GOD cursed the Satanists out of Jerusalem for life. Jesus focused on Jerusalem because it was the most unholy, evil, place on earth... still is today.

The nomadic Turks (Jews) have been behind all the Evil in the world since Cain's children... using their News networks to create the news, and set the stage, to blame their opponents, for everything evil they do, across the globe.

Jewish Communist Dictum:- "Accuse the enemy of those crimes you are guilty of"


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution... for more control and power.

Islam and Christianity have become servants of the Jews. Acting as physical and spiritual cattle for the Jews to harvest in building their Global Satanic Kingdom.

If I converted to Buddhism, does that make me Chinese? If I converted to Hinduism, does that make me Indian? When Khazarians (Turks) converted to Judaism in 740 BC and stole the true Semite Israelite Aegean identity, did that make the counterfeit Jews Hebrew? Well, the Jew World Order seems to think so. They crucified Jesus Christ for exposing them.

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist by our Jewish Governments... to keep us in fear, and to justify raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent families in every country for power and control...for their 2 horned God Lucifer... which the Jews named him "Morning Star."

Every Religion Church and Mosque has been infiltrated by the Jews. How do you know? ... if your Church has not discussed the below phrases by Christ... then it has been compromised.

UK Police Chief Warns Lockdown Could Spark Riots, Civil Unrest

A police chief in the UK has warned that lockdown is a “time bomb” that could eventually explode into riots and mass civil unrest.

The United Kingdom has placed its citizens under different ‘tiers’ of lockdowns depending where they are in the country, although anecdotal evidence suggests there is now mass non-compliance with the rules.

This could force authorities to become more draconian in enforcing the measures, which could in turn spark a violent backlash.

According to West Midlands commissioner David Jamieson, “We’re sitting on a time bomb here.”

“We’re getting very near the stage where you could see a considerable explosion of frustration and energy,” he added.

“Things are very on the edge in a lot of communities and it wouldn’t take very much to spark off unrest, riots, damage,” warned Jamieson.

The comments were made off the back of another warning – that people who violated the rules by organizing family Christmas gatherings could see their celebrations broken up by police.

The West Midlands is currently under a Tier 2 lockdown, which means that it’s illegal for two separate households to mix indoors, ruining Christmas for many families or at least those who choose to abide by the rules.

The prospect of video footage showing police officers entering homes to break up Christmas family gatherings is only likely to turn the public further against the lockdown, which was introduced under the guise of “getting back to normal” but has now become the new normal.


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Thousands collect trash from shores and seas in Israel’s biggest beach cleanup

Thousands of people equipped with trash bags and disposable gloves joined an effort on Friday dubbed as Israel’s biggest beach clean up, hoping to not only clear the shores, but also draw policymakers’ attention to the need to better protect marine life.

Organizers estimated that between three and five tons of garbage would be collected by volunteers on Israel’s Mediterranean coast and at the Sea of Galilee throughout the course of the day.

Volunteers were not only on the beach — some were on boats and diving teams also participated in the effort.

Some eight million tons of plastic are thrown into the sea worldwide each year.

Volunteers in Israel’s beach cleanup efforts, October 30, 2020 (Courtesy)

Nearly three-quarters of the trash found in Israeli waters in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea consists of bits of plastic bags and plastic containers, according to the National Marine Waste Monitoring Report for 2019, published on October 14.

The situation is expected to be worse in 2020, with the addition of disposable masks and gloves as a result of the pandemic.

Taking part in the Friday clean up were the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Environmental Protection Ministry, Life and Environment, Green Course, Zalul, EcoOcean, the scouts movement, European Union representatives, teams from a number of embassies, divers groups and local authorities.

Volunteers in Israel’s beach cleanup efforts, October 30, 2020 (Courtesy)

An SPNI spokesman said the campaign sought to influence decision-makers to establish more marine reserves, ban single-use plastic at beaches and increase enforcement and against litterbugs.

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The Virus-Story: Breaking The Chains Of Medical Civilization

The Virus-Story: Breaking The Chains Of Medical Civilization
Waking Times RSS Feed / WTStaff

Jon Rappoport, Guest
Waking Times

In the same way the CIA invented foreign enemies which required us to go to war, there are people who have invented stories of fearful germs that demand medical treatment and prevention. The story tellers know that among the public, many people WANT the germ, need it, and even love it. Yes, love it, after enough conditioning has helped them along the path of surrender.

The COVID operation aims to engulf all of civilization in a preposterous and fake medical nightmare.

The operation has its roots in “modifying” citizens to accept medical dictates.

There are many kinds of such dictates, and it would take volumes to explore them all. Here I present a set of numbers from the US National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the CDC, covering the year 2018:

Percent of adults who had contact with a health care professional: 84.3%.

Percent of children who had contact with a health care professional: 93.6%.

Number of physician office visits (2016): 883.7 million.

Here is another related estimate: according to the US National Alliance on Mental Illness, in a recent year, “More than 25 percent of college students have been diagnosed or treated by a professional for a mental health condition…”

Try to grasp how this unprecedented rate of exposure to doctors shapes the minds of Americans. Appointments, tests, diagnoses, advice, orders, prescriptions, drugs and vaccines, follow-ups, referrals to specialists.

These factors alone—never mind the toxic effects of treatments, or wall to wall medical ads and other propaganda—add up to a medical civilization.

Given this reality, how do you think people are going to respond when they are told there is a pandemic and they must follow orders?

After a hundred years of Rockefeller Medicine…new normal? We’ve been living under the new normal for a long time.

How many drug prescriptions do you think are written in the US every year? According to statista.com, “It is estimated that in 2019, 4.38 billion retail prescriptions will be filled throughout the United States.”

Many, many people accept the ubiquitous medical civilization without thought or pause. It’s “just the way things are.”

Pretended pandemics are an arm of medical civilization. But now we’ve reached a point where The Medical is a gateway into a technocratic Brave New World.

This attempted transition is launched from the foundation of lifelong conditioning of the public to doctors and everything those doctors order and represent.

Mind control par excellence.

Two important groups of people—politicians and journalists—are operating from bias in their decisions, because they, too, have been trained to place themselves under the care of doctors on an ongoing basis. Are they going to rip out that hard wiring of their own experience when the rubber meets the road, when they’re faced with professional questions about medical credibility? No. They’re going to side with the CDC and WHO and university experts.

What I’m describing in this article goes beyond the acceptance of “Science” as the dominant paradigm. This conditioning is deeply personal and deeply seated in the minds of people who have been trudging along the bleak path of medical care since early childhood. Medical care for every so-called “symptom.”

I have spent many hours exposing the actual death and maiming effects of medicines on the population. Again, here I’m simply discussing the up-close connection between eternal patient and doctor.

In that sense, telling a dedicated person to take off his mask is telling him to destroy what he believes is a deep lifeline, without which he might very well drown.

Medical civilization’s leaders want us to bow down to the germ. They want us to drool like Pavlov’s dogs, when they ring the bell signaling the presence of a “new virus.” Our anticipated food, in this case, is supposed to be treatment. Treatment and containment measures.

Surely, a Declaration of Medical Independence is needed. “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the medical bands which have connected them with some Health Authority…whenever any Form of Medicine becomes destructive…it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Medicine, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

Under the heading of “such principles,” one statement would make it clear that every person has the natural right to reject false faith in the germ, in its power, and in its very existence.

Let those who fear the germ, or want it, cling to it like an idol, if they must, if they refuse to be dissuaded. The rest of us will go our way, secure in our freedom from the idolatry, knowing that medicalized civilization is a tyrant, built without our consent.

Keeping freedom is now the great challenge.

The global lockdowns, present and future; the business closures; the bankruptcies; the resultant family breakups and suicides and drug addictions; the expansion of poverty, hunger, starvation; the desolation of once-great cities—on what basis has all this destruction been launched?

A story about a virus.

So pardon me if I keep attacking that story. If I keep pointing out gaping holes in that story. My basic position is this: I reject the cultish rhetoric coming out of labs. It is divorced from the world of human beings. It aims to claim ownership over our bodies, minds, and souls. Through one abstraction piled on another, its proponents have staked out a cause that is anti-life. With the data they derive and invent from their serums and sequencing, they set up a prison in which we are supposed to be biological machines that merely react to the stimuli of microbes.

Reject that lunatic non-reality.

The set-up and the con are clear: “We say there is a deadly virus on the loose. We describe it and promote it. We run the game and make the rules. We say you are unprotected unless we protect you with treatment and containment measures. We can quibble about which treatments. We can quibble about how much containment, where and when, and under what circumstances, since we define the circumstances; and we can loosen and tighten the rules at our discretion. But in the end, we are the sellers and you are the buyers. You buy our story. We are a protection racket. You give us your lives or we close you down. And guess what? Either one of those choices produces the same result. Get it?”

So when I hear someone say, in effect, THIS containment measure is necessary and effective, but THAT one is minimally effective, and THIS country did well by adopting a LESS RESTRICTIVE MODEL, and SMART CONTAINMENT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS, I know that person has bought enough of the story to keep the basic con going; and the elite planners are winning.

The war is long. They must not win.

About the Author

Jon Rappoport is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29thDistrict of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

This article (The Virus-story: Breaking The Chains Of Medical Civilization) was originally created and published by Jon Rappaport’s Blog and is re-posted here with permission.

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Video: CNN’s Lemon Says Trump Supporters Are Like Drug Addicts

CNN clown Brian Stelter was ridiculed Wednesday after he claimed that analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s decision to masturbate before properly finishing a Zoom call with his now former New Yorker colleagues was merely “an accident”.

Stelter tweeted that “Jeffrey Toobin has been sidelined at a pivotal moment in the run-up to the presidential election. The reason: He exposed himself during a Zoom call with New Yorker colleagues in what he says was an accident.”

Twitter wasn’t going to let this one go:

“I’ve never ‘accidentally’ masturbated in any situation and I’d guess that goes for 99.99 percent of people. What was accidental about it, that he was caught?” one respondent noted.

Another wrote: “‘I believed I was not visible on Zoom’ is a lot like ‘I didn’t know there were cameras in the room where I exposed myself to the victim’. He was in a Zoom meeting with women on company time and couldn’t keep it in his pants? This is not just some embarrassing workplace mix-up.”

Another noted that ‘Toobin was in a work situation. His behavior was completely inappropriate and borders on predatory. He needs to be more than side-lined. He should be fired.”

Others were more… to the point

Toobin, who apologized Monday, saying he had ‘made an embarrassingly stupid mistake’, was suspended from the New Yorker after the incident, but may not be fired from CNN, according to the network.

A CNN insider told Fox News on Tuesday  that Toobin is “He is one of the biggest faces on the network,” adding that he is “too valuable of a commodity” and “good on TV.”

It was previously revealed that Toobin had a ten year affair with younger lawyer Casey Greenfield, the daughter of Toobin’s former CNN colleague Jeff Greenfield, who fell pregnant in 2008, prompting Toobin to deny he was the father.

Toobin refused a paternity test and offered Greenfield money for an abortion. When she refused, he tried to bargain, asking Greenfield to terminate the pregnancy in exchange for payment for a new pregnancy via a sperm donor.

Greenfield had the child, and Toobin has refused to accept he is the father, prompting her to sue him for child support.

Greenfield has claimed that Toobin had multiple other mistresses during the time of their affair.

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Mass military wedding in Taiwan includes two same-sex couples

Taiwan is at the vanguard of the burgeoning gay rights movement in Asia and became the first place in the region to allow same-sex marriage in May 2019 after a bruising political fight.

Nearly 200 couples paraded at an army base in northern Taoyuan county before exchanging vows at an outdoor ceremony.

Among them were two Taiwanese female soldiers and their civilian same-sex partners, a first for the island’s armed forces which regularly hosts mass weddings for staff.

Major Wang Yi, 36 and her partner Yumi Meng waved rainbow flags as they posed for photos with family in front of an armoured vehicle.

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IDF says bomb thrown at troops, who then open fire; 3 Palestinians injured

Israeli troops opened fire on a Palestinian car overnight Thursday-Friday after a homemade bomb was thrown from the vehicle at a junction manned by soldiers in the central West Bank, the army said.

A statement from the Israel Defense Forces said soldiers responded after the “improvised explosive device” was thrown from the speeding car.

“The soldiers blocked the road to stop the terrorist cell. The car accelerated in their direction and the fighters responded by firing at the terrorists,” a statement from the Israel Defense Forces said, adding that the car was hit by bullets.

There were no reports of Israeli injuries.

Palestinian media reported that three people in the car were wounded during the incident, which took place near the West Bank city of Jenin.

The Kan public broadcaster said the three were aged 15 and 16. One of them was said to be in serious condition with the other two moderately wounded from shrapnel.

Ynet news site reported that one of those injured in the incident was the son of Zakaria Zubeidi, a former Palestinian terrorist leader charged with carrying out attacks against Israelis dating back over a decade.

Terrorist leader Zakaria Zubeidi arrives for a court hearing at the Ofer military court, May 28, 2019. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Zubeidi, a 43-year-old former commander for Fatah’s military wing, has been indicted on 24 counts for his role in a number of shooting and bombing attacks starting in 2003.

