GOD cursed the Jews out of Jerusalem for life, for practising Satanism. Jesus Christ tried to preach the word of God, but the antichrist crucified him for it.

ST. JUSTIN, martyr stated in 116 A. D. The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wandered through the country everywhere hating, killing, thieving, kidnapping children, poisoning wells, and undermining the Christian faith.

ONCE WE UNITE We can stand up against those that keep seeking to divide us, with false news, and staged terrorist attacks. Together we can stop working for them, stop paying taxes, bills, fees, fraudulent debt etc. The end of the fiat currency that is used to enslave us begins. No more slavery, debt poverty terrorism illness evil and control e.t.c.

REAL MUSLIMS are never ever shown on TV News networks.  The Muslims you see on TV are the Jews dressed as Muslims, defaming them, to spread racism and hate among us. Wake up and stop hating false enemies that the Jews invent for us to focus on.

OUR NATURE IS SOVEREIGN (we are born free) and so, obviously, God wants us to be liberated from earthly rulers.

Jews were behind the Crucades, Ku Klux Klan, Spanish Inquisition, killing millions of real Christians, in the name of God, hiding behind the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) spreading Terror... just like they are now doing to the Islamic religion.

JUDAISM = ZIONISM today, started way back in 740bc when the Amalek Edomite Khazarian Turks (now called JEWS), converted to Judaism for political reasons. A stolen identity and history, now needs a name to become complete, so the term "Jew" was invented in 1770. All history and so called "holy books" were re-written to accomodate the lies, to create the Satanic Jew... which has nothing to do with Israelite Hebrews.

HATE CRIMES. Today, the whole world already knows that U.S.A, England and Israel (Rothschild & Co.) plans attacks and wars, using proxy regimes in every country, (so no one blames the Jews) tying them to the dates of Jewish holidays. It’s been noticed that not only terrorist attacks and military operations are planned on Jewish holidays, but also carrying out those terrorist attacks is planned so that the funerals from the attacks would fall on the feasts of the Jews

THE AGENDA: To destroy Christianity, just as they have destroyed empires, nations, heterosexual identities and nuclear families. The agenda is to strip people of power, control, unity, identity and health, leaving us defenceless in the face of a Jewish One-World Tyranny.

JUDAISM = SATANISM is the only religion that have sex (thrusting their pelvis) when they pray to Sex Goddess Shekinah. Jews today continue to murder Christian and non-Jewish children to use their blood in Jewish rituals and holidays

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist is the latest invention by the Jews, to spread fear and dismantle governments that are not yet puppets of the Jews...or have decided to stop serving the Jews.. justifying raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent genuine semite and gentile families in every country for power and control annually... under the illusion of Freedom, Democracy, War on Terror, or anything else that can justify their invasions and mass murders for their 2 horned God.

Jewish Rabbi claims Islam is Israel's broom
"We control Islam, and we'll use it to destroy the west."


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution.

Problem, Reaction, Solution, is a Jew conjuring trick within their forever wandering diaspora in order to play the victim, and influence global changes in laws to protect all their historic and contemporary lies ……Who still falls for this old Yiddish trick manipulating policy changes to hide and protect Jewish crimes, acting out Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution against the gentile, changes which gives (((them))) immunity when hiding the truth.

Jews killing Christian Arabs again for their 2 horned God

Everyone was talking about Jesus! But when it came time to speak up for him in public, no one said a word. All were afraid of the Jews. Fear can stifle our witness. Although many people talk about Christ in church, when it comes to making a public statement about their faith, they are often embarrassed. Jesus says that he will acknowledge us before God if we acknowledge Him before others.

All 'Jews' today are the Khazars (converts) and Edomites, some call them the Khazarian Mafia (KM) hellbent on a World Government, as was the ruling Jewish class in the times of Jesus. Herod was an Edomite, after Esau ( Malachi 1: 3 ; Romans 9:13 ), not Jacob Israel. These Jew Fraudsters believe themelves to be Israelites (Hebrews) or from the royal tribe of Judah, claim the Bible Consignor gives themselves mandate to rule the whole world ( Psalm 2: 6-9 , Psalm 2: 10-11 , Deuteronomy 20: 10-14 , Deuteronomy 20 : 12-17 , Isaiah 60: 5 , 60: 10-11 , 60:12 , 60: 14-16 ,Psalm 2: 8 ; ), and a Judahite or descendent of the Tribe of Judah, most of the apostles were Israelites, only one of them was Jewish; Judas. The first time Jews are Mentioned in the Bible, is in II Kings 16: 6105: 44 ; 111: 6 ). Jesus was a Galilean or resident of Galilee ( Matthew 26:69 ; John 7:41 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews and drave the Jews from elathane. The 'Jews' in 'Jesus' time were Edomites/Turkic Mongols/Khazars/Amalak/Gog/Magog. Edom or Edomite had BEEN translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated IDUMAEANS-Judean into Iewes. The first "Jews" were Canaanite-Edomite-Hittite.Source

Your Constitution the corruption killer. USE-IT. Wayne Glew Seminar

Part 1. Perth seminar 18th February 2020. Education & Fraud Eradication talks with Wayne Glew. Wayne tells us of the power of the Constitution in Australia & why you must use it because they want you to lose it. Stand up Australia this foreign corporation is going to destroy you & your country if you do not. The thing he is also pushing is – USE YOUR Constitution & you WILL ALWAYS WIN. Even with simple things with enforces, ask them if it is in the Constitution, if not who do they represent. Watch their brainwashed eyes glaze over & run.
My Will: https://mywillaustralia.com/
Also from Larry Hannigans site. The Australian Constitution.
Backup Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/liab…
Get the real ANZAC Australian Flag here.
Wayne Glew
24 Hagan Road Glenfield
Geraldton WA 6532
$150 plus postage $20

Free Download of Original Constitution

Link to Documents: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FMUg…
Download the Constitution FREE: http://www.cirnow.com.au/fileuploads/…
Go fund me to organise & kick the crims out of Canberra.
Reversion process to get out of there system.
Section 109: of the Commonwealth Constitution provides “that where a state law
is inconsistent with a Commonwealth law, the state law is invalid, to the extent of the inconsistency.”
#FraudGovernment #CorporateGovernment #FakeGovernment

Source Article from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzh0k4cl8c8
Your Constitution the corruption killer. USE-IT. Wayne Glew Seminar

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The FAL for British Troop Trials in 1954: X8E1 & X8E2

The NATO rifle trials of the early 1950s eventually chose the 7.62mm x 51mm cartridge, and the British and Belgians agreed on the FAL rifle to shoot it (and they thought the US would as well, but that’s another story). The British government formally accepted the FAL for troop trials, and in 1954 an order for 4,000 X8E1 rifles (with iron sights) and 1,000 X8E2 rifles (with SUIT 1x optical sights) was placed. These rifles were mechanically the same as what would be finalized as the L1A1 rifle, but they include a number of differing features. Both models had 3-position selector switches allowing automatic fire, and they also had manual forward assists on the bolt handles. The iron sights rights had top covers with integrated stripper clip guides, as there was concern that troops would have to manually reload their magazines, and stripper clips would speed this process up.

Many thanks to the Royal Armouries for allowing me to film these very scarce trials rifles! The NFC collection there – perhaps the best military small arms collection in Western Europe – is available by appointment to researchers, and you can browse the various Armouries collections online.

Source Article from https://www.forgottenweapons.com/the-fal-for-british-troop-trials-in-1954-x8e1-x8e2/

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Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt Offensive

(ANTIWAR.COM— Fighting in Syria’s Idlib Province has escalated substantially on Thursday, with Turkish forces attacking the Syrian military claiming to have killed over 50 soldiers, and Russia ultimately sending in warplanes to stop the fight, warning Turkey away from continued action.

Turkish officials said Syria had killed two Turkish soldiers who were in Idlib to “establish peace” and that their attack was in retaliation. President Erdogan has threatened strikes anywhere in Turkey over injuries to soldiers.

Turkish-backed rebels were involved in the attacks, and supported by Turkish artillery strikes. Syria ultimately requested Russian help, and a Russian Su-24 launched some strikes against attacking forces. Russia also contacted Turkey and told them to stop shelling.

