GOD cursed the Jews out of Jerusalem for life, for practising Satanism. Jesus Christ tried to preach the word of God, but they crucified him for it.

ST. JUSTIN, martyr stated in 116 A. D. “The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wandered through the country everywhere hating and undermining the Christian faith.”

ONCE WE UNITE We can stand up against those that keep seeking to divide us, with false news, and staged terrorist attacks. Together we can stop working for them, stop paying taxes, bills, fees, fraudulent debt etc. The end of the fiat currency that is used to enslave us begins. No more slavery, debt poverty terrorism illness evil and control e.t.c.

REAL MUSLIMS are never ever shown on TV News networks.  The Muslims you see on TV are the Jews dressed as Muslims, defaming them, to spread racism and hate among us. Wake up and stop hating false enemies that the Jews invent for us to focus on.

OUR NATURE IS SOVEREIGN (we are born free) and so, obviously, God wants us to be liberated from earthly rulers.

Jews were behind the Crucades, Ku Klux Klan, Spanish Inquisition, killing millions of real Christians, in the name of God, hiding behind the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) spreading Terror... just like they are now doing to the Islamic religion.

JUDAISM = ZIONISM today, started way back in 740bc when the Amalek Edomite Khazarian Turks (now called JEWS), converted to Judaism for political reasons. A stolen identity and history, now needs a name to become complete, so the term "Jew" was invented in 1770. All history and so called "holy books" were re-written to accomodate the lies, to create the Satanic Jew... which has nothing to do with Israelite Hebrews.

HATE CRIMES. Today, the whole world already knows that U.S.A, England and Israel (Rothschild & Co.) plans attacks and wars, using proxy regimes in every country, (so no one blames the Jews) tying them to the dates of Jewish holidays. It’s been noticed that not only terrorist attacks and military operations are planned on Jewish holidays, but also carrying out those terrorist attacks is planned so that the funerals from the attacks would fall on the feasts of the Jews

THE AGENDA: To destroy Christianity, just as they have destroyed empires, nations, heterosexual identities and nuclear families. The agenda is to strip people of power, control, unity, identity and health, leaving us defenceless in the face of a Jewish One-World Tyranny.

JUDAISM = SATANISM is the only religion that have sex (thrusting their pelvis) when they pray to Sex Goddess Shekinah. Jews today continue to murder Christian and non-Jewish children to use their blood in Jewish rituals and holidays

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist is the latest invention by the Jews, to spread fear and dismantle governments that are not yet puppets of the Jews...or have decided to stop serving the Jews.. justifying raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent genuine semite and gentile families in every country for power and control annually... under the illusion of Freedom, Democracy, War on Terror, or anything else that can justify their invasions and mass murders for their 2 horned God.

Jewish Rabbi claims Islam is Israel's broom
"We control Islam, and we'll use it to destroy the west."


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution.

Problem, Reaction, Solution, is a Jew conjuring trick within their forever wandering diaspora in order to play the victim, and influence global changes in laws to protect all their historic and contemporary lies ……Who still falls for this old Yiddish trick manipulating policy changes to hide and protect Jewish crimes, acting out Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution against the gentile, changes which gives (((them))) immunity when hiding the truth.

Jews killing Christian Arabs again for their 2 horned God

Everyone was talking about Jesus! But when it came time to speak up for him in public, no one said a word. All were afraid of the Jews. Fear can stifle our witness. Although many people talk about Christ in church, when it comes to making a public statement about their faith, they are often embarrassed. Jesus says that he will acknowledge us before God if we acknowledge Him before others.

All 'Jews' today are the Khazars (converts) and Edomites, some call them the Khazarian Mafia (KM) hellbent on a World Government, as was the ruling Jewish class in the times of Jesus. Herod was an Edomite, after Esau ( Malachi 1: 3 ; Romans 9:13 ), not Jacob Israel. These Jew Fraudsters believe themelves to be Israelites (Hebrews) or from the royal tribe of Judah, claim the Bible Consignor gives themselves mandate to rule the whole world ( Psalm 2: 6-9 , Psalm 2: 10-11 , Deuteronomy 20: 10-14 , Deuteronomy 20 : 12-17 , Isaiah 60: 5 , 60: 10-11 , 60:12 , 60: 14-16 ,Psalm 2: 8 ; ), and a Judahite or descendent of the Tribe of Judah, most of the apostles were Israelites, only one of them was Jewish; Judas. The first time Jews are Mentioned in the Bible, is in II Kings 16: 6105: 44 ; 111: 6 ). Jesus was a Galilean or resident of Galilee ( Matthew 26:69 ; John 7:41 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews and drave the Jews from elathane. The 'Jews' in 'Jesus' time were Edomites/Turkic Mongols/Khazars/Amalak/Gog/Magog. Edom or Edomite had BEEN translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated IDUMAEANS-Judean into Iewes. The first "Jews" were Canaanite-Edomite-Hittite.Source

Judaism says to kill Christians

Judaism says to kill Christians


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By looking to the Jewish religion as the source of Israeli cruelty, Walker is making
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israel defence forces stole a pregnant donkey from a Palestinian family in Salfit and used her to train their dogs

israel defence forces stole a pregnant donkey from a Palestinian family in Salfit and used her to train their dogs

israel defence forces stole a pregnant donkey from a Palestinian family in Salfit, and used her to train their dogs.

This was posted on Facebook, directly by the Christian Palestinian victims.

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"The study of [true] philosophy consists in knowing not what men have thought, but WHAT IS
By Jason Hickel Source Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, and his wife,
How Britain's Royal Jews stole $45 trillion from India And lied about it. by Jason

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Jewish Sharia Law

Jewish Sharia Law

The more I look at Judaism, the more I see that Islam is a just a clone of Judaism.

And we can see why Jews keep bragging why their crime rate is so low — they just don’t report the crime!

From a rare New York Times article, one only has to substitute “Muslim” for “Jew”, “mullah” for “rabbi” and “Sharia” for “Beth Din”, to see that Islam and Judaism are closely tied in Sharia law tradition.

    • Ultra-Orthodox Jews [have] long [been] forbidden to inform on one another without permission from the rabbis who lead them…


    • Members of this close-knit community, who refer to themselves as the “haredim,” meaning those who fear God, reject modern secular culture and keep strict control over what they consider internal affairs.

For centuries, disputes involving children, marriage and business have been decided by rabbinical courts called beth dins, which do not report their findings to the secular authorities, even when they judge someone guilty.

    • Taboos codified long ago during times of persecution discourage community members from informing on other Jews; violations can result in ostracism.


    • — Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution


    — by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009

Is the Judiac institution of Beth Din nothing more than Islamic Sharia Law?

Jewish Lawyers screw Christian men in secular courts,
get their own divorce in Jewish courts

While American Christian men are being taken to the cleaners by Jewish lawyers, Jewish lawyers have their own divorce proceedings done outside the judicial system they work for.

Their divorce and their child protective services are done in a Rabbinical Court called a beth din.

Perhaps what is good for Jews would be good for Christians in place of the plague of “no-fault” divorce. Marriage Arbitration in one’s Church would prevent many needless broken homes and their resulting broken children.

Jewish media-Scribes attack without worries

And from this same New York Times article, one can deduce why Jewish media-Scribes have been able to impute scurrilous accusations against Catholic Church priests without anyone being able to accuse them of hypocrisy, as in the Rabbi child molestation abuses which are hidden from public view.

Again, because the serious and heinous crimes by Jews are not being reported to the proper authorities, Catholic priests become prey to these killers.

We are not talking about the Jewish religious crime of working on the Sabbath not being reported — we are talking about the religious and criminal crime of child abuse NOT being REPORTED.

    • Now, a growing number of haredi Jews in Brooklyn say they do not think they can get justice from the rabbinical courts, which in several high-profile cases have exonerated people who were later criminally convicted of child abuse. And although some advocates for victims contend that the district attorney has been too accommodating of the rabbinical hierarchy — a charge that Mr. Hynes denies — more families are turning to his office for help.


    • Prosecutors say that since last year 40 minors have agreed to testify about abuse in court, if necessary. And Mr. Hynes’s office has been asked for advice by prosecutors with jurisdictions that include other large haredi enclaves in the Northeast.


    • — Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution


    — by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009

Indeed, Survivors for Justice founder Ben Hirsch confirms that there is abuse of children in the Jewish community and keeping it a secret only helps abusers of Jewish children.

    • Children in haredi families are no more or less likely to suffer sexual abuse than others, according to several recent studies. But Ben Hirsch, founder of Survivors for Justice, a New York group whose members include haredi Jews molested as children in communities nationwide, said

the clandestine handling of molestation cases had kept leaders from dealing with the problem and made it easier for predators.

    • — Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution


    — by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009

This site has said so much in its previous article — Rabbi Rap Sheet —

“Religious Sensitivities”

For Christian child abusers, the abuser loses his job — because he is sitting in prison! Then after serving his time in prison, he has the additional punishment of the Megan’s Law “Scarlet Letter” hung around his neck when he has to register as a child molester with the authorities reporting where he lives to one and all.

Not so with Jewish child molesters — who have “religious sensitivities”!

    • David Zwiebel, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America, a group representing many haredi factions, offered the moderate view…

he added that prosecutors should recognize “religious sensitivities” by seeking alternatives to prison, to avoid depriving a family of its breadwinner

    • , or by finding appropriate Orthodox homes for children removed from abusive families.


    • “The district attorney should be careful not to be seen as making a power grab from rabbinic authority,” Mr. Zwiebel said.


    • — Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution


    — by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009

Does this sound like an invitation for abuse? — Yes indeed !

And once again, Jewish children suffered for the bad decisions of Jewish authorities.

    • Advocates for victims say similar views have informed some of the Brooklyn rabbinical leadership’s worst judgments, allowing prominent rabbis who were repeatedly accused of abuse to keep their jobs and reputations.


    • In 2000, Rabbi Baruch Lanner, a charismatic youth leader and yeshiva principal who was the focus of students’ abuse claims for more than 20 years — and was exonerated by a beth din — became the subject of an exposé in The Jewish Week, which found more than 60 accusers. The article led to a criminal investigation and a seven-year prison term for Rabbi Lanner.


    • Another rabbi, Yehuda Kolko, a grade school teacher at a Flatbush yeshiva, was accused of sexually abusive behavior by parents and former students numerous times over 30 years. The complaints were dismissed by rabbinical authorities, however, until New York magazine wrote about them in 2006.


    • — Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution


    — by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009


Jewish Fatwa

Muslim Mullahs are well know to issue Fatwas against anyone who demeans Islam in the slightest degree. Simply drawing a picture of Muhammad is a death sentence.

Now we find that Judaism has fatwas as well.

In a Jewish Fatwa, in order to obtain your death sentence, all you have to do is report a credible factual crime of child abuse to the appropriate government officials.

…one rabbi mentioned frequently on blogs cites ancient doctrine that justifies killing someone who informs on a fellow Jew.

    • — Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution


    — by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009

One is left to assume that Jewish “justified killing” can be done by any means available, not just by the standard Islamic method of beheading.

Fear of a Jewish Fatwa

Fearing a Jewish Rabbi “Death Wish” Fatwa against him for reporting child abuse, here is the troubles which one Jewish father had to go through before he would feel free to report the abuse of his 6-year-old son.

The father had to get a Jewish “Permission” Fatwa from a Rabbi, just to be able to bring justice to his 6-year-old son.

For, committing a “sin” in Judaism can get you killed.

    • When his 6-year-old son told him one day that Rabbi Kolko had sexually abused him, the father said he resolved to go to the police because he knew that the Brooklyn hierarchy had protected the rabbi in the past.