During the Second Intifada, which broke out in 2000, Zubeidi served as the commander in the Jenin region of Fatah’s military wing, the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. He was also suspected of being one of the chief architects of several terror attacks during that time period.

The incident comes after a Palestinian man was killed in the West Bank on Sunday, with Palestinians claiming that the 18-year-old was shot by Israeli troops, and Israel saying he fatally injured himself while running away after throwing rocks.

The man was named as Amer Snobar, from the town of Yatma, south of Nablus.

According to the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry, he was shot by Israeli troops while driving his car near Turmus Aya, and then beaten by troops with the butts of their rifles.

He was taken to a hospital in Ramallah, where doctors declared him dead, the Health Ministry said.

Pictures published by Palestinian outlets showed a car next to what appeared to be drops of blood. No damage from gunfire could be clearly seen on the car.

The Israel Defense Forces denied opening fire at the man, and said in a statement that his death was the result of a self-sustained injury.

The military said a preliminary probe indicated that Snobar and another young man had been throwing rocks toward an Israeli vehicle on a nearby road, and IDF soldiers arrived and started searching for suspects.

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Israeli woman awarded damages for not being allowed on bus based on her dress

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Coronavirus Israel live: Synagogues to open Sunday, stores to remain closed for another week

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Biden Uses Images Of Hitler And Nazis In Campaign Ad

Hunter Biden’s former business partner says that he has employed a former Navy Seal team to protect him and his family as he continues to reveal details regarding the Bidens’ dodgy foreign business dealings, which he claims Joe Biden was intimately involved with.

Appearing in an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson Tuesday, Tony Bobulinski noted that he is not at home right now, and that he has called upon his fellow former seal buddies to ensure he and his family remain safe.

The former Navy veteran spoke of multiple dealings made by the Bidens, including purchasing a portion of a Russian state-owned energy company.

Bobulinski has also exposed Joe Biden’s direct involvement with text messages allegedly from Hunter Biden to himself:

Bobulinski claimed that he attempted to ensure that the dealings were above board, but was told that everything was being structured with “plausible deniability” for Joe Biden:

Bobulinski also charged that Joe Biden is ‘blatantly lying’ when he says that he has no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s deals:

Bobulinski also repeated comments he previously made, noting that when he first threatened to go public, after Democrats began claiming that the entire situation was a manufactured ‘Russian disinformation’ smear campaign, Biden operatives begged him to keep quiet urging “You’re just gonna bury all of us.”

Bobulinski says that Biden is now completely compromised when it comes to foreign negotiation:

The important thing to take into account regarding Bobulinski is that he is a registered Democrat who has donated to Democrats for a long time. He says he only turned on the Bidens when it became obvious to him that there was wrongdoing.

Watch the entire interview below:

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Ballet adapts to COVID-19 with socially distanced tutus

Coronavirus restrictions are forcing the artistic industry to reinvent how they present and stage their work.

For dancers, keeping the right distance from colleagues can be really complicated, as lifting and touching can be an integral part of the performance.

That’s why the Birmingham Royal Ballet and acclaimed Cuban ballet star, Carlos Acosta, have come up with a novel solution: Socially distanced tutus.

The clothing is intended to keep people far enough apart to respect COVID-19 distancing rules. It has already allowed the company to perform live in front of a reduced capacity auditorium.

As well as the costume design, the company also trains in what they call ‘work bubbles’. These bubbles remain exclusive to a certain number of dancers. This technique has allowed some of the dancers to touch each other.

For more on these ‘work bubbles’ and how Birmingham Royal Ballet is adapting to the challenges of the pandemic, Euronews spoke to Samuel Wyer the theatre designer who helped create the costumes. You can see his interview in the player above.

The costumes were made for the company’s representation of Lazuli Sky which will play in London from the 29th to the 31st of October and online from the 1 November.

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Cannes ‘mini’ film festival ends after 3-day outdoor celebration

It is one of the most influential and glamorous film festivals in the cinema calendar.

The adapted 73rd edition of the Cannes film festival ended on Thursday night just before France went into another national lockdown, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The event, which lasted for 3 days, was held outdoors and had a limited number of people in attendance.

Watch Euronews’s interview with a film journalist in the player above.

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These Hunter Biden Videos Prove Joe Biden is a National Security Threat

Ultimate Battle Series 1-8

Video Producer: Gravitationalwave 引力波

This is a war between light and dark, a war between justice and evil. We can’t just stand still and just watch, there is no place hold us back. Survive or be destroyed, this is the ultimate battle.

We will continuously update Ultimate Battle series.

Watch it, spread it, let more people wake up and fight against CCP and the deep state of the world.

Ultimate Battle 8
Ultimate Battle 7
Ultimate Battle 6
Ultimate Battle 5
Ultimate Battle 4
Ultimate Battle 3
Ultimate Battle 2
Ultimate Battle 1


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Here’s the Democrat-run Communist Game Plan to Take Over the USA (Video + Transcript)

– Lecture by G. Edward Griffin 1969 –

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/gOa1foc5IXI

Blueprint for Revolution in America….

This address by G. Edward Griffin in 1969 is as current as today’s headlines. Mr. Griffin shows that the Leninist strategy for conquest involves two kinds of revolution: one is violent, the other is non-violent. While most people think only of violent revolution, the non-violent phase is where most of the action has been in the United States, and beyond.

Leninists call it the Proletarian Revolution and it involves the gradual transition to Marxism (merely one form of collectivism) by use of the BALLOT BOX.

Control is achieved through economic pressures rather than guns and executions. This program shows how Leninists utilize mass-membership organizations, politicians, and the parliamentary process to bring about totalitarianism with little opposition from those who are being subjugated.


01:10 mins The title of this presentation is ‘More Deadly Than War’ but the subject matter itself is revolution. We’ll examine in detail the Communist theory and practice of revolution particularly as applied to the United States.

This is not dreamed up. This is the strategy taught by them [Communists] and advocated by them in their own manuals, their textbooks, and their schools. Organization of this material leads to three startling conclusions.

  1. The Communist program for revolution in America is divided into two phases: violent and nonviolent.
  2. The strategy for violent revolution calls for chaos, anarchy, mass confusion and panic among the people, a crisis in government, and then out of the vacuum sudden seizure of power by Communists led guerrilla bands.
  3. The nonviolent phase of revolution actually is more important to Communists and more potentially dangerous to us.

Strategy for this phase calls for gradual transition of our government into a Communist regime peacefully and legally but under the banner of socialism.

Let’s begin with conclusion #1 that the Communist program for revolution in America is divided into two phases, violent and nonviolent.

A good place to begin is this Communist booklet entitled ‘On the nature of Revolution: The Marxist Theory of social change’ written by Herbert Aptheker a leading theoretician of the Communist Party in this country. On page 11 Vicar says “The equating of violence with the nature and process of revolution is not correct. Violence may or may not appear in such a process, and its presence or absence is not a determining feature of the definition.”

This may surprise people because for years we’ve been thinking of Communist revolutions only as those which involve the overthrow of governments by force and violence, and that entire phrase has been written and spoken so often as a single concept that many of us haven’t even considered the possibility that the Communists might have another approach to their goal, that they might overthrow the government without force and violence, that they might in fact plan to come to power through means that properly could be called peace and politics.

Before we proceed it is necessary to define a few terms. When the Communists speak of the two kinds of revolution they don’t come right out and say so in plain English. Instead they claim to be practicing something called scientific Marxism, and so they have to dress up these crude concepts in elaborate phraseology. For instance when the Communists speak of violent revolution, they describe it as a war of national liberation.

The so-called theory behind this is that people of the country marked for takeover supposedly are an oppressed people, they’re dominated by an imperialistic foreign power that has colonized them and exploited them, and so the Communists claim it’s their duty, their historic duty, to liberate them from the yoke of fascism or imperialism or colonialism or whatever.

The Communist orientation of the movement is played down. They prefer to identify themselves as a people’s army of liberation or a National Liberation Front. Of course this is the kind of guerrilla warfare we’ve seen used in China, Algeria, Cuba, South Vietnam and many other places around the world but there are other phrases also used to describe the same process.

Occasionally they’ll refer to this violent type of revolution as an anti-imperialist war or an anti-colonialist war but they all equal the same thing, Wars of national liberation, anti-imperialist wars, and anti-colonialist wars are all phrases used to describe that aspect of Communist revolution aimed at overthrowing the government by means of force and violence.

To describe their nonviolent revolution the Communists most often use the term proletarian revolution but they also refer to it as the socialist revolution, and sometimes the anti-monopoly struggle but again, they all add up to the same thing.

The proletarian revolution, the socialist revolution, and anti-monopoly struggle are merely different ways in which Communists describe their strategy for overthrowing the government through nonviolent means.

Let’s return to the Communist literature to understand what they mean when they use these words.

06:29 mins In 1960, representatives from Communist parties all over the world gathered in Moscow and issued a joint declaration, which included this statement “Our time, whose main content is the transition of capitalism to socialism, is a time of socialist revolutions and national liberation revolutions.” In other words, we’re living in an era of two kinds of revolution, one violent and the other nonviolent.

This document was published by the Communist Party in this country in 1968. It’s entitled ‘The New Program of the Communist Party USA, Second Draff.’ And here’s what it says.

“Contemporary revolutions bear two distinctive marks, they are socialist, they are anti imperialist. More than a billion human beings are now embarked on socialist revolution, a larger number is in varying stages of revolution for national liberation.”

In order to relate this general concept of two kinds of revolution to the specific application here in the United States, it’ll be necessary to examine rather closely the Communist position on what they describe as the Negro question. Basically summarized the Communist position on the Negro question is as follows:

07:56 mins
As early as 1928, the Communists declared that the racial differences among our people constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point in our social fabric. By constantly probing and straining at this one spot they calculated that eventually the cloth could be torn apart and that Americans could be divided, weakened, and perhaps even set against each other in open combat.

They stated in no unmistakable terms that the Negro people because of their secondary social status, and their predominant working-class composition, offered greater revolutionary possibilities than any other cross-section of the population. To develop these possibilities, the Communists proclaimed that the American Negro constituted a separate nation within a nation, a colony within the continental borders of the United States. The people of this nation were said to be oppressed and exploited by colonialist, imperialist, racist America. Consequently, the Communist Party called for their liberation, their right to self-determination, to break away from the United States, and to set up their own nation within our borders.

To bring this about of course, force and violence must be used. A war of national liberation must be fought. The territory designated for this nation to be liberated was the black belt in the South, those counties and states in which the Negro population was dominant. When established, the new nation was to have a soviet-type government and be totally subservient to the Communist Party, and this is extremely important, the Communists made it clear from the very beginning that they could never hope to capture all of the United States with a war of national liberation, only part of it.

You see, elsewhere in the world, the segment of the population supposedly liberated by the Communists has been a majority segment, the peasants in China, the Muslims in Algeria, all the people in Cuba, but in the United States, our Negro population is in the minority, and even if the Communists should be successful in creating similar liberation movements among other segments of our people, as they’re trying to do among Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and even American Indians, even if they should succeed and then amalgamate all of these together into one large liberation movement, it still adds up to a minority of the total population.

Communists are not stupid. They realize that revolution of force and violence dependent upon a minority is doomed to ultimate failure except in those areas where they actually do constitute a majority but they aren’t going to settle for just part of the United States. THEY WANT IT ALL, and so they made it clear long ago that their violent war of national liberation must be secondary to the nonviolent proletarian revolution.

To take the United States, all of the United States, it’ll be necessary they say to involve white people as well as black to create a broad coalition, a revolutionary link between the civil rights movement, organized labor, peace groups, student dissidents, and in general to escalate their revolution in America from race war to class war. This, in a nutshell is the Communist position on the Negro question.

Let’s turn now to the record, and see how the Communists themselves explain it. This Communist booklet entitled ‘American Negro Problems’ was published in 1928. It was written by John Pepper alias Jozsef Pogany who was sent to this country as the personal envoy of Joseph Stalin, and his specific mission was to bring the American Communist Party into line with the policies and directives from Moscow particularly with regard to the Negro question, and here is what Pogany said,

“The Communist Party of America in its fight against imperialism must recognize clearly the tremendous revolutionary possibilities of the liberation movement of the Negro people. It is the basic duty of the Communist Party to develop all revolutionary possibilities of the Negro race. The black belt in the south constitutes virtually a colony within the body of the United States of America. Self-determination means the right to establish their own state, to erect their own government if they choose to do so. The Communist Party of America must come out openly and unreservedly, for the right of national self-determination for the Negroes but it would be a major mistake to believe there can be any other revolution in imperialist America than a proletarian revolution. Let me repeat that last sentence because it’s the key to this entire presentation


13:07 mins Moving forward to the Year 1935, we come to this Communist

booklet entitled ‘The Negroes in the Soviet America’ written by James Ford and James Allen. Beginning on page 24, the general strategy is laid out in rather graphic form. You see there’s a major heading here entitled ‘The Negro and Revolution’ and directly beneath it a subheading entitled ‘Two Revolutions in One’ and then within this section it says “The problem of Negro liberation has two aspects.” We shall consider each separately, and then show how the solution for the first flows into the solution for the second.”

