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Judaism is the only religion that have sex (thrusting their pelvis) when they pray to Goddess Shekinah.


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution.

Problem, reaction, solution is a Jew conjuring trick within their forever wandering diaspora in order to play the victim, and influence global changes in laws to protect all their historic and contemporary lies ……Who still falls for this old Yiddish trick manipulating policy changes to hide and protect Jewish crimes, acting out Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution against the gentile, changes which gives (((them))) immunity when hiding the truth.

If I converted to Buddhism, does that make me Chinese? If I converted to Hinduism, does that make me Indian? When Khazarians (Mongol Turks) converted to Judaism in 740 BC and stole the true Negro Hebrew identity, and turned them into slaves... did that make the counterfeit Jews Hebrew? Well, the Jew World Order seems to think so. They crucified Jesus Christ for exposing them.

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist is the latest invention by the Jews, to spread fear and dismantle governments that are not yet puppets of the Jews...or have decided to stop serving the Jews.. justifying raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent genuine semite and gentile families in every country for power and control... under the illusion of Freedom and Democracy.

Jewish Rabbi claims Islam is Israel's broom

"We control Islam, and we'll use it to destroy the west."

The War On Drugs hoax

The War On Drugs hoax

The real enemy is at home

The real enemy is at home

The Satanic Cult that rules the world

The Satanic Cult that rules the world


Why do Children go missing every year

Why do Children go missing every year

Jewish Blood Libels and Child Sacrifices to Satan, Moloch.

The Invention of the word JEW

The Invention of the word JEW


The word “Jew” is a relatively modern invention used, seemingly indiscriminately and interchangeably, by 18th century redactors to describe Israelites, Judahites and Judaeans. It first appeared in these eighteenth century Bibles and it first appears within these redactions in 2 Kings 16:6 …. in an episode that describes a war between Israel and Judah: when Rezin, king of Syria and Pekah, king of Israel went to war with wicked Ahaz, king of Judah. The Syrians “drove the Jews from Elath” who were in possession of it and so here is the first time that the inhabitants of the kingdom of Judah are called “Jews” when more properly they should be called Judahites. However, the point here is this: the very first time the word “Jew” is found in the modern Bible, they are at war with Israel.
Edomites are therefore descended from Edom (Esau) whose descendants later intermarried with the Turks to produce a Turco-Edomite mixture which later became known as Khazars. That is, most of today’s Jews are descendants of this interbreeding that produced a race called Khazars who had once governed an empire called Khazaria. Furthermore, this hybrid race Edomite/Turk/Khazar who created the Khazar kingdom and who between the seventh and ninth centuries AD, adopted the religion of Judaism. And, it is these Khazar Jews who are the ancestors of the vast majority of today’s Jewish people. That is, Edomite/Turk/Khazars are the ancestors of the modern “Jews” including the Torah-true and Zionist Jews who spuriously claim right to the land of Palestine claiming it it is theirs by biblical demands and ancestral rights.

Consequently, the majority of today’s Jewish people are known as “Jews” not because they are Judahites and descended from Jacob/Israel but because their Edomite/Turk/Khazar ancestors in their Kingdom of Khazaria adopted the religion of Judaism, called themselves “Jews” and arrogated the Birthright Promises and Bible Covenants belonging to the Israelites, but especially those belonging to the Judahites.

Thus, “Jews” are not Israelites and certainly they are not Judahites. Hence, modern Jews are not heir to the Bible Covenants nor to the ancient Nation of Israel given by Yahweh to the Israelites and the Judahites and so have no Divine Right or biblical mandate to the modern Land of Palestine.

Similarly, Jesus of Nazareth was not a “Jew” he was a Judahite, and Jesus Christ was not “King of the Jews.”

How the Jews swindle our Taxes and Economies

How the Jews swindle our Taxes and Economies

Jews behind every Terrorist Attack and Fake Muslim Groups

Jews behind every Terrorist Attack and Fake Muslim Groups

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

How the Jews mock Jesus Christians and Christmas

How the Jews mock Jesus Christians and Christmas


Confessions of a CIA economic hitman Terrorist

Confessions of a CIA economic hitman Terrorist


Are you a real Christian?

Are you a real Christian?