    • But first he made a detour. “I booked a flight to Jerusalem,” he said. “I made an appointment to speak with a very prominent rabbi” who had written sympathetically about abuse victims.


    • “He told me it would be O.K. to report this teacher to the police,” the father said.

“He told me that if I reported him I would not be committing a sin.”

    • — Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution


    — by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009


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The War On Drugs hoax

The War On Drugs hoax

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A GP in Britain is urging fellow doctors to prescribe singing as an alternative to
An audit of New York state’s Medicaid program found that registered sex offenders received $63,000
The Facts:A new study has linked heartburn drugs linked to fatal heart and kidney disease,

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The real enemy is at home

The real enemy is at home

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The Satanic Cult that rules the world

The Satanic Cult that rules the world


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Why do Children go missing every year

Why do Children go missing every year

Jewish Blood Libels and Child Sacrifices to Satan, Moloch, Baal.

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The Invention of the word JEW

The Invention of the word JEW


The word “Jew” is a relatively modern invention used, seemingly indiscriminately and interchangeably, by 18th century redactors to describe Israelites, Judahites and Judaeans. It first appeared in these eighteenth century Bibles and it first appears within these redactions in 2 Kings 16:6 …. in an episode that describes a war between Israel and Judah: when Rezin, king of Syria and Pekah, king of Israel went to war with wicked Ahaz, king of Judah. The Syrians “drove the Jews from Elath” who were in possession of it and so here is the first time that the inhabitants of the kingdom of Judah are called “Jews” when more properly they should be called Judahites. However, the point here is this: the very first time the word “Jew” is found in the modern Bible, they are at war with Israel.
Edomites are therefore descended from Edom (Esau) whose descendants later intermarried with the Turks to produce a Turco-Edomite mixture which later became known as Khazars. That is, most of today’s Jews are descendants of this interbreeding that produced a race called Khazars who had once governed an empire called Khazaria. Furthermore, this hybrid race Edomite/Turk/Khazar who created the Khazar kingdom and who between the seventh and ninth centuries AD, adopted the religion of Judaism. And, it is these Khazar Jews who are the ancestors of the vast majority of today’s Jewish people. That is, Edomite/Turk/Khazars are the ancestors of the modern “Jews” including the Torah-true and Zionist Jews who spuriously claim right to the land of Palestine claiming it it is theirs by biblical demands and ancestral rights.

Consequently, the majority of today’s Jewish people are known as “Jews” not because they are Judahites and descended from Jacob/Israel but because their Edomite/Turk/Khazar ancestors in their Kingdom of Khazaria adopted the religion of Judaism, called themselves “Jews” and arrogated the Birthright Promises and Bible Covenants belonging to the Israelites, but especially those belonging to the Judahites.

Thus, “Jews” are not Israelites and certainly they are not Judahites. Hence, modern Jews are not heir to the Bible Covenants nor to the ancient Nation of Israel given by Yahweh to the Israelites and the Judahites and so have no Divine Right or biblical mandate to the modern Land of Palestine.

Similarly, Jesus of Nazareth was not a “Jew” he was a Judahite, and Jesus Christ was not “King of the Jews.”

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How the Jews swindle our Taxes and Economies

How the Jews swindle our Taxes and Economies

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Jews behind every Terrorist Attack School Shootings and Muslim Terrorist Groups

Jews behind every Terrorist Attack School Shootings and Muslim Terrorist Groups

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Libya was once a key embarkation point for jihadists headed to foreign battlefields - first
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ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

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How the Jews mock Jesus Christians and Christmas

How the Jews mock Jesus Christians and Christmas


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Confessions of a CIA economic hitman Terrorist

Confessions of a CIA economic hitman Terrorist


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Are you a real Christian?

Are you a real Christian?

Or are you led by the devil himself.

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Israel The Promised Land of Global Jewish Organized Crime

Israel The Promised Land of Global Jewish Organized Crime

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Putin Like Lenin & Soviet Bolshevism.. Is an Agent of Zionist Jewry

Putin Like Lenin & Soviet Bolshevism.. Is an Agent of Zionist Jewry

“. Since 1991   Russia   lost   about 30 million of  ethnic Russians . Every year  1 city of a million disappears  from a map of Russia. ” Tamara, article’s author

By Tamara (henrymakow.com)
January 3, 2013

Shocker: Putin, Like Lenin & Soviet Bolshevism, Is an Agent of Zionist Jewry (Jan. 3, 2013)

Putin is Jewish Pawn, says Russian Patriot


“Put’in on the Ritz”
Vladimir Putin is held in high regard among dissidents in the West. Russian patriots like Tamara contrast the general poverty and discontent with rumors that Putin has $40 billion stashed away.
Tamara: “The photo at bottom left shows Opposition to Putin saying Putin is 100% a Jew ( his mother is a Jew and his father is a Jew). In Russia many Jewish people hide their  Jewish origin  or they do not know or do not want to know.  Putin is a person who hides his Jewish origin but uses it in the  corruption nets. Historians tried to find his ancestors but failed.  Common Russians think that Putin is an ethnic Russian. If they understood that  Putin is a Jew they would not vote for him. The picture bottom right shows Putin’s resemblance to a Jew from Tsarist era.”
“In Russia, the eternal question is: “Who Lives Well in Russia?”  At different times, they were different people, but now everyone knows that life is only good for the super-rich oligarchs, mostly Jews.”
(Henry Makow Note: This article expresses a view little heard in Western circles, that with a few exceptions, Putin is a front for Jewish oligarchs, and is Jewish himself.

I cannot confirm these claims but present them for discussion. Clearly, Putin has done nothing significant to thwart veiled NATO aggression in Libya and Syria.)

The World asks, “Who is Putin?
A boy, “Vova,”  from a very poor family in Soviet Union became an uncrowned Tsar of Russia (1/6 of Earth’s land), or rather the new global Shah of Oil and the richest man in the world.

It is not wise to be too curious about how the rich got their fortune, but many Russians wonder why they are so poor?

Why are they poorer than in the most difficult years of Soviet power, and why does Russia have so many orphans, as if in war?

The Russian economy is in decline, and almost nothing is done. Everything is purchased from abroad, even military equipment, although the Soviet Union was a leading exporter.

Russia has become a third world country, a raw materials appendage of the industrialized world.

In Russia, hydro power plants fail, ammunition depots explode, aircraft crash, ships sink, and trains collide.  Islamic terrorists blow up houses, and kill Russian children. The audience of a whole theater was taken hostage.

streetscene.jpgFire and arson, floods, countless natural and man-made disasters. Human relationships and families are degraded. The level of science, culture, health, education is in decline.  Meanwhile palaces and luxury yachts are built for the super-rich.

In contrast, the housing of the poor is not repaired. There are more slums, and the countryside is depopulated. In the past  20 years, more people have died than from the invasion of Nazi Germany. Russia  is losing one million people per  year, mostly among the Slavs: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians.


Russia excels some African countries in terms of corruption – 154th place out of 178th. The Russian press mentioned that Vladimir Putin has secret savings of more than 40 billion dollars. 

People wonder how comrade Vladimir Putin  could make a huge fortune and where he, a former Communist and KGB spy keeps his dollars?  In the Kremlin?

The eternal question is: “Who Lives Well in Russia?”  At different times, they were different people, but now everyone knows that life is only good for the super-rich oligarchs.

(Putin’s pal, Russian chief rabbi Beryl Lazar. In a speech he told how Jews adopted the hungry Putin as a child.)
In Russia, most of new super-rich people are non-Christian descendants (the Jews), the ancestors of many of them lived in settlements of  Hasidic sect in the West of  the Russian Empire,in the small towns of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, the present Smolensk region of Russia.

In the USSR  there were hundreds of thousands of people honored and respected. But they were excluded from the new “Russian”  super-rich,  who appeared at the right time and the right place in Moscow in the entourage of President Yeltsin.

Who gave many millions and even billions of dollars to  these Jewish oligarchs to take advantage of privatization in 1993 after the Soviet Union collapsed? Silence.

The majority of Russians are not Jewish. 80% of the country’s 140 million people belong to Russian (Slavic) ethnicity , but due to inaccuracy of  population census, only 80-90 million (about 65%) of population are considered Russians. Who are the other 35%? Most of them are Asians.
protest.jpg(George Soros support for Russian opposition may be designed to give Putin credibility.)

Political power is beyond the grasp of  ethnic  Russians. Putin’s plan is to deprive them of  jobs and governmental  funds. Putin and his administration hire illegal cheap workers from the former Soviet Asian republics, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan to change  the ethnic composition of the country.

In the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Muslims hold their mass prayers, and sacrifice a  sheep. The Muslim extremists have a dream to  subjegate the ethnic  Russians.

Putin has a plan to complete the extinction of ethnic Russians. “Russia needs about 50-70 million migrants (Muslims),”  the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities  Gadzhimet Safaraliev (a Muslim)  said. http://www.rusimperia.info/news/id14841.html

Common  Russians still believe that Putin is an ethnic Russian guy,  one of them and give the votes to him  and his party of super-rich Jews.

Putin is hiding his Jewish origin and  supports not only Chabad, but the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). The majority of the Russian people (Russian Orthodox believers)  are afraid of war, hunger, loss of homes, jobs and instinctively votes for the super-rich Thieves and Crooks of Putin’s Jewish United Russia Party.
Makow  —  

———-   Jan 3,2013  Putin Extends Citizenship to Fellow Rich Note from Tamara –

Since 1991 Russia  has many deaths  among  ethnic Russians because   of lack of food and homes, jobs

. Since 1991   Russia   lost   about 30 million of  ethnic Russians . Every year  1 city of a million disappears  from a map of Russia.

Russia lost 27 million people  during WWII , most of them were  civilians ( ethnic Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians)  in territories  occupied  by the Nazi.


{English Google translation:]

[It’s interesting to note these demographic changes in the Russian population. I can’t agree with the inference that this is an intentional kill off like the Nazi invasion of World War II or the gulag era genocide under Stalin where millions of Ukrainians were staved to death because Stalin’s men simply took away every bag of grain and food they had, but the trend is worth pondering..KA]

20 years of pseudo democracy = the loss of 33 million RUSSIANS!
Irresponsible parasites of all nationalities that control Russia today, used to complain about how a “terrible” “totalitarian” Soviet Union destroyed the Russian people. But here’s the paradox. The Bolsheviks, which is known to us all oppressed, the Russian nation, despite the 18 million killed by the Nazis in the war with Russia, in spite of all these mythical “Famines”, “millions of innocent victims” during the Stalinist repression, etc., will increase by 2 TIMES

According to the 1926 census of Russia (the Great) under the USSR was 77.8 million, and in 1989 – 145.1 million (67.3 million for 63 years) That is, when the “damned Bolsheviks” who “destroyed Russian people ‘, Russian became an annual average 1.07 million more on the way, the average annual increase in the population of the Russian Empire in the years 1897-1914. $ 2.4 million and the increase of the population of the USSR from 1926-1989 = 2.2 million people per year.

So let’s count on the basis of these figures, the loss of the Russia (the Great) of 20 years, in today’s pseudo-democracy.