The next subheading is entitled ‘The Rebellion of an Oppressed Nation’ and the section that follows describes the violent revolution that must be fought to liberate the black belt of the south. Finally over the next page there’s another subheading entitled ‘The Proletarian Revolution’’ and here we begin to get an idea finally of what this phase of the revolution is all about.

It says “Capitalism is decaying. It is an outworn system. Capitalism is based upon the private ownership of machines, factories, railroads, land, and all other means of production. Only one thing can do away with the basis for the existence of capitalism, the expropriation of the capitalists” and by the way, I’m sure you realize everyone here, by Communist definition at least, is a capitalist. So, you should feel good to know that there are those who are planning your expropriation someday.

“In order to expropriate the capitalists, the workers first need to discard the existing government machinery and to institute a working class government. Under this new worker’s government the building of socialism begins.”

Finally on page 28 under the third subheading entitled ‘The Combination of Two Revolutions’ the Communists reveal how the two phases of their revolution are related to each other, and which of the two is most important to them. Between the proletarian revolution and the revolution of the Negro people there is a living link, this is the working class. Here, reposes the leadership of the two aspects of the revolution but the Negro Communist is first and foremost the exponent of the proletarian revolution.

1935 is a long time ago, and sometimes we hear it said that the Communists have since abandoned this concept but ladies and gentlemen they cannot abandon it for the simple reason that if they did so they’d be abandoning the classic dual form of revolution dictated by Marxism Leninism. They’d cease to be Communists. To justify violence they have to be able to claim they’re liberating people, and if people are to be liberated then it’s necessary to go through the motions at least of pretending they have a right to form a nation of their own, and so the Communist position on the Negro question today is no different than it was back in 1928.

‘Political Affairs’ is the official monthly magazine of the Communist Party in this country. The date on this particular issue is November 1968. The feature article for that month was ‘The right of black America to create a

nation’ written by Communist theoretician Claude Lightfoot who points out that many years of migration of Negroes into the north, end up Caucasians into the south, have altered the population statistics to the point where the black belt is considerably smaller today than it was when the Communist position on the Negro question was first drafted. “Therefore” he says “The concept of a Negro nation must not necessarily be restricted to just one large territory in the south but must be expanded now to include the so called ghetto areas in the north.” So, having updated the basic strategy to reflect present realities he then repeats the same old Communist line

on page 9. He says “We should call for a plebiscite of all black Americans on whether they want to remain in the general Commonwealth or to establish another nation within the continental United States. Thus the slogan of self-determination today means the struggle for the right of black America to form a nation if it elects to do so.”

17:54 mins Now in passing, you may have wondered why the Communist Party has been a staunch supporter of the drive to place a black studies curriculum into our high schools and colleges. Well, the reason becomes obvious the minute you take a look at the text books and study guides. The net effect of these courses on the students who enroll is to create a consciousness of nation. By stressing the historical and cultural differences between our black and white citizens, instead of similarities, the predictable impact upon the student is such that he’ll view the  Communist call for a separate nation with far more acceptance than his parents did. Under the guise of academic balance, these courses have become a brilliant device for conditioning young people to accept still one more part of the total program for revolution.

Returning once again to Claude Lightfoot, after having called for a separate nation he then repeats the ever important point that “As important as the national liberation movement may be, it still must be secondary in importance to the nonviolent peaceful transition to Communism called the socialist revolution. From this it follows that the advocates of a black nation must identify themselves with all that is required to set up a socialist America recognizing that black people alone could never destroy capitalism.”

To digress for just a moment, I’d like to point out that this concept of two kinds of revolution is really the basis for that much publicized split between Moscow and Peking.

The Moscow group says “There are two kinds of revolution, violent and nonviolent. We believe in using either or both depending on which combination proves to be the most effective. But as true Marxist Leninists — we believe the gradual nonviolent approach is more effective in today’s modern world”

To which the Peking group shouts and reply “Heresy, heresy. True there are two kinds of revolution, and we think to practice either or both but we are the true Marxist Leninist s’ for we believe the quick violent approach is more effective in today’s modern world.”

20:08 mins There’s the total difference between the two factions of world Communism. Each claim to be more correct in its interpretation of classical Communist strategy but as far as the United States is concerned you can be sure that it makes precious little difference. Both types of revolution are being used against us today, both are enhanced by the presence of the other, and both lead to exactly the same destination.

Moving along to the second conclusion, the strategy for violent revolution in America calls for chaos, anarchy, destruction, a crisis in government ,mass confusion, and panic among the people, and then out of the vacuum sudden seizure of power by Communists led guerrilla bands.

This is the kind of activity, the overthrow of government by force and violence that most people think of when they speak about Communist revolutions, so there’s no need to belabor the point but I’m going to take a moment to show the extent to which the Communists actually are planning to use this kind of revolution against the United States. This is not so well known.

21:17 mins Here is a book I think ought to be in every home library. It’s entitled ‘Color, Communism and Common Sense’ by Manning Johnson. As you can see from his photograph Manning Johnson was a Negro. He was also a member of the Communist Party. He joined the party as a young man because he honestly believed the Communists were trying to improve the conditions of his people. He was a dedicated Communist, and eventually he rose to one of the highest ranks. He was appointed to the National Negro Commission of the Communist Party USA but after many years Manning Johnson finally came to the realization that the Communists weren’t the least bit interested in improving conditions of the Negro people. He discovered instead they were merely planning to use his people and these are his words ‘To use them as cannon fodder” in a bloody revolution to destroy America” and when he woke up to this he dropped out of the party and devoted the rest of his life trying to alert his fellow citizens of all races to the true nature of the Communist Party as he knew it from the inside, and this book contains much of that story.

Here is one short quotation that pertains to the immediate topic.

Manning Johnson said “Black rebellion was what Moscow wanted. Bloody racial conflict would split America. During the confusion, demoralization and panic would set in, then finally the Reds say. At this point he quotes verbatim from a Communist directive he studied while inside the party.

“Workers stop work. Many of them seize arms by attacking arsenals. Street fights become frequent. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, workers organize Revolutionary Committees to be in command of the uprising armed workers, seize the principal government offices, invade the residences of the president and his cabinet members, arrest them, declare the old regime abolished, establish their own power.”

Here is a piece of vicious Communist propaganda that perhaps some of you have seen, it’s called ‘The Crusader.’ It’s published periodically in Red China and is widely circulated through the Negro communities here in America. It’s written by Robert F. Williams one of the organizers of the Revolutionary Action Movement better known as RAM.

Williams also was president of the local chapter of the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] in Monroe North Carolina. At that time he wasn’t telling very many people he was also a member of the Communist Party. One day back in 1961 he decided to start a small war of national liberation of his own. Apparently, he was too impatient to wait for the big signal, so finally to avoid prosecution for assault with a deadly weapon and for kidnapping, he fled to Cuba and then to Red China where he now writes Communist propaganda.

Another thing you should know about Robert F. Williams is that recently he was elected by members of SNCC [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee], CORE, RAM, NAACP, and similar groups, as president in exile of something called the Republic of New Africa. Following the Communist line in every detail, these men claim they’re the representatives of a new government and a new nation within the continental borders of the United States. They issued a demand to the State Department that a large segment of land be turned over to them as their rightful territory. The proclamation said that they’re now prepared to negotiate in good faith the peaceful transfer to them of the southern portion of the United States. The implication being that if they don’t get it peacefully then they’ll just have to take it by force and violence.

Already, the Republic of New Africa has established a central headquarters in Mississippi, and its leaders in the north are actively recruiting a black panther guerrilla force, and what they call a Revolutionary Freedom Corps the RFC, from among black militant students to act as organizers, and to set up local provisional governments in the so called ghetto areas.

The reason I mentioned all this is to introduce properly one Robert F. Williams, president in exile of this Republic of New Africa, and author of ‘The Crusader.’ Here is what Robert Williams say.

“The lifeblood of US capitalism is its productive capacity and its extensive commerce. If these two factors were to become paralyzed and rendered sterile, the orderly function of the government establishment would degenerate into a state of chaos, and the superstructure of the system would collapse. The more automated a society is the more vulnerable it is to forces of calamity. What would highly mechanized America be without electrical power, what would it be without modern transportation, what would it be without its industrial capacity, and then having asked these questions Robert Williams proceeds to explain in minute detail, exactly how to manufacture the devices that can be used by a mere handful of people to ensure that highly automated America will lose its electrical power, its modern transportation, and its industrial capacity.

I can assure you ladies and gentlemen, that less than a dozen people if they know what they’re doing, can reduce any of our major cities into a helpless seething mass of confusion, panic, and death. Just one person, one person can poison the city’s entire water supply or destroy the main aqueduct or blow up the principal pumping stations, and what would people in Los Angeles do to get a drink of water if it didn’t come out of a pipe, and how long can a human being survive without water, four or five days perhaps. Long before that there’d be tens of thousands of people dead in our cities, not from thirst but because they were unable to defend what water they had from roving bands of desperate people who were dying of thirst, and that’s thinking only of the loss of water. In your mind’s eye, compound that with no food, no electricity, no way to dispose of sewage, no police protection, no water pressure to fight fires, no radio or TV, no telephone, no buses, no gasoline for your car, no way to escape, no place to go if you could, and don’t think for a minute that the countryside would be immune from disaster either.

28:11 mins In this issue of ‘The Crusader’ the Communists call not only for extensive chaos within the cities but for putting to the torch every village, every forest, every field, and every barn.

The plan is for raging fires from one city to the next. The reasons being first there’s the value of sheer destruction.

Second, it would force us to deploy our defenses and rescue units over the widest possible area. The Communists point out that as long as our police and National Guard remain concentrated they’re invincible, but if they can be forced to spread out over the entire city and into the countryside they can be picked off from ambush one by one.

The third value of massive fire to the Communists is psychological. The average American they say “soft and decadent”, when he sees billows of black smoke rising from one horizon to the other, when at night the only light he has to see by is the flickering red from flames leaping into the sky, he’ll become paralyzed with fear and panic. He’ll run away and hide, and do nothing to interfere with the guerrilla bands as they strike at the community power centers.

‘The Crusader’ explains how to set up sniper units in crowded metropolitan areas, how to manufacture jumbo Molotov cocktails, the gallon jug size, and how to mix the gasoline with certain ingredients to make it burn like napalm, how to pour gasoline into utility manholes in the streets to set fire to the main telephone cables, how to put sulfur tips from matches into air-conditioning units and blow up large buildings, how to ignite gas mains and oil storage tanks. It explains how radio-controlled model airplanes can be used to fly explosive heavily-guarded fences into gasoline storage areas or munition stockpiles.

It even calls for infiltration into the National Guard units, revolutionaries posing as non militants for the purpose of getting free military training, and for gaining access to critical military supplies and heavy weapons. Finally, Robert Williams says this,

“Any all-out minority revolution must create a state of crisis wherein almost all of the male population would be forced to remain in their homes to protect their property and families. The middle class is very large but it is not accustomed to deprivation and terror because of its affluence it has waxed soft, it has no stomach for massive fire, blood, and violence. The motive force behind its life drive is its endless pursuit of prestige, conspicuous consumption, and sensual pleasure. A few years of violent, sporadic and highly destructive uprisings will set the stage for the grand finale after the stage is properly set. Through protracted struggle America could be brought to her knees in 90 days of highly organized fierce fighting, sabotage, and massive firestorm.”

Ladies and gentlemen, no evaluation would be complete if we fail to note the Communist blueprint calls also for white retaliation and violence in black communities. It’s a very important objective for the Communist Party. So far, they’ve only been able to involve a small percentage of our Negro people in this war of national liberation. The great majority want no part of it in any form but the one sure way to change that is to have white vigilante groups striking into the Negro sections supposedly to seek revenge. We mustn’t kid ourselves into thinking that the Communists have placed their agitators only into the black communities. They’re working both sides of the street. They want hatred, violence, and bloodshed between the races, and they don’t care how they get it or whom they use even children if necessary.

Part of the plan calls for commando squads of black revolutionaries to drive into the white residential areas and shoot little children playing on the sidewalks, for the sole purpose of drawing out of the white community’s violent retaliation into the black communities.

This is extremely important to the Communists, they must have it, for in this way they plan to unite the entire Negro population for protection behind the militant minority. It’s not a very pretty picture but it’s one we need to understand so that no matter what happens to us or to our families, God willing we’ll have the strength at least to avoid doing anything that would play further into the hands of the Communists.

Ladies and gentlemen, the plans and preparations for a Communist revolution of force and violence are far advanced. The organization behind these preparations has almost unlimited financial resources, and it provides both training and leadership based upon years of experience in many other countries. Our enemies are deadly serious about their task, and it’s nothing short of national suicide for us to continue to ignore their plans and their progress.

Having said this, I’m going to qualify it somewhat by turning to conclusion number three. As important as the strategy for violent revolution is, and it certainly cannot be overstressed, nevertheless the strategy for non-violent revolution is even more important to the Communists and more potentially fatal to us, so let’s turn next to that part of the total picture.

As pointed out previously, the Communists can never hope to come to power over the entire United States through a so-called war of national liberation of a minority population. They can capture a large portion of it, and they can create an awful lot of chaos and destruction everywhere else, but to take the country as a whole will require an entirely different approach. The violent revolution becomes a primary value to the Communists to the extent to which it can be used to condition the masses psychologically to accept the nonviolent revolution, which is offered supposedly as the only alternative.