While this particular flare-up is over, fighting looks to just be getting started. Russia called the situation a “worst case scenario,” and has demanded that Turkey stop backing terrorist groups in Idlib. Turkey has vowed they will not leave Idlib to Syria, and reiterated demands that Syria unconditionally cede the province to the mostly al-Qaeda-led rebels therein.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

These articles were chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources. The views expressed in these articles are the author’s own and do not reflect Anti-Media editorial policy.

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Source Article from http://theantimedia.com/turkey-kills-over-50-syrian-troops-russian-warplanes-halt-offensive/

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Dog Comes Across Baby Possum in Yard and Decides to Adopt It

Dogs have the biggest and most compassionate hearts and their love is simply contagious. I don’t remember ever meeting a dog without their positivity making my day.

What is unique about these creatures is that they are really outgoing and can make friends with basically any other species, including possums.

Molly is a lovely Beagle from Australia. She lives with her family who loves her so much that they let her adopt an unlike animal.

Sadly, Molly lost an entire litter of her puppies recently and that broke her heart. But one day, she stumbled upon a baby possum in the family’s yard and her maternal instincts kicked in.

Being left all alone, the cute baby felt an instant connection to Molly and the first thing he did when he saw her was jump on her back. He didn’t get scared of her neither wanted to run the other way, but decided to be friendly, and that resulted in one of the most unlike animal friendships we’ve ever heard of.

Although their relation is not typical, these two seem to bonded over their loss; the one that of their children, and the other one that of their mommy.

“They’re an unlikely pair. I think that possum thought that Molly was her mother and vice versa,” says Elle, one of the two owners of Molly.

Molly takes great care of the possum and treats him as though he was her own baby.

“No matter how improbable it may seem, these two were clearly destined to meet!” says Sara, the other keeper of the Beagle dog.

Speaking of the animals’ relationship, Sara and Elle say it’s one of the cutest ever. The possum sleeps most of the day, and Molly stays by his side making sure he’s all safe and sound. And once he’s up, the real party starts.

The baby clings on Molly’s back, ready for a ride. And Molly loves having him around and making him happy.

The little possum found his comfort in Molly, so whenever she’s sleeping, he rests in her lap. The sight of these friends hugging and loving each other is priceless.

Molly’s humans are not certain how long will the possum stay with them, but are willing to let him be part of their family for as long as he wishes.

Isn’t this story adorable?

Source Article from https://weloveanimals.me/dog-comes-across-baby-possum-in-yard-and-decides-to-adopt-it/

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Amazing video of a dog doesn’t leave blind kitten’s side until she is rescued

A dog named Pela had never liked cats. However when her owner, Valia Orfanidou, took two rescue cats home, she began to get used to them.

Recently, Pela’s new love helped save a little kitten, who was desperate for help. The blind cat, now called Ruby, was living on the streets of Greece. Click below to watch video

Source Article from http://puppiespawz.com/amazing-video-of-a-dog-doesnt-leave-blind-kittens-side-until-she-is-rescued/

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Dog dies after playing common game with owner – now family wants to warn others of hidden danger

Recently, Jen Walsh spent a day at the lake with her family. As always, her two-year-old Schnauzer, Hanz, went along with them. The family and the dog played together happily… Jen threw a stick or ball into the water while Hanz ran, picked it up and then brought it back.

After about an hour and a half, Hanz had entered and left the lake more than twenty times. He looked pleased, but no one could imagine the danger he was. Shortly after, Jen realized something was wrong with her dog.

The last time he came back from the lake, he didn’t get rid of the water like he used to. Shortly after, he fell to the floor, looking “worn out”. Click below to watch video

Source Article from http://puppiespawz.com/dog-dies-playing-common-game-owner-family-warn/

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Shocking video of football player throws dog off field by its neck and beating him In the stadium fence

Fox Sports de Argentina broadcast images on Tuesday showing the player use both hands to grab the mid-size black-and-white dog by the collar and throw it toward the bleachers during the game.

The dog struck a chain-link fence and fell down, but quickly got up and ran away. The player said he had a hard time trying to explain to his 3-year-old son ‘why I had choked a doggie on TV.’ He said he decided to deal with the dog because no one else was trying to get it off the field, ‘but it wasn’t my intention for this to occur.’ Click below to watch video

Source Article from http://puppiespawz.com/shocking-video-football-player-dog-field-neck-beating/

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Dogs make a big mess and play dead to avoid blame when the mother begins the interrogation

Some dogs are masters in getting out of trouble. Two Bulldogs, named Sophia and Oliver, proved that their criminal minds are two steps ahead of their humans.

The family entered the room and found a huge mess. However, when the interrogation began, the two dogs knew very well how to escape it. As soon as the mother begins the interrogation, both dogs fall on their backs and pretend to be dead. Click below to watch video

Source Article from http://puppiespawz.com/dogs-make-big-mess-dead-avoid-blame-mother/

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Monster football player beating brutally helpless cat and throw it from the fourth floor to make his friends laugh

Respect for animals is a symbol of the values of human beings, distinguishing those who know how to recognize that all creatures have the right to live. Unfortunately, some people do not keep this premise and are able to attack the lives of helpless beings.

Recently, video came out showing two Venezuelan soccer players brutally attacking a cat. In the video, you can see how one of them holds the cat by one of his legs and throws him into the void. It’s heart breaking. CLick below to watch video

Source Article from http://puppiespawz.com/monster-football-player-beating-brutally-helpless-cat/

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US Lost Track of $715 Million in Weapons and Equipment Sent Into Syria

(MEMO) — The US government has failed to account for nearly $715.8 million in weapons and equipment funneled to its Syrian allies involved in the multinational counter-offensive against Daesh, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Department of Defense.

Officials with the Special Operations Joint Task Force-Operations Inherent Resolve (SOJTF-OIR), which is part of the Combined Joint Task Force (the US military’s mission in Syria) reportedly “did not maintain comprehensive lists of all equipment purchased and received” to supply its allies fighting against Daesh, known as CTEF-S equipment in the fiscal years 2017 and 2018.

In addition to failures in accounting for the weapons purchased and received, they were also not stored properly, causing many to rust or become vulnerable to theft. “This occurred because SOJTF-OIR personnel did not divest or dispose of CTEF-S equipment, which led to overcrowding at the BPC Kuwait warehouse”.

The report however did not indicate whether weapons intended for vetted partners may have found their ways into the wrong hands. According to the Military Times, some of the equipment has ended up in the hands of Daesh and Al-Qaeda affiliates due to “battlefield losses by partner forces and as a result of Islamic State [Daesh] fighters plundering the armories of U.S.-backed groups in early 2014 as the jihadi group surged across Iraq and Syria”.

The Pentagon’s Syrian Train and Equip Program which reportedly cost $500 million was the public-facing part of a two-pronged effort in arming opposition groups in a bid to overthrow the Syrian government and to push back Daesh. According to an updated Congressional Research Service (CRS) report, the program has seen more than $2.3 billion allocated towards it between fiscal years 2015 and 2021.

Meanwhile, the CIA’s own operation in arming Syrian opposition, Timber Sycamore, which included Saudi involvement has resulted in terrorist groups armed by both parties fighting one another in Syria. Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, a rebranded Al-Qaeda affiliate, was one such group benefitting from the CIA operation.

MiddleEastMonitor.com | Creative Commons

The views in this article may not reflect editorial policy of The Mind Unleashed.

Source Article from https://themindunleashed.com/2020/02/us-lost-track-of-715-million-in-weapons-and-equipment-sent-into-syria.html

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BOYCOTT: Bolshevik Controlled Hollywood Movie Studios Implementing “Diversity Bias” Tool To Ensure American Children Indoctrinated Into The Cults of Homosexuality, Transgenderism and Extermination of Mankind

| Infowars.com – February 20, 2020

click map

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Major Hollywood studios are set to use a new tool that scans movie & TV scripts and flags up any examples where “diversity” is not portrayed positively in a chilling new development that has echoes of Soviet realism.

Called ‘Spellcheck for Bias’, the tool was developed by the Davis’ Institute on Gender in Media and USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. It is set to be implemented by Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Focus Features and NBC Entertainment within the near future.