Or are you led by the devil himself.

Israel The Promised Land of Global Jewish Organized Crime

Dead end: UK’s Theresa May has led her party & country into an impasse

She achieved high office (Home Secretary) thanks to David Cameron, who failed to gain a majority in Parliament at the 2010 election, in spite of the fact that Labour had been in power since 1997 and that the outgoing prime minister, Gordon Brown, was deeply unpopular. Cameron had to govern in coalition with the Liberals. 

Theresa May then became Prime Minister in 2016, after Cameron resigned having been defeated, like her, in the referendum on Brexit.  She and her boss had campaigned for Remain.

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‘Not open for renegotiation’: EU stands by Brexit deal, offers few extra reassurances to May

She then led her party into a catastrophic election in 2017, in which the Conservatives lost the 20-seat majority they had won in 2015 and ended up nine seats short of a majority. This was in spite of the fact that the Conservatives faced a Labour opposition in deep disarray, with a leader (Jeremy Corbyn) who many had thought was unelectable. Since last year, May has clung on to power only thanks to the support of the Ulster Unionists.  Without them, she could not govern.

Theresa May’s latest election, the one held on December 12 by her fellow Conservative Members of Parliament, was also a sort of defeat.  True, she won by two-thirds: 200 votes for her, 117 against.  But out of the 200 votes there are more than 150 MPs who belong to the government, either as ministers, deputy ministers or private parliamentary secretaries.   These people have to vote with the government or they lose their government job and any chance of future preferment.  In other words, over half of the Tory backbenchers voted against May.

Moreover, her re-election as leader has not answered any of the questions which led to the vote in the first place, in particular what to do given that there is no majority in the House of Commons for the deal she has agreed with the EU.  Indeed, there is no majority in the House of Commons for any option at all. She has led her party and her country into an impasse.

Her only tactic is to turn this weakness into a strength: like Madame de Pompadour, Theresa May says it is either her or chaos. Après moi, le déluge.  Unfortunately, the tactic of turning defeat into victory has –as was inevitable– ultimately created the conditions for defeat. 

This is because the deal that she has negotiated with the EU creates precisely the conditions which guarantee that her objective of a free trade deal with the EU, first stated in January 2017 and repeated on many subsequent occasions, cannot be achieved. According to the terms of the agreement –which is in fact only an agreement to continue negotiating– Britain and the EU will seek to sign a free trade deal by the end of the transition period in 2020.  But the famous ‘Irish border backstop’ ensures that the EU has no interest in agreeing to anything.

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Corbyn plots no-confidence motion with DUP in May’s Tory govt before Christmas – reports

If there is no free trade agreement by the end of 2020, according to the terms of the deal she negotiated in November, the whole of the United Kingdom will remain in the EU customs union. It will not be able to leave it until a new agreement is reached. Britain will therefore be in a uniquely weak position and the EU has every interest in getting it there. 

London would have to accede to a long shopping list of individual demands from EU states –from the French on fishing, from the Spanish on Gibraltar, and so on– in order to break free from the backstop. It is more difficult to leave the backstop than it is to leave the EU, and May’s deal is therefore the longest suicide note in history.

The fact is that Britain and the EU have been negotiating for two years with radically different objectives. Theresa May does not seem to have realized this. London was trying to have the benefits of EU membership (a free trade agreement) without the costs; Brussels was determined to show that you cannot have the benefits without the costs. London wanted to prosper outside the EU, Brussels is determined to show that you cannot prosper outside the EU, for fear that other EU member states might start trying to follow Britain. Theresa May was determined to succeed whereas the EU’s priority has been to ensure that she fails. 

The EU’s strategy has, therefore, been to create a situation in Britain which is untenable, with the openly admitted goal of getting the British, one way or another, to reverse Brexit.  This is but a variant of the tactic the EU has deployed many times in the past when it has lost other referendums – in Denmark in 1992, in Ireland in 2001 and 2008, in France and the Netherlands in 2005, and in the Netherlands again in 2016 (in a vote on the Association Agreement with Ukraine which was widely seen as being against the EU in general.) 