To simplify the calculations, we assume the following conditions:
1. As on 1989, the Russian people in the Soviet Union (145 million), and the population of Russia (147 million) is almost the same, the loss of the Russian nation will take decrease of the population of Russia. If you make mistakes, it is not much, and downward. In Russia, dying first Russian region (as, for example, the time between the censuses of 1989 and 2002. Tatars remained the same, the Chuvash decreased by 8% (137 thousand), Bashkirs – an increase of 24% (by 328 thousand), and the largest indigenous peoples of the Caucasus (Chechens, Avars, Dargin, Laks, Kumyks, Lezgins Kabardin and Balkar, Karachay, Cherkess, Ossetians, Adyghe, Nogai) was together more by 46% (as of 1 8 million)).
2. We consider only the natural movement of the population (those born minus deaths), migration will not take into account changes.
3. As the number of losses of the Russian nation from 20 years of “democracy” will take into account in addition to “natural attrition” and the demographic losses as a deviation from the “normal” (average) rate in the Soviet 1.07 million

Here we go. According to Rosstat, “natural decline” of the population of Russia began in 1992 and was the 1992 and 1999. (Under Yeltsin) 5774.7 thousand people. The loss for 2000 and 2007. amounted to 6529.8 thousand + 314.8 thousand extinct in January-October 2008 As a result, under Putin, died 6844.6 thousand people. In sum, for the years 1992-2008. decline in the population was 12.6 million
The loss of the Russian people as a deviation from the average Soviet growth was (million):
1,07-0,58 = 0,49 (1989) plus 1,07-0,33 = 0.74 (1990) plus 1,07-0,1 = 0.97 (1991) plus 1, 07h17 = 18.19 (1992 -2008.). Amount equal to 20.39 million Russian.

So. The loss of the Russian people (decrease + demographic losses) 12.6 + 20.4 = 33 million

The destruction of the Soviet Union and 20 years of pseudo-cost Russian nation among other things, 33 million lives! It is almost 2 times more Russians than the Nazis destroyed in World War II! Given the millions of unborn children and the future generations of the loss even worse. Moreover, in the result, a demographic hole, because of which, as of the growth of generation that grew up with the “democracy” that is somewhere from 2010-2012. will begin a new round of fertility decline and the “holocaust” of the Russian people will increase.

Here is more about  Putin’s criminality what explained by Putin’s opponent,  a  writer Boris Mironov
Boris Mironov and his son Ivan  were imprisoned by Putin for a  hate “crime” of Putin’s regime
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Deficit soaring, Hadassah will require years’ more bailout payments to survive

In July 2014, a closed-door presentation to Hadassah Medical Center’s board of directors on “What can be expected at Hadassah by the end of the government bailout period” set out a bleak forecast for the hospital.

The medical center had just been rescued from immediate financial collapse by the government and Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, with a bailout agreement that would provide the hospital with a total of NIS 3.3 billion ($930 million) over seven years to enable it to become financially independent and sustainable.

As part of the agreement, Israel had agreed to invest a total of nearly NIS 1.5 billion ($422 million) during that period. Most of the bailout would come through direct payments to the hospital, and some through grants and the freezing of existing debts to government-owned suppliers.

Hadassah Women, for its part, committed to investing nearly NIS 700 million ($197 million) over the same period, through one-time grants as well as annual support.

During the 2014 presentation, the board of directors learned that by the end of 2020, the government’s annual payments of some NIS 96 million per year ($27 million) would end, as would the NIS 68 million per year ($19 million) annual payments from the Hadassah Women. At the same time, existing debts — put on hold for the duration of the bailout period — would resurface, requiring payback.

All told, without additional recovery measures, the board of directors was to expect a deficit of NIS 360 million ($101 million) by the end of 2020.

That was then. Five years later, in July 2019, it turns out that Hadassah’s financial situation is even worse than this prediction. And the Finance Ministry may now be beginning to taking note: Hadassah CEO Prof. Zeev Rotstein was summoned last week for questioning under caution as part of a ministry investigation.

According to an investigation by Zman Yisrael, The Times of Israel’s Hebrew-language sister site, the hospital’s accumulated deficit is expected to be NIS 519 million ($146 million) by the end of 2019, NIS 162 million ($45.5 million) higher than its year-end target. Currently, that deficit is even higher, at NIS 574 million ($161.5 million). And senior health officials estimate that Hadassah’s financial hemorrhaging is far from over.

The bailout plays out

Hadassah Medical Center consists of multiple care and teaching centers across Jerusalem, including two large hospital complexes — one in Ein Kerem, at the southwest end of the city, and  the other on Mount Scopus, at the northeast point. Hadassah has over 1,000 hospital beds, several operating rooms and intensive care units, and at the Ein Kerem campus it runs the busiest emergency room in Jerusalem and its vicinity.

Hadassah Medical Organization, a public benefit company, owns and operates Hadassah Medical Center, with all its hospitals and services. Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, is the primary patron of the company, holding a third of the seats on Hadassah’s board of directors and contributing regularly to its budget via donations and fundraising.

Following years of financial mismanagement, Hadassah had accumulated a deficit of close to NIS 1 billion ($281 million) by 2014. Unable to pay salaries and its accumulating debts, the hospital was close to ceasing operation and becoming defunct.

It faced three options: government nationalization, piecemeal sale to various interested tycoons, or a bailout agreement funded by the Israeli government and Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America.

The chosen option, the bailout agreement — which received a court mandate in order to allow the hospital to fend off debt collectors during the bailout period — meant that Hadassah was largely put on taxpayer-funded life support.

Along with the nearly NIS 1.5 billion ($422 million) being paid to Hadassah over a period of seven years, the government bailout was contingent on the hospital management’s commitment to “a long term, sound operation… while maintaining financial balance throughout.”

The agreement held a list of strict and precise policies and measures the hospital was to follow in order to streamline its operations.

However, as soon as the agreement was put into action, both the hospital management and the government oversight authorities seemed to ignore many of these required policies and measures. Various warnings have been issued over the years, but the departure from the bailout framework has continued.

Just four months into the bailout period, in October 2014, Hadassah CFO Yuval Adar sent the hospital management an email, seen by Zman Yisrael, warning that the hospital had strayed from its commitment to shrink its workforce and had canceled the layoff plans that were put in place.

A year later, in September 2015, nearly 18 months into the bailout period and with the hospital’s annual financial records showing it was already failing to meet expected targets, the accountants overseeing Hadassah’s activities added a note of “growing concern” to its annual report. The accountants determined that the hospital’s financial state raised “real doubts as to its ability to operate in the near future.”

The state comptroller’s 2016 annual report about Hadassah’s financial mismanagement further suggested that implementation of the agreement was flawed. The comptroller spared no criticism of the health and finance ministries for what he saw as a lack of oversight over the hospital’s compliance with the bailout agreement.

State comptroller: Over the years, every Hadassah management has signed bad agreements with its employees, which has damaged its financial stability

The 2016 report indicated that Hadassah had continued to squander money and called on the government to impose more rigorous limitations on the hospital’s expenditures. Regarding inflated salaries, the comptroller asserted that “over the years, every Hadassah management has signed bad agreements with its employees, which has damaged its financial stability.”

Enter Rotstein, who in 2016 was appointed CEO of Hadassah. Rotstein, at times a controversial figure in the Israeli medical industry, is considered especially close to Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who lobbied for Rotstein from 2015 until his eventual appointment.

From the get-go, Rotstein clashed with the Finance Ministry over his reluctance to implement the agreement. In a letter sent to Hadassah’s board, then accountant general for the Finance Ministry Michal Abadi-Boiangiu, criticized Rotstein, stating that he had been violating the bailout agreement “systematically and thoroughly.” Rotstein, in turn, responded publicly in a September 2016 letter, saying Abadi-Boiangiu and her ministry staff were hindering his management.

Zeev Rotstein: Your ego blinds you so muc, that you cannot see the incredible turnaround that has been taking place in the eight months that I have been CEO

“Your ego cannot allow you to see the major advantage of appointing someone of my caliber to run a complex and problematic institution such as Hadassah,” wrote cardiologist Rotstein, who prior to his position at Hadassah was director general of Chaim Sheba Medical Center in 2004-2016. “Your ego blinds you so much that you cannot see the incredible turnaround that has been taking place in the eight months that I have been CEO.”

In January 2017, Abadi-Boiangiu ended her tenure at the Finance Ministry. In a farewell interview, she confirmed publicly that Hadassah was not holding up its part of the bailout agreement. “The results speak for themselves,” Abadi-Boiangiu said. “Two-and-a-half years into the bailout, the hospital is still not financially independent. It has serious problems.”

For her clashes with Rotstein, as reported in the Hebrew website Calcalist, Litzman thwarted Adabi-Boiangiu’s nomination to the role of civil service commissioner.

Exorbitant salaries

With Abadi-Boiangiu out of the Finance Ministry, and with Litzman at the helm of the Health Ministry, Rotstein seemed, at least until recently, to have enjoyed the full backing of both ministries.

A spokesperson for the Finance Ministry refused to answer any specific questions regarding Hadassah’s growing deficit, telling Zman Yisrael only that “as of right now, the hospital’s cash flow activity is balanced and its accumulated deficit, as of the end of 2018, is within the bailout’s set targets.”

The investigative unit of the Finance Ministry apparently thinks otherwise: last week Rotstein was summoned for questioning under caution on suspicion that he inflated salary agreements with doctors from Hadassah’s hematology-oncology department.

In 2017, the hospital faced a serious crisis when the entire staff of the hematology-oncology department fled the hospital en masse to work at other medical institutions in a vote of no confidence in Rotstein’s management.

Rotstein, determined to keep the one-of-a-kind department operational, recruited new doctors who, according to the Finance Ministry investigation, were paid hundreds of thousands of shekels to join Hadassah.

This, along with several other inflated salaries paid to recruit “star” doctors for other departments in the hospital, is a violation of the bailout agreement. In fact, one section of the agreement issues a hospital-wide salary freeze for the entire duration of the bailout and forbids increasing the number of employees at the hospital over said period.

In correspondence with Zman Yisrael, Rotstein insisted that “the management has brought down HR costs by NIS 115 million ($32.3 million) through layoffs, as required by the bailout plan.” Rotstein abstained from providing details as to when and how these layoffs took place.

Hadassah’s internal reports through 2018, obtained by Zman Yisrael, show that HR costs have in fact increased in recent years. This could be due to a rise in the number of employees, or because of an increase in salaries. Either case would be a violation of the bailout agreement.

While both Abadi-Boiangiu and the state comptroller have warned that the government should keep a closer eye on the hospital’s management and cap its expenditures, Rotstein himself now happily acknowledges an increase in spending under his management.

“Hadassah has invested tens of millions [of shekels] per year in upgrading and improving its medical infrastructure and equipment, and in obtaining leading technology in all medical fields,” he wrote in his statement to Zman Yisrael.

And if increased expenditures are not enough, Hadassah now has yet another steep payout on the horizon, this time to its employees. In January of this year, in a court case unrelated to the bailout, the Jerusalem Labor Court ruled that the medical center must transfer a total of NIS 100 million ($28 million) to the pension funds of employees who have not received their allocations since 2004.

Back to the future

So what is to be expected after December 2020, when the bailout period ends?

Rotstein himself dismissed the effectiveness of the bailout agreement altogether, telling Zman Yisrael: “Given that the bailout plan did not factor in Hadassah’s needs after 2020, this agreement is essentially a wild goose chase.”

Despite the financial reports, the high deficit, and the dismissal of the agreement by the hospital’s CEO himself, the Litzman-led Health Ministry continues to stand by the hospital’s management.

A spokesperson for the ministry told Zman Yisrael this week that Hadassah “has been meeting the fundamental requirements of the bailout agreement.” The ministry refused to respond to specific questions about Hadassah’s financial reports, but stated: “If the government had believed the hospital was in violation of the agreement, it would not have continued to make the bailout payments every year.”

Rotstein is adamant that Hadassah is thriving, despite the fact that its current accumulated deficit is well over half a billion shekels.

“The financial reports published at the end of every year show we are in a much better situation than anticipated in the agreement, including our cash balance at the end of the year,” Rotstein wrote Zman Yisrael. “The financial audits run by the government and by Hadassah’s management prove that Hadassah has the capability to exist just like any national hospital in Israel.”