“The tool supposedly breaks down diversity in material such as scripts and advertising briefs by scanning for mentions of LGBTQ, race, and disabilities, and then identifying how positively such things are portrayed,” writes Zachary Leeman.

‘Beetlejuice’ actress Geena Davis has also partnered with Universal Filmed Entertainment Group to use the program “to police gender roles in scripts.”

Are we entering into an era where movies will not just be given age ratings, but also political correctness scores, with films that don’t hit diversity quotas being restricted from enjoying widespread theatrical release?

“Instead of broadening their horizons and opening their gates to more filmmakers and scripts, they’d rather invite in a police-state like tool that feels like a discarded bit from George Orwell’s ‘1984.’ Forced diversity is not diversity at all — we’ve seen how it works out at the box office — and an app developed by people trapped in the very same industry they are trying to fix sounds more like a swing for headlines than real change,” writes Leeman.

Running art through an Orwellian purity test before it can be allowed to be seen. Where have we seen that before?

Read more:


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Source Article from http://www.camelotdaily.com/boycott-bolshevik-controlled-hollywood-movie-studios-implementing-diversity-bias-tool-to-ensure-american-childrens-membership-into-the-cults-of-homosexuality-transgenderism-and-extermination-of-m/

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Jewish computer scientist who pioneered ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ dies aged 74

NEW YORK — Larry Tesler, the US Silicon Valley pioneer who created the now-ubiquitous computer concepts such as “cut,” “copy” and “paste,” has died. He was 74.

He made using computers easier for generations as a proponent and pioneer of what he called “modeless editing.” That meant a user wouldn’t have to use a keyboard to switch between modes to write and edit, for example.

“The inventor of cut/copy & paste, find & replace, and more was former Xerox researcher Larry Tesler. Your workday is easier thanks to his revolutionary ideas,” Xerox said in a tweet Wednesday.

Tesler, who was Jewish, was born in New York and attended Stanford University, where he received a degree in mathematics in 1965.

In 1973, he joined Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, a division of the copier company that worked on creating computer products. There, he pioneered concepts that helped make computers more user-friendly. That included such concepts as moving text through cut and paste and inserting text by clicking on a section and just typing.

He continued that work when he joined Apple in 1980. At Apple, he worked on a variety of products including the Lisa computer, the Newton personal digital assistant and the Macintosh.

After leaving Apple in 1997 he co-founded an education software company and held executive positions at Amazon, Yahoo and the genetics-testing service 23andMe before turning to independent consulting.

In 2012, Tesler told the BBC that he enjoyed working with younger people.

“There’s a very strong element of excitement, of being able to share what you’ve learned with the next generation,” he said.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-computer-scientist-who-pioneered-copy-and-paste-dies-aged-74/

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Home of witness who testified against Eliezer Berland vandalized

The home of a man who testified against Rabbi Eliezer Berland in a fraud case was vandalized this week, with masked suspects breaking windows and security cameras.

One suspect was arrested Thursday and was remanded in custody on Friday. Police said suspects used batons Tuesday night to damage the witness’s property.

On Thursday the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended for a second time the detention of Berland, a convicted sex offender who has been arrested anew for allegedly defrauding terminally ill patients of millions of shekels by promising miracle cures. The 82-year-old was remanded for a further five days.

Judge Elazar Bialin said that “as had been established in the previous hearing, there was cause for detention as the suspect may attempt to flee justice” and there was also a risk of “substantial obstruction of the investigation” should he be freed.

Bialin replaced Judge Sharon Lary-Bavly for the hearing after Supreme Court President Esther Hayut ordered an inquiry into Lary-Bavly’s conduct during the previous hearing, when she mocked Berland.

During those deliberations, Berland’s attorney Amit Hadad raised the issue of his client’s poor health as a reason to not keep him in custody.

Lary-Bavly shot back, “Give him a Mentos [mint candy]” Lary-Bavly wrote in her decision that Berland had “cynically exploited” his alleged victims by, among other things, allegedly giving “Mentos to patients under the guise of medication.”

During Thursday’s hearing, Hadad again raised the issue of Berland’s poor health. “We are talking about an 82-year-old man who has previously suffered from cancer… and whose situation is deteriorating,” Hadad claimed.

Berland was arrested for fraud after hundreds of people complained to police that he had sold prayers and “wonder drugs” to desperate members of his community, and promised families of individuals with disabilities that their loved ones would be able to walk and families of convicted felons that their loved ones would be freed from prison.

He was arrested in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood along with his wife and other senior members of his ultra-Orthodox Shuvu Bonim sect as his followers clashed with police nearby.

In the arrest raid, dozens of boxes of powders and pills were found at Berland’s home that were given to supplicants as “wonder drugs.” Initial laboratory checks revealed them to be over-the-counter pain medication and candy, including Mentos, officials said.

Berland has denied the charges, saying he only offered blessings and healing services when asked, and at sums far lower than those alleged by police.

Berland commands a cult-like following among the thousands of members of his group, an offshoot of the Bratslav Hasidic sect. He fled Israel in 2013 amid allegations that he had sexually assaulted several female followers.

After evading arrest for three years and slipping through various countries, Berland returned to Israel and was sentenced to 18 months in prison in November 2016 on two counts of indecent acts and one case of assault, as part of a plea deal that included seven months of time served. He was freed just five months later, in part due to ill health.

Since then, he has resumed his activities as the leader of the Shuvu Bonim community.

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/home-of-witness-who-testified-against-eliezer-berland-vandalized/

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New video shows details from fatal shootout at kosher US deli

(AP) — Newly released video from a fatal shootout at a kosher grocery store in Jersey City shows the moment one of the shooters exited the van he drove there, took three steps and raised a long gun before entering the market, sending passersby scattering away from the shop.

The seven video files obtained Thursday through the US state’s open records law span roughly three hours from the December 10 barrage. Three people at the market, plus the two shooters, died. The attackers also killed a Jersey City police detective earlier that day, according to authorities.

Authorities identified the attackers as David Anderson and Francine Graham and said they were fueled by a hatred of Jewish people and law enforcement. Authorities had said Anderson exited the white rental van they drove to the scene carrying an AR-15 style weapon, while Graham carried a 12-gauge shotgun into the shop.

The video shows police arrived at the market less than two minutes after the shooters exited the van.

One video capturing part of the shootout shows a Jersey City police officer firing his pistol toward the market from the window of a Catholic school across the street. The officer is seen reloading his weapon as numerous volleys of gunfire are heard.

“I think he’s down. No he’s still moving,” the unidentified officer is heard saying.

The officer moves past rows of small desks from one classroom, past lockers and into another before he shoots out of the window, which had been decorated with a paper cutout of an angel. Schools in Jersey City had been locked down that day.

Another video shows a police vehicle smashing into the store front nearly three hours after Anderson and Graham arrived.

The Associated Press obtained the video Thursday from the New Jersey attorney general through the state’s open records law.

State and federal law enforcement officials said Anderson and Graham expressed hatred of Jews and law enforcement in notes left at the grocery shooting scene and in online posts.

Anderson, 47, and Graham, 50, shot and killed Jersey City Detective Joseph Seals in a chance meeting in a cemetery, then drove to the market and killed Mindel Ferencz, 31, who owned the store with her husband; Moshe Deutsch, 24, a rabbinical student from Brooklyn who was shopping there; and store employee Douglas Miguel Rodriguez, authorities said.

Rodriguez held the back door open for a wounded customer to escape before he was shot, authorities said earlier.

Five weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were found in the store afterward. Investigators also found a bomb in the couple’s van that could have sprayed shrapnel fragments. The van also contained materials that could have made a second bomb, he said.

It’s not known for certain what prompted the confrontation between Seals and the shooters.

Barricaded in the kosher store, Anderson and Graham were killed after a lengthy gun battle with the police that sent the sound of gunfire booming for hours through the neighborhood in New Jersey’s second-largest city.

Investigators found among Anderson’s social media posts a reference to Jews as “impostors who inhabited synagogues of Satan.”

Anderson received about $560 per month as a military veteran and may have sold property and a van to make money, officials said, but investigators have found no evidence he received outside assistance to purchase weapons or bomb-making materials.