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Chancellor Hammond labels Rees-Mogg, Boris & co ‘extremists’ as Tory civil war gets ugly

On each occasion, the EU simply decided to ignore the vote; either it pressed ahead with ratification in other states so that the countries in question were forced to vote a second time (Denmark and Ireland) or the same legislation was passed by the political class in their respective national parliaments (France and the Netherlands) and against the people’s wishes. The same thing is now happening against Britain, and we are now witnessing, in real time, a sixth attempt to strangle democracy. 

By running down the clock, Prime Minister May hopes that her deal will be accepted as the only way of preventing no deal or no Brexit. That is why it is essential for MPs to adopt the opposite logic from hers and vote for no deal.

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A cruel, yet very usual Israeli incident that almost nobody knows about

The Abu Hmeid home in Amari refugee camp in Ramallah after it was blown up by the Israeli army. (WAFA Images / Huthayfa Srour)

The illegal Israeli occupation continues its illegal collective punishment by demolishing the home of an alleged terrorist’s family and terrorizing the entire neighborhood.

by Kathryn Shihadah

Few news services covered this story – AFP was one of them – but Americans ought to know how their hard-earned tax dollars were spent by Israel last night.

Israeli soldiers conduct violent raids all over the occupied West Bank literally every night, dragging people out of bed, beating up, and arresting Palestinians. Children are routinely traumatized, women are threatened, men are humiliated. Nearly every family in the West Bank has been touched by these incidents.

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy commented on one such incident:

Israeli morality says that soldiers can break in anytime, anywhere and do whatever they want…The Palestinians, according to this morality, must give in gladly, or at least not dare protect themselves, their families, their dignity or their property. Resistance is prohibited and only leads to one outcome. Islam Abu Hmeid, 32, had the gall to go against this arrangement. He’s suspected of dropping a marble slab on soldiers who invaded his home, and of causing [Staff Sgt. Ronen] Lubarsky’s death.

Abu Hmeid has not been found guilty or even tried yet.

But before dawn today, November 15th, a harsh sentence was carried out, not on the alleged perpetrator, but on his family and neighborhood.

About 500 heavily armed Israeli soldiers invaded the refugee camp where Islam Abu Hmeid’s family lives, stormed their home, and began preparing to demolish the 4-story building.

Israel routinely demolishes the homes of Palestinians who resist the occupation, claiming demolition is a deterrent to other would-be resisters; however human rights groups persistently call for the practice to be stopped because it is a form of collective punishment – illegal according to international law.

The family’s plea

The Abu Hmeid family has known that demolition equipment would show up at some point. The Israeli military originally planned to demolish one floor of the building, but decided instead to destroy the whole building. The family went to court to appeal this decision.

Their appeal was rejected. Supreme Court Justice Yael Willner explained:

I am aware of the harm the demolition will cause to the building’s residents. However…given the importance of an effective deterrence in our case and in general for the physical security of Israeli citizens, I am of the opinion that none of the harm [to the terrorist’s family] involved here, as serious as it is, would justify reducing the scope of the demolition order.

The largest of the five courtrooms in the Supreme Court building.

A note about Israel’s courts

Elsewhere, on the subject of home demolitions – a form of collective punishment – the Israeli Supreme Court has commented that, while it recognizes that families had not participated in attacks in any way, “we are far from seeing the petitioners as people with innocent hearts.”

David Kretzmer, a well-known Israeli academic and human rights advocate, said of the application of punitive home demolition,

the immediate aim of demolishing the house is not to deny rights or freedoms of that person but to cause suffering to his family… the objection to [this form of] collective punishment is that it is cruel and inhuman.

The Israeli Supreme Court has also allowed for the use of torture, the widespread building of settlements, the use of live fire against unarmed Palestinians, and other practices that would be considered inhuman anywhere else in the world.

Every one of these practices is illegal according to international law.

The myth of home demolition as a deterrent

Studies have indicated that punitive home demolitions actually result in an increase, not a decrease, in violence.

One might be tempted to speculate that these demolitions are not just ineffective, but a form of incitement.

Violent night, unholy night

Palestine TV live streamed the middle-of-the-night preparations for leveling the home, a process that took about 5 hours.