Rotstein further stated that the hospital management is already working on a new plan for the post-bailout period years of 2021-2025, which he said he has presented to the Finance Ministry’s current accountant general, as well as to the director of the Health Ministry. Rotstein declined to make the plan public.

Rotstein did note that at the core of his new plan, he relies on regular government appropriations, which are awarded annually to all of Israel’s hospitals. These payments, however, are significantly smaller than those Hadassah receives now as part of the bailout plan.

A high-ranking source at the hospital who spoke with Zman Yisrael on condition of anonymity doesn’t share Rotstein’s optimistic view of the situation and estimates that by the end of the bailout period in December 2020, Hadassah will be back to square one — this time with little choice but to nationalize the institution, making it fully government-owned.

“The bottom line is worrying, the numbers are clear,” said the source. “The management plays with the data and the excuses are great, but the facts reveal a grim situation.”

A governmental source well acquainted with Hadassah’s condition in the last five years told Zman Yisrael that one thing remains clear: For Hadassah to exist beyond 2020, it will need to receive even more of the taxpayer’s money.

This article has been adapted from the original Hebrew on The Times of Israel’s sister site, Zman Yisrael.

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/deficit-soaring-hadassah-will-require-years-more-bailout-payments-to-survive/

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So you think you know the Startup Nation?

Israeli Innovators at the UN Present Social Sustainability Initiatives

The Start-up Nation is not all about tech. Although Israel’s ‘Silicone Wadi’ is best known for its hi-tech innovations and billion-dollar acquisitions, the tiny ecosystem in the Middle East has so much more to offer the world. This week, six business and social organizations representing Israel at the United Nations will share innovative solutions that aim to advance environmental and social sustainability. This is part of the UN’s High-Level Political Forum convened to review the progress of its global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In the context of sustainable development, social sustainability is a lesser-known but vitally important issue facing all growing economies, which requires a whole new style of innovation that places individuals, families and communities at the center.

Sustainability, and social sustainability in particular, is underpinned by social responsibility and a conscientious concern for future generations – development and growth that leave no one behind. The best way to attain it is through capacity building: providing tools and reinforcing social structures with the clear aim of nurturing equal opportunities for the individual and facilitating community resilience.

To narrows gaps and advance social mobility in a sustainable way, we cannot rely on well-intentioned but short-lived interventions. Social sustainability is about well-conceived smart solutions with measurable, tangible and life-changing outcomes. It is about pooling resources, managing knowledge and supporting critical decisions with reliable real-time data.

As the CEO of the Rashi Foundation, which has been working for 35 years to reduce inequalities in Israel and promote social mobility, I am proud that we are among the organizations invited to present their solutions for sustainable social development at the United Nations.

The two initiatives the Rashi Foundation will present at the UN are both based upon a capacity-building model, tried and tested in Israel and ready to be duplicated in other countries to promote social sustainability. “City at the Center” helps to develop cities’ capacity to provide opportunities and drive social mobility for residents, fostering empowerment of local leadership and inclusion of the entire community and all stakeholders in the process. The second, “Social IT Systems”, harnesses technology to facilitate effective delivery of nationwide social services by developing a platform to monitor large-scale personal and community interventions, analyze the data and gain insights as the basis for decision-making.

Social initiatives must no longer ignore sustainability in their strategies. Social sustainability must be at the heart of any serious effort to tackle social gaps, poverty and inequalities and make a real, lasting and meaningful change.

Source Article from https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/so-you-think-you-know-the-startup-nation/

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Netanyahu, paradigm shifter of Israeli politics, set to break another record

AP — As Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, he is solidifying his place as the country’s greatest political survivor and the most dominant force in Israeli politics in his generation.

He has persevered through scandals, crises and conflicts, winning election after election even as the country grows more bitterly polarized. His supporters credit him with keeping Israel safe and prosperous, maintaining its Jewish character and boosting its standing internationally.

His opponents, with equally visceral emotion, claim he has dashed hopes for peace with the Palestinians, torn society apart with vicious attacks on minority Arabs and left-wing opponents, and infused politics with a culture of corruption.

But as the length of his 13-year rule is set to surpass that of Israel’s founding father David Ben-Gurion on July 20, all agree Netanyahu has left a permanent imprint on the country.

“He thinks that he is the right guy in the right place. That he is the one who will save Israel and lead Israel to a safe haven,” said Aviv Bushinsky, a former Netanyahu aide. Israelis think that “things are good, so why should we change a winning horse,” he added.

Just as he is about to cross a milestone, Netanyahu faces perhaps his greatest political challenge yet. After he failed to form a parliamentary majority following April elections, the country is holding a repeat vote on September 17. The following month, he faces a hearing with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, who has recommended indicting Netanyahu on corruption charges. If formal charges are filed, Netanyahu could be forced to step aside.

In contrast to his predecessors, the 69-year-old hasn’t left his mark by winning a war or signing a peace accord. He has proudly resisted various peace initiatives and allowed West Bank settlements to flourish. The signature achievements most associated with him, such as combating Iran’s nuclear program, covertly striking weapons shipments to Israel’s enemies and building a border fence to stop the flow of African migrants, had begun taking shape before he assumed office.

“His rule has been characterized by conservatism and hesitancy,” said opposition lawmaker Tamar Zandberg of the left-wing Meretz party. “If he is going to be remembered for anything it’s going to be his idleness.”

Netanyahu has often said he would like to be remembered as the “protector of Israel.” But admirers and critics alike say that what sets him apart is his unparalleled political acumen, a ruthless drive to win at all costs and an uncanny ability to sell his shifting policies to the public.

“He so deeply believes in himself and what he is doing, and his marketing skills are so amazing that he can argue for one thing and then the opposite with the same conviction. It’s an art form,” said Bushinsky.

A gifted orator in both English and Hebrew, he was elected for a single term in the late 1990s on a platform of opposing the Oslo accords with the Palestinians. But once in office, he continued implementing them and even met with arch-enemy Yasser Arafat.

As finance minister in the early 2000s, he cut taxes and rolled back entitlements to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community — only to reverse course once he returned to power to secure their political backing. He wrote counter-terrorism books in which he preached that one must never negotiate under threat, but as prime minister he released more than 1,000 Palestinian terror convicts in exchange for a single captive Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, in 2011.

Despite his tough talk, Netanyahu has shown relative moderation when it comes to using military force. Over the past year, he has resisted calls by hardline constituents to strike harder against jihadist groups in Gaza.

Even after so long in power, Netanyahu has maintained an outsider image, railing at perceived enemies in the media, judiciary and opposition. His tactics have mirrored those of his good friend, US President Donald Trump, as well as other right-wing populist leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro — both of whom he has welcomed to Israel.

The anti-establishment rhetoric, along with occasional incitement against the country’s Arab minority and the political left, has played well among his base of traditional, working-class voters.

The son of a historian — and a keen student of history himself — Netanyahu already holds the record for being Israel’s youngest elected prime minister and for serving the longest consecutive term.

Anshel Pfeffer, a columnist at the Haaretz daily and author of a Netanyahu biography, called the prime minister an “incredibly good political strategist” who has presided over a period of prosperity and relative quiet. Netanyahu often boasts of expanding ties with countries that once shunned Israel — including Arab states that share Israel’s enmity toward Iran — while rejecting demands for a Palestinian state.

“If you want one ideological legacy it’s that he has broken the paradigm that we need to end the occupation or else we will be isolated,” said Pfeffer. “He has proven that is not true.”

Palestinian Authority official Saeb Erekat said Netanyahu will be remembered as the one who “buried” the peace process and paved the way to a future apartheid state by deepening Israel’s control over the West Bank, which it captured in the 1967 Six Day War. “I think his legacy will be his success in making sure that any ray of hope to achieve peace based on two states along the 1967 border is blocked,” he said.

In confronting former US president Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran in a brazen 2015 speech to Congress, Netanyahu also debunked the conventional wisdom that an Israeli leader could not survive an open clash with an American president. Since Trump’s election in 2016, Netanyahu has enjoyed unprecedented backing, drawing frequent accusations of partisanship.

“The combination of a very difficult relationship with the Obama administration and the exaggerated embrace of Trump potentially create a rift in the quality of US-Israel relations,” noted Dan Shapiro, Obama’s former ambassador to Israel. “When the pendulum swings in the other direction that will also be part of his legacy.”

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-paradigm-shifter-of-israeli-politics-set-to-break-another-record/

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Police find dozens of exotic reptiles in raid on Tel Aviv apartment

Authorities on Tuesday said they uncovered a warren of dozens of reptiles and amphibians crammed into a small central Tel Aviv apartment, as part of a worldwide crackdown on animals being sold on the exotic pet black market.

Among the reptiles found were some that posed a serious danger to the local ecology and even to people, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority said in a statement Wednesday.

Police detained a Tel Aviv resident, 30, on suspicion of holding and trading without a permit in species that are illegal for private collection. The animals were estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of shekels.

The reptiles, which were apparently smuggled into the country, were recovered in June by INPA officials in cooperation with the Border Police as part of a worldwide Interpol operation dubbed “Thunderball” carried out last month.

“We reiterate that all reptiles and wild animals are protected wildlife, whether native or non-Israeli species,” the INPA said. “The holding and trade in them must be done under a permit from the Nature and Parks Authority.”

Along with dozens of aquariums and cases to store the reptiles, the apartment also had equipment for breeding worms and insects for use as food for the illegal collection.

Among the reptiles was the common snapping turtle, which the INPA warned could be dangerous to people and the local ecology. The turtles have “terrifying jaws and among the strongest bites in nature, which can even break and cut off human fingers,” the INPA said.

The stockpile also included poison dart frogs, which excrete strong toxins from their skin, and leaf-tailed geckos smuggled in from Madagascar.

“It is important to emphasize that bringing these species to Israel endangers nature twice — firstly by harming and removing rare species, some of them endangered, from their source countries and the secondly by [possibly] introducing these species to the local nature of the country,” said Yatir Shamir, head of INPA’s Wildlife Protection Department.

Operation Thunderball was carried out during June with the participation of enforcement authorities in 100 countries.

According to the INPA statement, more than 500 suspects were arrested worldwide during the operation. which netted thousands of illegally held animals including 23 monkeys and 30 large cats (e.g., tigers) as well as 440 pieces of elephant tusk and an additional 545 kilograms of ivory.

Sue Surkes contributed to this report.

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/police-find-dozens-of-exotic-reptiles-in-raid-on-tel-aviv-apartment/

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US Jewish paper retains editor who calls Africans ‘primitive,’ gay rights ‘evil’

NEW YORK (JTA) — The chief editor of The Jewish Press, an Orthodox newspaper, has repeatedly used his Twitter account to make racial comments and excoriate the gay rights movement for glorifying what he calls sinful behavior.

Elliot Resnick’s comments were the focus Saturday of a piece published on Medium by Chaim Levin, an advocate for LGBTQ acceptance in the Orthodox community. Resnick has in social media posts over the last year called African religions “primitive” and the gay rights movement “evil.” He also questioned the existence of white supremacists and asked how an adult having sexual relations with a teenager constitutes assault.

“If blacks resent America’s (sic) so much, let them discard Christianity (which the ‘white man’ gave them) and re-embrace the primitive religions they practiced in Africa,” Resnick wrote last month.

“Can someone give me a coherent reason why blackface is racist?” he asked in a tweet in February.

In another tweet, the context of which is unclear, Resnick asked: “How is it assault to commit a consensual immoral act with a 17-year-old? The notion that a 17-year-old in this century is an innocent child is laughable.”

The Jewish Press’ publisher told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that its editor’s tweets were “unacceptable.”

Resnick defended his tweets in an email to JTA on Monday.

“Calling my tweets ‘vile’ is a smear tactic designed to avoid addressing my Facebook post on the Torah’s views on homosexuality,” he wrote. “Chaim Levin is a radical activist determined to push immoral beliefs down the throats of society and will trample on anyone who stands in his way.”