34:51 mins Hoping to avoid further violence and bloodshed, the public is to be pressured into accepting measures that will move the country gradually and legally toward Communism but without calling it that. The strategy of the proletarian revolution calls for the quiet conversion of our government into a Communist regime but under the banner of socialism. Well, what is socialism? Let’s define it according to the dictionary

SOCIALISM is a political concept based upon the principle of government ownership and control of property, the means of production, and the avenues of commerce but the important thing as far as this presentation is concerned is how do the Communists define it, and this is where many people are surprised to learn that the Communists have an entirely different meaning for the word socialism than the average American has.

Did you know there isn’t a single Communist country in existence anywhere on earth? That’s right not one. Russia isn’t a Communist country, Red China isn’t, Cuba certainly isn’t. These are socialist lands that’s how Communist leaders always describe them.

36:08 mins You see, according to the teachings of Karl Marx “Communism will come to this world only in some future utopian era when men will have learned to live together in perfect harmony, when they’ll no longer be greedy or competitive, when they’ll want to share equally with their fellow human beings and have nothing better than anyone else. When this comes to pass there will no longer be any need for police or for government of any kind.” And then he said “The state will wither away. When that happens it will be Communism. In the meantime comrades, whenever we come to power, we shall call it socialism.”

So the next time you hear a Communist spokesman stand before college audience or a TV camera and say innocently that all the Communists are doing here in America is working for socialism, you must understand what he means by that word. What he’s really saying is all the Communists are doing is trying to bring to America exactly the same thing they now have in the Soviet Union, and Red China. They can call that socialism if they want but most Americans I think would describe that over there as Communism.

The new program of the Communist Party on this subject has this to say “The term socialism describes but the first stage of a new society that in its full development is called Communism. Socialism is a transitional stage.”

The important question though is why do the Communists promote socialism? Is it merely because they honestly believe that it’s a necessary transitional stage to some higher more perfect form of society? I don’t think so. I doubt very much if Communist leaders believe their own fairy tale, and I’m sure they’re not so naive as to believe their present super state is ever really going to wither away but they promote socialism just the same because they know socialism by definition means control over people. If the government owns and controls all property, all means of production, and all avenues of commerce, then it controls all people.

If we’re dependent on government for our food, our clothing, our shelter, our jobs, our medical care, then we’re far more effectively controlled by those who hold political power than if they stood over us with soldiers and weapons.

38:43 mins Some years ago, I happened to attend a meeting where several anti-communist refugees from behind the Iron Curtain were called upon to relate their personal experiences. Some questions that came from the audience were rather naive I suppose because finally one of the refugees spoke up and he said,

“You know you Americans have funny ideas about the life under communism. Apparently, you think there’s a Communist soldier standing on every street corner with a rifle and bayonet to keep the people in line but this isn’t so. Oh sure, in the beginning there were plenty of soldiers, and executions, and deportation to slave labor camps but we don’t see much of that anymore. The open violence lasted only for about a year or year and a half and then the anti-communist leadership was liquidated, and now to the casual observers there’s a great deal of apparent calm and freedom.

For instance, I lived in the largest city in the country. We had a large park directly across the street from a beautiful church. They left one Church open, one in the entire country primarily for guided tours of visiting Americans who had come to see if religion was being persecuted.

Anytime I wanted to, I could have gone into that park, stood on a bench and spoken out against communism. Then I could have walked across the street into that church and knelt down in prayer and I wouldn’t have been arrested or bothered in any way but you can be sure I did not do these things because if I had, the very next day the wheels of the bureaucracy would have begun to turn and I would have been informed that my quota food stamps have been cut, my allotment for clothing and shoes had been reduced, my allocation for living quarters had been downgraded, and finally my job assignment had been changed from the kind of work for which I’d been trained to menial labor at lower pay. So, none of us did any of those things that we were theoretically entitled to do because of the tremendous power the Communist Party had over our economic existence.”

Then he said something I’ll never forget. He hesitated for a moment and weighing his words very carefully so as not to hurt our feelings he said,

“You know, I came to America expecting to find a nation of free men but instead I find exactly the same thing. Everywhere I look I see men and women who know that Communists are making headway in this country. They know something must be done and that someone must stand up to them but they themselves do nothing. They remain silent because they’re afraid if they speak out or take a stand publicly it’ll be bad for business, they may lose a client, they may even lose their jobs, or perhaps they’re receiving a regular government check and already are too dependent upon some of the very people and programs they know they should oppose.

These men voluntarily have gone behind the Iron Curtain, they’re already taken over by the Communists. The only difference is that for the present at least they can still get out anytime they really want to. We could not.”

42:20 mins I think there’s a great lesson to be learned from that because it’s true isn’t it, there are many men who are physically brave beyond any question when it comes to standing up against a tyranny that threatens with armies. Some of them carry the actual scars of battle to prove it but when it comes to this new kind of war, they’re lost to the fight. When there is no battlefield, when the weapons are not rifles or bombs but economic pressures, then who is your enemy, how do you fight, where do you begin?

It is precisely for these reasons that any modern dictatorship must have control over the economic sphere of all human activity. This was true of Nazism, it was true of fascism, it’s true of communism, and it’s also true of socialism. Regardless of what name we give it total government control is by definition totalitarianism that’s what the word means. Leon Trotsky as you recall was one of the original Bolsheviks who led the Communist revolution in Russia.

In 1937, Trotsky wrote a book entitled ‘The Revolution Betrayed’ and in it here’s what he said,

“The basis of bureaucratic rule is the poverty of society in objects of consumption. When there is enough goods in a store the purchasers can come whenever they want. When there is little goods the purchasers are compelled to stand in line. When the lines are very long it’s necessary to a point of policemen to keep order, such is the starting point of the power of the Soviet bureaucracy. It knows who is to get something and who has to wait.

Ladies and gentlemen there’s no better description than that of why the Communists work to promote socialism. No matter whose definition you use, under socialism those who run the government, and the Communists are confident that in America they eventually will be the ones who do so, those who run the government will know who is to get something and who has to wait, and that represents control over human beings.

What has all this to do with the Communist revolution in America? Well, it has everything to do with it because the building of socialism is the Communist revolution in America. It represents a process whereby our country can be moved gradually toward Communism without the people even being aware of it.

No matter what grievance we may have real or imagined, no matter what national problems we may face, the Communists seize upon these as excuses to build socialism. They have one and only one solution for all problems, more government, more government, and then more, and more until it’s total government, and forgive me for saying it one more time, total government is communism.

45:27 mins Again let’s turn to the record. Shortly after the Watts riot in 1965, the Communist party brought out this pamphlet entitled ‘The Watts Upsurge a Communist Appraisal’ and here is what it said,

“The challenge of the Watts explosion can be met only by a truly massive program, a vast increase in the investments in the war against poverty program. What is called for is not only a total Economic Opportunity program for wiping out unemployment and for proper job training but a program for the total reconstruction of the area.”

‘The People’s World’ the official West Coast newspaper of the Communist Party in its August 28, 1965 issue ran this rather interesting editorial “What is needed now is an effort that begins to approximate the magnitude of the problem. As a minimum, such a program should demand massive emergency action by the federal government.” Six months later the Communist Party came out with what’s called ‘The New Program of the Communist Party’. This was the first draft published in 1966, and here’s what it said “We favor full use of federal powers to achieve these objectives.”

Listen carefully to see if it sounds familiar, like something you’ve heard from more respectable sources. “Government assumption of responsibility for assuring a guaranteed annual wage, complete cradle to the grave social insurance coverage including all medical care, equal educational opportunities for all, with acceptance of the principle of student stipends, a national reconstruction plan to end ghettos and slums, and provide the nation with a modern rapid transit system operated as a public service, and passage of a National Youth Act that will ensure education, vocational training, and employment at decent wages for the younger generation.”

Does that sound familiar? Well, if it reminds you somewhat of the Great Society it’s because it is the Great Society lock, stock, and barrel.

47:59 mins Gus Hall, head of the Communist Party explained it this way. This is the January 24th 1965 issue of ‘The Worker’ and Gus Hall said,

“The Communist attitude toward the Great Society can be summarized in an old saying that two men sleeping in the same bed can have different dreams. We Communists support every measure of the Great Society concept because we dream of socialism.” And when you recall what Gus Hall means when he says ‘socialism’ then you realize that the Communists support the welfare programs of the Great Society, the New Deal, the new frontier, or whatever they decide to call it in the future because they dream of bringing Communism to America through these programs.

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48:52 mins The next question of importance is how do the Communists promote socialism? Certainly it takes far more than a mere declaration of intent or writing a few books. How can they bring it off especially when there are so few of them? How can they manipulate the vast majority into accepting socialism when they really don’t want it? Here again we find that they have a plan, the strategy is precise and well tested, it’s called revolutionary parliamentarianism.

The general strategy employed is a political pincers movement, and these are terms that Communists use to describe it. A pincers movement applying political pressure from above and from below. When they talk about pressure from above, they mean using their people and their influence within the very government marked for takeover, to bring forward official recommendations for legislation. These come from the highest possible levels and carry the full prestige of [inaudible].

The recommendations of course are offered supposedly as solutions to national problems but when passed into law, their only real effect is to vastly increase the power of government, and to move the country that much closer toward the ultimate goal. The pressure from below involves using their influence over the various mass membership organizations of the country, to create the appearance of great popular support for these recommendations. Of course the members of those organizations must never suspect they’re being used to promote the Communist program.

Now the silent majority, the average person with no particular ax to grind, is caught right in the middle. He looks above and sees highly respected spokesmen for government calling for socialist legislation. He looks below and sees mobs of demonstrators shouting for the same thing. He says to himself has everyone gone crazy or is it me? He’s still in the majority of course but he doesn’t know it. He thinks he’s helplessly outnumbered, and he bows to what he thinks is the democratic will of the majority.

All that remains is for the duly elected legislators to place their own careers and political expediency above the best interests of the nation, to yield to this political pressure, and pass the legislation into law. Then the whole process starts all over again with new recommendations from above, new demands from below, and finally new capitulation in the halls of congress.

In this way the nation can move to the left in giant strides until the ultimate goal of Communism itself is reached entirely legally through the constitutional process, and in the name of the nation. [51:47 mins]

This government pamphlet entitled ‘The new role of national legislative bodies in the  Communist conspiracy’ is a reprint of two chapters taken from a Communist textbook used in Czechoslovakia. It was written by Jan Kozak the historian and theoretician of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party. This is one of the manuals used to teach Communist cadre how the tactic of revolutionary parliamentarianism was used successfully in Czechoslovakia, and how it might be applied to other countries as well.  https://thenewamerican.com/socialist-strategy-against-america-pressure-from-above-and-below/

52:26 mins As I read this, even though Kozak is speaking of how they did it in Czechoslovakia, think in terms of how the same strategy might be used or perhaps is being used right here in America. Kozak said,

“The pressure from above successfully employed by our worker’s class, was the use made of the organ’s holding powers, the government, Parliament, national Committee’s for bringing about a wide popularization of revolutionary demands and slogans. The fact that such demands and recommendations emanated directly from the highest state organs had a strong influence on their popularization. Whereas pressure from above is the pressure exerted by the organs of the state, pressure from below is the pressure exerted by the popular masses. The united mass organizations, which were led and influenced to a large extent by the Communists, represented in this way the direct reserves of the party. All the old proven forms of the struggle were employed. Calling of protest meetings, passing of resolutions, sending of delegations, organizing mass demonstrations, and also eventually using strikes including general strikes.

The pressure from below made it impossible for the other parties, which had numerical superiority, to isolate the Communists and to stop the revolution. Thus it made up for the numerical weakness of the revolutionary representatives. Progress toward socialism may take under these circumstances a democratic and constitutional course. All the changes, which in their entirety, represent a revolutionary transformation of the capitalist society into a socialist one, will proceed absolutely legally and in the name of the nation.”

Is it possible that revolutionary parliamentarianism is being used against America today? Is there any evidence of this kind of pressure from above? Well, ladies and gentlemen to answer that question read some of the official reports and recommendations that have been pouring out in a steady stream for years from the bureaus, special agencies, and commissions of the federal government. Consider for example just those reports issued by the various President’s Commissions, the President’s Commission on automation, the President’s Commission on crime, the President’s Commission on civil rights, to name just a few.

55:04 mins This is perhaps the most classic recent example. It’s the report of the President’s National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, better known as the Kerner report, released to the public March 1968. Have you read this? It’s incredible. The list of recommendations supposedly to remove the causes of civil disorders in America reads almost identical to the New Program of the Communist Party, and that’s not much of an exaggeration.

Kerner Report: https://belonging.berkeley.edu/1968-kerner-commission-report

It calls for the vast expansion of all welfare programs and agencies, it suggests absorbing all city, county, and state welfare programs into one gigantic federal welfare program, and why have state socialism when you can have national socialism. It calls for a government guaranteed minimum wage, it calls for federal financing and control of every conceivable sphere of human activity, education, housing, transportation, even insurance policies.

