity Chavez reports on the fentanyl crisis stemming from opioid addiction.

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Fly the Friendly Skies

Fly the Friendly Skies

By ns_adminhttp://www.campaignforliberty.org/fly-friendly-skies

One of the perks of being an elected official (or a staffer for an elected official) is taxpayer, or special interest, funded travel to exotic locations on fact-finding missions. While recent changes in the Congressional ethics rules have limited the amount of such travel, members of Congress and their staffs still fly around the world on trips paid for by private educational foundations.

Once, when I was working on Capitol Hill, I asked a friend with more Hill experience if he thought we would really be in session until Christmas. My friend laughed and said No, if you want to know when we will adjourn, find out when leadership and leadership staffers are supposed to leave for their trips. We will adjourn two days before that.

Privately-funded and taxpayer-funded trips are not just a problem at the federal level. State lawmakers also take these trips. For example, just a few months ago there was a meeting held in Paris, France. This meeting was so important that Pennsylvania State Senate President Joe Scarnati attended, even though it meant leaving the state in the midst of a budget crisis that resulted in the state receiving a credit downgrade.

Pennsylvania still has not resolved the crisis. One good thing that may come out of this is that revenue-hungry politicians may do the right thing (for the wrong reason) and legalize online gaming in the Keystone State.

View the original article at http://www.campaignforliberty.org/fly-friendly-skies.

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Putin: Hillary Behind “Russian Collusion” Hysteria And Elites Disrespect Trump Voters

Putin: Hillary Behind “Russian Collusion” Hysteria And Elites Disrespect Trump Voters

Establishment is waging war against Trump and his supporters, Putin says

Kit Daniels
Prison Planet.com
Oct. 19, 2017

President Trumps voters are disrespected by the US political establishment thats constantly blocking the presidents agenda, said Russian President Vladimir Putin who also blamed the Russian collusion narrative on Hillary Clinton.

In the US, theres an unprecedented anti-Russian campaign being waged by the outgoing Obama administration [and holdovers] thats not over, he said during a Valdai Club discussion on Thursday. This campaign hasnt been provoked by anything except the someone who lost the election to Mr. Trump and blamed Russia for this.

This unfolded into the anti-Russian hysteria.

Interestingly, Putin spoke about Bill Browder, an American-British financier who was tried in absentia in Russia for tax fraud in 2013 and later told the US Senate Judiciary Committee that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian agent during the presidential campaign.

For 10 years he lived in the Russian Federation as a tourist, and yet he bought shares of Russian companies without having the right to do so because he wasnt a resident of the Russian Federation, he stated. The company Mr. Browder had relations with was sponsoring the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, but [the latter] with less volume.

The last transfer they had – according to open data – was $1.2 million dollars to the Democratic Party.

Putin also said the Russian Federation made an extradition request to the US for Browder over tax evasion, but it was ignored because Browder was being used to instigate Russian hysteria.

And the Russian president believes Trumps supporters deserve more respect.

Mr. Trump was elected by the American people and this is why we have to pay respect toward him even if we dont agree with some of his positions or views, he continued. Inside the US, hes not been respected, which is a negative component of American political system.

We can argue but we have to pay respect, not to him personally but towards the people who voted for him.

In answering another question from a journalist, Putin pointed out that Trumps incalculable personality is how he reacts to his enemies.

Trump is unpredictable because inside of the US, hes unable to implement any of his plans, for example in healthcare theres a great resistance and he also made a decision about migrants and then the court blocks his decision, he added. This happens all the time.

So we cant say hes unpredictable only because of himself, but because of the American political system.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealKitDaniels


MORE Videos: Resistance News

View the original article at www.prisonplanet.com

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GDP Is Bogus: Here’s Why

GDP Is Bogus: Here’s Why

By Charles Hugh Smith

The rot eating away at our society and economy is typically papered over with bogus statistics that “prove” everything’s getting better every day in every way. The prime “proof” of rising prosperity is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which never fails to loft higher, with the rare excepts being Spots of Bother (recessions) that never last more than a quarter or two.

Longtime correspondent Dave P. of Market Daily Briefing recently summarized the key flaw in GDP: GDP doesn’t reflect changes in the balance sheet, i.e. debt.

So if we borrow money to pay people to dig holes and then fill them with the excavated dirt, GDP rises to general applause. The debt we took on to fund the make-work isn’t accounted for at all.

Here’s Dave’s explanation:

Once I learned about accounting, I figured out why the GDP metric wasn’t sufficient. What is missing?

The balance sheet.

Hurricanes are a direct hit to your nation’s balance sheet. The national income statement goes up because of increased spending to replace lost assets, but the “equity” part of the national balance sheet ends up taking a hit in direct proportion to the damage that occurred. Even if you rebuild everything just the way it was, your assets remain the same, while your liabilities have increased.

We know this because we use the balance sheet equation: equity = assets – liabilities. Equity is another word for wealth.

Before hurricane:

wealth = (house + car) – (home debt + car debt)

After hurricane, you rebuild your house, and buy a new car, using borrowed money:

wealth = (house + car) – (2 x home debt + 2 x car debt)

Wealth (equity) has declined by the sum (home debt + car debt)

So when you see pictures of a hurricane strike, you can now look through all that devastation and see the impact on the balance sheet. National equity (wealth) just dropped by the amount of damage inflicted by the hurricane. Whether it is ever rebuilt doesn’t actually matter; that equity is just gone. Destruction is always a downside for equity – even if there is a temporary positive impact on the income statement.

Isn’t it interesting that the mainstream economists, who don’t use banks, debt, or money in their models, largely ignore balance sheets and instead just looks at the income statement alone? Its almost as if the entire education system was organized so that people paid no attention to banks, debt, and money. Who do you think might benefit from our flock of PhD economists ignoring the extremely profitable debt-elephant in the room, and its purveyors, the banks?

Thank you, Dave, for an explanation we never see in the mainstream. And here’s a chart of our fabulous always-higher GDP, adjusted for another bogus metric, official inflation:

If you found value in this content, please join me in seeking solutions by becoming a $1/month patron of my work via patreon.com.


View the original article at Washingtons Blog

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Dominic West Leads Save the Children’s Call for Suspension of UK Arms Sales to Saudis

LONDON — “The Wire” actor Dominic West is leading a new campaign by charity Save the Children calling for the U.K. government to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which is fighting a war in Yemen. The charity has produced a video with West that shows a laser-guided Paveway IV bomb — the type made in Scotland by U.S. firm Raytheon — emerge from the darkness.

The 60-second film is called “Made In Britain” and was shot in the style of a glamorous advertising campaign — with the score of Elgar’s “Nimrod” as a musical backdrop. As the missile is revealed, West narrates a patriotic-style poem that ends with the closing line “Made in Britain, dropped on children.”

Save The Children is urging the public to sign a petition asking British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to suspend U.K.’s arms trade with Saudi Arabia, which is leading a coalition of nations accused of war crimes in Yemen. The U.K. Government has approved £3.8 billion of arms licences to Saudi Arabia since the conflict escalated in March 2015.