On July 11 Resnick wrote a Facebook post on gay activists. It was subsequently removed by Facebook for violating its “Community Standards against hate speech.”

When asked about his comment on African religions, Resnick said, “According to the Torah, the closer a religion is to pure monotheism, the more advanced it is.”

He defended his tweet about relations between an adult and a minor by writing, “A 17-year-old is an adult according to the Torah.”

The Jewish Press describes itself as “the largest independent weekly Jewish newspaper in the United States.” It has a print and online circulation of 95,000, according to its publisher, Naomi Mauer.

The Brooklyn-based paper describes itself as championing “Torah values and ideals from a centrist or Modern Orthodox perspective.” The Jewish Press was previously a JTA client although it ended its subscription in December 2014.

Mauer said that Resnick, who has been serving as chief editor since early 2018, had written the posts in his personal capacity and that they did not represent the views of the publication.

“I’m sorry for these tweets, but there is such a thing as freedom of speech and freedom of him to express it,” Mauer told JTA on Monday. “And it’s not done as the chief editor of The Jewish Press and The Jewish Press does not carry that viewpoint.”

Mauer said she told Resnick that the tweets were “unacceptable,” and he in turn said he would no longer share such posts. The paper is not taking any further action, Mauer said.

Levin, the activist, and Resnick have history. Levin said the two first met when he was a camper and Resnick was a counselor at Camp Gan Israel, a summer camp affiliated with the Chabad Lubavitch movement in Parksville, New York.

Years later, Resnick found out about Levin’s sexuality and wrote an article in The Jewish Press in 2011 attacking him for speaking about his sexuality in a video.

Resnick’s article did not mention Levin by name but the following year Levin penned a response in The Press in which he acknowledged that the article had been about him.

Levin told JTA that he has been aware of Resnick’s social media posts for years but that he was moved to take action after The Jewish Press published an article last week which criticized participants in New York’s Gay Pride parade, saying people who engage in homosexual relations are giving into their desires like animals.

“He’s not a random person on Twitter, he’s the chief editor of a very big newspaper, a newspaper that’s in my parents house every weekend without exception,” Levin said. “I think it matters and I think the world should at least be aware that these are statements he is making.”

Source Article from https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-jewish-paper-retains-editor-who-calls-africans-primitive-gay-rights-evil/

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Trump has shown himself the master at redefining problems to seem like solutions, a skill

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Venezuela’s opposition leader Guaido losing popular support

Jesus Silva

Press TV, Caracas

The popularity of Venezuelan opposition figure, Juan Guaido, appears to be dropping. A number of factors have been cited for the decline of the man who once appeared on the stage with plenty of promise. Some say Guaido’s dependence on the United States government has undermined his support back home. Others claim his repeated promises of toppling the government have damaged his reputation.

From Caracas, Press TV’s Jesus Silva tells us more. 

Source Article from http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2019/07/17/601174/Venezuelas-opposition-leader-Guaido-losing-popular-support

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Iran, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan sign up to cooperate in IT

Ghanbar Naderi

Press TV, Tehran

IT ministers from Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran have agreed to launch a new joint initiative for public and private companies working in the information technologies sector. As our correspondent reports, the neighboring countries have also agreed to cooperate in Artificial Intelligence.

Source Article from http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2019/07/17/601173/Iran-Russia-Turkey-Azerbaijan-sign-up-to-cooperate-in-IT

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Twelve Israelis arrested in Cyprus on suspicion of gang raping tourist

Cypriot authorities have arrested a group of 12 Israelis on suspicion of gang raping a 19-year-old female tourist in the country’s Mediterranean resort town of Ayia Napa.

The English-language daily newspaper Cyprus Mail reported on Wednesday that the Israeli citizens raped the woman in the hotel, where she has been staying during her visit.

The report added the woman, whose identity and nationality was not immediately available, has yet to undergo a forensic investigation. Cypriot officials are working to investigate the suspects.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed that it was aware of the suspects’ arrests. 

“The Israeli consul in Nicosia, Yossef Wurmbrand, is following the situation and is in contact with those who have been detained. Their families have been notified,” a statement by the ministry read.

Late last year, Colombian police detained six Israelis accused of running a sex ring that exploited underage girls and forced them to have sex with Israeli tourists in the Latin American country. 

Following a two-year investigation, Colombian security police managed to break up “an Israeli mafia that exploited and used girls, adolescents and women as sex slaves in Colombia,” said Prosecutor General Nestor Humberto Martinez in a press conference on December 9, 2018, adding that two Colombian nationals were also nabbed in the sweep.

The chief prosecutor further said that the “mafia” had been selling tour packages to Israeli settlers with a destination to several cities in Colombia, but in reality they had been used as a front for sex services with minor females.

Among the detainees was alleged ringleader Mor Zohar as well as an unnamed Colombian police officer, who is accused of helping protect the criminal gang.

Martinez added that arrest warrants had been issued for eight other Israelis accused of the same crimes in the case.  

According to a statement by the office of the attorney general of Colombia, all the arrested Israelis had Interpol Red Notices, the closest thing to an international arrest warrant. It added that the whole criminal network was allegedly led by Benyamin Mush, who has traveled in and out of Colombia and Central American countries.

Officials confiscated assets belonging to the suspects worth $45 million. The testimony obtained from the victims revealed that the girls received between $65 and $126, and were forced to join a WhatsApp group code-named after the Jewish holiday Purim.

According to Colombian authorities, Israeli tourists would stay at hotels and take yacht trips and go to drug and alcohol-fueled private parties where women and minor females were offered as “sex slaves.”

Source Article from http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2019/07/17/601172/Over-Israelis-arrested-in-Cyprus-on-suspicion-of-gang-raping-tourist

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South Koreans hit Japan’s PM with kimchi during rally in Seoul

South Korean protesters have staged rallies in the capital Seoul against Japan amid a trade dispute between the two countries.

Protesters gathered in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul on Wednesday and hit a man wearing a mask resembling Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with kimchi, a traditional food made of cabbage.

They also cut Japanese dolls to support the call for a boycott of Japanese goods.

Another civic group held a rally and described the export curbs as an additional attack from Japan, saying Tokyo is already “a war criminal and a perpetrator to South Korea”.

Japan has tightened restrictions on the export of three materials vital to South Korea’s all-important tech industry, citing “inadequate management” of sensitive items exported to the country.

Japan’s move came after a South Korean court ordered a Japanese company to compensate Koreans forced to work in factories and mines during the Japan’s 1910-45 colonial period.

S. Korea warns of global repercussions of Japan measures

Also on Wednesday, a South Korean government source warned that the export curbs will adversely affect global technology companies and harm the operations of tech giant Samsung in the American city of Austin.

If Japan goes so far as to remove South Korea from its “white list” of countries with minimum trade restrictions, it would cause a “tremendous amount of problems,” the source told reporters in Seoul on condition of anonymity.

The source noted that Japan’s measures are inconsistent with World Trade Organization principles, but expressed his country’s keenness to resolve the row through dialogue.

Source Article from http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2019/07/17/601170/South-Koreans-hit-Abe-kimchi

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Japan and South Korea have failed to mend a dispute that could threaten global
youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from https://www.globalresearch.ca/russian-pakistani-strategic-partnership-entered-new-phase/5683084

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Iran’s FM: US must end arms sales to Saddam’s reincarnations

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US must end its arms sales to despotic regimes in the region instead of complaining about Tehran’s development of its defense capabilities in the face of threats.  

In a post on his official Twitter page on Wednesday, Zarif said Iran has no option but to rely on its domestic capabilities to promote its defense capabilities as it did during Iraq’s imposed war against the country in 1980s, during which countries did not sell Iran any means of defense but rather equipped the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with bombs and missiles to hit the Islamic Republic.

“For 8 YEARS, Saddam showered our cities with missiles & bombs provided by East & West. Meanwhile, NO ONE sold Iran any means of defense. We had no choice but building our own,” said the tweet.  

“Now they complain. Instead of skirting the issue, US must end arms sales to Saddam’s reincarnations,” it added.

Zarif attached pictures to his tweet, showing the bombing of the Iranian city of Khorramshahr during the Iraqi war on Iran, US-made bombs used by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and Palestinians injured by Israeli forces in Gaza to remind about the US‘s arms support for its allies in the region.   

This came after the Associated Press misconstrued Zarif’s comments about the US arms sales to regional countries during his interview with NBC News.

Speaking to NBC News on Monday, Zarif had condemned the United States’ arms sales to regional countries, saying the sales had made “our region ready to explode.” “So if they (the US) want to talk about our missiles, they need first to stop selling all these weapons, including missiles, to our region,” he added.

The Associated Press published a report, including in the title “Zarif Raises Idea of Talks (about Iran’s missile program).”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also reacted to Zarif’s comment, claiming that “for the first time, the Iranians have said that they are prepared to negotiate about their missile program.” 

Iran reacted to the distortion of Zarif’s remarks, with a spokesman for Iran’s mission to the United Nations, Ali-Reza Mir-Yousefi, tweeting “Iran’s missiles and its missiles are absolutely and under no condition negotiable with anyone or any country, period.”

Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani’s chief of staff also asserted on Wednesday that Iran’s defensive power is non-negotiable.

“The country’s defensive might is a redline. We will not be holding negotiations in this area under any circumstances, and have said so on repeated occasions,” Mahmoud Va’ezi said.

Iranian officials have repeatedly underlined that the country’s military equipment are merely deterrent and the projectiles are not designed to carry nuclear warheads.

Iran also says that its conventional missile program is t up for negotiations.

Source Article from http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2019/07/17/601167/Iran-Zarif-missile-program-US-negotiations-arms-sales-

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Reuters: Mainsteam Republicans Love Trumps Racism…like people who live here don’t know that

The national survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday after Trump told the lawmakers they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” showed his net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points to 72%, compared with a similar poll that ran last week.

Trump, who is seeking re-election next year, has lost support, however, with Democrats and independents since the Sunday tweetstorm.

Among independents, about three out of 10 said they approved of Trump, down from four out of 10 a week ago. His net approval – the percentage who approve minus the percentage who disapprove – dropped by 2 points among Democrats in the poll.

Trump’s overall approval remained unchanged over the past week. According to the poll, 41% of the U.S. public said they approved of his performance in office, while 55% disapproved.

The results showed strong Republican backing for Trump as the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives passed a symbolic resolution on Tuesday, largely along party lines, to condemn him for “racist comments” against the four Democratic lawmakers.

All four U.S. representatives – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan – are U.S. citizens. Three were born in the United States.

read more at Reuters



Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/17/reuters-mainsteam-republicans-love-trumps-racism-like-people-who-live-here-dont-know-that/

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Spying for Israel is consequence free

by Phil Giraldi, …with The Unz Review

[ Editor’s Note: Phil Giraldi is a bitter man, like the rest of us are, over how openly Israeli espionage had been practiced against America with the full cooperation of our political systems, and usually most of our intelligence and security agencies.

Phil Giraldi

The key to doing this was to avoid public outrage by making sure the public was never aware of the scale. But  the Israel spy machine decided to rub it in our faces, with one of Israel’s most famous spies, Arnon Milchan, going public to build up his street cred that could not only could he do it, but could admit it and nothing would be done.

The story has been around for years, and VT has carried it; but Phil’s presentation here is the most complete I have seen, plus he updates it to include Milchan’s involvement in the Bibi Netanyahu current bribery scandal.

The public has never laid a glove on our political establishment over this disgrace. Pro-Israel Congressmen never have sit-ins at their offices by protesters demanding investigations and punishment for all those engaged in treason, as Israeli spies often use American Jews in their work.