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/new-video-shows-details-from-fatal-shootout-at-kosher-us-deli/

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LISTEN: Founders of the Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations talk race and equality

This week on People of the Pod, three members of the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations speak about the purpose of the alliance, and how it has evolved since the body was formed last year by the Atlanta Black-Jewish Coalition, a segment of the American Jewish Committee (AJC).

Weekly podcast People of the Pod is produced in cooperation between the AJC and The Times of Israel, and examines current events through a Jewish lens.

Anti-Semitic verbal and violent attacks perpetrated against visibly Orthodox Jews in the metropolitan areas of New York and New Jersey, along with vandalism and destruction of property, have reached crisis levels in recent months.

Many of the attacks concentrated in this area come from members of the African-American community. The phenomenon is troubling to African-American leadership nationwide, and many leaders are surprised to even learn of the problem’s existence. These attacks also differ in nature from anti-Semitic attacks in the rest of the country, which in the last few years have most often stemmed from far-right extremists and white supremacists.

Leaders from both the Jewish and African-American communities, as well as authorities in New York tasked with finding a solution to the problem, see education and cooperation as essential to fostering coexistence. Until now, in the New York and New Jersey areas, the communities have lived side by side, but many members seldom engage in meaningful interaction.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Jewish and Democratic representative from Florida, cites strong relations between Jewish and African-Americans going back to the Civil Rights movement that continued as the black community lent its support following shooting attacks by white supremacists on synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway, California.

“That history is long and significant, and so the caucus is really important for us to retie those binds and make sure that we can work on the modern-day issues that are of mutual concern to both communities,” Wasserman Schultz tells People of the Pod co-host Manya Brachear Pashman.

Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan says that “specifically during this administration, I have seen an uptick in divisiveness and racial tension, and also hate crimes have been… increasing. And we have such a strong and long history of black America and the Jewish community coming together in those times when our country lost its way.”

“Where we see racism not being addressed properly, or being nurtured… we can pass policies and enforce laws through our justice system” to ensure equality for all, Lawrence says.

Also appearing on the podcast are AJC Jerusalem director Avital Leibovitch, who shares the latest developments on Israel’s third election in less than a year, coming up on March 2, and Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, chair of the planning and budgeting committee for Israel’s Council for Higher Education. She discusses a new initiative to double the amount of international students studying in Israeli universities.

Also this week, Times of Israel Jewish World and Archaeology editor Amanda Borschel-Dan grills political correspondent Raoul Wootliff on the endless campaign pivots and power shifts taking place ahead of Israel’s unprecedented third elections.

Wootliff shares with listeners possible scenarios and how likely it is that Israeli citizens will need to take a fourth trip to the ballot boxes.

If you like what you hear on People of the Pod, subscribe, rate it and spread the word. Subscribe on iTunes or Google Play, or follow on Soundcloud.

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/listen-founders-of-the-caucus-on-black-jewish-relations-talk-race-and-equality/

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Court okays police search of Netanyahu aides’ phones in witness harassment case

The Tel Aviv District Court overturned a previous ruling on Friday and said police could search the cellphones of four aides to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who are suspected of arranging the harassment of a state witness in the cases against the premier.

Last month, the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court ruled that police could carry out a limited search of the phone of Netanyahu campaign manager Ofer Golan, and could not search the phones of Likud spokesman Jonatan Urich and party officials Yossi Shalom and Yisrael Einhorn, explaining that the search warrant requests for the latter devices were based on evidence obtained through previous unauthorized reviews of the devices.

That ruling was appealed by the state, which argued that there had been sufficient evidence to justify the search at the time the warrant was requested. That appeal has now been accepted by the district court.

The fresh ruling means police can search the personal phones of all four officials.

The attorneys for the Likud officials, Amit Hadad and Noa Milstein, responded by saying they would take the matter to the Supreme Court.

“We will insist that the historic Supreme Court ruling regarding suspects’ rights be implemented as written,” they said in a statement.

The aides are suspected of harassing state witness Shlomo Filber, a former Likud campaign manager and longtime confidant to Netanyahu.

Explaining his decision last month, Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court Judge Ala Masarwa said he came to the conclusion “that there is an inextricable link between the illegal search results and the subsequent requests for judicial search warrants.”

In the case of Golan, though, it was possible to separate between the two, he said.

“There is no concern that the order sought in his case is intended to retroactively legalize a search that was performed illegally,” Masarwa said.

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court had initially approved searches of all four of the aides’ phones. But the Supreme Court in December instructed the magistrate’s court to take another look at the search warrant requests and consider if they were based on information that was obtained through unauthorized searches. If police were using the material from those searches to justify the warrants, they should be canceled, the Supreme Court said.

Filber, who was allegedly harassed by Netanyahu’s aides, is a key witness in Case 4000, in which the prime minister is said to have advanced regulatory decisions benefiting Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder in telecom giant Bezeq, in exchange for positive coverage from the Elovitch-owned Walla news site. Filber was then director-general of the Communications Ministry, which Netanyahu headed as minister during part of the period under scrutiny by prosecutors.

Filber was arrested and questioned over his involvement in the case before turning state’s witness.

The Likud officials are suspected of sending a van to Filber’s home with loudspeakers, blasting allegations he lied about the case.

The search of the phones has been strongly criticized by Likud politicians, as well as the prime minister himself who called it “a terror attack against Israeli democracy and every citizen’s right to privacy.”

In addition to Case 4000, in which Netanyahu has been charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust, he is also accused of the latter two offenses in two other cases against him.

Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing and claims to be the victim of a witch hunt involving the opposition, the media, the police and state prosecutors. The attorney general announced late last year that Netanyahu will stand trial and revealed the indictment against him.

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/court-okays-police-search-of-netanyahu-aides-phones-in-witness-harassment-case/

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The Donald Trump I Know: Abbas’ UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian Politics

A precious moment has been squandered, as Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, had the chance to right a historical wrong, by reinstating Palestinian national priorities at the United Nations Security Council on February 11, through a political discourse that is completely independent from Washington and its allies.

For a long time, Abbas has been a hostage to the very language that designated him and his Authority as ‘moderates’ in the eyes of Israel and the West. Despite the Palestinian leader’s outward rejection of the US ‘Deal of the Century’ – which practically renders Palestinian national aspirations null and void – Abbas is keen to maintain his ‘moderate’ credentials for as long as possible.

Certainly, Abbas has given many speeches at the UN in the past and, every single time, he has failed to impress Palestinians. This time, however, things were meant to be different. Not only did Washington disown Abbas and the PA, but it also scrapped its own political discourse on peace and the two-state solution altogether. More, the Trump administration has now officially given its blessing to Israel to annex nearly a third of the West Bank, taking Jerusalem ‘off the table’ and discarding the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Instead of directly meeting with leaders of the various Palestinian political parties and taking tangible steps to reactivate dormant but central political institutions such as the Palestinian National Council (PNC) and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Abbas preferred to meet with former Israeli right-wing Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, in New York, and to carry on regurgitating his commitment to a by-gone era.

In his UN speech, Abbas said nothing new which, in this instance, is worse than not saying anything at all.

“This is the outcome of the project that has been introduced to us,” Abbas said, while holding a map of what a Palestinian state would look like under Donald Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’. “And this is the state that they are giving to us,” Abbas added, referring to that future state as a ‘Swiss cheese’, meaning a state fragmented by Jewish settlements, bypass-roads and Israeli military zones.

Even the term ‘Swiss cheese’, which was reported in some media as if a new phrase in this ever-redundant discourse, is actually an old coinage that has been referenced repeatedly by the Palestinian leadership itself, starting with the onset of the so-called peace process, a quarter of a century ago.

Abbas labored to appear exceptionally resolute as he emphasized certain words, like when he equated the Israeli occupation with the system of apartheid. His delivery, however, appeared unconvincing, lacking and, at times, pointless.

Abbas spoke of his great ‘surprise’ when Washington declared Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital, subsequently relocating its embassy to the occupied city, as if the writing was not already on the wall and that, in fact, the embassy move was one of Trump’s main pledges to Israel even before his inauguration in January 2017.

“And then they cut off financial aid that was given to us,” Abbas said in a lamenting voice with reference to the US decision to withhold its aid to the PA in August 2018. “$840 million are held from us,” he said. “I don’t know who is giving Trump such horrid advice. Trump is not like this. Trump that I know is not like this,” Abbas exclaimed in a strange interjection as if to send a message to the Trump administration that the PA still has faith in the US President’s judgement.