West — a high-profile supporter of Save the Children — played the role of Baltimore detective Jimmy McNulty in the popular U.S. television series, “The Wire.” Launching Save The Children’s video, West said:


By lending my voice to the ‘Made in Britain’ film released today, I am standing side by side with Save the Children in calling on the British Government to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia. For me, as a proud Brit, this is completely unacceptable. We are providing aid to Yemen, but also selling weapons which are being used in a country where children are being bombed and starved.”


Human costs of Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen

A child who was injured in Saudi Arabia's ongoing assault on Yemen is brought to a hospital by her father, in Taiz, Yemen, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015. The U.N. says at least 2,577 civilians were killed since the Saudi-led air campaign began in March, while 5,078 have been injured. (AP Photo/Abdulnasser Alseddik)A child who was injured in Saudi Arabia's ongoing assault on Yemen is brought to a hospital by her father, in Taiz, Yemen, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015. The U.N. says at least 2,577 civilians were killed since the Saudi-led air campaign began in March, while 5,078 have been injured. (AP Photo/Abdulnasser Alseddik)

A child who was injured in Saudi Arabia’s ongoing assault on Yemen is brought to a hospital by her father, in Taiz, Yemen, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015. (AP Photo/Abdulnasser Alseddik)

The English actor said he had witnessed firsthand the “unthinkable pain” the war has had on families, after visiting the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan last year with Save the Children.

Yemen’s war has been catastrophic. In January, the UN said that at least 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict, fought between Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition supporting the ousted government. Since March 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) has recorded a total of 13,504 civilian casualties, including 4,971 people killed and 8,533 injured.

In light of these civilian casualties, a group called Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has also been trying to end U.K. arms sales to Saudi Arabia, taking the U.K. Government to court claiming that U.K. arms sales to Saudi Arabia breached international humanitarian law. CAAT recently submitted a legal appeal after the High Court in London ruled in July that U.K. arms sales to the Saudis could continue, despite multiple allegations of breaches of international humanitarian law leveled against the coalition. The U.K. Government has until the end of October to respond.


Massive arms sales but modest humanitarian aid

Amnesty International members protest by carrying a mock up of a missile, against the British Governments continued sale of arms to Saudi Arabia outside Downing Street in London, Friday, March,18, 2016. The demonstration is focusing on the use of British made weapons by Saudi Arabian forces in the armed conflict in Yemen. (AP/Alastair Grant)Amnesty International members protest by carrying a mock up of a missile, against the British Governments continued sale of arms to Saudi Arabia outside Downing Street in London, Friday, March,18, 2016. The demonstration is focusing on the use of British made weapons by Saudi Arabian forces in the armed conflict in Yemen. (AP/Alastair Grant)

Amnesty International members protest by carrying a mock up of a missile, against the British Governments continued sale of arms to Saudi Arabia outside Downing Street in London, Friday, March,18, 2016. The demonstration is focusing on the use of British made weapons by Saudi Arabian forces in the armed conflict in Yemen. (AP/Alastair Grant)

U.K. arms sales to Saudi Arabia since March 2015 include £2.6 billion for aircraft, helicopters and drones. The British government has also sanctioned sales of grenades, bombs and missiles worth £1.1 billion, according to CAAT. Regarding missiles made in Scotland by U.S. firm Raytheon, U.K. Defence Minister Michael Fallon confirmed last year that Paveway IV bombs had been used by Saudi forces. Human Rights Watch linked these U.K.-licensed bombs to attacks on civilian targets in its recent Bombing Businesses report.

Written evidence from the U.K.’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed that U.K.-built Tornado and Typhoon aircraft have been used in combat missions in Yemen by the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Andrew Smith, of Campaign Against Arms Trade, stated:

History will look very badly on this period and on the startling hypocrisy that has underpinned U.K. policy. There can longer be any credibility to the claim that the U.K. promotes human rights and democracy on the world stage, not while it is supporting one of the most abusive regimes in the world while it bombs one of the poorest countries in the world.”

Earlier this month, the UN listed the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen in its annual blacklist for grave violations against children during conflict in 2016. A draft of the report – first seen by Reuters – also blacklists the Houthis, Yemeni government forces, pro-government militias and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This listing followed the UN’s establishment of an expert group to investigate allegations of war crimes in Yemen, a move that Amnesty International described as a “momentous breakthrough.”

On that latter development, Smith of CAAT said:

The fact that, despite Saudi opposition, the United Nations is investigating war crimes in Yemen is a sign of how serious the allegations are and how dire the situation has become for people in Yemen. The Saudi regime has tried to curb scrutiny and avoid tough questions every step of the way, so these investigations will see them confronted with the devastating outcomes of their terrible bombing.”

Last month, children’s charity War Child U.K. issued a report claiming that U.K. arms companies were “reaping double” the revenues previously estimated from arms sales to Saudi Arabia.The report estimated that the U.K. arms industry has earned revenues exceeding $7.89bn from its dealings with Saudi Arabia, generating profits estimated at almost $789.24m.

Read more by Billy Briggs

War Child U.K. claimed that the “likely tax take” from this amount would only be around £30m to  the U.K. Treasury and noted that U.K. government expenditure on humanitarian relief in Yemen is significantly greater than the income generated through direct taxes. The charity’s report stated:

This tax revenue figure is pitifully small and comes at the cost of thousands of children who have been killed, injured, and starved by a conflict that this trade has helped sustain. And it is dwarfed by the £139m that the U.K. government will spend this year on humanitarian aid in response to a crisis that U.K. weapons sales have helped generate. …

Compared to tax revenues of £13m in 2016, the U.K. has pledged £139m in aid to Yemen for the current financial year 2017–18.49 If delivered in full, this would represent a 26% increase on the £110m spent during the year 2016–17, and an increase of nearly 55% on 2015–16 expenditure.”

War Child thus observed that the U.K.’s arms trade “directly counteracts” much of the benefit Yemeni civilians might expect to receive from the provision of aid, and concluded that this “undermines the Department for International Development’s policy of getting value for money” from the aid it commits.

In reply to our questions on Saudi Arabia’s blacklisting by the UN for killing children, Rob Williams, the CEO of War Child U.K., said the U.K. government “must do the right thing and suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia.”

Anything less will do significant damage to our international reputation,” he added. “Promises of economic prosperity do not outweigh the U.K. government’s commitments to children in Yemen, who are being targeted, killed and maimed at an alarming rate.”


U.K. government offers its justification and explanation

Saudi Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, left, receives British Prime Minister Theresa May, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 5, 2017. (Saudi Press Agency via AP)Saudi Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, left, receives British Prime Minister Theresa May, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 5, 2017. (Saudi Press Agency via AP)

Saudi Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, left, receives British Prime Minister Theresa May, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 5, 2017. (Saudi Press Agency via AP)

In reply to the above criticism, the U.K. government issued a statement to MintPress News defending its arms sales to Saudi Arabia and saying that it “takes its defense export responsibilities very seriously”.

“The U.K. government already operates one of the most robust export control regimes in the world. We rigorously examine every application on a case-by-case basis against the Consolidated EU and National arms export licensing Criteria,” a government representative said.