The few who do protest are treated by the establishment as just being silly, immature. So parents will continue to teach their children to honor their country and those who serve; and 95% will edit out any filling them in on how some Americans are more special than others, and who can get away with things the rest of us can’t.

Milchan came to America and milked it for everything that it was worth. He is not the only Israeli spy who has done this on varying scales, where at the end of every day of their lives, it is Israel first and America down the line. And one of their reasons to justify it would be Americans being so stupid that they deserve to be takenJim W. Dean ]

Jim’s Editor’s Notes are solely crowdfunded via PayPal
Jim’s work includes research, field trips, Heritage TV Legacy archiving & more. Thanks for helping. Click to donate >>

Even Hillary and an ex-CIA director, James Woolsey, backed letting Pollard go.

– First published … July 7, 2019

Back in the spring, I wrote about coming across the name Arnon Milchan by chance on a movie credit while flying from Venice to Washington. Milchan, some might recall, is a Hollywood billionaire movie producer born in Israel, well known for such films as Pretty Woman and Bohemian Rhapsody.

He is less well known for his role in arranging for the procurement and illegal transfer of U.S. technology that enabled the Jewish state to develop its own nuclear arsenal.

Far from being ashamed of his betrayal of the adopted country that helped make him rich and famous, in 2011 he authorized and contributed to a ghost-written biography, which he boastfully entitled “Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon.” Parts of the book were in the first person, with Milchan telling his story in his own words.

I had been aware of Milchan’s crimes for a number of years, just as I had also speculated on how a leading Israeli spy working actively and successfully against vital U.S. anti-nuclear proliferation interests had managed to continue to maintain a home and business in Los Angeles while also appearing regularly at the Oscar presentation ceremonies.

I asked “Why is this scumbag still making movies in Hollywood? Why isn’t he in jail?” before concluding that the federal government clearly regards spying for Israel as a victimless crime, rarely arresting anyone and almost never prosecuting any of the numerous easily identifiable Israeli intelligence agents roaming the country.

Milchan was an active Israeli spy in the U.S., working for the Mossad technology theft division referred to as LEKEM. The Mossad frequently uses so-called sayanim in its espionage, which means diaspora Jews that it recruits on the basis of a shared religion or concern for the security of Israel.

The threat coming from Israeli Embassy operatives inside the United States is such that the Department of Defense once warned that Jewish Americans in government would likely be the targets of their intelligence approaches.

President John F. Kennedy had tried to stop the Israeli nuclear weapons program but was assassinated before he could end it. By 1965, the Jewish state had nevertheless obtained the raw material for a bomb consisting of U.S. government owned highly enriched weapons grade uranium obtained from a company in Pennsylvania called NUMEC, which was founded in 1956 and owned by Zalman Mordecai Shapiro, head of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Zionist Organization of America.

NUMEC was a supplier of enriched uranium for government projects but it was also from the start a front for the Israeli nuclear program, with its chief funder David Lowenthal, a leading Zionist, traveling to Israel at least once a month where he would meet with an old friend Meir Amit, who headed Israeli intelligence.

With the uranium in hand, the stealing of the advanced technology needed to make a nuclear weapon is where Milchan comes into the story. Arnon Milchan was born in Israel but moved to the United States as a young man and eventually wound up as the founder-owner of a major movie production company, New Regency Films.

In a November 25, 2013 interview on Israeli television Milchan admitted that he had spent his many years in Hollywood as an agent for Israeli intelligence, helping obtain embargoed technologies and materials that enabled Israel to develop a nuclear weapon.

Milchan, who clearly still has significant business interests in this country as evidenced by Bohemian Rhapsody, explained in his interview that “I did it for my country and I’m proud of it.” He also said that “other big Hollywood names were connected to [his] covert affairs.”

It is, to be sure, astonishing that Milchan should admit to his crimes at a time when he was still traveling regularly to the U.S. and residing in California, but his belief in his own invulnerability stems from the fact that the federal government failed to act against him during the fifty years when he was mostly resident in the United States even though it knew about his spying activity.

Among other successes, Milchan obtained through his company Heli Trading 800 krytons, the sophisticated triggers for nuclear weapons. The devices were acquired from the California top secret defense contractor MILCO International. Milchan personally recruited MILCO’s president Richard Kelly Smyth as an agent before turning him over to another Heli Trading employee Benjamin Netanyahu for handling.

Smyth was eventually arrested in 1985 and cooperated in his interrogation by the FBI before being sentenced to prison, which means that the Federal government knew all about both Milchan and Netanyahu at that time but did not even seek to interview them and ultimately did nothing.

So Milchan was an Israeli spy who got away with it and is still making money off of the country that he victimized. End of story, or is it? The Israeli liberal leaning newspaper Haaretz has recently featured an expose of his involvement in high level political corruption as well as in nuclear proliferation involving South Africa when that country was under sanctions. 

Haaretz observes how “…the [Israel]-born [Hollywood] mogul made his real money elsewhere: in deals for arms including planes, missiles and gear for making nuclear bombs in which Israel, and later other countries, were parties. To make films there’s no need for crony capitalism, but to succeed in the arms business, government connections are obligatory.”

Milchan has been involved in a bit of controversy in Israel itself, where the police have recommended that he be charged with bribery connected with the ongoing investigation of corruption by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Milchan, it seems, spent one million shekels ($250,000) on luxury items that he gave to Bibi as a reported quid pro quo to exempt his substantial U.S. derived income from taxes when he returned to Israel to live in 2013-4.

Demonstrating that Milchan’s corruption was international, the police investigation determined that in 2014 Netanyahu approached then U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to intervene and arrange for a long-term American visa for Milchan, who was at the time dealing with problems relating to his U.S. residency status.

Milchan reportedly made the arrangement by going directly to Netanyahu’s home with the customary boxes of expensive cigars and cases of champagne and waited for the prime minister to come home.

When Netanyahu arrived, Milchan demanded that Bibi immediately contact Kerry to arrange a new visa. And Netanyahu did just that, picking up the phone and dialing. In the event, the visa was granted and Milchan continued to make more movies, and money, in Los Angeles.

Netanyahu’s corruption has been widely reported but he is only the latest Israeli leader manipulated by the Hollywood billionaire. Milchan also “befriended” Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres, as well as top defense officials and foreign leaders from South Africa and Canada.

Milchan dazzled the politicians with wining and dining as well as with lavish gifts and he introduced the Israelis to other Jewish Hollywood executives, including Disney President Michael Eisner and the cofounder of DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Peres claims that he personally recruited Milchan as a spy and, from the age of 21, Milchan used a family chemical business as cover to engage in arms and technology sales. He was from the beginning involved in clandestine purchases in support of Israel’s nuclear program.

Milchan also became a buyer for weapons in cases where the Israeli government did not want to have the purchases attributed to it. In all cases, Milchan took a commission on the sales, hence the claim that his Hollywood fortune constituted only a small part of his wealth. He sometimes found himself buying U.S. made weapons using Israeli government money that had come from U.S. taxpayer provided military assistance, taking his 10% along the way.

Starting in the 1970s, Israel, operating covertly through Milchan, sold South Africa embargoed weapons systems, receiving both money and uranium in return. South Africa knew how to return a favor, allowing Israel in September 1979 to conduct a nuclear test on an island administered by Pretoria in the Indian Ocean.

The Haaretz article condemns Arnon Milchan for his corruption of Israel’s politicians, which is fair enough as that is what one might expect. But there is also the United States side of the story. Insofar as can be determined, Milchan still has his active U.S. visa, a house in Los Angeles and he may even travel to his office in Hollywood on occasion.

He is at a minimum guilty of violation of the Espionage Act, a law which, one might note, has been used against Julian Assange, who may not have ever colluded to steal American secrets but is being railroaded for political reasons.

Milchan, by way of comparison with Assange, is being protected by the usual Israel-first thinking within America’s establishment. No effort has ever been made either to indict or arrest him by a series of pusillanimous presidents who clearly are afraid to touch a prominent and connected Israeli billionaire who, as a spy, inflicted serious damage on the United States.

In March 2015, Milchan was an invited VIP guest on Capitol Hill to witness the notorious speech made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before a joint session in Congress. Not one congressman objected and it would be interesting to learn which corrupt congress-critter sponsored the Israeli spy.

To my regret, there was no U.S. Marshall or FBI agent at the door waiting to arrest Milchan on the way out.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is councilforthenationalinterest.org, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected]

Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/17/spying-for-israel-is-consequence-free/

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Belgium: Storage of US Nukes Stirs Political Frenzy

Belgian opposition politicians on Tuesday demanded answers from the government after a document published online inadvertently drew attention to US nuclear weapons deployed in the country.

A draft report for the NATO parliamentary assembly’s defense and security committee seen by AFP gave details of six air bases in Europe and Turkey where it said the US stores 150 nuclear weapons, specifically B-61 gravity bombs.

The news comes amid fears of a new nuclear arms race in Europe, as a landmark Cold War treaty between Moscow and Washington is on the brink of collapse.

Green lawmaker Samuel Cogolati said the report confirmed the “open secret” that US nuclear weapons were stationed at the Kleine-Brogel air base in northern Belgium.

“We demand a fully transparent debate — we must stop this lying and put an end to this hypocrisy,” he told AFP.

A section of the draft report by Canadian senator Joseph Day, refers to a total of “approximately 150 nuclear weapons” stored at Kleine-Brogel, Buechel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi-Torre in Italy, Volkel in the Netherlands and Incirlik in Turkey.

The report, titled “A New Era for Nuclear Deterrence? Modernisation, Arms Control, and Allied Nuclear Forces” was written in April and then amended last week to remove the detailed references to the air bases.

The information appears to come from an annual paper on US nuclear forces in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which gives details of the reported locations of all American nuclear warheads.

The United States is one of three atomic powers in NATO, along with Britain and France, and although the nuclear threat is a key part of its deterrence strategy, the alliance routinely refuses to discuss it in detail.

The alliance distanced itself from the report, with an official stressing that it was “not an official NATO document”.

An official said the alliance would not comment on nuclear matters.

“The document quoted is a draft report by parliamentarians of NATO countries, who come together under the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.”

A spokesman for Belgian Defense Minister Didier Reynders refused to comment.

In the late 1980’s, a Belgian minister acknowledged the presence of US nuclear weapons at Kleine-Brogel, which lies some 90 km (55 miles) northwest of Brussels, near the Dutch border.

But no details have been given before of the number of warheads or how they could be used.

The report says the B-61 bombs can be carried by “both US and Allied dual-capable aircraft”, though they can only be used with the authority of the US president.

Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/16/belgium-storage-of-us-nukes-stirs-political-frenzy/

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House Censures Trump for Racism

Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/16/house-censures-trump-for-racism/

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Epstein Continued Child Rapes While “Jailed” in Florida…allowed by Judge to Fly to His Private Island

Editor’s note:  A Palm Beach judge allowed Epstein to fly to his New York brownstone, where we know  his sex crimes continued and then off to his private island…all unsupervised while supposedly serving a sentence for child rape.

And it gets worse, so much worse for the man who introduced the former Slovenian model, now first lady, New York big mouth and scam artist Donald Trump, who stands accused of child rape as well….

Daily Beast: An attorney representing Jeffrey Epstein accusers said Tuesday that at least one woman has come forward to say she was abused while the financier was on work release as part of his lenient 2007 plea deal.

Lawyer Brad Edwards said Epstein was allowed to have visitors while he was supposed to be working during the 13-month sentence.

“It was not for some business arrangement and it was for… improper sexual contact,” Edwards said, adding that the new accusers said they were under 21, though they may not have been minors.

“He just wasn’t in jail. He only slept there. He was in his office most of the day and what I can tell you he had visitors, female visitors,” Edwards said.