It calls for strict gun control laws and even recommends the creation of a national police force. Naturally, it doesn’t call it that by name it refers to it as the National Law Enforcement Center but there’s no doubt as to what its ultimate form will be, especially since its to operate in conjunction with the Defense Department.

The most incredible thing about this report I think is not the list of recommendations that’s almost expected from groups of this kind nowadays. The real shocker lies in its findings, the discoveries it made. Here was a body of men highly respected, with the prestige and financial resources of the federal government of their disposal. Their task was to uncover all the causes of civil disorders in our land, and to do so impartially with favor or malice to no one, let the chips fall where they may.

Now will you suppose the Communist Party played some tiny microscopic role in the riots, the campus disorders, the assaults against police? Well, you’re mistaken. Just because the leaders of these revolutionary movements carry the Vietcong flag, pay homage to Che Guevara, traveled frequently to Moscow and Peking, preach against capitalism, promote the building of socialism, follow the Communist line without deviation, and move in perfect unison in every major city, that doesn’t prove anything.

According to the Kerner Report, the Communists are playing absolutely no role at all in civil disorders. Look it up in the index. Here is a book with over 600 pages of fine print dealing with all of the causes of civil turmoil, and the words Communism or Communist aren’t found even once. Not even to say they looked into it and found it not to be an important factor, which is the expected cliche today.

Apparently, the internal threat of Communism is no longer even worth looking into. But what about the other half of the pincers? Is there any evidence of pressure from below? Well, consider the nature of such things as the mass action tactics of the Selma March of 1965, the various peace marches and civil rights marches held in almost every major city in the intervening years, the Poor People’s Campaign, and resurrection City. What are these? Do they truly represent an expression of the majority of Americans or are they merely well-organized pressure groups putting on an impressive show to create the illusion of vast popular support, and what effect does this have on Congress? Every time there’s a new show of strength, doesn’t Congress buckle under the political pressure, and pass into law the recommendations previously made by some commission or agency of the federal government, and hasn’t the silent majority been caught between these pincers, and hasn’t the country been taking giant strides to the left through our constitutional process, and in the name of the nation?

The entire process was best described I think by Martin Luther King. He wrote an article for ‘Saturday Review’, which appeared in the April 3rd 1965 issue and here is how he described it.

“The goal of the demonstrations in Selma as elsewhere, is to dramatize the existence of injustice, and to bring about the presence of justice by means of non-violence. Long years of experience indicate to us that Negroes can achieve this goal when four things occur:

1] Non-violent demonstrators go into the streets to exercise their constitutional rights,
2] Racists resist by unleashing violence against them,

3] Americans of conscience, in the name of decency demand federal intervention and legislation,

4] The administration under mask pressure initiates measures of immediate intervention and remedial legislation.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect description of how pressure from

below is being used in America today to further the nonviolent proletarian revolution.

It always bothers me when I have to agree with the Communists. It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while I’ll read something in the Communist press that is 100% correct. It comes out in their favor even without their having to lie about it. Here’s an example. In the ‘People’s World’ January 29, 1966 issue the Communists said,

“The problem is that the power structure that runs both of the old political parties seems to have great difficulty in comprehending what is taking place in the Negro freedom movement. They don’t know a revolution when they see one” and all I can say to that is “Amen, they sure don’t.” They call it everything under the Sun except a revolution, and they’re the same people who still tell you it can’t happen here.

61:31 mins Ladies and gentlemen, not only can it happen here, not only is it happening here, it has been happening here for years. The problem is that most of us haven’t been able to recognize a revolution in all its forms when we saw one.


So, what do we do about it, what are the countermeasures that need to be taken, and where do we begin?

We begin by knowing what not to do because if we do the wrong things that’s worse than doing nothing at all. As I’m sure everyone here is well aware, we must not be led into placing the blame for the riots and civil disorders on the Negro people of our nation. Even those few who are promoting hatred and violence in the black communities are not themselves the cause, they’re merely being used by forces far bigger than they are, to promote the violent phase of the revolution in America. Just as many white people are being used by those same forces to promote the nonviolent phase.

Second, we mustn’t resort to violence either as a means of furthering political or social goals, and we must do everything humanly possible to discourage others from doing so.

Third, we must not be fooled into thinking that the causes of our civil turmoil are such things as poverty, poor housing, lack of education and similar social or economic factors. In fact, most of today’s self-styled revolutionaries, black and white, come from good homes, could earn better than average incomes if they wanted to work, and they are products of some of the finest institutions of higher learning.

We shouldn’t be indifferent to the social and economic conditions of those in need, and we should do all we can within the concepts of economic and political freedom to improve those conditions. Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that these are the causes of our national problems today

Fourth, we must not look to the expansion of government and government programs as the solution. As I hope I made clear by now, this is exactly what the Communist want us to do because it’s the very process whereby they hope to come to power in this country, through nonviolent means. These are the things we must not do.


What then does that leave on the positive side? Well, first of all we must support our local police but that means a lot more than just putting a bumper sticker on the car it means taking an active interest in civic affairs to ensure that the police aren’t saddled with so-called civilian review boards. Nothing can be quite so damaging to police morale and efficiency as converting every arrest into a trial of the policeman instead of the criminal.

To support your local police also means making sure they remain independent of control from Washington, and don’t forget whatever the federal government finances today it shall control tomorrow.

64:50 mins Next on the list, we must recapture the American faith in the free enterprise system. Capitalism has become almost a dirty word in some places, mainly because its defenders were busy enjoying the fruits of capitalism while its enemies were busy writing books and giving lectures. Consequently, capitalism has retreated steadily before the onslaught of socialism, and now it’s struggling for its very existence. Young and old, we must become students again and study the theories of Madison and Jefferson, Bastion and von Mises just as intently as our enemies pursue the pages of Marx and Lenin, Galbraith and Keynes. Not only must we become grounded in theory but we must become advocates and spokesmen as well. We must know what we stand for as well as what we oppose.

Next, and probably the most difficult task of all, we must carry this

message regarding the dual nature of Communist revolution to our friends, neighbors, business associates, and everyone who will listen. Now, this is hard because people don’t want to hear it. It’s bad news, it spoils and [inaudible] almost impossible, and that means accepting personal responsibility to do everything we humanly can to carry the truth about civil turmoil to every man woman and child in America.

66:24 mins Now ladies and gentlemen, none of these proposals will produce results, and nothing else you may suggest will do so either unless and until we get right down to the heart of the problem, the life force of the revolution itself.

We must discover the identity of those individuals both above and below [pincers 48:52 mins] who consciously are furthering the Communist program for revolution, and then remove them from their positions of trust and leadership. Anything less will be totally futile because we’ll merely be running around trying to put out one or two fires over here while they’re busy setting ten new ones over there.

67:09 mins Now of course, the minute you begin to think along these lines you’ll become the target of a whole barrage of attacks. You’ll be called a witch hunter, a McCarthyite, a right-wing extremist, and other delicate phrases that are well designed to intimidate the average person into silence. If that doesn’t work then you’ll be called a fascist or at least a dictator because supposedly you want to deny basic constitutional freedoms to a small group of Americans just because they happen to hold political views that are different from yours. How many times have you heard that, and you know at first it sounds almost convincing but the argument is a trap, and the bait inside that trap is the hidden assertion that the Communist Party is merely a political party.

Now, if it were a political party and that’s all then of course we would have to grant them all the same constitutional rights and immunities as other loyal American citizens, but if the Communist Party is not a political party, if it is in fact a super national organization dedicated to world conquest, if in addition to political means it also uses military means, economic means, propaganda means, bribery, blackmail, treason, murder, and any other means that suit its purposes, then its members are not political by nature, are not loyal to the United States, and have no legal or moral claim to constitutional liberties. There’s no such thing as absolute freedom. For every liberty, an equal and opposite restraint is required.

68:56 mins
For example, in order for us to enjoy freedom of speech it’s

necessary to deny others the freedom to come in here and break up this meeting. The logic of Liberty is that it must stop short of the Liberty to destroy itself, and if we’re to preserve the freedoms we cherish in this land then we mustn’t be tricked by clever propagandists into giving the Communist Party the freedom it seeks to destroy freedom for us all.

For now ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to close this presentation with two observations that I know you may not want to hear but they must be made nevertheless. The first is that this struggle in which we’re now engaged in a very real sense is more deadly than war. Call it what you will, cold war, revolution, struggle, whatever. The present stakes are higher than in any other war we’ve ever known. There are three reasons we dread war death, destruction, and human suffering.

But ladies and gentlemen, if Communism should ever come to America we’ll face more death, destruction, and human suffering than any people in history has ever faced at the hands of their invading conquerors, and it would make no difference whether the road to Communism was travelled violently or non-violently, the so called expropriation of the capitalists that would lie at the end of that road would constitute one of the greatest blood baths of history.

The second observation is related to the first. It is simply that we have now

passed the point of painless solutions and parlor patriotism. There was a time, and not too long ago, when we could have pulled ourselves out of this without too great a sacrifice on the part of anyone. All that would have been necessary would have been for us to take an interest in the domestic affairs of our nation, and to insist that our elected representatives merely enforce the laws that were then on the books to protect us from internal subversion, and to keep the enemy outside the gates.

But we didn’t, instead we slept, and one by one those laws were stricken down by the Supreme Court. Congress failed to repair the damage, and our defenses are no more.

Now, the enemy is inside our gates, he is on our streets, he is in our halls of Parliament and now there is hell to pay. Our enemy is not going to leave quietly just because we suddenly discover him and ask him to go. Hardly, the nature of tyranny is such that like the barb on an arrow it goes in easily but the price of pulling it out is a piece of flesh.

Let me be more specific. Before we finally win this battle, and I should hasten to say that there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to win, I’m increasingly convinced of this but before we finally do see victory it’s now inevitable that some of us even in this room will lose our lives in the Communist revolution that already is raging around us.

I can’t tell you who it’s going to be but I can tell you that it will make no practical difference whether we’re resisting at the time or whether we’re merely trying to hide. Most of the casualties will occur because people just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I mention this not to suggest that we all grab our guns and groceries and head to the hills. In many ways this too would be playing right into the hands of the Communists. No, I mention it for only one reason, and that is to stress the seriousness of the challenge that now confronts this nation.

It’s literally a question of life and death for all of us, and it’s about time the American people began to face up to that fact and to act accordingly.

I have no idea of what each of you is going to do in the critical days ahead. It may be much, it may be little, it may be nothing at all. Only you can answer that question but ladies and gentlemen whatever it is you decide to do for your country do it soon, do it now, every minute you delay further will add dearly to the price of ultimate victory. Thank you. END

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Leading Argentine rabbis deny businessman’s claim they run kosher meat ‘mafia’

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — After Jewish institutions came out in support of a businessman who is vowing to take on what he calls a “mafia” that sets the price of kosher meat, leading Argentine rabbis criticized the accusations that they are involved in artificially raising the cost of kosher food.

The group of rabbis, including Argentina’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yosef Chehebar and Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich, signed a joint letter on Oct. 19.

“We read with amazement the offensive words from self-designated rabbinical institutions accusing religious rabbis of belonging to a kosher products mafia, a very serious accusation since those terms imply a terrible connotation,” the letter reads.

By “self-designated rabbinical institutions,” the group is referring to the Rabbinical Assembly, which is the international association of Conservative rabbis, and its affiliate in Latin America, the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary.

The two Conservative institutions signed a statement of their own on Oct. 17, claiming that “rabbis have made people hostage of their ‘halachic’ decisions, and together with some businessmen they have created a mafia in the provision and price of kosher food.”

Roberto Goldfarb. (Screen capture/YouTube)

Jewish businessman Roberto Goldfarb, who runs the Diarco market chain, has begun selling kosher meat in his stores for about half the normal price.

The Orthodox rabbis argue that they do not set prices and only provide kosher certification services. The debate comes at a time of high and increasing inflation in Argentina, estimated at a rate of about 40% in 2020.

“It is regrettable that, in difficult and sensitive times, they take advantage of the hard economic situation to undermine the image of the rabbis and divide the community, which tries to remain united. Leaders must be responsible and not take advantage of a specific circumstance to obtain some political profit,” the letter reads.

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Former U.S. ambassador warns Trump might ditch NATO, ‘turning America’s back’ on Israel

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Borat’s hidden message to Jews

Beware of spoilers...

I watched the new “Borat” movie last weekend and while I didn’t laugh out loud as much as I did back in 2006 — and I may have cringed twice as much — I came away once again admiring Sacha Baron Cohen’s ability to smoke out bigotry wherever it may be found. And while those in red states and Kazakhstan may take offense at being the most visible targets of his jabs, the film mocks all bigotry, not just what may be found at gun rallies, cotillions and peasant villages in Central Asia.

The critique is so biting that one wonders how some of the participants could possibly have not been in on the joke, like the baker who obligingly inscribes “Jews Will Not Replace Us (smiley face)” on a cake, or the shop owner to whom Borat asks how many gas canisters it would take to kill a truckload of gypsies.

Cohen was not the first to show us how just plain folk are capable of extraordinary cruelty, but it never ceases to shock us. And it never should.

Yes, there are real people capable of laughing at songs about Saudis chopping up people and somewhere in America is at least one plastic surgeon who can air-trace a Jewish hook-nose that would make Der Stürmer proud.