“I would like to remind everyone that we have participated in the Madrid peace conference, and the Washington negotiations and the Oslo agreement and the Annapolis summit on the basis of international law,” Abbas recounted, signaling that he remains committed to the very political agenda that reaped the Palestinian people no political rewards whatsoever.

Abbas then went on to paint an imagined reality, where his Authority is supposedly building the “national institutions of a law-abiding, modern and democratic state that is constructed on the basis of international values; one that is predicated on transparency, accountability and fighting corruption.”

“Yes,” Abbas emphasized, as he looked at his audience with theatrical seriousness, “We are one of the most important countries (in the world) that is fighting corruption.” The PA leader, then, called on the Security Council to send a commission to investigate allegations of corruption within the PA, a bewildering and unnecessary invitation, considering that it is the Palestinian leadership that should be making demands on the international community to help enforce international law and end the Israeli occupation.

It went on like this, where Abbas vacillated between reading pre-written remarks that introduce no new ideas or strategies and unnecessary rants that reflect the PA’s political bankruptcy and Abbas’ own lack of imagination.

The PA President, of course, made sure to offer his habitual condemnation of Palestinian ‘terrorism’ by promising that Palestinians would not “resort to violence and terrorism regardless of the act of aggression against us.” He assured his audience that his Authority believes in “peace and fighting violence.” Without elaborating, Abbas declared his intention of continuing on the path of “popular and peaceful resistance,” which, in fact, does not exist in any shape or form.

This time around, Abbas’ speech at the UN was particularly inappropriate. Indeed, it was a failure in every possible way. The least, the Palestinian leader could have done is to articulate a powerful and collective Palestinian political discourse. Instead, his statement was merely a sad homage to his own legacy, one that is riddled with disappointments and ineptitude.

Expectedly, Abbas returned to Ramallah to greet his cheering supporters once more, who are always ready and waiting to raise posters of the aging leader, as if his UN speech had succeeded in fundamentally shifting international political momentum in favor of Palestinians.

It has to be said that the real danger in the ‘Deal of the Century’ is not the actual stipulations of that sinister plan, but the fact that the Palestinian leadership is likely to find a way to co-exist with it, at the expense of the oppressed Palestinian people, as long as donors’ money continues to flow and as long as Abbas continues to call himself a president.

Feature photo | Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a Security Council meeting at United Nations headquarters, Feb. 11, 2020. Seth Wenig | AP

Ramzy Baroud is a journalist and the Editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of five books. His latest is “These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons” (Clarity Press, Atlanta). Dr. Baroud is a Non-resident Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA), Istanbul Zaim University (IZU). His website is www.ramzybaroud.net



Source Article from https://www.mintpressnews.com/trump-mahmoud-abbas-un-speech-deal-of-the-century/265046/

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Baby-Prostitution at 10yo: Rome like Bangkok, thanks to No-Gender Left-Wing’s Teaching and Cardinals LGBT Fans’

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

Within a few years, sex tourism will move from distant and dangerous Thailand to spread more and more, as is already happening, in the city of Rome, a few kilometers from the Vatican walls, as reported on Wednesday, February 19 by a magistrate in a hearing before the Parliamentary Commission on Childhood.

The Catholic Church was the first to expose itself to the international moral lynching to make amends on the multiple cases of pedophilia which, according to multiple studies, are perfectly in line with the general percentage of abuses in the world, that is about 2% of minors.

But among these, of course, there are not thousands of “child brides” of Muslim and Hindu culture because, although sometimes under the age of 10 years, they are considered wives and, therefore, their sexual performance is not considered rape, as de facto is. For example, hundreds of girls live and work in the fortress brothels of Faridpur, Bangladesh: many of them are minors and are not paid because they are chhukri, or slaves…

Western politics, and now also Italian politics, instead, drugged by the intoxicating fumes of progressive ideologies. it has not in the least grasped the gravity of the problem which, for some sides, is seen rather as a conquest of sexual liberation from Christian morality, as the completion of the 1968 revolution destined first to university students, then to young people, then to teenagers and finally to children.


The girl in the main photo is not a baby prostitute. She is an 8-year-old model wearing make-up and “undressed” by a sensual and busty woman, used in the advertising campaign of the Parisian brand Jours Aprés Lunes when in 2011 she launched a lingerie line (bras, tank tops and culottes) for girls aged 4 to 12 . We chose it on purpose to highlight the vortex of aberrations in which minors are overwhelmed in the western civil…

In the obviously unfathomable submerged sexual acts with infra14enne, considered by Italian law always suitable to configure the serious crime of sexual violence, regardless of the existence or not of a physical assault, as the psychological one is present, you cannot even know how many are the victims of abuse in the context of adoptions by homosexual couples or famous and wealthy people, almost untouchable.


In this sense, the case of the American movie director Woody Allen was sensational: in addition to being accused by his natural daughter of abuse, he was denounced by his ex-wife Mia Farrow also for those he allegedly had on his South Korean foster daughter, whom he later married, thus confirming their “bond”, but placing a tombstone on the doubt about the real age of the girl thanks to which every charges had evaporated…

Jeffrey Epstein and Lewis Kasman beside John Gotti

Even more scandal aroused the investigation for the “pedophilia ring” organized by the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, also on his plane nicknamed “Lolita Express”, who died in prison in mysterious circumstances to induce even a powerful New York Jew to consider him a murder. Epstein, however, has been at least tried and arrested for his crimes that would also have involved internationally renowned personalities in relation to sexual adventures with underage, consenting and paid girls, but mostly of adolescent age (over 15 years) and therefore no longer in puberty (11-15 years).


The story of the Italian Mario Mieli, a leader of the sexual revolution of the 70s carried on by the extreme left, is emblematic. In addition to being among the first in the peninsula to “outing” and to theorize the “trans-gender” culture of gays by dressing as a woman, he wrote unequivocal phrases dedicated to children in his perverse memories.

«We revolutionary queers can see in the child not so much the Oedipus, or the future Oedipus, but the potentially free human being. We, yes, we can love children. We can desire them erotically by responding to their desire for Eros, we can grasp with their faces and open arms the intoxicating sensuality that they deepen, we can make love with them».


Not only these books haven’t been denounced and withdrawn for “crime apology” due to their blatant pedophile propaganda but they have been heralded by the LGBT lobby as a sign of progressive evolution in the logic of the world-masonic culture well represented by the Hymn a Satan of the “hooded” Italian anti-Christian poet Giosuè Carducci (Severa Lodge and Felsinea Lodge of ​​Bologna, from 21 February 1888 raised to the 33rd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite).

On this topic, I invite you to read in the article “Freemasonry and Satanism” the story of the American “pope” of the Masons RSSA Albert Pike, a great friend of the promoter of the Unity of Italy Giuseppe Mazzini and Southerner general of the American Secession War.


Before returning to the present day, to report the alarm of the Roman magistrate on baby-prostitution obviously grown in the wake of the sexual revolution of the 70s, I recall the invocation of the Franciscan Saint Pio of Pietrelcina which today appears more prophetic than ever: «Fortunate our country, if it, mother of the law, wanted to perfect its laws and customs in this sense in the light of honesty and Christian principles».

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s abortion law and Masons war

As shown in the article on that “prophecy” there is a perfect historical synchrony between the assault on the Papal States, with the breach of Porta Pia made in 1870 by the army of the Kingdom of Italy governed by Anglo-Italian Freemasons, and the laws on divorce in Italy and on abortion in New York State, imposed by the globalist NWO Nelson Rockefeller, approved precisely in the hundredth year of the anniversary of the attack on the Apostolic Catholic Church founded on the blood of the martyr Saints Peter and Paul on the Vatican hill.


Earlier that, a few years before the Grand Master of Freemasonry of the Grand Orient of Italy Ernest Nathan became Mayor of Rome (1907), thanks to the reform of the Criminal Code of the Minister of Justice Giuseppe Zanardelli, homosexuality had already been decriminalized in 1889. In this Italy, united by the will of the Masons, was among the first European countries.