“All I can say is more than one person that visited him,” Edwards said, declining to provide more details because of ongoing litigation. “They believed they were going there for something other than a sexual purpose.

more at the Daily Beast: https://www.thedailybeast.com/jeffrey-epstein-abused-victims-while-serving-time-in-florida-lawyer-brad-edwards-says?ref=home

and from the Palm Beach Post:

“Instead of walking directly to and from work, Epstein was simply taking a stroll, which violated the terms of his house arrest, police claimed. Probation officials dismissed the complaint after Epstein insisted he had been taking a circuitous route to work.

Probation officials were equally unfazed when they knocked on the door of his mansion, no one answered and the officer saw Epstein’s car drive off. When the officer returned later, Epstein appeared at the door. Since the officer said he couldn’t confirm Epstein was driving the car, he concluded no violation occurred, reports show.

He was allowed to fly to his private U.S. Virgin Islands estate

But, Epstein was often not home. He regularly got permission to fly to New York, Boston and Miami. He flew back and forth between Little James Island, his private estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath, who approved the travel, said Epstein couldn’t be gone more than one night, couldn’t travel on weekends and his trips had to be for business or legal matters. He also had to alert his probation officers 48 hours in advance.

However, Epstein didn’t have to report where he went or who he met with.

Source Article from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/16/epstein-continued-child-rapes-while-jailed-in-florida-and-fly-to-his-private-island/

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Israeli settlements are a regular destination on Birthright trips

For years, Birthright has been taking participants into the occupied territories, usually without their knowledge or consent. ‘At the end of the day, we Israelis always have been less than truthful about where those lines and boundaries are for tourists,’ one former tour operator says.

A group of Birthright visitors lining up at the shore to race into the Dead Sea on July 10, 2015. The northern Dead Sea, including Kibbutz Kalia and Kibbutz Almog, are fully in the occupied West Bank. (Matt Hechter/Flash90)

Illustrative photo of Birthright visitors lining up to race into the Dead Sea on July 10, 2015. The northern Dead Sea, including Kibbutz Kalia and Kibbutz Almog, are fully in the occupied West Bank. (Matt Hechter/Flash90)

Before Zachary Popkin-Hall embarked on his Birthright Israel trip in December 2016, he went over the itinerary and Googled the locations he would be staying in. He noticed that one spot was not in Israel at all, but in the occupied West Bank: Kibbutz Almog. Because of its proximity to both Jerusalem and the northern edge of the Dead Sea – a staple destination of every Birthright trip – it is convenient for tour groups to stay in the guesthouse in Kibbutz Almog, an Israeli settlement established in 1977.

Popkin-Hall mentioned this to a few participants before they arrived, and word spread fast. “Once some people figured out where we were, they were uncomfortable about it,” said Popkin-Hall, adding, “I was uncomfortable because it had not been explicitly stated.” From what he remembers, someone approached one of the tour guides, who brushed it off as no big deal. Popkin-Hall, who was on a culinary-oriented trip run by Birthright tour operator Israel Experts, said he does not remember if any of the staff confirmed that the group was in fact residing for two nights in a settlement in the West Bank.

While rarely spoken about openly or reported on, Birthright – a nonprofit that provides free trips for Jews to Israel in an attempt to foster Jewish identity and a connection to Israel – has been taking participants over the Green Line (Israel’s pre-1967 borders) for years. Whether driving through or staying the night, these trips quietly normalize travel to the occupied territories and the Israeli settlements in them. Trip operators often do so without the participants’ knowledge or consent. The impression from the dozen participants I interviewed – all Jewish Americans, some reached by social media – is that what bothers them most is that they were not informed of their whereabouts at the time, and thus had no say in the matter.

Canada Israel Experience, which operates Birthright tours for Canadian participants, specifies on its website that it does not enter the West Bank, but an itinerary seen by +972 Magazine shows a stay at Kibbutz Kalia, a West Bank settlement near the northern shore of the Dead Sea, not far from Almog.

A number of Birthright participants have staged high-profile public walk-offs over the past year, many as part of IfNotNow’s “Not Just a Free Trip” campaign, protesting what they described as a skewed perspective of Israel’s occupation and erasure of Palestinians. Many progressive American Jews avoid traveling to the occupied territories, as a way of protesting Israel’s military rule and settlement project there.

Jewish American Birthright participants who walked off the tour to learn about the occupation with left-wing Israeli groups, take part in a Breaking the Silence tour of occupied Hebron, July 16, 2018. (Mairav Zonszein)

Jewish American Birthright participants who walked off the tour to learn about the occupation with left-wing Israeli groups, take part in a Breaking the Silence tour of occupied Hebron, July 16, 2018. (Mairav Zonszein)

Listed as in “the Jerusalem area” on one of the itineraries seen by +972, Kibbutz Almog is a 30-minute drive east of Jerusalem, past the Green Line, near the Dead Sea in the Jordan Valley. Most Israelis, and certainly the Israeli government and its tourism industry, consider the Jordan Valley part of Israel, even though it is territory Israel occupied in 1967. Netanyahu said in 2017 that the Jordan Valley will always remain part of Israel and just last month, while touring the area with President Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, Netanyahu reiterated that Israel will continue occupying the area.

Rae Axner also stayed in Kibbutz Almog for two nights on her Birthright trip in January 2012, operated by Shorashim/Jewish National Fund. Axner told +972 Magazine she had no idea she had been in the West Bank until after the fact. “After the trip, one of my friends from the trip looked up where we were on Google Maps and realized that it was in the West Bank. There wasn’t any communication during the trip or with the trip staff about it. They acted as though we were in Israel the whole time.”

Mayanot, another tour operator, also regularly takes groups to stay in both Almog and Kalia, as evident from the hotels listed on its website. Mayanot makes a point of specifying that “Our trips do not travel to or through Gaza, or East Jerusalem, other than the Jewish Quarter of the Old City,” but makes no mention of the West Bank.

Allie Levin has staffed two Birthrights trips with Israel Experts, and on both trips, she stayed in Kibbutz Kalia. According to Levin, she did not realize Kalia was in the West Bank until the second time she was there, in February 2018. The group was getting ready for a discussion ahead of a visit the next day to Yad Vashem when some of the participants on the trip approached her about a “rumor” that they were in the West Bank.

“Participants came up to me and asked, is this true? And I said ‘what?!’” They then confirmed it on their phones. “More than a few participants were visibly uncomfortable, occupying space in occupied territory, not having the option to remove themselves. When the tour guide opened the floor to thoughts, about half of our group spoke up about their discomfort.”

Levin said the tour guide confirmed that they were technically in the West Bank but then tried to “normalize it,” explaining that Highway 90, a main thoroughfare that bisects Israel north to south, crosses in and out of the West Bank many times, and that avoiding driving through the West Bank “would be too inconvenient.” While Highway 90 does go from southern to northern Israel, over 100 kilometers (60 miles) of it are entirely in the West Bank.

It appears Almog and Kalia are the primary spots in the West Bank that Birthright trips regularly visit. One exception is a trip run by another tour operator, Sachlav, which has taken its participants to Alon, a settlement between Jerusalem and Almog.

According to Roi Bachmutsky, he had Shabbat dinner in Alon on his Birthright trip in the summer 2011, at the home of Sachlav’s founder and CEO. He said he does not recall there being any discussion of where they were. “It was assumed to be kosher, as we were at the CEO’s house ‘in Israel’ – nobody knew any better.”

Joe Perlov, who founded the Israel-based tour company Israel Experts and served as its CEO between 1999-2016, told +972 Magazine that he’s spent over “100 nights” in Kalia and Almog as part of his work on Birthright trips. “They are in the Israeli consensus,” he said. “It is common knowledge in Israel’s tourism industry that crossing the line is not a question of where the line really is but where it is perceived.”

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a Birthright event held at the International Conference Center in Jerusalem, on December 24, 2017. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a Birthright event held at the International Conference Center in Jerusalem, on December 24, 2017. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Perlov said he doesn’t believe it is a vindictive Birthright policy, but that it is simply part of the Israeli narrative. “At the end of the day, we Israelis always have been less than truthful about where those lines and boundaries are for tourists.”

Perlov is referring to the fact that most Israelis take for granted that East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and some areas of the West Bank are part of Israel. After over half a century of control, most Israelis don’t know, or don’t care where the Green Line is, especially in East Jerusalem, which Israel de facto annexed a few weeks after the 1967 War. Almost all Birthright trips go to the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem, with no mention of their status as occupied territory.

Considering the nightly weather forecast on Israeli TV includes the large West Bank settlement Ariel, and the fact that Ben-Gurion Airport hands out tourist maps of Israel with no demarcation of the occupied West Bank, it is not surprising that Birthright trips – whose routes must all be authorized in real time by a “situation monitoring room” within the Education Ministry – follow the norm of creeping, de facto annexation that has taken hold in Israeli consciousness and practice.

That is why no one bats an eye that one of the most popular tourist spots in Israel – The City of David, where many Birthright trips go – is in fact not in Israel but in occupied East Jerusalem, in a Palestinian neighborhood that suffers from discrimination, neglect, home demolitions, and displacement that are sustained by military violence.

+972 Magazine reached out to six separate tour operators that take Birthright trips to these Israeli settlements near the Dead Sea: Israel Experts, Israel Free Spirit, Mayanot, Shorashim, Canada Israel Experience, and Sachlav. Five replied that they are not authorized to speak to the press, referring our questions to Birthright. Sachlav’s director declined to comment.

Birthright outsources its media requests to a PR firm called Goldin Solutions. In its response to +972 Magazine’s single question – What is Birthright’s policy on taking participants to Israeli settlements in the West Bank? – it did not provide an answer. Instead, it boasted that since 1999, Birthright has brought 700,000 participants on a “holistic 10-day educational trip to strengthen Jewish identity and foster a love for the land,” and “[f]or those young Jewish men and women who want to focus most of their attention on the conflict, there are trips which may be well-suited to their interests either after or in lieu of a Birthright Israel trip.”

Due to an editing error, a previous version of this article stated that dozens of Birthright participants have staged walkoffs over the past year. While the phenomenon is highly documented and was widespread, there is no reliable number available for how many participants walked off. The article currently states that ‘a number’ of participants have staged walkouts.

Source Article from https://972mag.com/israeli-settlements-birthright/142350/

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Dunce’s cap for Russiagate coverage should go to CNN (by George Galloway)

The small consolation is that its ratings have plummeted in direct proportion to its fake news agenda. Unless trapped in a hotel room in Ulan Bator and having already read the Gideon’s Bible, nobody in their right mind goes looking for CNN.

However, other media do, of course, amplify their prevailing narrative. This is that the Democratic Party didn’t lose because they chose the only person in America who could possibly lose to Donald Trump, but because a bearded man with snow on his boots smelling of vodka and speaking with a thick Russian accent fooled everyone into voting for the GOP. And where no such man can be identified, then a Western cipher can be demonized as his proxy.

Also on rt.com
How Assange & RT meddled in 2016, according to CNN’s ‘possibilities,’ innuendo & lies

So unhinged has CNN – the last hold-out of the Russiagaters – become that they have now piled new levels of ordure on the political prisoner Julian Assange in a much touted “Special,” heaping speculation upon speculation on what they hope is the coffin of a man they once lionized.

Because, dear readers, in a now-forgotten coincidence, it was CNN that in a way brought Julian Assange into the public limelight. They interviewed him a number of times, including once in 2010, when they sent their team to showcase the then-pale-blonde ascetic wonderkid of the whistleblowing business. That was way before RT had aired Assange’s show ‘The World Tomorrow’ – because that suited CNN’s agenda then, in the way that burying him does now.