Sacha Baron Cohen is this generation’s Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx and Lenny Bruce rolled into one. His humor is quintessentially Jewish, in that each disarming punchline contains a hidden arrow aimed at the heart of the enemy; the enemy being ignorance, cruelty and hate.

The banality of the evil next door never ceases to shock us, but even more, Sacha Baron Cohen’s sheer chutzpah never ceases to amaze us. With every act of derring-do, he winks at his fellow Jews, who would best recognize the dangers, as if to say, “You think I can survive a few nights with these wacko conspiracy theorists (who turn out to be pretty decent folks)? You think I can expose the hypocrisy of CPAC while dressed as Donald Trump? You think I can nab Rudy himself? Watch me!” For a people used to hiding in closets, Cohen, who hid in a closet while Rudy was being nabbed, is wish-fulfillment incarnate.

While his humor appeals to people everywhere, Cohen inserts hidden clues for Jews affirming that he gets it — he understands that anti-Semitism is the mother of all hatreds, and therefore we have a special mission to combat hatred everywhere, even when it is uncomfortable, even when it’s down the street at the bakery. Our mission is to be able to laugh in the face of evil while showing unmitigated compassion for victims, which he shows for individuals like a Holocaust survivor whom he meets in a synagogue, Judith Dim Evans, arguably the most inspiring person in the film (and whose family also nearly sued Cohen over the incident).

Cohen loves to let his fellow Jews in on the joke. Borat #1 had plenty of Hebrew in it, primarily when Borat is ostensibly speaking his native Kazakh tongue. Aside from throwing a bouquet to his landsmen, this is Cohen’s way of demonstrating that his depiction of Kazakhstan is purely fictitious. Borat might as well have haled from Cossack-stan. Or a Kurdish moshav in the Negev.

One classic Boratism in the first film was the expression, “Wa wa wee wa,” (“wow!”) an hommage to the Israeli comedian Dovale Glikman from golden-age TV show Zehu Ze.

Borat#2 continues in the hilarious tradition of Cohen’s use of Hebrew as a fake version of the Kazakh language. Whenever he speaks with his daughter Tutar, he is speaking Hebrew. (Many) Jews know that. Few others do. It’s the greatest in-joke among Jews since God pranked Abraham at Moriah.

Here are some examples:

Borat’s daughter, played by the amazing Maria Bakalova, has just mistakenly eaten a plastic baby figurine on top of a cupcake. The subtitle says, “Are you OK?” but in Hebrew, Borat is really asking, “Ayfo ha-tinok? – Where’s the baby!?” It’s much more urgent and on point, setting up the next scene perfectly, while also leaving the viewer imagining some plastic dingo running off with it somewhere.

Here, Borat spews up some Hebrew gobbledygook, but ends up saying what I think is “Baruch Hashem ma-she-hu yikra” (God willing, something will happen). You would think he might use a more urgent and negative expression like “Has v’halila,” (God forbid, something should happen). But, in fact, he is turning the phrase on its head and saying that a father loving his children equally (and not caging his daughters) would be a good thing. Which is exactly what God was trying to tell Abraham at Moriah.

What Borat really says in Hebrew is, “I’m taking you to someone who will teach you how to be lovely (nechmad – which also can be translated in Borat-ese as “niiice“).  There is nothing feminist about the influencer they meet; the goal here is not to liberate the girl, but to prepare Tutar to be gifted to a person who is decidedly anti-feminist. But, ultimately, Tutar is in fact liberated. Nechmad is a perfect word choice for the knowledgeable Jew, evoking a well known Hebrew song (and a popular children’s TV program) about colorful butterflies emerging from the cocoons (cages) of childhood. Nechmad is a cuddly word — the word for warmth (cham) is embedded within it, evoking the nostalgic feelings of an old ’70s singalong — there’s even a Poogy song with that name.

You can see how much more there is to the film if you can crack Borat’s secret code, using the Jews’ secret language. And because we get the joke, we know how deadly serious Cohen’s message really is, and can intuit why he urgently wanted to release this “moviefilm” a week before the American election.

When the election is over, the world will still need people like Sacha Baron Cohen and we Jews will still admire his chutzpah. The guy who was gutsy enough to call out Facebook, saying “They would have let Hitler buy ads.” will always have a place in the Jewish pantheon. No matter what happens next Tuesday, the world will still need niiice people like that.

Award-winning journalist, father, husband, son, friend, poodle-owner, Red Sox fan and rabbi of Temple Beth El in Stamford, CT. Author of Mensch-Marks: Life Lessons of a Human Rabbi – Wisdom for Untethered Times and the upcoming book, “Embracing Auschwitz: Forging a Vibrant, Life-Affirming Judaism that Takes the Holocaust Seriously.” Rabbi Hammerman was a winner of the Simon Rockower award, the highest honor in Jewish journalism, for his 2008 columns on the Bernard Madoff case, which appeared first on his blog and then were discussed widely in the media. In 2019, he received first-prize from the Religion News Association, for excellence in commentary. Among his many published personal essays are several written for the New York Times Magazine and Washington Post. He has been featured as About.com’s Conservative representative in its “Ask the Rabbi” series and as “The Jewish Ethicist,” fielding questions on the New York Jewish Week’s website. Rabbi Hammerman is an avid fan of the Red Sox, Patriots and all things Boston; he also loves a good, Israeli hummus. He is an active alum of Brown University, often conducting alumni interviews of prospective students. He lives in Stamford with his wife, Dr. Mara Hammerman, a psychologist. They have two grown children, Ethan and Daniel, along with Chloe, Casey and Cassidy, three standard poodles. Contact Rabbi Hammerman:
(203) 322-6901 x 307

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South Front

Turkish Sultan-in-Chief Recep Tayyip Erdogan has come up with a justification for the deployment of Syrian militants to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone to support the war against Armenia. According to him, at least 2,000 fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) are supporting Armenian forces there.

During the meeting with the ruling Justice and Development Party parliamentary group, Erdogan claimed that during the phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin he allegedly told him that Turkish authorities “have identified, through intelligence sources, that there are some 2,000 PKK terrorists fighting for Armenia at the moment for $600. Mr. President said he was not aware of that.” “I have told Putin that if our red lines are crossed, we would not hesitate to take action,” he added. Apparently, these non-existent PKK and YPG members in Karabakh are to justify direct Turkish involvement in the conflict on the side of Azerbaijan and somehow neutralize the mounting evidence showing Turkish-backed al-Qaeda-linked militants moving to Karabakh.

Meanwhile, the Armenian side revealed radar data confirming the involvement of the Turkish Air Force in the Armenian-Azerbaijani war. The released tracks show that Turkish warplanes deployed in Azerbaijan provide air cover for Bayraktar TB2 drones striking Armenian positions, while the Turkish aerial command post circulating in Turkish airspace, near the conflict zone, coordinates the entire aerial operation. The entire operation, according to Armenia, was planned and carried out with the deep involvement of Turkish military specialists.

Under the pressure of evidence, the Azerbaijani side has already admitted the presence of Turkish specialists and military equipment on its territory. The last step towards reality would be to confirm that they are involved in combat.

On October 28 and 29, forces of the Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc were conducting intensive strikes on Shushi and Stepanakert, the largest towns in Nagorno-Karabakh. Several airstrikes even hit the maternity section of the hospital in Stepanakert. Some sources even speculated that these strikes were delivered by F-16 warplanes. On the other hand, the Armenian side demonstrated that it is not much better and shelled the Azerbaijani town of Barda killing at least 21 people and wounding 70 others. The Turkish-Azerbaijani shelling of settlements and towns in Nagorno-Karabakh is a logical result of its attempt to remove Armenians from the region. Therefore, their strikes are aimed not only at military targets, but also at civilian ones in order to displace the local population. Meanwhile, the Armenian retaliation in a similar manner rarely has real military goals, rather it helps Ankara and Baku to gain some ‘evidence’ to confirm its propaganda narrative about ‘Armenian terrorism’. Moreover, these actions of the sides contribute to the further escalation of the conflict and undermine any weak hopes for escalation via diplomatic channels.

On October 29, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that it continues combat operations in the Khojavend, Fizuli, and Gubadli directions of the front calling its offensive ‘retaliatory measures’ to contain Armenian ceasefire violations. According to Baku, the Armenians lost two T-72 tanks, two BM-21 “Grad” MLRS, 14 different types of howitzers, and 6 auto vehicles in recent clashes. Earlier, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced that his forces had captured 13 more settlements in the districts of Zangilan, Fuzuli, Jabrayil and Gubadli.

In their turn, the Armenian military claimed that it has repelled an Azerbaijani attack in the direction of the towns of Kapan and Meghri in southern Armenia inflicting numerous casualties on the ‘enemy’. Armenian forces are also counter-attacking in the district of the Gubadli, aiming to retake the district center. However, this attack reportedly was repelled. As of October 29, Armenian forces have contained Azerbaijani attempts to reach and fully cut off the Lachin corridor linking Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Nonetheless, the situation in the area remains instable and the Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc still continues its offensive operations in this direction.

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The Truth About the Coronavirus Vaccine Trials – New World Next Week

Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube

This week on the New World Next Week: the COVID-19 vaccine trials are not what you think they are; the IMF announces Bretton Woods 2.0; and Halloween creepiness abounds in the latest Hollywood/White House crossover.

CLICK HERE for show notes and mp3

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For Netanyahu, a Trump win could be a double-edged sword

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Guatemalans make offerings to folk hero San Simon for COVID protection

Between candles, flowers and ceremonies with liquor, dozens of Guatemalans asked San Simón, a revered popular saint in the indigenous town of San Andrés Itzapa, in western Guatemala, for protection against the coronavirus on Wednesday.

San Simón is considered miraculous for matters of money, love and health, according to his faithful, who begged him to help bring about the end of the COVID-19 pandemic that has struck the country.

The temple looks calm and the devotees arrive in small numbers due to the pandemic, a situation that contrasts with previous years when the venue was full and entertained by musical groups.

Guatemala, with about 17 million inhabitants, is one of the Central American countries most affected by COVID-19 with more than 106,000 cases and 3,682 deaths. Despite the warning of a second wave of infections, the government has ruled out imposing mobility restrictions and curfews such as those applied between March and early October.

San Simón is not recognised by the Catholic Church but it attracts devotees from all social classes in this country and abroad. Drug traffickers, gang members and prostitutes often pass his altar because the saint “is fair” and “does not discriminate”, according to the statements of his followers.

Migrants who undertake the dangerous journey without documents to the United States also entrust themselves to San Simón to achieve the “American dream.”

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Trump and Israel: A look back at the last four years

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UK Labour turmoil as Corbyn vows to fight suspension for anti-Semitism response

Britain’s main opposition Labour party was in turmoil on Friday, a day after it suspended its former leader Jeremy Corbyn following his response to a damning government watchdog report that said the party had broken equality laws in its handling of anti-Semitism complaints.

After the decision to suspend Corbyn, the former leader’s allies lined up behind his vow to “strongly contest” the “political” move, as senior Labour figures rallied around new chairman Kier Starmer.

Speaking Friday morning, Starmer said: “I don’t want a split in the Labour Party. I stood as leader of the Labour Party on the basis I would unite the party, but also that I would tackle anti-Semitism.”

“I think both of those can be done, there’s no reason for a civil war in our party. But we are absolutely determined, I am absolutely determined, to root out anti-Semitism,” he told Sky News.

Responding to The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) investigation — which found there were “serious failings” by the party’s leadership when it came to anti-Semitism, and that Labour had “inadequate processes” for handling complaints — Corbyn on Thursday said he didn’t accept all of its findings and asserted that “the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media.”

Labour then said that it was kicking Corbyn out “in light of his comments made today and his failure to retract them subsequently.”

Moments after Corbyn’s statement was released, Starmer, speaking at a press conference, said those who “pretend [anti-Semitism] is exaggerated or factional are part of the problem.” Starmer said the report marked a “day of shame” for the party.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper reported Friday that Starmer and the new Labour leadership was shocked at Corbyn’s rejection of the report and the suggestion that Starmer was somehow behind it.

“It was total disbelief that he would put that out,” one senior adviser was quoted by the daily as saying.

In this file photo taken on November 21, 2019 Britain’s Labour Party shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU Keir Starmer attends the launch of the Labour party election manifesto in Birmingham, northwest England (Oli SCARFF / AFP)

In an interview released after his suspension, Corbyn refused to retract his earlier statements, saying the “public perception” of Labour’s anti-Semitism problem was “very different” from the reality.

Vowing not to back down, he urged his followers to “stay in the party” to fight for left-wing principles.

Speaking to The Telegraph newspaper, a senior Corbyn ally warned that Starmer was now facing a “critical 24-hour period” to save the party from splitting.

“This was a disastrous miscalculation,” the source was quoted as saying. “It could now escalate. He doesn’t understand the scale of what is about to happen, and it’s going to get very difficult for him. Jeremy has an army behind him and a lot of legal funding.”

Part of that funding may come from a crowdfund set up to help with Corbyn’s legal costs should he face defamation action. The fund was set up by Carole Morgan, from Ryde in South East England, to let the former Labour leader know his supporters have “not forgotten him.”