Screenshot from Palestine TV coverage of demolition preparation

A large number of Israeli soldiers knocked down walls and placed explosives while others patrolled the neighborhood, evacuating hundreds of Palestinians at gunpoint from surrounding buildings, rushing them to a nearby football field with no chance to grab blankets to protect them from the cold, or food for their children. Israeli sharpshooters took up positions on top of buildings for crowd control.

IMEMC reported that Israeli soldiers attacked and beat Palestinian journalists, assaulted medical personnel who came to their aid, shot scores of Palestinian protesters with rubber-coated steel bullets and live ammunition, teargassed a Palestinian ambulance, and abducted and detained over 300 Palestinians.

Additional reports indicate that a Palestinian woman in labor was at first refused permission to go to the hospital, but later allowed. Dozens of others have subsequently been hospitalized for injuries.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) was eventually allowed to move women and children inside a shelter and provide them with blankets and food.

Latifa Abu Hmeid

A family history of resistance

In an interview with Islam Abu Hmeid’s parents, they recounted the background of their family’s previous encounters with Israel’s military establishment.

In 1987, one of their sons was killed by the IDF; in 2002, another son was also killed; 4 other sons are serving long-term or life sentences, and now the youngest son, Islam, is expected to receive the same punishment. Islam has already served time as a political prisoner.

Latifa Abu Hmeid declared that she is proud of her children, that they were sentenced by an “illegal court of occupation,” and that the family will remain steadfast in their resistance against the occupation.

Her expression of pride in her children’s actions is not uncommon among Palestinians. Her view – which is actually enshrined in international law – is that Palestinians need not passively endure the brutal Israeli occupation, but may resist, even violently. Violent resistance may not target civilians, a line which Palestinians have at times crossed during the 51+ years of Israel’s illegal, belligerent occupation.

The Israeli army has demolished the Abu Hmeid home twice before – in 1994 and 2003 – and the community has helped rebuild it.

The aftermath

Two explosions took down the Abu Hmeid home, the first destroying the interior, the second bringing the building down and causing structural damage to nearby homes.

Walid Assaf, head of the Wall and Settlements’ Resistance Commission, has announced that a committee has been formed to rebuild the home, and that a temporary home will be provided for the family meanwhile.

Hundreds of Palestinian men were still being detained at the time of the demolition, and dozens were hospitalized, including at least one journalist who was shot in the head with a gas bomb.

It remains to be seen whether the “deterrent” policy will be effective.


Jake Tapper, Meet Sumud – Palestinian Resilience

The plight and blight of home demolition in Israel and Palestine

See the complete list of Palestinian and Israeli deaths since September 2000 here

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Time for action, Shimon and Levi style

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Move Over Facial Recognition Tech, They’re Now Data Mining Directly From Our Brains

By Press For Truth

Facial Recognition technology is ancient when compared to what they’re doing in China! China is deploying emotional surveillance technology that mines data from the minds of its citizens and these light-weight sensory helmets have been rolled out on an industrial scale.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest Orwellian news as China is now data-mining info directly from the brains of workers in order to “increase productivity.”






Also Read: China Begins Monitoring Brain Waves in the Workplace and Military

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The EFF Gift Guide: What Technology Is Creeping Us Out

By Hayley Tsukayama

EFF doesn’t endorse products. But as Internet-connected products proliferate, ads for them bombard holiday shoppers with promises of a more streamlined life. And they do so without always divulging that they’re tracking you more than a jolly fat man who sees when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake.

So, we are taking a different approach to the holiday gift guide: highlighting products that raise red flags for us, as privacy-conscious digital advocates. Here are some gifts being pushed this year that, from a privacy or security standpoint, are on our naughty list.

Facebook’s Portal

You’ve probably seen the ads for Facebook’s in-home camera, Portal, which it’s advertising as a way to keep in touch via video call with friends and loved ones wherever they are. “If you can’t be there, feel there,” is the maudlin tagline for the camera—which can follow you around the room during video-conferences.

Facebook has made some nods to privacy with this product, namely including a camera cover and a promise that it’s not using the company’s facial recognition technology to identify you. And Portal itself doesn’t serve you ads.

Still, Facebook has already had to change its tune about the extent to which it uses Portal data for advertising, first saying that no data would be used to serve Facebook users ads, and then being forced to clarify.