Pointing out that the U.K. Government is the third largest donor to Yemen, having committed over £155 million in aid this year, the representative added that ministers were playing a “leading role in diplomatic efforts” to achieve a political solution.

This includes “building support for the UN Special Envoy’s proposals for peace,” the government representative said, adding that the intervention by the Saudi Arabian led coalition came at the request of Yemen’s internationally-recognized president, who was attacked by Houthi rebels. The representative concluded:

Since then, rebels have launched missile attacks into Saudi Arabia and committed serious human rights violations. We remain deeply concerned about the human rights situation in Yemen and will continue to work with all parties to find a political solution to the conflict.”

U.K. arms sales to the Saudis were also backed by trade organization ADS, which supports the U.K.’s defense sector. ADS said the industry works within an international framework of treaties, and that “our export control regime is one of the most robust and transparent in the world.”

ADS added that defense and security exports make an important contribution to the U.K.’s national security. “Every U.K. export license application – whether for civil or military use – is scrupulously assessed on a case-by-case basis against a set of criteria consolidated from national and European legislation,” a spokesman for ADS said.


Meanwhile, in Yemen, cholera rages

A girl is treated for a suspected cholera infection at a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. The World Health Organization says a rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Yemen has claimed thousands of lives since April and is suspected of affecting 246,000 people. (AP/Hani Mohammed)A girl is treated for a suspected cholera infection at a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. The World Health Organization says a rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Yemen has claimed thousands of lives since April and is suspected of affecting 246,000 people. (AP/Hani Mohammed)

A girl is treated for a suspected cholera infection at a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. The World Health Organization says a rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Yemen has claimed thousands of lives since April and is suspected of affecting 246,000 people. (AP/Hani Mohammed)

As the war continues, Yemen is also suffering a cholera epidemic. The epidemic has become the fastest-spreading outbreak of the disease in modern history, according to a report by The Guardian this month. It said that one million cases are expected by the end of this year with at least 600,000 children likely to be affected.

According to the report, the World Health Organization has reported more than 815,000 suspected cases of the disease and 2,156 deaths. About 4,000 suspected cases are being reported daily. Children under five years of age account for a quarter of all cases.

But after more than two years of fighting, Yemen is crippled with its public health system on the brink of collapse — and, as the U.K. continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, it’s left to charities such as Save the Children to make pleas on behalf of the war’s innocent victims.

Watch | Dominic West: Stop bombing children

Top photo | Dominic West with young Syrian refugees during a visit to Za’atari refugee camp in Mafraq, Jordan. (Photo: Save the Children)

Billy Briggs is an award-winning freelance investigative journalist based in Scotland, United Kingdom who has reported from many places across the world including Bosnia, Gaza, Guatemala, Haiti, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Northern Ireland. He focuses on exposing human rights abuses and his articles have been published by – among others – Sunday Mail, Scotland On Sunday, Sunday Herald, The Guardian, New Statesman, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, New Zealand Herald, British Broadcasting Corporation and Al Jazeera.



Source Article from http://www.mintpressnews.com/dominic-west-save-children-uk-arms-saudi-arabia-yemen/233483/

Benjamin Netanyahu Pushes To Pass Criminal Immunity Bill As He Faces Police Investigations

Mr. Netanyahu and his family are being investigated by police for fraud and corruption.

As reported by Haaretz, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation will debate the immunity bill this weekend, after which it will become clearer as to whether the bill will become law.

Although previous similar bills have been voted down under his predecessors, Mr. Netanyahu’s senior ministers in his Likud party agree with the bill, including his justice minister, Ayelet Shaked. It was first proposed last year by his minister of parliament, David Amsalem.

The debate on the bill, which is still unclear in terms of its wording and the proposed scope of curtailing police investigation, comes just two months after the Prime Minister’s former chief of staff, Ari Harow, turned state’s witness to avoid jail time after he was himself accused of fraud.

It also comes amid heightened tensions and allegations surrounding Mr. Netanyahu.

One case, named File 1000, accuses the leader and his family of improperly accepting expensive gifts from rich donors, including cigars and champagne from the Israeli Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan.

File 2000 regards whether Mr. Netanyahu tried to elicit positive media coverage from one of the country’s largest newspapers and in return for damaging a competing publication.

His wife, Sara, was accused of fraud last month after she allegedly misused $100,000 of public money.

Mr. Netanyahu is not a suspect in Case 3000, which involves charges of corruption against several of his associates in the sale of German submarines to Israel, but he will provide testimony as a witness.

The leader has denied any wrongdoing. He has asked the attorney general to investigate the alleged leaks to the media.

Even if the new immunity bill was passed, it would not affect sitting prime ministers, although Haaretz reported that Mr. Netanyahu could circumvent this rule by calling for new elections.

It would also not protect prime ministers from investigations related to national security, sex crimes, violence or drugs, as reported by Times of Israel.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olert called for a similar immunity bill which was voted down. He was found guilty of fraud and bribery after he left office, and served 16 months of a 27-month sentence.

Source Article from https://zionistreport.com/2017/10/benjamin-netanyahu-pushes-to-pass-criminal-immunity-bill-as-he-faces-police-investigations/

COMMENTARY: Ken O’Keefe Exposed?

It has been almost two years since Ken O’Keefe finished up raising about $115,000 on INDIEGOGO. This campaign was sold to his followers to stop the ‘perpetual cycle of war’ wrought on to us by international bankers. Surely there must be some progress by now? Well, fellow goyim, don’t hold your breath.

The article below is an exposé by Jeanice Barcelo. Take of it what you will, but it is sure worth a read and our takeaway is simple — trust no one and there are no saviors. We all have to be the change ourselves.

Ken O'Keefe - world citizen solutions

Ken O'Keefe Exposed?
Ken O’Keefe Exposed?

“THE TRUTH ABOUT KEN O’KEEFE AND HIS LUCIFERIAN GIRLFRIEND ‘SOPHIA’,” Source: birthofanewearth.blogspot.com.co

Update as of 7-16-17:

Dear friends, In the last 48 hours, several people have contacted me to share their personal stories of interactions with Ken O’Keefe. Several have had a very similar experience to the one I have had, especially with Ken being a loud-mouthed abuser and screwing people willfully out of money.

Throughout my initial blog post, I tried to give Ken the benefit of the doubt, imagining that perhaps he was acting like a vampire because he, himself, had been vampired. I will not make excuses for him anymore. I am certain at this time that his legacy of outstanding selfishness and self-absorption, combined with a trail of broken financial agreements and people he owes money to, is long-standing and has affected many good-intentioned people that tried to support him. He needs to be called out. People need to know this man is not what he seems.

This following image is a screenshot from Max Igan’s website.

And below are screenshots from a website that the World Citizen webmaster created after Ken’s entire team walked out on him.


This information was posted many months ago and I owe Max and many others an apology. They tried to warn me as early as April 2016 that Ken was not what he appears to be. I did not want to listen. I wanted to maintain my illusion that Ken is a hero – someone who will help bring goodness back into our world.

I was wrong.