Full disclosure: Julian Assange is a friend of mine and so opportunists seeking his crucifixion to serve an anti-Trump agenda cut no ice with me. Furthermore, I work for RT, and know personally the fine broadcasting professionals traduced in a disgraceful way by the CNN “Special.”

Julian Assange was hiding in plain sight by having his own show on RT. That’s how espionage works nowadays in the fevered minds of CNN. And he appeared on news shows throughout the world – any one of which could have “passed him a USB drive” when they went into the Ecuador Embassy to film him. He even appeared on my show on TalkRadio, whose proprietor could of course be a (deep) undercover Russian agent.

The fatal flaw in all of this, of course, is that the DNC computers were never hacked in the first place, not by a “master-hacker” or even a schoolboy in his bedroom. That’s why their servers were never examined by the FBI, Mueller or anybody else wearing any kind of official badge.

The scandalous behavior – including CNN’s own (now Fox) contributor Donna Brazile – through which the Democratic Party rigged their own Primary process to defeat Bernie Sanders and procure the coronation of the aforementioned Mrs Clinton was not hacked but leaked. Not by Russians but by Americans. Not by RT but by Democratic Party insiders, disgusted as they should have been at the shameless Tammany Hall shenanigans going on in their party. 

The real target of fading, failing, flailing CNN was not Julian Assange but Donald Trump. His administration is currently trying to incarcerate Assange in the gulags of the US injustice system for the crime of publishing the truth. That’s the real scandal.

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Source Article from https://www.rt.com/op-ed/464387-cnn-assange-meddling-election/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

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AOC is right: Puerto Rico is a US colony and should be independent

Granted, the New York congresswoman made the statement way back in the mists of time otherwise known as September 2018, and hasn’t circled back to it again. A lot of water has flowed down the Potomac since then.

That does not change the fact that the Caribbean island is a colony and that its people deserve the same kind of self-determination and democracy the US says it wants for the entire planet. May as well start right at home, no?

Also on rt.com
Puerto Rico is ‘still a US colony’ and deserves self-determination, says Ocasio-Cortez

Puerto Rico spent centuries as a Spanish colony, before it was taken by US troops in July 1898 and ceded by a treaty in 1899. Most other territories seized by the US in the course of the Spanish-American War, such as Cuba and the Philippines, have since become independent. Not so Puerto Rico, which remains an “unincorporated territory” of the US.

Puerto Ricans were given US citizenship in 1917 – right on time to be drafted into Woodrow Wilson’s war in Europe, the cynics said – but they can’t vote in presidential elections and are represented in Congress by a non-voting resident commissioner. If they live on the island, that is: at this point, more of them live on the US mainland (5.6 million) than in Puerto Rico itself (3.2 million). 

The UN Special Committee on Decolonization determined in 1978 that a “colonial relationship” existed between the US and Puerto Rico, and called on Washington to “expedite” self-determination for the island back in 2016. It is 2019 now, and the age of colonialism should be long over. What gives?

Also on rt.com
UK told to give back Chagos Islands in overwhelming UN vote

Back in September 2017, the island was struck by hurricanes Irma and Maria in quick succession, losing electricity. Officials said 64 people died, but later accepted a Harvard estimate of over 3,000 victims. Recovery was intensely politicized, with Democrats accusing President Donald Trump of “racism” for allegedly not doing enough to help the colony. San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz went so far as to accuse Trump of “genocide” during her metaphorical 15 minutes of fame as a fixture on cable news channels.  

It took almost a year to restore electricity to all residents of the island, which was probably not helped by the media outrage over the company contracted for the repairs being based in the hometown of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. The company left the island before doing any work.

This week, thousands of Puerto Ricans turned out to protest Governor Ricardo Rossello, citing disparaging remarks he allegedly made on Telegram about journalists and local officials during and after the hurricanes, and demanding his resignation. 

Last week, a mayor and two former government officials were arrested on charges of corruption and accused of embezzling $8 million in federal and local funds between 2013 and 2016. The island is also struggling with a $70 billion public debt incurred over the past several decades, and has been placed under a de facto trusteeship of a federal oversight committee. 

A Puerto Rican independence movement (FALN) in the 1970s resorted to over 70 terrorist attacks, of which the most prominent was the 1975 bombing of the Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan’s financial district. Four people were killed and more than 50 injured. Oscar Lopez Rivera, who was imprisoned for the attack in 1981, was released by President Barack Obama just before he left office in 2017.

Most Puerto Ricans these days seem to prefer becoming the 51st state. A 2012 referendum saw 54 percent favoring a change in status, with 61 percent of those wanting statehood and 33 percent preferring “free association” – basically, becoming a client state like Palau or the Marshall Islands. Congress decided to ignore it, because 500,000 blank ballots were cast. Another referendum in 2017 saw 97 percent vote in favor of statehood – but the turnout amounted to just 23 percent.

Also on rt.com
Puerto Rico considers legalizing marijuana and prostitution to jumpstart economy

There doesn’t seem to be any appetite in Washington for making Puerto Rico a state, however, on either side of the aisle. While most Republicans see it as giving Democrats more electoral votes, Democrats are more than happy to simply resettle Puerto Ricans on the mainland, as a voting bloc in swing states like Florida. Both amount to cynicism, frankly.

There is no denying that after 120 years of US rule, Puerto Rico is in bad shape. So why not do the right thing and grant the island full independence? As a bonus, AOC – that great visionary of our time – can then get a shot at implementing her Green New Deal and transforming the island into a socialist tropical paradise. It’s a win-win! 

By Nebojsa Malic

Nebojsa Malic is a Serbian-American journalist and political commentator, working at RT since 2015

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/op-ed/464337-puerto-rico-aoc-independence/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

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Europe needs to back Iran nuclear deal & stop kowtowing to US

Significantly, Iran’s position on resolving the impasse is supported by Russia and China. Their take is that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed four years ago this month by world powers, has been broken by President Trump’s bad-faith abrogation of the accord and his administration’s re-imposition of sanctions on Iran.

As China’s foreign ministry’s spokesperson noted this week, it is the US that broke it and it must fix it. 

The problem is the European Union says it supports the accord but has shown little “investment” by pushing ahead with sanctions relief for Iran, as stipulated by the treaty. The EU has set up a bartering mechanism, known as INSTEX, designed to circumvent US sanctions. But there is little sign that the EU’s mechanism is substantially working towards affording Iran the normalization of trading relations that it is entitled to.

Also on rt.com
Europeans talk big but ‘not ready’ to invest in saving nuclear deal – Iranian FM Zarif

When EU foreign ministers met earlier this week “to save the nuclear deal,” their response was more like sitting on the fence than giving the accord the full commitment they are obliged to give.

The ministers admitted Iran was not in significant breach of the JCPOA due to its recent moves to surpass limits on enrichment of uranium. The deal was “still alive”, they said. However, the onus was put on Iran to “go back to full compliance” by reversing steps to increase stockpiles of enriched uranium.

This European focus is misplaced and counterproductive. The EU should instead be calling out the Trump administration for its unilateral violation of the nuclear accord, an accord which was endorsed by the UN security council in 2015.

The continual claims made by Trump of “Iran secretly trying to build nuclear weapons” are worthless, unsubstantiated muck-raking. The relentless, hostile posturing by Washington towards Iran and the ramping up of military forces in the Gulf are nothing short of aggression which has led to the present precipice of war.

Rather than putting the responsibility on Iran to “comply” with the JCPOA, the EU should be denouncing Trump’s reckless policies and, secondly, living up to its side of the bargain to implement normal relations with Tehran.

Four years of Iran abiding by the JCPOA’s commitments to curb uranium enrichment, as verified by numerous UN inspections, have not produced any concrete sanctions relief from the EU. Indeed, several major initial investment plans by European businesses in Iran have been shelved as a result of threats from the Trump administration of “secondary sanctions.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif nailed it when he rebuked the EU for “paying lip service” to the nuclear deal but not investing in it through practical commitments.

Admittedly, the Europeans are in a bind from the fact that the US dollar is the principal currency for international commerce, as well as the dominance of Washington in controlling global financial transfers. Nevertheless, the EU’s half-hearted approach to the JCPOA is inexcusable. Their lame commitment is in contrast to that of Russia and China, which have both pushed ahead to normalize trade with Iran.

Something else is going on here. It is the EU’s cowardly deference to Washington’s bullying policies.

There is a close analogy to the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty between the US and Russia for nuclear arms control in Europe. That landmark Cold War-era treaty, signed in 1987, is due to expire soon. It was the Trump administration that decided to walk away from it, citing unsubstantiated claims of Russia breaching it. Again, instead of condemning the US for its rash breaking of a crucial arms control accord, the European powers have tended to lay the blame for the impasse on Moscow.

The same wonky deference to Washington regarding the INF and US undermining of global security is evident in the way the EU has failed to back the JCPOA and Iran’s hard-won right to be treated as a sovereign nation.

Moreover, there is another, more sinister, underlying mindset among European politicians for why the nuclear deal is failing. That mindset is a tacit attitude of viewing Iran as a “pariah.”

Of course Trump and his Middle East allies are engrained with an explicit denigration of Iran. Trump calls Tehran a “terrorist regime” seeking “nuclear extortion” of the world. Israel’s Netanyahu compares Iran with “Nazi Germany” and this week accused Europe of “appeasement” as in the 1930s towards Hitler.

Also on rt.com
Netanyahu compares EU approach to Iran with ‘appeasement’ of Nazi Germany before WWII

Such anti-Iran vitriol is off the wall in its irrational slander. The hypocrisy is nauseating.

But the Europeans seem to share a similar pejorative perception of Iran as some kind of rogue state.

European ministers repeatedly mentioned this week that their putative support for the nuclear accord was important for “stopping Iran getting a nuclear bomb.”

The EU in joint statement urged Iran to respect JCPOA and “never acquire or develop a nuclear weapon” – implying Iran could still harbor ambitions for possessing such a weapon in the future.

Britain’s top diplomat Jeremy Hunt –who has conspicuously backed Trump’s hardline military stance raising tensions– commented that the nuclear agreement was a “closing window” and suggested that Iran is “a year away from developing a nuclear bomb” – again implying Iranian perfidy about going for the bomb.

But Iran insists that it does not have a nuclear weapons program. It was abandoned years ago. 

The country’s leadership has repeatedly stated that Iran has no intention of acquiring such weapons. There is no evidence whatsoever implicating Iran, whose right to civilian nuclear energy is legally enshrined.

Beneath the rhetorical surface there is a spurious presumption among European politicians that Iran is not trustworthy. That it is somehow a renegade state with malign designs. This buys into the unhinged American propaganda demonizing Iran.

What the Europeans don’t get is that they are signatories to an international accord with Iran and have obligations to the rest of the world to get on with implementing it. That means giving Iran the full sanctions relief it deserves for its proven compliance, and treating Iran with respect as a mutual partner. The Europeans so far have not delivered on their stated commitments because they are pathetically servile to Washington’s bullying; and also because they don’t have the integrity to give Iran the equal respect it deserves.

When it comes down to it, the European powers are hampered by the same arrogance of superiority towards Iran as Washington demonstrates – albeit with a veneer of pseudo politeness.

As things stand: Europe is not capable of “saving” the nuclear accord by showing sufficient backbone. Iran is unlikely to derive confidence that its commitment to the deal is being reciprocated by a major party to the accord, and will therefore continue enriching uranium, as it is legally entitled to do if other parties are not respecting their side of the bargain. That bodes for increasing tensions in the dangerous stand-off with the US.

Iran has repeatedly said it is open to negotiations as long as all parties, including the US, abide by the nuclear deal. You can’t be much fairer or more reasonable than that. The EU needs to step up to the plate.

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Source Article from https://www.rt.com/op-ed/464320-iran-nuclear-deal-eu-save/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

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