Data from Portal does, in fact, inform ads. This includes “the fact that you logged into your account or how often you use a feature or app.” What does that mean? Facebook offers the example that if you make a lot of video calls, you may see ads related to video calling.

It’s also collecting everything that Messenger collects, including “usage data such as length of calls, frequency of calls,” along with “aggregate usage” of ads, which could also inform your advertising profile.

Facebook has a history of changing the terms of how it uses your data, which is worth keeping in mind as you consider giving it a place in your home. The company’s practices have drawn its fair share of trust issues this year, to say the least, and have shown a certain disregard for notifying people of how it’s using their data.

The Portal name suggests opening a door; anyone considering it should remember that you’re not only opening up lines of communication, but also a connection between Facebook and your home.

 Smart Home Hubs From Google, Amazon and Others

Alexa, who else are you talking to? Home hubs in general deserve a critical eye, given the wealth of data they collect, the frequency with which they collect it, and their intimate placement in our lives.

Smart home hubs, including those from Google and Amazon, reserve the right to share data collected from their products for advertising, as well as with companies who make the apps or skills you install on those devices. In Google’s case, it will use data from Home to “show you ads that are relevant and useful.” In Amazon’s case, while it also won’t share actual voice recordings with advertisers, it could share the content of requests for information such as ZIP codes, The New York Times reported.

Law enforcement is also certainly not shy about asking for data from smart home appliances as part of their investigations. Police have asked for data from smart home hubs, fitness trackers, and even pacemakers, The Washington Post reported.

Even seemingly benign data, particularly when collected frequently, can tell someone a lot about what you do. The Seventh Circuit ruled earlier this year that the Fourth Amendment specifically applies to smart meters—which measure electricity use frequently throughout the day—in part because the “ever-accelerating pace of technological development carries serious privacy implications.”

Verizon Phones with AppFlash Spyware

Do You Want to Learn How to Become Financially Independent, Make a Living Without a Traditional Job & Finally Live Free?

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We continue to have concerns about Verizon’s AppFlash app, which the company describes as an app launcher that provides a universal search function on your phone. We call it spyware.

The company uses the information collected from the app to track what you’ve installed on your device and uses that intel to serve you ads based on what apps you’ve put on your phone.

Verizon does ask for users’ permission to collect information. What it doesn’t make clear, even in its own FAQ about the product, is how much information it’s collecting or how it’s going to use it. As we said in April 2017—and continue to say now—this is a problem. The apps people download onto their phones can reveal a lot of deeply personal information. Knowing that you’ve download, for example, a fertility app, could cause spark some awkward conversations when a diaper coupon pops up in front of someone else.

In addition to privacy, we’re also concerned that broad data collection makes the app—and, by extension, you—a major target for hackers.

Phone owners can disable, but not delete, this app but that requires a) heading into your phone’s settings and b) knowing what it does in the first place. Consider this a warning.

 The Elf on the Shelf

We’re getting into killjoy territory now, but winter is a time for cold truths: the phenomenon of the Elf on the Shelf—or its Hanukkah counterpart, the Mensch on a Bench— is whimsical, yet deeply creepy. For those who don’t know, these characters are supposed to be placed around the house to “monitor” children’s behavior to see if they’ve been good. The doll is to be moved around at random every day, to keep the kids on their toes.

While there’s nothing invasive about the products themselves—they’re dumb toys in multiple senses of the word—the ideas they set down are troubling. Making surveillance part of a holiday tradition is essentially setting up a plush police state in your own home. We’re never on board with normalizing the idea that constant surveillance is okay, even if it is a good opportunity to take a lot of Instagram pictures.

But What About…?

There are many, many more products that we could talk about here: smart toys, baby monitors, fitness trackers and more. Overall, there are a few things to think about when you’re looking at buying a smart gift but trying to balance privacy.

Consider carefully what features a product has, and what that means in terms of data collection. Anything with a microphone, for example, can record what you’re saying—and may record something you don’t expect it do, as was the case for one Amazon Echo owner this May. Opting for a smart vacuum also means letting a company like iRobot, maker of the Roomba, map out your house.

Second, use your settings. A new smart device will probably have a lot of sharing options on by default, and set-up is a good time to go through the settings and figure out what you actually want to be exposing to companies and others.