The fact Ken that has left a trail of destruction in his wake, along with many good people who have been vampired and screwed over by him financially, should give us pause. Ken expresses no concern for anyone other than himself and little to no regard even for the mother of his children. In fact, he rarely ever mentions his own children or pays them any mind and this should tell us plenty. Combine these truths with the fact that he has created several crowdfunding campaigns in the past, raising several hundred thousand dollars, and that none of that money ever got to where it was supposed to go, and you begin to see that something is amiss. Add on the fact that Ken has never articulated to any clear degree what exactly the World Citizen project is and that nobody I have ever spoken to understands it, and you begin to see that something is definitely wrong. When someone puts forth an idea that is completely ungrounded, totally vague and without any real substance, it is likely that people are being conned.

It is time we asked ourselves why Ken has produced absolutely NOTHING from the $114,000 he raised for the World Citizen project, short of a legal opinion that allegedly cost him $2500 or $4000, depending on who you ask. This legal opinion is interesting but it does not provide the good people of the world with any means whatsoever to break free from the parasitical forces that have sought to control us. In fact, the lawyer who wrote the opinion warned Ken not to put too much faith in the law. So what, exactly, is Ken doing?

Nobody seems to know.

I am certain at this point that the man is a fake. He speaks a good game and has the Luciferian gift of gab. But it’s all smoke and no substance. None of his ideas have any ground. He produces nothing other than videos where he can shoot off his mouth, rile people up, incite a military coup (which absolutely serves the dark forces), and of course, listen to his own voice. This is what he enjoys most, next to spending time with his Luciferian girlfriend and producing more demonic entities that will inhabit our realm as a result of their sordid union.

The blog you are about to read has been partially re-written based on all the new information that has come in after my initial publication of the blog. Early on, I was concerned for Ken’s life. Now, I have no such concern. In fact, I am wondering whether I was brought into the picture in order to promote the idea that he might be murdered so that he can stage his own death and retire happily ever after with the donated money from the myriad fundraisers he created.



Update as of 7-28-17: In response to several requests, I have added source links to some of the screenshots I have posted below. I have also added several additional screenshots to show some factual evidence about prior financial trickery and deceit executed by Ken O’Keefe.


Dear friends – I am writing this blog to alert my people to what I think is very important information regarding Ken O’Keefe and his girlfriend, Sophia. Throughout this blog entry, I will endeavor to share facts that I believe confirm that Ken is a raging narcissist (at best), and perhaps he is also a psychopath. His girlfriend Sophia is, without a doubt, a Luciferian and when we put these two “people” together, it is easy to discern that trouble is afoot.

Sophia attached herself to Ken sometime around February 2016, just shortly after he had raised more than $100,000 for the World Citizen Project and after she had emotionally and spiritually devastated at least two other men in the truth community. It appears that Sophia has a penchant for targeting men in the truth movement and that she has contributed to the breakdown of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual condition of those she has “partnered” with.


Source chooses to remain anonymous

You can get a sense of who Sophia is by watching this short video:

Ken O’Keefe exposed

Significantly, approximately 8-10 weeks before Sophia presented herself at the Anarchapulco conference where she knew Ken would be speaking and where they met for the first time, she posted the following image on her facebook page, which you can check out here.

Not coincidentally, Ken speaks often about his love for dancing. And although some people might imagine that the above image means nothing and Sophia is simply an innocent 25-year-old that “fell in love” with the nearly 50-year-old, extremely hardened, Ken O’Keefe, the information I am about to share should leave little doubt that this young woman is not innocent, that she knows exactly what she is doing, that she is well trained, and that her intentions are either to lure him to his death (perhaps by poisoning him slowly so as not to be detectable), or weaken him to such a degree that he cannot move forward.


Here is another one of the fine images she posted on her facebook page. Note her comment below the image which reveals her vampire tendencies and her penchant for sadism/masochism. The word “dugong” is also significant because, as I will explain in more detail later, it indicates her fondness for luring sailors to their death.

From what I can discern, Sophia lures men in through the “art” of Luciferian seduction. She has sought to distract Ken with outstanding amounts of “passion” and drama while simultaneously isolating him from family and friends. This includes trying to keep him from seeing his own children and trying to prevent him from accessing the healing he desperately needs. Her approach to siphoning off his life force bears the mark of a classic psychopath – but then again, Ken’s actions also bear the mark of a classic psychopath. They are truly a match made in hell.


To be clear, I have shared privately with Ken much of the information I am about to share on this blog. Ken has steadfastly refused to act on the many blatant warnings that Sophia has openly provided and, rather than try to protect himself from her wickedness, he has sought instead to protect her. He has requested several times that I not speak about Sophia publicly and he has even tried to extort written agreements from me to this end, refusing to give me a small amount of money that was promised because I would not acquiesce to his demands.


Sadly, the meager amount of money that Ken repeatedly said he would give me in exchange for weeks of one-on-one support, numerous healing sessions, supplemental remedies, copious amounts of organic food, transportation, live-in maid service [not literally, but you get the picture], the organization of his speaking engagement at Freedompalooza, etc., was never delivered. This is because he is an unbelievably stingy tightwad in his own right (either by nature or through wounding), and also because I refused to agree in writing not to share information about Sophia. In any event, his integrity is hugely at issue and I am one of the many people who has seen clearly that he does not keep his agreements and is not a man of his word.


Having said all that, let me also state that when I initially wrote this blog, I did not believe that Ken had stolen any money from the World Citizen crowdfunding campaign. However, at this time, I have come across so many stories and web pages indicating that he has ripped people off and that he raised several hundred thousand dollars over the course of a few years through crowd funding, and nothing was ever brought forth with the money. This includes a $300,000 fundraiser for “Gaza Food,” none of which ever got to the people of Gaza.







Meanwhile, almost every day that I spent in his company, Ken spoke repeatedly of his need to bring in more money to move the World Citizen project out into the world. He had many lengthy phone calls with someone he referred to as “his partner” and, according to what he told me, was expecting to receive a large sum of money from a wealthy Arab investor — which large sum would allegedly enable him to “launch” the World Citizen project “in the right way.” I reckon that $114,000 he raised about a year ago was just not enough to make it happen. He must have spent it all on “administrative expenses.”


And yet, what are we to make of the fact that Ken repeatedly broke financial agreements with people who worked for him, including those who were brought on board to help with the World Citizen Project? How can we excuse the fact that he withheld money owed time and again and when he finally did make payment, it was often less than what was agreed upon? Meanwhile, as Ken was nickel and dime-ing everyone who bent over backwards to help him, he was sitting on some major financial assets. Something is definitely wrong here.




This last photo is allegedly the listing for Ken’s home in the U.K., which he claims he does not own but which shows up under his name. Also the woman in this video (Jo Wescott) discusses the distortions around Ken’s house and the lies about who owns it, which you can hear in the first minute of the video. The rest of the video is also interesting and reveals some important information to consider.

Ken O’keefe/Thief & Brings Porn/Pimp/Freemasons

Jo-Ann Wescott also believes that Ken is a murderer as you can see from her post here.