Less than 24 hours after being created, the £20,000 target was smashed and  now stands at over £350,000 (approximately $450,000).

General Secretary of Unite the Union Len McCluskey at a protest in London, March 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Meanwhile, Len McCluskey, leader of the Unite union, Labour’s single biggest donor, called Corbyn’s suspension a “grave injustice” and said it would “create chaos” within the party while compromising its chances of a general election victory.

“A split party will be doomed to defeat,” he warned in a statement.

Dave Ward, head of the Communications Workers’ Union, said the suspension was “fundamentally wrong and needs to change.”

In a call to oppose the move, the grassroots pro-Corbyn group Momentum described the suspension as “a massive attack on the left by the new leadership and should be immediately lifted in the interests of party unity.”

The campaign group called Corbyn “a lifelong, dedicated anti-racist” and said his suspension “risks politicizing Labour’s response to anti-Semitism.”

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in Islington, north London, December 16, 2019. (Isabel Infantes/PA via AP)

The UK government investigation found that equality laws were broken by Labour under Corbyn and the party was “responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination.” The watchdog found the party responsible for unlawful acts in three major areas: political interference in anti-Semitism complaints, failing to provide adequate training to those handling anti-Semitism complaints, and harassment.

There were 23 instances of “inappropriate involvement” by Corbyn’s office and others in the 70 files examined in the report, the EHRC said, with interference happening more frequently in complaints of anti-Semitism than in other discrimination allegations.

The report by the state anti-racism watchdog came at the end of a year-long probe into allegations of anti-Semitism in the party.

Corbyn had vowed to punish any party member caught making racist statements, yet he defended a number of members who made vitriolic anti-Semitic remarks, and expelled hardly any members despite more than 850 formal complaints.

Corbyn himself drew wide criticism for his own actions. Last year he expressed regret for having defended a 2012 anti-Semitic mural in London’s East End. The mural, named Freedom of Humanity, was painted on a property near Brick Lane by the Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Kalen Ockerman. It depicted a group of men — seemingly caricatures of Jewish bankers and businessmen — counting their money on a Monopoly board balanced on the backs of naked workers.

In parliament, the Socialist Campaign Group of left-wing MPs, led by former shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon, condemned Labour’s suspension of Corbyn, saying: ‘We will work tirelessly for his reinstatement. The fight against anti-Semitism and all forms of racism is central to the struggle for a society based on justice and equality.”

British Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. (Sophie Brown/CC BY-SA 4.0/ Wikimedia commons)

And John McDonnell, Corbyn’s former No. 2 and the former shadow chancellor, said the move was “profoundly wrong.”

“On the day we should all be moving forward and taking all steps to fight anti-Semitism, the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is profoundly wrong,” he tweeted. “In interests of party unity, let’s find a way of undoing and resolving this. I urge all party members to stay calm as that is the best way to support Jeremy and each other. Let’s all call upon the leadership to lift this suspension.”

The Guardian, however, quoted sources in Labour’s leadership that said while the move was harsh, it was correct and was broadly supported within the party.

One shadow cabinet minister was quoted as saying, “I hadn’t expected Keir to be so strong in criticizing those who deny anti-Semitism. It was the obvious clap line for those in the party have been worried about the issue. Once he’d said that, the party had little choice but to act.”

Another senior Labour MP told The Guardian that Corbyn’s suspension had been inevitable given his response to the report: “Jeremy showed absolutely no contrition or acknowledgement of his role and the role of his staff and supporters in causing this tidal wave of anti-Semitism. Keir had no option. The bit where Jeremy says the problem was overstated for political reasons is just echoing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.”

Candidates for leadership of Britain’s Labour Party, with from right, Emily Thornberry, Lisa Nandy, Jim McMahon who is attending in place for candidate Kier Starmer, and Rebecca Long-Bailey, during the Labour leadership hustings in Nottingham, England, Saturday February 8, 2020. (Jacob King/PA via AP)

Lisa Nandy, the shadow foreign secretary, told the paper that the decision was not taken lightly. “It was not a decision anyone took any pleasure in, least of all Keir. I could not see any other reaction other than absolutely sadness.”

But she added that the party would be monitoring Labour members’ and officials’ social media accounts over the coming days and would take action against any further anti-Semitism.

“We will proactively investigate, we will not be passive about this, racism is a cancer, it is a poison,” Nandy said. “Once it is allowed to enter an institution, it poisons everything that it touches, and so we are going to be proactive about this.”

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner told the BBC: ‘I’m devastated that it’s come to this. Today should be about really listening, and reading the report and taking in the report.”

A snap YouGov poll found that 58 percent of people in the UK believe Corbyn’s suspension was the right decision, against 13% who said it was wrong.

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French police question man over contact with Nice church killing suspect

PARIS — A 47-year-old man believed to have been in contact with the suspected knifeman who killed three people at a church in the French city of Nice has been detained for questioning, a judicial source said Friday.

The man was detained late Thursday after the attack in Nice’s Notre-Dame basilica by a 21-year-old Tunisian who arrived in France on October 9.

France’s anti-terror prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said the attacker, identified as Brahim Aouissaoui, had a copy of the Koran, two phones and three knives when he entered the church in the center of the Mediterranean city at around 8:30 am.

He slit the throats of a 60-year-old woman and a 55-year-old man who worked at the church, and stabbed a 44-year-old woman who managed to flee but later died of her wounds.

A man prays in the street outside the Notre Dame church in Nice, southern France, after a knife attack took place on October 29, 2020. (Daniel Cole/AP)

The victims were “people targeted for the sole reason that they were present in this church at that moment,” Ricard said at a press conference late Thursday.

President Emmanuel Macron called it an “Islamist terrorist attack,” and the government has placed its terror alert at maximum ahead of the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day on Sunday.

Macron is holding an emergency meeting over the attack with top ministers Friday.

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Rabin’s legacy lives on through Netanyahu

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“The alleged attacker, a 21-year-old Tunisian named as Brahim Aouissaoui, entered Europe through Italy and travelled to Paris in early October. 

“He was shot by police and arrested inside the church.

Aouissaoui reportedly entered France from Italy. 

“Investigators have established he was registered at Lampedusa in Italy on 20 September and had been at the Italian Adriatic port of Bari on 9 October.

“He was not carrying any identity papers apart from a document from the Italian Red Cross.

“The man was picked up by CCTV cameras at Nice station at 6.47am. “He changed his jacket and his shoes. He then walked 400m to Notre-Dame basilica. He entered at 8.29am,” the prosecutor said.

“The knifeman was not listed by Tunisian police as a suspected militant before he left the country, a judiciary official in Tunis said. 

“Originally from the village of Sidi Omar Bouhajla near Kairouan, Aouissaoui had been living in Sfax and police were questioning his family there last night (Thursday).

“Sfax, a port about 130km (80 miles) from the Italian island of Lampedusa, is an important point of departure for Tunisians looking to make the crossing to Europe. A French police source said Aouissaoui was not known to French intelligence services either.

Killed by the British at Dresden.
Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei on alleged French ‘freedom of speech’ as the motive for French government publication of derogatory Mohammed cartoons – 
“The next question to ask is: Why is it a crime [in France] to raise doubts about the Holocaust? 
“Why should anyone who writes about such doubts be imprisoned while insulting the Prophet (pbuh) is allowed?” 

Vincent Loques, reportedly killed in Nice.

It was thought that police had foiled an Islamist attack in the town of Avignon when ‘an armed man was shot dead by officers after refusing to drop his weapon’.

‘However, it later transpired the man was part of the far-Right, anti-Islam Identarian Movement, and had made a Nazi Salute. 

‘French media initially reported the man shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’, which turned out to be incorrect.’


On 29 October 2020 there was a ‘false flag’ terror event in Nice in France.

French politicians were taking part in a debate on the country’s new coronavirus restrictions when news of the attack reached them.

The debate broke up so an emergency security meeting could be held.

Unknown commented

‘The Yellow Jackets movement was gaining momentum in leaps and bounds.’

More terror in France today. Please remember, one of their most famous attacks, Charlie Hebdo, was obviously staged.
Nice to see terrorism is back just as people start to protest the latest lockdowns across Europe #falseflag

The attacker was shot in the shoulder by police and taken to hospital. He was said to be in his twenties, but had no identity papers on him. 

He is reported to be a 21 year old Tunisian national who arrived in France via Lampedusa in Italy at the beginning of October. 
The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, said the man had said “Allahu Akbar” several times while he was being arrested and handcuffed by police.

A report by Rita Katz’s SITE Intelligence (believed to be linked to Mossad) said that jihadists were ‘overjoyed’ by the news from Nice. 

The jihadists ISIS and al-Qaeda are believed to work for the CIA and its friends.

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group 

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PM spars with Katz after finance minister tweets criticism from cabinet meeting

In a sign of increasing tensions within both the government and the ruling Likud party, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly suggested Friday that Finance Minister Israel Katz had crossed a line in his public criticism of the government decision not to reopen street stores, even questioning whether Katz should remain in the government.

Katz raised Netanyahu’s ire during a lengthy virtual meeting that saw Katz of Likud clash with other officials, including party leader Netanyahu, over the store reopenings.

After expressing his opposition to the decision not to allow stores to open on Sunday as several other lockdown restrictions are lifted, Katz tweeted from the meeting that he had called for Netanyahu’s support, and said, “The Health Ministry is acting opaquely and conducting a costly campaign on the backs of small businesses, whose owners started businesses with their bare hands and are now on the verge of collapse.”

Cabinet secretary Avishai Braverman told the prime minister of the tweets, saying “Some ministers not only leak [from these meetings], but also tweet against each other in the middle of a sitting,” the Ynet news site reported.

An infuriated Netanyahu reportedly responded by saying, “This is something new. Whoever tweets during a discussion does not need to be member of the government.”

Finance Minister Israel Katz holds a press conference at the Finance Ministry in Jerusalem on July 1, 2020. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

Government ministers decided early Friday to move forward the reopening of synagogues to Sunday and allow hairdressers and beauty parlors, as well as “one-on-one” activities, including driving lessons and personal fitness training to operate, but to keep street stores closed until at least November 8.

Katz and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein of Likud voted against the decision, according to Hebrew media reports. Katz demanded stores reopen on Sunday, while Edelstein said the government should agree on lockdown decisions unanimously, and stick to the reopening plan that called for easing measures every two weeks.

Synagogues were supposed to remain closed until November 15, according to the original reopening plan.

At the meeting, Netanyahu told ministers that the plan is to open street stores on November 15, but if the number of new virus cases diagnosed dips below 500 they will be allowed to open a week earlier, on November 8, according to leaks from the meeting picked up by the Walla news site.

Katz appealed to Netanyahu to move up the store reopenings, but the premier refused.

“The street shops have reached a stage of utter distress. I turn to you, it is impossible to postpone, it is not a solution. They can be opened. They have no lobby or power, they only have their shop and their wares,” Katz said, according to Ynet.

People walk next to closed shops in downtown Jerusalem on September 30, 2020 (Nati Shohat/Flash90)

Netanyahu reportedly replied shortly, “We will open the street shops in a week. Not before.”

“This is a huge mistake,” Katz was said to have retorted.

Finance Ministry chief economist Shira Greenberg has estimated the cost of the continued restrictions on the economy at NIS 2.3 billion ($673 million) a week.

Most of the damage to the economy, she said, stems from the restrictions still in place on commerce and trade. This alone costs the economy an estimated NIS 1.4 billion a week, she said.

Israel began a month-long lockdown on September 18 that succeeded in bringing down surging infection rates but that also paralyzed much of the economy and public life, as well as shuttering the entire education system. Earlier this week the cabinet decided to reopen schools for grades 1-4.

Before the late-night meeting, Netanyahu again rebuffed persistent criticism of his handling of the crisis, and defended the government’s decision to apply the lockdown, saying the measure had saved lives.

In a televised statement he said that without the closure there would have been many more deaths.

“We saved many lives,” Netanyahu said and pointed to countries in Europe where, he said, second waves of infections had prompted governments to also order lockdowns.

“A lockdown is not an easy thing,” Netanyahu said. “Lockdown is very difficult. But when you have no choice, you have to act.”

Screen capture from video of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a press briefing, October 29, 2020. (Youtube)

He also attacked the media for citing medical experts who criticize Israel’s policies. “In contrast to what you hear all the time in the media, many admire what the country has done,” he claimed.

Moving forward, he said, obtaining a vaccine “is the key to getting rid of this disease.” Netanyahu warned that no matter what, the coronavirus will remain “here” until a vaccine is developed and maybe even after.

MK Naftali Bennett, who leads the right-wing opposition Yamina party and has emerged as a potential challenger for the premiership, rejected Netanyahu’s comments, saying, “Anyone who treats the second lockdown as a success story will also celebrate the success of the third lockdown.”

In a brief statement, Bennett criticized the government’s performance on the coronavirus, asserting that it had failed parents and business owners with its stringent regulations. “The government is concerned solely with politics instead of managing the crisis,” he charged.

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Matador Puts Down Two Bitchy Spanish Feminists (SPANISH)

Spanish feminists get smashed to pieces and made to cry.

Sub my Bitchute.