Finally, it’s always good to take a spin through a product’s privacy policy and attempt to understand what data it collects on you and how that information gets shared with others—that is, if a company has taken the advice of EFF and other privacy groups and bothered to write a policy that a normal person can understand. Mozilla, in a privacy-focused gift guide of its own, determined many tech products have policies that are at a college reading level or higher.

Socks and books aren’t looking so bad now, are they?

Hayley Tsukayama is a legislative activist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, focusing on state legislation. Prior to joining EFF, she spent nearly eight years as a consumer technology reporter at The Washington Post writing stories on the industry’s largest companies.

Hayley has an MA in journalism from the University of Missouri and a BA in history from Vassar College. She was a 2010 recipient of the White House Correspondents’ Association scholarship.

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Action Alert: Stop Congress and the FCC from Installing 5G Next to Homes, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post and sister publication, Natural Blaze, have covered the campaigns for the “Race for 5G”, “Smart Cities,” and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) many times already.  Forcing these programs on American communities is not only against democracy – it’s also really harmful to human and animal health and safety.  Even tech advocates are speaking out against 5G and IoT.  Insurance companies are no longer willing to cover wireless radiation exposure risks anymore either.   These programs are also really harmful to the environment.

Many of our elected officials and government agencies are choosing to cater to the Telecom Industry instead of protecting Americans.  This needs to stop.

Thanks to the Alliance for Natural Health for highlighting this new action alert to stop 5G from being installed all over the country:

Telecom companies are preparing to unleash the next wave of wireless technology in neighborhoods across the nation, deployed block by block. The telecoms industry, with an assist by the federal government, is barring the ability of local governments to manage how the new technologies get installed.

Telecom companies are installing the infrastructure needed for “5G” networks, which are up to 1,000 times faster than the current 4G networks. Setting up 5G networks requires “small cells” to be placed on streetlights and utility poles throughout neighborhoods and cities. These “small cells” include antennas, power supplies, electric meters, switches, bundles of cables, and boxes–all strapped to the poles. Some have refrigerator-sized containers on the ground. These cells are supposed to be placed every 500 feet along residential streets and through commercial districts.

Homeowners worry that the small cells are unattractive and will affect property values. Even more disturbing are the health concerns. Small cells emit microwave radiation and essentially function as cell towers. Placing these units every 500 feet means that communities will be bathed in radiation. We’ve written before about the health implications of over-exposure to microwaves. Microwave radiation can negatively affect mitochondrial function, cause cell damage and DNA breaks, accelerates aging, and puts us at a higher risk for chronic disease. A recent study from the National Toxicology Program showed rats exposed to cell phone radiation at the federally allowable level had an increased risk for brain and heart tumors. Animal studies have demonstrated the health dangers of the radio frequencies used by 5G, including: arrhythmias in frogs, immune system effects in healthy mice, lens opacity (linked with cataracts) in rats, and more.

It’s no surprise, then, that many communities are fighting to control how 5G gets deployed, but the telecom giants and the federal government continue to threaten local autonomy.

Telecom companies are working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to steamroll local governments into kowtowing to whatever industry says it needs. The FCC recently approved rules that limit the fees local governments can charge telecom companies for use of public utilities and property. Other rules already on the books have “streamlined” small cell deployment by reducing the time cities and counties have to review applications. The agency is studying how they could limit cities’ requirements on the look and design of small cells.

This is unacceptable. Special interests are using the power of the federal government to ignore local laws and endanger our health.

Do You Want to Learn How to Become Financially Independent, Make a Living Without a Traditional Job & Finally Live Free?

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Write to Congress and the FCC, telling them to stop undermining local democracy and to study the health effects of 5G technology.

Please also consider signing these other related petitions:

International Appeal and Petition: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Online Petition Requests Changes to FCC Guidelines for Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation

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“Organized Crime Bosses Ruling Us By Fear…”

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Two “forensic accountants” have found what some would claim are the “smoking guns” with regard to the apparent illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation.  I don’t want to dilute their testimony, so I defer to the video below, which ought to astonish readers regarding the apparent lack of interest in proceedings going further on investigating former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Is The Clinton Foundation Under Investigation?
16:31 minutes

‘A foundation to hide income streams from other illegal activity’
“The only thing in the way of justice is the criminal federal government.”
“The laws don’t apply to certain people.”