I made the mistake of allowing Ken into my personal life in early June of 2017. Seeing as how he is quite skilled with words (some would call it neuro-linguistic programming) and, seeing as how he is able to invoke sympathy where none should be forthcoming, he was able to fool me into thinking he was making a heartfelt request for support after an alleged break-up with his demonic girlfriend, Sophia. Since it is my nature to want to help people, especially those who are part of the truth movement and doing what I thought was good work, I was happy to extend myself to Ken in whatever way I could and delighted to introduce him to the Freedompalooza community and have him be there to share his information and ideas. However, I felt completely depleted physically, emotionally and financially during my interactions with him, and was badly disappointed when he treated me poorly, broke our agreements, and expressed little to no gratitude for the things I shared. His feigned gratitude came only in the form of empty words, but certainly not deeds.

In truth, I experienced him as being completely devoid of kindness, empathy, and generosity while simultaneously showing extraordinary competence at taking and taking and taking and giving nothing in return. Everything about him indicates that he is a screaming narcissist or a full-on psychopath. He has a sense of entitlement as large as Mount Everest and his expectation that the world owes him something because of who he is indicates a grandiose ego that really needs to be reigned in. His behavior in relation to me was so bad that I am inclined to call him a vampire — although in his defense, he is probably completely depleted himself having spent 15 months in the company of his vampire girlfriend. While he was with me, he dominated every “conversation” we had, talking non-stop for hours about himself, his needs, his plans, his beliefs, etc. If I tried to interject with a comment that indicated even a small amount of disagreement, I was promptly bullied with his booming voice, which he used repeatedly to take back control of the “conversation.” The only feelings I ever saw him express were anger and/or emotional shut down. Beyond that, he acted like stone, rarely expressing concern for the well-being of anyone other than himself and/or his precious Sophia. Sadly, I never even heard him express concern for his own children.

As regards his girlfriend, I feel compelled to release this information quickly because there are kind and generous people in the truth community that have invited Ken into their homes along with Sophia. These people need to be warned that Ken is not what he seems, is a major energy sucker, and that both he and his girlfriend may actually be quite dangerous.

So let’s take a closer look at Ken’s girlfriend, starting with her interesting choice of the name “Sophia” which I believe she uses for a very specific reason — i.e., to give us a clue as to who she really is and who she serves.

A small amount of research into the topic of the cabalistic/biblical/gnostic goddess named “Sophia” reveals that she is a fallen goddess strongly connected to Lucifer/Satan (i.e., the Creator’s adversary). She is an integral part of the Luciferian rebellion against The Creator and John Nash (who is a Luciferian himself and longs for the day when Lucifer will reign supreme on Earth), has even made the claim that Sophia IS Lucifer.


From John Lash’s website:

And from https://www.cbeinternational.org/resources/article/priscilla-papers/who-sophia:

Below is more pertinent information about Sophia from the GnosticWarrior website.

Image of the union between Lucifer and Sophia, two “cosmic revolutionaries” leading the rebellion against God.


*Something wicked this way comes
How could I fail
How could I miss to see the signs
Again I was blind
How can a lesson be learned
In this intoxicating, tantalizing game
Something wicked this way comes
I thought it was true what you gave
No just-Javelin thunder-
weapons you launch from depths
of your brooding cave flesh hunter
I thought it was love that you gave
No just predatory hungry rage
Oh no- I hate to say
your not the first To lure me
in this intoxicating tantalizing game
and as I awake and regain
the hall of mirrors they break
suddenly alone with
two hungry snakes
latched on on my wrists
Where you cannot resist
To salvage your food
The last drop of my blood
Your favorite drug
Vampire Flesh hunter
Your favorite drug
To salvage your food
The sweet taste of my blood
Your favorite drug
Something wicked this way comes
Flesh hunter, you have been discovered
You have been discovered
And you have not uncovered
That I too carry
Daggers, blades, grenade launchers
Flesh hunter you’ve been discovered
you have lost your prey
To Daggers, blades, grenade launchers





Interestingly, organized Jewry has made a concerted effort to cover up the Truthabout the psychopathic mass murderer, Ghengis Kahn. The Jews have not only busied themselves attempting to revise history, but have also put energy into honoring this beast in 8-month-long exhibits, probably because he did more to advance their cause of white genocide than any who have come before or since. His methods of torture, rape, and destruction were very similar to those used by the Jewish Bolsheviks that successfully starved, tortured, raped, slaughtered, stole land from and genocided some 66+ million predominantly white Christians in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution.

To give my readers an idea of just how grotesque and evil Ghengis Kahn was, here’s an excerpt from http://www.douglasadams.com/dna/980707-07-s.html

When I tried to uncover whether there was any deeper meaning to the last name Sophia is using — i.e., “Büchi” — I found this company whose trademark is labeled “Infinite-Control.”




Source Article from https://zionistreport.com/2017/10/commentary-ken-okeefe-exposed/

Syrian Forces Find Israeli & NATO-Made Arms In ISIS Hideouts

Syrian forces have discovered a cache of Israeli-made weapons in the strategic city of Mayadin, in the province of Deir ez-Zor, days after liberating the city from ISIS terrorists.

The weapons included several types of heavy, medium and light firearms that originated from Israel, some European countries as well as members of the NATO military alliance.

A field commander said they had also found mortars, artillery equipment, large quantities of anti-armor munitions and a NATO- made 155mm cannon according to Syria’s state news agency SANA.

Press TV reports:

This was not the first time that the Syrian government forces made such discoveries from terrorist hideouts across the country.

According to SANA, only a few days back they captured an Israeli cannon along with large amounts of weapons, ammunition and communication equipment from Takfiri terrorists in the area of ​​Jib al-Jarrah in the eastern Homs countryside.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. The Syrian government says the Israeli regime and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri terrorist groups wreaking havoc in the country.

Israeli violations of Syria’s sovereignty

Although Israel has sought to avoid direct involvement in the six-year conflict, it has acknowledged conducting frequent attacks against military targets in Syria, in what is considered by experts as an attempt to prop up terrorist groups among their many losses.

The latest of such attacks occurred on Thursday, when Israeli tanks fired shells into Syrian territories from the occupied Golan Heights.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the attack, calling it a response to a “projectile” that was allegedly fired from Syria earlier in the day and landed on “open ground” without causing any casualties.

The attack followed an Israeli aerial violation of Syria’s airspace near the Lebanese border on Monday.

Syrian military forces responded to the intrusion by opening fire on the aircraft, hitting one and forcing them all to flee.

According to a statement by the Syrian army, the Israeli jets then fired multiple missiles from inside the occupied Palestinian territories, causing material damage to a Syrian army position in the countryside of the capital Damascus.

Source Article from http://yournewswire.com/syrian-forces-find-israeli-nato-made-arms-in-isis-hideouts/

President Trump ‘Ready’ To Prosecute Hillary Over Uranium One Scandal

President Trump says he is ready to prosecute Hillary over Uranium One scandal

President Donald Trump says he is ready to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over claims she accepted millions of dollars in Russian bribes in exchange for approving the Uranium One deal

Trump took to Twitter Thursday, slamming the mainstream media for ignoring the bombshell revelations about Clinton.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports:  “Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!,” tweeted Trump.