It would be idle to discuss the legal foundations of these regulations. Therefore we limit ourselves to grasp the consequences given that, precisely because of separations and divorces, children are extrapolated from the protective shell of a family and, consequently, exposed to the risks of frequenting the most corrupt environments of society, metropolitan streets or an increasingly alarming danger of entrusting to communities which, for shady business and non-gender fanaticism, many times violate and deform its growth.

Many of the minors in difficulty sometimes even disappear into thin air as emerged from an investigation by Gospa News on the missing persons in Italy.

As the sentences sent to the managers of the Il Forteto cooperative and the investigation “Angels and Devils” in Bibbiano, both of which happened in the left-wing culture of the red and progressive regions of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, it is precisely in some “family homes” that the children began to shamelessly become “wares”. Even before being so in the field of baby-prostitution in the accommodation of high-ranking professionals, more than in those of underworld torturers …


Wares to speculate, thanks to the straight lines of juvenile communities, on family tragedies, in 30% of cases determined only by economic poverty (statistics from the last report of the Italian Parliamentary Commission on Children).

Wares selected to smuggle a “no-gender” policy, fortunately still opposed by the majority of Italians, by those LGBT associations, one of which named after Mario Mieli, declared pedophile, eager to experiment with their avant-garde ideologies on small “guinea-pigs” torn from families, to be entrusted to gay couples as in the case of Bibbiano, or on children raised in fragmented parent units where every minimum teaching is left to school, a place where the percentage of abuse would be much higher than in the parish oratories.

In 1984 the United States Department of Education performed a meta-analysis of some studies that have appeared in recent years regarding the behavior of school workers, finding that between 3.5% and 50.3% of students had been subject to harassment or sexual abuse in a school setting. The statistics instead place the cases of pedophilia committed by religious in the order of 2% in symmetry with the data of the community in general.

However, it is common ground that the Christian Churches, especially the Evangelical and Catholic more than Orthodox one, cannot afford the “luxury” of having in the midst of their clerical hierarchies a percentage of abuse “equal” to that of other social circles. Otherwise their moral didactic aim based on the Gospel ceases to be born which puts the grindstone on the neck of those who create scandal among the innocent…

Their most serious fault, however, is not that of having tolerated or even covered the black sheep in the midst of the flock, but that of having come to terms with the atheist, progressive, communist, globalist culture – all ideologies “test-tube” daughters of the cursed Freemasonry invented by the Protestants to fight Catholics in England – seeking acceptance of the world rather than aiming to protect Christianity from its historical enemies.


In In 50 years, from 1968 to today, the company has managed to destroy the achievements of the evangelical culture that had been able to free children and women from their role of inferiority and slavery towards men, inherent in the Mesopotamian populations but also in the flourishing city-state of Greece and Magna Graecia where the pederasts were intellectual and especially carnal disciples of philosophers, in the Imperial Rome of great architectural works, in the Islam of Muhammad (where it still exists today especially among the Sunnis) and also in the same Abrahamic descent.

Those who have read the Bible carefully, however, also know that women (Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Giuditta, Ester, Bathsheba, Elizabeth, Mary, Magdalene …) played an enormous role in the tribes of Abraham and then Judah … the newborn Moses, cared for and raised in the court of Pharaoh, and of course the baby Jesus born in the cave of Bethlehem honored even by the wise wise men of the east mentioned in the Gospel of Luke.

Christian 14yo Raped and Forced to Marry by a Muslim: Court allows because she had Menses. Turkey wants Law “Marry your rapist”

Although in the midst of medieval and Renaissance contradictions, the moral political corruptions of colonial slavers, sometimes even Catholics, the Christianity, first in Europe, then in the rest of the world, was able to build those foundations for the protection of children that today seem almost obvious to us in names of Telefono Azzurro, Unicef, Save The Children etc.

These associations in some Communist, Muslim or Hindu countries do not even have the opportunity to work peacefully to defend the dignity of those children who work 14 hours a day for a dollar in the subcontracting of holdings or those forced into prostitution by the local mafia, such as is also increasingly happening in Italy to Nigerian minors…

The sexual liberation touted by the left has destroyed and is destroying all this: it is destroying it with the complicity of a Catto-communist culture that has put the daily bread, fortunately never missed in Italy, before the Word of Christ and his rigorous commandments and binding teachings. Drop by drop worldly culture has polluted the Holy Water of the Gospel, making us go back two thousand years. Maybe even worse…

BATTLE FOR ITALIAN MONASTERY: Bannon’s sovereign Christian gladiators against LGBT globalist cattoKomunists

As that time as today the only ones who could enjoy true freedom and joyful libertinages were only the kings and emperors, yesterday for royal dynasty or military conquests, today for bank seigniorage, political nepotism or pseudo-democratic revolutionary coup.

Why be surprised, then, if children already treated as “wares” according to a progressive cultural approach, if girls raised in the land of little girls raped at a young age by the liberating partisans of Italy in one of the most colossal feminicides in history, accept themselves, often why forced with violence but increasingly because attracted by earnings, to offer themselves as “wares” in the same world that educated them as such, depriving their innocence of the sacred value of virginity, physical and moral?


“Child prostitution is one of the most disturbing phenomena that has children, both girls and boys, as victims. And unfortunately it also sees more and more protagonists even children under 14, therefore also 13, 12 or 10 years old. 31 new proceedings have taken place in the last judicial year”, in the district of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome, RaiNews reported.

This was stated by prosecutor Maria Monteleone, deputy prosecutor in Rome and coordinator of the pool that deals with children’s rights, during the hearing before the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry for Children and Adolescents. After reporting the developments of the phenomenon in the last year, the prosecutor Maria Monteleone also recalled that “in previous years we have had a surge in new procedures in this matter, connected to the well-known story of the baby ring”.

The latter reference concerns the investigation which in 2013 brought to light the story of two little girls made prostitute in the Roman district of Parioli, then enticed, as emerged during the trial, from the malicious announcement in the newspaper addressed to teenagers “if you want to make money easily “…


All this happens in the fat and rich “thieving Rome”, where the mayor Virginia Raggi removes the ProVita posters against gay adoptions obtained through the prohibited practice of the uterus for rent and against abortion but leaves those of Maxxi Museum hanging with the blasphemous allusion to a Jesus prey to a grotesque pedophile drive.

This occurs between the briberies of the Capital Mafia and the Baobab center for migrants, not far from which the CEI of the wealthy cardinals continues to preach the welcome of the healthy migrant migrants in full health without noticing the children, even Italians, sometimes even forced to prostitute themselves to survive.

And right in the shadow of the Holy See, theologians of the doctrine do not even pay attention to a pontifical academy intent on propagating the educational psychology of the emotional intelligence of the directors of the abuse of Bibbiano. If all this happens it is perhaps much more than a coincidence …


It is an evident sign that Catholic culture, secular as ecclesiastical, is far from the encyclical of Humanum Genus of Leo XIII on the excommunication of Freemasonry and its mondialist NWO ideology, as much as that of Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae on sexual dignity, but it is ever closer to worldly relativism, which, for a quiet life, suffers or even welcomes, with the same carelessness with which it preaches the indiscriminate welcome towards migrants.


Among them, with the true refugees persecuted in Africa just because they are Christians, there are many radically Muslim illegal immigrants and workers of that Nigerian Mafia that mocks the Church by attaching the denomination “Vatican Family” to the underworld clan of central Italy. There is no doubt that these bosses of the Black Continent will only accentuate the exploitation of minors being prostitution their most important business …


As Rome is now becoming like Bangkok for baby prostitution, the Vatican should wake up from the age-old torpor in which it was thrown by internal fraudulent advisors to narcotise it in discerning evangelical priorities: first, in fact, there should be children, united natural families and the defense of sexual dignity as a gesture of procreative love and not of bestial or homosexual lust.

Secular politics does what it wants! Instead for those who have the duty to preach the ethics of the millenary values ​​taught by Christ there are no alternatives …

From Vienna to Malmo: LGBT and satanists’s show into the European Christian churches

Once these cornerstones are placed, he will also be able to deal with migrants and dialogue with homosexuals, aimed however at explaining that sodomy, at least for the Bible, was and remains an unacceptable abomination. If this does not happen, the Vatican risks being the first element of confusion and contradiction even in front of those same African Christians, believers and often more practicing than the Italians, who come with the boats …

But to awaken he needs to do “Mea culpa, Mea maxima culpa”. Not only for the few pedophile priests but for the many, too many cardinals and bishops fans of the Catto-communist culture or of the LGBT lobby.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
© 2020 –  no reproduction without authorization VERSIONE ORIGINALE IN ITALIANO







Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/02/21/baby-prostitution-at-10yo-rome-like-bangkok-thanks-to-no-gender-left-wings-teaching-and-cardinals-lgbt-fans/

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Bernie Sanders; the Jew Who is Uniting America.

