Charles Giuliani Interviewed Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 3 February 2016

Charles Giuliani Interviewed Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 3 February 2016

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Charles Giuliani interviewed me today. The broadcast can be heard here, and we spoke from about half an hour into the program to about an hour and a half in:

Charles brought up the Hyksos, and I elaborated that they were considered by some to have been the Jews, that they were lepers, and that they did not consume pork, which was thought to spread leprosy. My readers may find the text Antisemitism, Its History and Causes by Bernard Lazare at pages 27 and 30 interesting regarding these points and others:

My thanks to Mr. Giuliani!

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  1. DonttrustBjerknes says:

    NEVER TRUST ANY JEW, million upon millions of us have already paid the price. No Jew in history admits to the mass poisoning of our food water air and minds. No Jew admits to complete control of the Banking system, NO JEW admits the holohoax is a massive fraud. And the list goes on and on about the things supposed GOOD JEWS NEVER EVER ADMIT.

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