The President followed up quoting Fox & Friends’ report on the scandal, tweeting “Russia sent millions to Clinton Foundation.”

Shortly after, Dilbert creator Scott Adams highlighted how President Trump’s tweet already yielded results. Business Insider covered the story following the tweet. Among many reasons, this is why it is imperative President Trump continues to use Twitter.

The Commander-in-Chief is correct — the mainstream media will report on anything else but this scandal.

While millions of Americans are calling for a full scale investigation by Congress, and further reporting from the media concerning the Clinton-Uranium One deal, CNN and CBS News are covering what they think are the most pressing issues of the day — ‘Mike Pence’s adoring gaze at President Trump,’ and the ‘Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout plan.’

The mainstream media is dead. Yet, you already knew that.

On Wednesday, CNN’s Jeanne Moos released a video report on how Vice-President Mike Pence ‘adoringly gazes’ at President Trump.

Moos notes Pence nods “on beat,” to when President Trump makes a statement. Pence’s stare has been compared to ‘lovestruck,’ cartoons, reports Moos.

“Nancy Reagan Eyes” is what Pence gives Trump, adds Moos.

CBS reporter Elaine Quijano sat down with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s trainer to learn the ‘secret’ behind the 84-year-old’s workout.

CBS News reports:

Personal trainer Bryant Johnson hears it all the time: Four more years.

That’s how long fans of his client, 84-year-old Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, tell him he has to keep her healthy so that a one-term President Donald Trump doesn’t get to name the liberal justice’s replacement on the Supreme Court.

[…]Interest in the workout of the Supreme Court’s oldest justice and in the man behind it has only grown since the election of Trump, who — to be clear — says he’ll occupy the White House for eight years. And it’s resulted in a new workout book written by Johnson, out Wednesday: “The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong … and You Can Too!”Johnson said he hopes the book will show people: “You’re never too old to do something.”

Ginsburg started working out with Johnson in 1999 after being treated for colorectal cancer. As Ginsburg tells the story, her husband told her she looked “like a survivor of a concentration camp” and needed to do something to rebuild her strength. That’s when another judge referred her to Johnson, the records manager at a federal court in Washington who is also an Army reservist and trainer. Their twice-a-week workouts helped Ginsburg regain her strength after her first bout with cancer and again after she was treated for pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Both CNN and CBS News refused to cover the explosive report by The Hill. “The story was apparently too unimportant to be covered by the “big three” broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, as they all refused to spend airtime on it Tuesday,” reports the Daily Caller.

At 10:26 pm est, CNN’s homepage does not show any reports on the scandal. A search with the keywords “FBI” and “bribe” failed to yield the report either.

Prior to the Obama administration approving the very controversial deal in 2010 giving Russia 20% of America’s Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin, says a report by The Hill.

Who was right in the middle of it all? HILLARY CLINTON.

John Solomon and Alison Spann of The Hill:

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

The Department of Justice decided to continue investigating this for four years without Congress or the public knowing, according to The Hill’s reporting.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the same time the State Department and government agencies on the Committee on Foreign Investments UNANIMOUSLY approved the partial sale of Canadian mining company Uranium One to the Russian nuclear company Rosatom, ultimately giving Russia 20% of U.S. Uranium.

That same company, Uranium One, owned uranium concessions in the United States. Because uranium is a strategically important commodity, the Russians would need approval from the Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department, before the purchase took place.

The Clintons took the cash from Uranium One officials before the deal was approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The Clintons hid the donations which is a clear violation of the Memorandum of Understanding Hillary Clinton signed with the Obama administration wherein she promised and agreed to publicly disclose all donations during her tenure as Secreatary of State. (Via Breitbart)

The New York Times reported on the crooked deal in 2015.

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

As The Gateway Pundit reported Tuesday evening, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, is currently investigating the Uranium One scandal.

Source Article from http://yournewswire.com/trump-prosecute-hillary-uranium-one/

Israel Bombs Syrian Army To Protect Al-Qaeda ‘Allies’

Israel bomb Syria to protect their Al-Qaeda allies

Israel bombed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) inside the Golan Heights on Thursday evening in an attempt to protect their Al-Qaeda ‘allies’.

The Israeli Air Force claim the bombing raids were a response to the shelling of occupied areas by the SAA.

According to the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade, an Israeli warplane bombed the SAA’s positions at the town of Qaws Al-Sandiyanah, which is located 1km south of Harfah. As a result of the strikes, the Syrian Army’s 130mm field artillery gun was destroyed.

The airstrike comes just hours after the Syrian Army had advanced against Al-Qeda in the Beit Jinn pocket of the Golan Heights.

Haaretz.com reports:  Iran’s military chief Mohammad Baqeri on Wednesday pledged to fight Israel and Sunni insurgents during a visit to Damascus, and discussed ways to deepen cooperation with the Syrian military. “It is not acceptable for the Zionist regime to violate Syria anytime it wants,” Baqeri said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the strike that Israel will not tolerate spillover from Syria. “We have a clear policy,” the prime minister said during a speech at a ceremony marking 50 years of Israeli settlement in the Jordan Valley. “We will attack anyone who attacks us. We won’t accept spillover. If they attack us, we return fire. And it doesn’t take much time.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that “any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel will be met with a determined response, just as the IDF acted a short while ago.” Lieberman, who is currently visiting in Washington, D.C., added that Israel views the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad as “responsible for everything that is happening in its territory,” and suggested “not to test our patience and red lines.”

This is the second time Israel has stuck Syria this week. Baqeri’s comments came following an Israeli strike on Monday, in which the air force attacked an anti-aircraft battery east of Damascus after it fired a missile targeting Israel Air Force planes.

The Syrian military warned of “dangerous consequences” following the rare strike, and claimed that they had successfuly hit an Israeli jet.

“The Israel Defense Forces will not tolerate any attempt to harm the sovereignty of Israel and the safety of its citizens and views the Syrian regime as responsible for what transpires in its territory,” the Israeli army said.

Source Article from http://yournewswire.com/israel-bombs-syrian-army-protect-al-qaeda/

120 Elite Pedophiles Arrested & 84 Kids Rescued In Huge FBI Operation

120 pedophile traffickers arrested in huge FBI sting

120 pedophiles consisting of teachers, politicians and businessmen have been arrested in a huge FBI sting designed to stop child sex trafficking. 

The coordinated operations which saw the rescue of 84 children, took place in Canada, the UK, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Rt.com reports:  The FBI announced the results of the 11th round of Operation Cross Country, which took place between October 12 and October 15, in a statement Wednesday.

The 120 child sex traffickers were arrested across the country during four days of operations in hotels, casinos, and truck stops, as well as on street corners and internet websites. Half of the total arrests were made in Georgia.

Among the 84 underage victims recovered by FBI-led task forces were an infant and her five-year-old sister in Denver. A family friend allegedly made a deal with an undercover agent to sell the children for sex for $600.

The individual has been arrested and Child Protective Services contacted.