I am sure to many who know I am a US Army veteran, a Muslim, and a Palestinian will be wondering why this guy is supporting a “Jew” for the presidency of the United States?

From his first run against the warmongering neoliberal Hilary Clinton, I became convinced, someone like Bernie Sanders, a Jew, will bring back a runaway government back to the people. Some accuse him of being “socialists” even “progressive” (nothing wrong) with that, he will bring our runaway government back the people, cheated out of the nomination by Obama and his gangs in the DNC.

Throughout his political career, Bernie Sanders been consistent with his political, social, economic ideologies and his commitment to social and equitable justice for Middle Class and poor Americans who have been disfranchised from politically, economically if not legally by the political establishment in Washington.

Yes, some people, due to lack of knowledge or understanding, accuse Bernie Sanders of “Socialism” as if “Socialism” is a poison, the plague because they think that the government will take away from them not to give them back what is theirs in the first place. It is your money and you are entitled to it. There are no give away, no charity, but fair use of tax dollars.

“Democratic Socialism” is not Communism; it is not “Communist Socialism; it is when the government and its citizens are on the same wavelength.
Making sure every citizen and every household have the minimum to have an honorable dignified life, with no one, even those poor Whites who voted for Trump can have a decent lifestyle without the need for food stamps or food bank.

In Sweden, where the idea originated after the Great Famine, which ravaged Sweden in the 30th, the government and people came into agreement that NO Swede will be left behind. No Swede will be lacking the basic needs of an honorable life, a decent house, “just enough to live on.” Anyone who wants more of anything must pay for it. That is why you will find all Swedes’ have decent housing, transportation in a country with many millionaires and billionaires. No one will take away your money or wealth. For sure, you will not be poorer under “Democratic Socialism.”

Your tax dollars used wisely to allow citizens the decent living they deserve from affordable housing to free schools to affordable universal medical coverage, not to provide corporate welfare.

It is unconscionable the cumulative salaries and benefits of health care industry executives exceed $2 Billion a year. With average wages of these executives between $28-17 million a year when the average household income is around $57,000, which means these executives in one day earn what a family earns working hard the whole year.

Detroit Silverdome

With trillions wasted on stupid endless wars, our leadership says we could not afford universal health coverage or free or affordable education or decent, affordable housing. Yet, we can afford to spend trillions on wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and on a Pentagon that did not win a war since WWII.

Not sure when President Trump or any of the Democratic candidates visited rural America or small-town America and saw depilated housing, poor neighborhoods infested with drugs and alcohol and unemployment, not only the Black neighborhood but White as well.

There are no reasons whatsoever to deny tens of millions of school children affordable breakfast or lunch while we are giving Billionaires and major corporations tax-free rides.

How can a hardworking family shuffling several jobs accept to pay taxes when Billionaires and other significant corporations pay ZERO fees on billions of incomes?

Yes, Uncle, brother “Bernie the Jew” who thinks out of the box wants to change all that. During his last and this campaign, unlike the other candidates who hold a closed meeting with millionaires, Bernie made sure his campaign funded by private citizens $25 even $40 per donations. In contrast with President Trump getting $100 million for Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate, and an Israeli loyalist.

Why are Americans afraid of transforming the American political and economic system to a system that serves the people, all the people on equal footing? Not two tiers system one for the poor and one for the rich. Why do we trust the “Wolves of Wall Street,” their greedy, reckless criminal neglect cheated and fleeced tens of millions of hardworking Americans out of their life time saving and retirement fund. Worst they got away with it because Obama no different from Republicans is beholding to Wall Street and AIPAC to the tune of $70 Billion to Israel.

How can anyone explain the presence of over 50 million living below poverty lines or have to work two jobs to survive? How can anyone tell young college graduates who burdened with student loans (private companies owned by Wall Street) who will never be able to save a down payment on a home even if they worked for 20 years?

Time for Main Street America to wake up and understand that “Democratic Socialism “is not Communism, that no one is taking their money away to give to the poor, i.e., Blacks. Time for Americans to understand that Neoliberalism is as dangerous to our existence and freedoms as Communism.

That is why this Veterans, this Muslim, this Palestinians is voting for Uncle Bernie the Jew. Give Bernie the chance to change America to be the country of all of its people. No wonder Wall Street, DNC, Main Stream Media, and AIPAC are out to deny him the nomination.

Ps. Bernie Sanders’s presidency may be the best way to defeat Anti-Semitism in America.

Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/02/21/bernie-sanders-the-jew-who-is-uniting-america/

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Breaking NEO: Turkey, So Much We Aren’t Being Told

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (Established in 1816)

Despite every effort to mediate over the increase in violence in Idlib, it has become clear that Turkey’s root intentions are to retain, or attempt to retain, Syrian territory it has long coveted.

To do this, Turkey, as the other Sochi Agreement partners, Iran and Russia, see it, has failed to keep its word. Turkey has clearly failed to separate terrorists recognized as such, though supported openly by the West, from the terrorists it supports. What are we saying?

“Sochi” never stood on strong ground as long as it humored Erdogan by allowing him to continue war on Syria. Sochi was intended to be a process, one that has now clearly failed, unless, of course, an unexpected de-escalation can be brought about.

But Turkey has a side as well and is now choosing to blame Iran for the deterioration in events, events that of mid-February 2020 shows that despite Turkey’s military intervention, the Syrian Arab Army, with aid by Iranian ground forces and Russia’s Aerospace capability, is soundly defeating all terrorist groups.

From Anadolou Agency, an Istanbul based news agency that can be said to represent Turkish interests:

“Following the Arab spring, the historical competition between Iran and Turkey has gained momentum.

While Turkey is supporting grassroots movements in the region within the framework of stable peace and democratization vision, Iran is making use of the lack of authority by reorganizing proxy powers like Hezbollah, utilizing differences between sects, thus creating its own faithful Shiite militia forces.

In this process, the two countries have different visions for the Middle East and created more tension in relations.

Turkey’s vision of regional development and integration is pitched against Iran’s regional strategy prioritizing geopolitical wins. The most important ground for this conflict has become Syria.

In terms of the Syrian civil war, Iran has stood against Turkey from the very beginning and placed more than 80 Shiite militias in Syria. Not once reacting to Israel’s hundreds of air attacks in the south of the country, Tehran was aggressively against Turkey-backed Syrian National Army on the northern front.

Ignoring Ankara’s concerns in the fight against terrorism during Operation Peace Spring, Tehran is now setting its Shiite militias in the field in motion against Turkey, who is actively endeavoring to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

Following Russia’s support for Turkey after the July 15 coup attempt, Ankara and Moscow have been in a process of convergence policy.

The two countries have embraced the “win-win” approach rather than zero-sum competition in Syria. Instead of conflict, they have now decided to cooperate.

Not having played a role in Ankara-Moscow convergence policies specifically about the issue of Syria, Tehran had to include itself in this process later. However, despite all of these efforts for collaboration, Russia’s and especially Iran’s aims in Syria have started to conflict with Turkey’s national interests. Upon attacks in Idlib, this conflict is now for the plain eye to see. While at this point Russia shows from time to time that it is open for negotiations if necessary and Assad is not irreplaceable, Iran equates Assad’s survival to its own now.”

What we can see here, clearly, is that Turkey is prepared to come to terms, at some point with Russia. What is also clear is that continual statements from Russia making clear their intent to back Syria until 100% of territory is retaken from terrorist control, are not being listened to.

Were one to look at the situation, on the ground in Syria, at the time of writing, Iran is moving significant forces into the region including IRGC units.

Iran is deeply resentful of the US and the assassination of Soleimani, particularly since the New York Times article that has made the actions on the part of the US so much more serious than simply the murder of a high-ranking perceived enemy. From the New York Times, February 14, 2020:

“Washington ordered the assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani to sabotage de-escalation talks between Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates following a report by Israel’s Mossad spy agency, according to the New York Times.