Sub my Telegram.

Sub me on World Truth.

Sub me on Gab.

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Donald Trump: the 45th US President – and only the third to be impeached

The impeachment charges against Donald Trump were based on allegations that he pressured his newly-elected Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate the business affairs of Joe Biden’s son Hunter in Ukraine. Trump blocked but later released payment of a $400 million military aid package mandated by congress to allegedly obtain cooperation from Zelenskyy.

Democrats argued that leaked documents revealed Trump had abused his power in trying to link Biden to a corruption scandal that he hoped would undermine his challenger’s presidential hopes.

It led to a vote in the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives – and Donald Trump becoming only the third US president in history to be impeached. The accused claimed it was just another ‘Democrat hoax’.

At a rally in Michigan in December 2019 on the night the House Of Representatives voted to impeach him, Trump insisted it was politically motivated:

“Through their depraved actions today, crazy Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame. It really is. It’s a disgrace.”

But the process _is_ as much political as it is judicial, and in the majority Republican Senate, the President was aquitted.

Trump proclaimed the outcome as a total vindication of his innocence and evidence of a Democrat conspiracy to oust him by whatever means they could.

The impeachment saga deepened hostilities on Capital Hill. Nancy Pelosi reinforced her contempt by ripping up Trump’s State of the Union address, normally a bipartisan event.

The tone was set for the most divisive presidential election of modern times.

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’Deadly Arrow’ Drill Backfires on “Israel”: Massive Fires in Al-Sheikh Mountain Reserve Halt Exercise

’Deadly Arrow’ Drill Backfires on “Israel”: Massive Fires in Al-Sheikh Mountain Reserve Halt Exercise

By Staff

Days after the “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] launched its military exercise simulating a multi-front war, especially on the northern front [Lebanon and Syria], it seems that the drill is now a case of the biter bit!

The multi-day drill has been halted, as the unexpected had happened, especially since the location of the exercise has been changed to the al-Sheikh Mountain [Hermon] nature reserve without prior warning, according to the “Israeli” entity’s Channel 12 correspondent Guy Varun.

The sudden change of location required the joining of troops from the Commandos Brigade to the al-Sheikh [Hermon] region. The drill, aimed at improving IOF’s offensive capability and testing all levels of the military in an integrated way, was set to engage live fire.

However, the IOF’s measures backfired, as the military establishment deliberately used live fire contrary to the recommendations of the so-called “‘Israel’ Nature and Parks Authority”, which caused fire in the area and the drill to stop.

Numerous teams of firefighters, with the help of firefighting planes, worked for long hours to extinguish the fire, which broke out in hundreds of acres of scrublands.

The IOF’s training was “in vain” and an “embarrassment”.

The entity’s so-called “Nature and Parks Authority”, who are entitled to object to the use of live fire in the nature reserve, claimed that the decision to relocate the drill site took place only in the morning and that the exercise began without their approval or coordination with them, and that the IOF had not previously carried out any drills in the al-Sheikh Mountain reserve.

So far, the fire has not been extinguished, scorching more than 1500 acres, as massive damage that occurred in the region will take up to 40 years to restore these tree species due to climate.

The IOF’s spokesman justified what happened, saying that “in the context of the preparations for the drill, there was coordination with the relevant authorities, the exercise areas were approved and preparations were made in anticipation fire outbreak… the drill was stopped and firefighters were called to the location”.

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Israel-Arab accords an earthquake for Palestinians, who pin their hopes on Biden

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has long been considered an anti-Israel institute, to put it mildly.

It was established following an Australian tourist’s attempt to burn down Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque in 1969. Its members are the representatives of 57 Islamic states, including Turkey and Iran, and for the past four years the organization has been headed by Secretary-General Yousef Al-Othaimeen, a Saudi politician. In February, the organization rejected US President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative, calling on its members not to cooperate with it.

On Monday, however, Al-Othaimeen sounded a very different tone.

In an interview to Sky News in Arabic, Al-Othaimeen said: “We need to think outside the box… This [Palestinian] issue has been going on for over 70 years. We have tried wars and throwing the Israelis into the sea; we have tried a lot. The new generation of our Palestinian brothers needs to try ideas that will lead to a solution to this problem, which is of interest to us all, but in new ways, ways that have not yet been tried, in order to reach a two-state solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of this state.”

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General, Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Al-Othaimeen then asked: “Why insist on the path of resistance and boycott and distancing? What should be distanced are the traditional and familiar ideas.”

A few months ago such statements would have been inconceivable. That they were uttered this week, by the head of this organization, shows how the Israeli normalization agreement with Sudan, and the earlier agreements with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, have generated nothing short of a Middle East earthquake.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, center, talks during a joint news conference with then Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, left and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General, Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen, right, following the extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in Istanbul, May 18, 2018. Turkey urged Muslim nations at the OIC summit to stand with the Palestinians against Israel, warning that the American decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would only be the first among many moves against the Islamic world. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

The world view of generations of Arabs in the region, in both Sunni and Shiite states, was shaped around the Palestinian issue and the conflict with Israel. Yet here before the astonished eyes of hundreds of millions of Muslim and Christian Arabs — and especially the Palestinians’ shocked gaze — that foundational worldview has collapsed. Suddenly, the Palestinians – who would wave the prospect of normalized relations with the Arab world as the carrot to try to convince Israel to resolve the conflict with them — now find themselves irrelevant. They woke up one morning to find that the presumed consensus, the very premise, the whole concept of Palestinian nationality is in real danger.

The Palestinian issue, having once been front and center in the Arab world, at the heart of strategy and policy-shaping in Sunni Arab countries, has been thrust into the margins, with leaders throughout the Arab world calling on them to recalculate their route. They are being taken to task, upbraided for having become a burden on the entire Arab world — a burden that quite a few Arab countries are now trying to shrug off, and quickly.

Bahrain Foreign Minister Abdullatif al-Zayani, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump and the United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan sign the normalization agreements between the countries on the South Lawn of the White House, September 15, 2020 (Avi Ohayon / GPO)

The first agreements, with the UAE and Bahrain, were shocking but not devastating, and comparatively easy for the Palestinian Authority to swallow. The decision-makers in Ramallah, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, were inclined to take the blow and carry on. For a few days, Ramallah castigated the leaders of the UAE, especially heir apparent Mohammed bin Zayed, for their ostensible betrayal and duplicity, but then it was decided to take a step back.

Clockwise, from top left: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his office in Jerusalem, Sunday, Sept. 13 2020 (Alex Kolomiensky/Yedioth Ahronoth via AP, Pool); Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok at the Elysee palace in Paris, Monday, Sept. 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus); US President Donald Trump at the White House, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020 (AP Photo/Alex Brandon); Sudanese Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, head of the military council, west of Khartoum, June 29, 2019 (AP Photo/Hussein Malla, File)

But then, last weekend, came the announcement that Sudan was also to normalize relations with Israel. Truly shaken, the entire Palestinian leadership went into a spin. Like a boxer who takes a massive blow but hasn’t yet fallen, the Palestinian Authority is trying to digest the news and its instinctive reaction of waving angry fists in the air is far from impressive. It seems to be digging into its entrenched positions, regardless of the cost, declaring that the Palestinians’ basic claims remain unchanged and that they have no intention of rethinking strategy.

Behind this stance, of course, looms Tuesday’s US presidential elections. If Democratic candidate Joe Biden is elected, then the PA would like to believe that any steps taken by Trump are no longer relevant and their cause will return to the center of the Middle East stage. If Trump is reelected, then “mourning will be declared here. Genuine mourning,” as a leading Palestinian commentator told me this week.

US President Donald Trump speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the phone about a Sudan-Israel peace agreement, in the Oval Office on October 23, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump announced that Sudan and Israel are making peace. (Win McNamee/Getty Images/AFP)

Indeed, a Trump victory may mark the end of an era: the end of the Oslo Accords era and the end of the Palestinian Authority in the form it has taken since 1994. If so, this will provide Israel and Israelis still celebrating the regional peace agreements with a reminder that the most difficult problem to solve — and certainly the most painful — was and still is the Palestinian issue.

That same commentator also posited that a Trump victory would probably lead to general elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council (al-Tashri’iyy al-Filastiniyy) followed (maybe) a few months later by presidential elections. And this is where the name of a chief contender for office comes in, one that that Israelis have almost completely erased from their consciousness: Marwan Barghouti.

Barghouti and the wafer

The last time elections were held for the presidency of the Palestinian Authority was in January 2005, two months after the death of Yasser Arafat. Almost 16 years have passed since then, during which the position has been filled by Abbas.

If elections are held because of a Trump victory, Fatah’s Central Committee will present a candidate — most likely Abbas himself. If Abbas, 85, does not run, for health or other considerations, potential heirs could include Mahmoud al-Aloul and Jibril Rajoub, but probably not Barghouti, who is serving life terms in an Israeli jail for direct involvement in five murders during the Second Intifada.

Barghouti, 61, is viewed as the architect of the Second Intifada, with its strategic onslaught of suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. He worked hard to generate it and fan its flames, and was a primary advocate of making it “military,” as they say in Arabic. In April 2002, he was arrested by an IDF Duvdevan unit at the home of his friend Ziad Abu Ein in Ramallah. (Abu Ein later died of a heart attack during a demonstration against Israel). He’s been in jail ever since.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, right, and Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, in the West Bank town of Ramallah,  December 31, 2001 (AP Photo/Mohammed Rawas)

A little over three years ago Barghouti helmed what should have been the largest hunger strike the Israeli prison system had ever known. It ended, however, with barely a whimper after its leader and symbol was filmed secretly scarfing down a chocolate-covered wafer.

This was a sweet moment for the Israeli prison system that had caught him chocolate-handed, but no less so for Barghouti’s Fatah Central Committee rivals. To this day, some of his supporters swear that several prominent party members did everything in their power to sabotage the hunger strike.

Barghouti’s embarrassment led to his near-disappearance from the local political sphere, and seemed to have ended any notion of him someday succeeding Abbas.

Marwan Barghouti seen in video footage unwrapping a chocolate candy bar in his cell while ostensibly leading a hunger strike among Palestinian prisoners. (Screen capture: Israel Prisons Service)

However, various Palestinian sources say that Barghouti still insists on running come the day — either as a Fatah representative or independently. PA public opinion surveys indicate he is still a leading candidate. Israel could find that the Palestinian Authority’s president-elect is none other than its most notorious Palestinian security prisoner.

“Currently there is no point making a decision regarding Marwan’s participation in these elections,” Qadura Fares, his friend and confidant, told me. “He will declare his intentions when Abu Mazen [Abbas] issues the presidential election order. Chances are he will run, yet I don’t know if as a representative of Fatah or not. This depends on the movement and on the way it elects its candidate. If Fatah has no real democratic program before the upcoming elections, meaning real primaries, then the movement will have more than one candidate. I still think Marwan has the best chance of winning, even from jail.”

Barghouti is no longer a young, energetic leader. Although he keeps fit and exercises in prison, it’s been over 18 years since he played cops and robbers with the Shin Bet and the IDF. Fares says that there is no doubt that Barghouti — who still claims to seek a two-state solution — realizes the need to take stock, and that Palestinian politics needs to change in light of regional developments, notably the stream of Israeli agreements with Arab states, which signal the end of the PA in its current formation.

The Israeli and American sides might not want to hear this, but the Palestinian issue is not going anywhere, and it certainly isn’t going to disappear. In fact, we may face it further down the line in a more dangerous and complex form — Barghouti-style. The day after Abbas will not be anything like today, as Fares intimated during our interview:

“This whole period in Palestinian and Arab politics is unclear. My guess is that we are at the end of an era,” said Fares. “The current picture, which has held true for the past 27 years” — a reference to the Oslo Accords and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority — “will change. This calm, the Palestinian acceptance of reality, will not last. It stems from weakness and confusion. We are standing on the verge of a new period. Everything has changed around us and we’re the only ones who have not changed.”

Palestinian Authority Minister Kadoura Fares, right, and Fadwa Barghouti, the wife of jailed Palestinian Second Intifada leader Marwan Barghouti, attend a news conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah, November 26, 2004. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

He added: “It’s true that there are still Palestinians who talk about two states and there is quite a bit of talk of a Palestinian state, but maybe instead of talking about a Palestinian state we should be talking about equal rights. Why do we need a state without sovereignty, without an army, a demilitarized state? What’s the point? Many Palestinians now think that it’s better to have a state called Israel but in which we have rights equal to those of Israeli citizens. I can promise you one thing: Continuing to live under occupation is not going to happen. If the choice is equal rights or establishing a Palestinian state, my feeling is that our majority would prefer equal rights.

“The agenda of the current Palestinian leadership has ended, failed,” summarized Fares. “Who caused it to fail? That is less important. The point is the failure. We don’t want fauda [chaos], and there is a lot of disappointment with Hamas. We need to work together with them and think: will establishing a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders even serve our purpose? One of our greater problems is our tendency to blame the occupation and not do any soul searching. Looking to see where we went wrong isn’t part of our culture. It is one of our wretched customs — to not conduct any soul searching and blame the Israeli occupation. Unfortunately our current leaders only repeat themselves, and no one is listening to them anymore.”

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