“The threat of child sex trafficking is something the FBI works on every single day,” said Calvin Shivers, special agent in charge of the Denver Division.

“Operation Cross Country gives us the opportunity to shine a light on this threat and to educate the public.”

The FBI also released raw footage from the sting, offering a glimpse of the scale of operations, including a clip of an agent speaking to an alleged female victim from Russia.

Another case detailed by the FBI in El Paso was the recovery of a 16-year old female victim after an undercover agent responded to an online ad, arranging to meet a 21-year-old woman. The woman offered a fee of $200 to engage in sexual intercourse with her and another female, the 16-year-old victim.

The woman, and another female who drove the minor to the agent’s location, was arrested.

Operation Cross Country XI is part of the FBI’s Innocence Lost National Initiative launched in 2003. To date, the project has identified 6,500 children and locations, according to the FBI.

Source Article from http://yournewswire.com/elite-pedophiles-arrested-fbi-sting/

Andrew Cuomo Aide Was Sexually Abused By Top Democrat

Cuomo aide says she was sexually abused by a top Democrat

Governor Cuomo’s top aide revealed Wednesday that she was repeatedly sexually abused by politicians, including a top Democrat. 

Melissa DeRosa, who serves as Cuomo’s chief of staff, claims that a prominent Democratic “national leader in progressive politics” tried to rape her.

Nypost.com reports: “So let’s start with the truth. Sexism and misogyny is alive and well,” De Rosa said in a speech at a “Women in Media” event sponsored by Berkeley College in Manhattan.

De Rosa said the first incident of sexism sticks out in her mind. She was only 25 and working at the Albany-based lobbying firm Cordo & Company.

“I was listening in on a conference call but the other participants did not know I was on the line. When my boss said `Melissa DeRosa in my office will be taking the lead on the press for the project”, a man on the other end of the phone said, ‘She can take the lead right up to my hotel room.’”

“The man who said that is now a national leader in progressive politics,” De Rosa said.

She also recalled a more recent incident of sexism.

“Just this past weekend, when asked to return a phone call on behalf of the governor to a Democratic member of the assembly, the legislator told me he really needed to talk to the governor you know `man to man,’” she said.

“For the record, I hung up on him; I may not be a member of the Assembly, but I won’t be talked to that way.”

And then there was a spat DeRosa said she had earlier this year over Twitter with a state senator. She didn’t mention his name but she was referring to Utica-area Sen. Joseph Grifo.

It was picked by The Post and other media when she accused Grifo of sexism.

“When things got heated he shot back with, `Your father taught you better,’” she said.

DeRosa’s father is Georgio DeRosa, a top Albany lobbyist.

“I tortured myself for hours on whether or not to answer—I knew it could be a news story and a distraction, but I could not let it go. His comments ate at me all day. And so, I responded, calling out what was in my view ‘condescending sexism’, and challenging whether or not a middle-aged man in my position would have received the same lesson in manners,” she said.

“My response made waves. But let’s take a moment on that — no one blinked when a male state senator lectured the governor’s female chief of staff saying that ‘my father taught me better,’ but my shot back wasn’t to be tolerated.”

She noted that a spokeswoman for the New York State GOP said that it was DeRosa who disrespected a senator.

DeRosa started her career interning with the AFL-CIO. At 19, she also interned for then-Sen. Hillary Clinton’s political action committee.

After graduating from Cornell University, DeRosa, then 26, served as as New York State Director of President Obama’s political organization.

At 28, she was the deputy chief of staff to state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman before joining the Cuomo administration.

At 34, she was the youngest person appointed secretary to the governor, which made her his chief of staff.

Source Article from http://yournewswire.com/cuomo-aide-sexually-abused-democrat/

Dr. Duke & Eric Striker on the Jewish Sackler Drug Cartel that Kills more White People each Year than the Entire Vietnam War!

Dr. Duke & Eric Striker on the Jewish Sackler Drug Cartel that Kills more White People each Year than the Entire Vietnam War!


Today Dr. Duke talked to Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker about the opiate epidemic, which has more than a little to do with the Jewish-dominated big pharma. Eric Striker talked about the Jewish Sackler family connection to addiction and ill health in America.

They also talked about a study showing that oxytocin combined with social conditioning can make people more accepting of immigration into their countries.

This is another powerful show filled with information. Please share this show widely.

Please keep us on the air and on-line. Please visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:

P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470

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This is an entertaining and informative show that you will want to spread widely.

Click here and look for the show dated 10-19-17.

Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern

This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

Source Article from https://davidduke.com/dr-duke-eric-striker-on-the-jewish-sackler-drug-cartel-that-kills-more-white-people-each-year-than-the-entire-vietnam-war/

DHS Chief: Tech Firms Must Act Quicker To Remove Extremist Propaganda

By Aaron Kesel

The acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke has called on Silicon Valley to remove extremist content, Reuters reported.

The United States and Britain are set to push social media firms to deal with the problem at a G7 meeting of interior ministers this week, Duke told reporters in London where she had been meeting British Home Secretary (interior minister), Amber Rudd.

“There has been a shift and for us somewhat with the Charlottesville incident,” she said. “There are a lot of social pressures and they want do business so they really have to balance between keeping their user agreements and giving law enforcement what they need.”

But that’s not all; the Trump administration is also trying to go after encryption technology.

“We would like to have the ability to get encrypted data with the right legal processes,” Duke said.

It’s an argument that has persisted since the Obama administration – should the government have backdoor access to encrypted chat apps despite being in a violation of civil liberties?

Duke said there’s been a change in the behavior of tech companies since a rally organized by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August turned deadly when a counter-protester was killed after a man drove his car into the crowd deliberately killing a woman Heather Heyer.[Renegade Editor: “White supremacist” is a label used by anti-Whites. The whole Charlottesville event was filled with obvious controlled opposition, and the car attack was obviously staged.]

“The fact they are meeting with us at G7 is a positive sign. I think they’re seeing the evidence of it being real and not just hyperbole,” Duke said.

Now the tech companies themselves are going to be meeting with G7 leaders to handle this problem of “extremist content.” But does that define just ISIS videos, or is the definition broader? She actually answered that question, and so has Google and its subsidiary YouTube who have begun a crackdown on content on the video platform and search engine.

“The number of foreign fighters we have returning is declining,” she said. “The number of home-grown violent extremists, most of them inspired by terrorist organizations, is increasing.”

Notice how she didn’t state ISIS, she said the broad definition “terrorist organizations.”

Google and YouTube have even begun targeting “conspiracy theories” and websites spreading “conspiracy theory as factual information without basis.”

Obama’s DHS didn’t hesitate to call those who believe in conspiracy theories potential right-wing terrorists, stating the following points might make someone a terrorist in a study by the University of Maryland, which was funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Americans who “are fiercely nationalistic, as opposed to universal and international in orientation”
  • Americans considering themselves “anti-global”
  • Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
  • Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty (especially their right to own guns and be free of taxes)”
  • Americans exhibiting a belief in “conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty and a belief that one’s personal and/or national way of life is under attack”

Specifically listing Americans who love liberty as terrorists, noting two subgroups of “right-wing extremism” were identified as “gun rights” and “tax protest,” according to PJ Media.