The paper reported on Thursday that General Soleimani had been arranging talks in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in order to de-escalate tensions with Tehran.

The Times wrote that the talks happened after Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which are central to the Trump administration’s so-called regional alliance seeking to pressure Iran, began to question the efficiency of Washington’s anti-Iran campaign.

According to the report, one such meeting took place last September in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates where a plane carrying “senior Iranian officials” landed for talks.

News of the meeting, which reached Washington only after it was notified by reports from American spy agencies, “set off alarms inside the White House”, according to the report. The report added that a similar mediation attempt, also arranged by Gen. Soleimani, was underway between Tehran and Riyadh using Iraqi and Pakistani intermediaries.

The report wrote that the developments had greatly concerned Israel, which had been trying to push the Trump administration to exert more pressure on Tehran.

According to the Times, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met Mossad chief Yossi Cohen on October during a trip to Israel where he was briefed on Iran’s attempted de-escalation talks with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Cohen warned Pompeo that Tehran was effectively on the verge of achieving its “primary goal” of breaking up the so-called “anti-Iran” alliance. A few months later in early January, General Soleimani was assassinated by Washington’s order while on a formal visit to Baghdad.”

A February 16, 2020 article by Jakov Kadmi, a Soviet born Israeli statesman and figure among those opposed to Netanyahu’s policies, was telling. Kadmi is clear on one thing, though Israel is staying out of the conflict in Idlib, Israel sees it as a red line having a Turkish backed regime in Damascus.

Kedmi, who has a long history in clandestine operations, has perhaps the clearest argument thus far, most likely due to his position, “well back from the table.”

“Now in Idlib is the largest group of terrorists, and Turkey supports them. Without the support of Erdogan, they would have long been destroyed. Turkey has always had claims to the northern territories of Syria.

Turkey now has impudent rhetoric. Turks deliver weapons to terrorists in Idlib, they protect their remains, not only that, they also sent Turkish troops there.

Why is the Idlib region so important, because it is from there that the constant terrorist attacks on the Syrian troops are carried out and there can be no peace in Syria without the liquidation of this group.

Since Aleppo is nearby, it is constantly subjected to attacks by the Isis, moreover, attacks from terrorists launching drones at the Khmeimim base come from there, and this is a threat to the Russian military group.

Russia is tired of all this; the Turks are not doing anything to curb terrorists. On the other hand, Idlib is Syrian territory and why Russia should restrain Syrian forces? Turkey is preventing today from establishing stability and order in Syria.

In this situation, Russia has only one way out to pacify this Turkish Sultan – this is the use of force, other options simply do not exist. Aside, Russia can no longer sit.

Things can go so far that Russia can deliver an ultimatum to Turkey, if Turkey uses artillery when the Syrian forces attack terrorists, it will be suppressed by the airborne forces, and if Turkey takes off planes they will be shot down.

For Russia, peace in Syria is important, since in the future there will be two Russian bases in this country, without which Russia will no longer be able to ensure security in the Black Sea.

So, Russia will support the Syrian troops in Idlib so that the Turks do not speak and threaten there, Russia has no other choice.”

There is yet a more sinister view of events that ties Erdogan’s actions to broader issues both internally for Turkey and failing relations and broken promise involving Europe.

The material below is from an intelligence briefing held in Damascus, no public nor press allowed, translated from Russian by VT’s Damascus bureau, the only media invited:

“One of Erdogan’s previously proclaimed principles – “zero problems with neighbors” is suffering a terrible collapse. Turkey’s problems are growing from all sides, both from Iran and from Syria, but most importantly, the position of the United States and its “NATO allies” in the form of France is completely incomprehensible.

France is the “Rothschild Sword”. And the Rothschilds are not happy with Erdogan.

They need control over the Israel-Egypt-Greece-EU gas pipeline, and the rest of Libya’s hydrocarbon wealth, which is very necessary for the controllers of Macron, for whom he worked at “the bank.”

Add to this that, despite all the bravura statements about the “victories” of the rebels, their losses are growing, and panic is emerging in the ranks. Moreover, in the speeches of Erdogan, the word “hopeless” is always there to be heard, perhaps through the silence and deception.

In Syria, Erdogan faces a political impasse.

The situation itself cannot be regulated by force of arms. Obviously, the Turkish Mujahideen will not be able to win a decisive military victory, even if Turkey will stand at their side. Neither the US nor the EU or NATO will support the Turks and never allow the Mujahideen Erdogan to power in Damascus.

Israel will never allow the Turkish army to go to its borders. This is a dead end.”

What is clear here is that the Idlib conflict is being played out on a broader field than amateur analysts have perceived. Thus, what we see is that Turkey is chasing oil and gas, predictably, onshore in Idlib, the deposits recognized in 2012 and which, quite probably led to the fake “Arab Spring” moves against Damascus, but also offshore in Cyprus and in Turkish ambitions in Libya. It is these interests and Turkish military involvement in Libya that has raised the bar as far as potential Turkish conflict with key EU members. More from the same source:

“In Libya, the situation is even worse, Erdogan does not seem to understand with whom he contracted, Sarraj and his PNS, these are just puppets who do not control the situation in the country.

There is an inter-tribal war in the country, and the main violin is played by Misurata fighters, which are essentially crypto-Jewish tribes, at one time formally converted to Islam. In fact, they pursue only their own goals and those of Israel, through its puppet Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Egypt who supports Haftar.” (text redacted)

This adds to the mix Israel’s interest in becoming a major player in oil and gas, not just in Mediterranean offshore deposits but in controlling pipelines and in following America’s lead in hydrocarbon proxy wars. More:

“It is completely unclear how Erdogan, who knocks on the door of the EU and wants to become a member of the EU, wants to combine the challenge of all the “great powers” with the desire to join the EU?

In Europe, France and Greece, as well as reflecting (as yet) Italy, have put together an anti-Turkish coalition. But what if Russia joins this coalition? Of course, Russia absolutely does not need an alliance against Turkey, but it has its own interests in Libya and Syria. Moreover, no one in Europe as a whole is ready to see the new Ottoman Empire at their borders.”

With Britain leaving the EU and a new NATO bolstered by a cartoonish American regime, the reality of a new Ottoman Empire takes on a life of its own, an increasingly important life as Erdogan’s political position domestically becomes increasingly tenuous as the Lira dissolves into worthlessness.

The Ottoman enclaves in the Balkans and the Gates of Vienna bring reality to a Turkish sphere of influence that has already engulfed Macedonia and one that sees new opportunities for expansion across the Bosporus. More:

“Erdogan is and always has been Muslim Brotherhood, and that will never be allowed in Europe. (Foreign Minister) Chavushoglu, the other day with irritation, spoke about not understanding why Turkey cannot join the EU. He said that Turkey’s patience is running out. And then what? Military operation against the EU?

But this is for the sake of “joke – humor.” Chavushoglu promised the Europeans rapid economic growth and generally prosperity under the Ottoman flag, but he did not begin to link the actual military confrontation with Greece, Cyprus and now France with the entry into the European Union.

The EU is already experiencing hard times, and the appearance of neo – Ottomans in its ranks will mean that the two Vienna battles were in vain. Turkey will begin to crush the Bulgarians and Macedonians and Bosnians, and even the Greeks themselves, moreover, by purely economic methods and economic expansion.

Erdogan mistakenly believes that Europe will calmly observe neo-Ottoman revenge in the Middle East. But he has no choice. Either successes in foreign policy, supported by pro-Islamic slogans, or defeat in the elections.”


Turkey’s military, though competent and robust, is incapable of extended military operations within the Middle East. The “neighborhood” is far too dangerous, particularly if Turkey is forced to operate armor without air cover, something denied them in Syria.

A policy of “dancing with terrorists” in Syria or turning to the US, the same people who orchestrated the 2016 coup attempt against him, or, worse still, verbal threats, has left Erdogan in an unenviable position.

What is before him is “door number one,” where Erdogan can choose to work with Russia to build a regional trade and economic sphere where military conflict will no longer be an issue.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/02/20/breaking-neo-turkey-so-much-we-arent-being-told/

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