A very big “hat tip” to Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge TV [1] in her reporting on the above December 13, 2018 House Oversight Subcommittee hearing, which I respectfully quote:

I want to thank Devon Stack at Black Pilled for covering the December 13th House Oversight Subcommittee hearing on the Clinton Foundation, where forensic accountants Larry Doyle and John Moynihan described – but chose not to present their evidence – of massive bribery schemes on the part of the Clinton Foundation, while testifying before the Committee’s Republican Chairman, Mark Meadows. [CJF emphasis]


Whether rightly or wrongly, Stack unleashes his ire and puts the blame for our corrupt government – and for the money-grubbing antics of the forensic accountants seen here – squarely on the lacking ethics of the Boomer generation.

When will Justice finally take off her blindfold to look at the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation?



Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available

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US Senate Votes on Yemen as Brutal Proxy War Rages On

In a largely symbolic event, the U.S. Senate voted to direct President Trump to remove American military forces from “hostilities in or affecting Yemen” by passing S.J.Res.54 earlier this week.

Yemen - Proxy War

Yemen - Proxy War

The resolution, which passed 56-41, invoked the War Powers Act of 1973. A small group of Senate Republicans voted in favor, including Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Arizona’s Jeff Flake.

Notably, the resolution also contained the following exceptions:

“[…] except United States Armed Forces engaged in operations directed at al Qaeda or associated forces”

“Nothing in this joint resolution shall be construed to influence or disrupt any military operations and cooperation with Israel.”

These two exceptions in particular call into the question the true intent of the public vote. Will anything really change? Why now?

The recent Khashoggi case appears to have given Congress a reason to show disapproval, when normally it would not, with respect to U.S. intervention in foreign wars. Led mostly by Democrats, the vote underscores a clear ‘rebuke’ of President Trump – a strategy the Democrats will continue to employ when they take over the House of Representatives in January. In lockstep fashion, the mainstream press was quick to characterize the vote as an ‘end to military aid in Yemen’ but whether that will actually happen remains to be seen. It likely will not.

And in a bizarre twist, the resolution conspicuously avoids naming the United Kingdom as a co-participant in the brutal proxy war on Yemen:

“Whereas Congress has not declared war with respect to, or provided a specific statutory authorization for, the conflict between military forces led by Saudi Arabia, including forces from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, and Sudan (the Saudi-led coalition) […]”

As previously reported at 21WIRE, ‘the UK Government is no mere bystander, it’s an active player’ in Yemen.

READ MORE YEMEN NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Yemen Files


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CONNECT THE DOTS: Crack Cocaine, Contras and the CIA

In 1996, investigative journalist Gary Webb discovered links between Nicaragua’s Contra rebels and the CIA’s cocaine drug-running operation in the 1980’s. Webb wrote the Dark Alliance series for the San Jose Mercury News which exposed the CIA’s Contra rebels cocaine shipping into the US, which ended up as crack cocaine flooding cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco – and with the proceeds from the sales of those drugs being funneled back to fund the Contra militants. Webb also uncovered the Mena, Arkansas connection during the time that Bill Clinton was governor of that state.

Later in 2004, Gary Webb would turn up dead in an apparent suicide.

Brasscheck TV says…

‘The Calm Before the Storm’

This 1996 interview with Gary Webb took place after his “Dark Alliance” newspaper series made waves across the country for piecing together the puzzle of the US crack epidemic.

The pipeline of CIA backed drug smuggling into the country and money smuggling out of the country to support the Nicaraguan Contras was wide open from the mid 1970s on, with players using everything from their shoes to freighters to move cocaine.

Webb was widely smeared by the CIA’s favorite newspapers (The New York Times, the Washington Post, The LA Times) shortly after this interview.

He was eventually vindicated, but not before his career was destroyed. He was found dead of an apparent suicide in 2004. The price of being a whistleblower? Watch:

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Secular Talk: Study: Starting School Later Has Countless Benefits

Secular Talk: Study: Starting School Later Has Countless Benefits

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