After all, according to U.K. think tank Demos, literature from more than 50 extremist groups includes “conspiracy theories.”

So how will Trump’s administration compare to his predecessor? It has almost been a year since President Donald Trump took office and we seem to be losing more and more of our rights day by day. I guess in the eyes of the DHS I am a terrorist and so are you if you just read this article.

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post and is Director of Content for Coinivore. Follow Aaron at Twitter andSteemit.

This article is Creative Commons and can be republished in full with attribution. Like Activist Post onFacebook, subscribe on YouTube, follow on Twitter and at Steemit.

Image Credit: Anthony Freda Art (modified)

Source Article from http://www.renegadetribune.com/dhs-chief-tech-firms-must-act-quicker-remove-extremist-propaganda/

The Dirty Secret About Life In The Buchenwald Concentration Camp We Can’t Discuss

The media endlessly reports the horrific crimes committed by Germany in the so-called Holocaust. This article shows that, at least in Buchenwald, many of the crimes committed in the camp were by Communist inmates.

Accusations of German atrocities rarely account for Communist control over life within Buchenwald camp including food and property such as clothing.

Crimes Committed by Communist Inmates at Buchenwald
By John Wear

In addition to crimes committed by Germans, many of the crimes committed against Buchenwald inmates were by the underground Communist camp organization that gained almost total control of Buchenwald after 1943. This situation was reported in a U.S. Army intelligence document dated April 24, 1945, entitled Buchenwald: A Preliminary Report. The confidential report noted that as large numbers of inmates began arriving at Buchenwald during the war, the understaffed SS had to turn over an ever larger share of camp administration to the inmates themselves. By 1943 the well-organized and disciplined Communist inmate organization had obtained almost total control of Buchenwald’s internal operation. The report states:

The trusties had wide powers over their fellow inmates. At first they were drawn almost exclusively from the German criminals. This period lasted until 1942. But gradually the Communists began to gain control of this organization. They were the oldest residents, with records of 10-12 years in the concentration camps…They clung together with remarkable tenacity, whereas the criminal elements were simply out for their own individual welfare and had little group cohesiveness. The Communists maintained excellent discipline and received a certain amount of direction from outside the camp. They had brains and technical qualifications for running the various industries established at the camp.

Their advances were not made without resistance from the criminals, but gradually the criminals were eliminated from power, partly by intimidation, partly with the aid of the SS. Numbers of the criminals were killed by beatings, hangings, or injections of phenol into the heart or of air or milk in the veins. The injections were a specialty of the camp doctor, who became a partisan of the Communist faction.

Besides the top positions in the trusty organization, there were a number of key Communist strongholds in the administration of the camp. One was the food supply organization, through which favored groups received reasonable rations while others were brought to the starvation level. A second was the hospital, staffed almost exclusively by Communists. Its facilities were largely devoted to caring for members of their party…Another Communist stronghold was the Property Room…Each German trusty obtained good clothing and numerous other valuables. The Communists of Buchenwald, after ten or twelve years in concentration camps, are dressed like prosperous business men. Some affect leather jackets and little round caps reminiscent of the German navy, apparently the uniform of revolution.[1]

As a result of all this:

The trusties, who in time became almost exclusively Communist Germans, had the power of life and death over all other inmates. They could sentence a man or group to almost certain death…The Communist trusties were directly responsible for a large part of the brutalities committed at Buchenwald.”[2]

The report states that Dr. Waldemar Hoven, the Buchenwald physician, had been a Communist ally who killed numerous criminal and anti-Communist political prisoners with lethal injections. The SS tried and convicted Dr. Hoven for murder, but he was reprieved after 18 months in jail because of the wartime shortage of doctors. The Communists tried to protect Dr. Hoven after the war; however, he was sentenced to death by a U.S. military tribunal and executed in 1948.[3]

The report mentions that the Communists in Buchenwald killed large numbers of Polish inmates who refused to submit to their rule. The Communists also forced French inmates to give up thousands of Red Cross parcels. Communists in Buchenwald maintained close relations with the well-organized underground Communist party on the outside. The report states:

From Buchenwald an inmate went out regularly to establish contact with a Communist courier bringing news and instructions. Bound by his loyalty to the Party, the contact man never made use of his opportunity to escape personally.”[4]

The Communist Buchenwald inmates had a military organization that had three machine guns, 50 rifles, and a number of hand grenades. Ernst Federn, a Jewish former Buchenwald inmate, explained after the war how the Communist camp organization eliminated opponents and undesirables. Federn recalled that Emil Carlebach, the leader of the Jewish section of the Communist camp organization,

declared quite frankly that for him only his [Communist] friends counted, that everybody else might as well perish.”

Federn reported that he witnessed Carlebach order one murder and commit another murder while Federn was an inmate at Buchenwald.[5]

Similarly, an Englishman who spent 15 months in Buchenwald reported after the war that the Communist camp organization did not consider non-Communist Jewish inmates particularly worth trying to keep alive.[6]

Discover more in Chapter 8, Germany’s War

Layout 1
Order Your Copy Today


[1] Fleck, Egon W. and Tenenbaum, Edward A., Buchenwald: A Preliminary Report, U.S. Army, 12th Army Group, April 24, 1945. National Archives, Record Group 331, SHAEF, G-5, 17.11, Jacket 10, Box 151.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Weber, Mark, “Extermination Camps Propaganda Myths,” in Gauss, Ernst (ed.), Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of Truth and Memory, Capshaw, AL: Thesis and Dissertations Press, 2000, p. 294.

[4] Ibid., pp. 294-295.

[5] Federn, Ernst, “That German…,” Harper’s, August 1948, p. 106f.

[6] Burney, Christopher, The Dungeon Democracy, New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1946, pp. 21ff, 28f, 32-34, 44, 46, 49.

Images:   Liberation, A Russian Healthy & ClothedCamp MoneyNaked & Starving Inmates

Source Article from http://www.renegadetribune.com/dirty-secret-life-buchenwald-concentration-camp-cant-discuss/

Catalonia Crisis: Spain Moves to Suspend Autonomy

Catalonia Crisis: Spain Moves to Suspend Autonomy

October 19th, 2017

Via: BBC:

Spain is to start suspending Catalonia’s autonomy from Saturday, as the region’s leader threatens to declare independence.

The government said ministers would meet to activate Article 155 of the constitution, allowing it to take over running of the region.

Catalonia’s leader said the region’s parliament would vote on independence if Spain continued “repression”.
Catalans voted to secede in a referendum outlawed by Spain.

Some fear the latest moves could spark further unrest after mass demonstrations before and since the ballot on 1 October.

Spain’s supreme court declared the vote illegal and said it violated the constitution, which describes the country as indivisible.



One Response to “Catalonia Crisis: Spain Moves to Suspend Autonomy”

  1. pookie Says:

    “Article 155 of the constitution” would “allow” Spain to “take over running of” Catalonia.

    “Any excuse will serve a tyrant.” Aesop


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