Covid19 scam

Covid19 scam

Splash Masks are not for Viruses.
Splash visors are not for Viruses.
Splash suites are not for Viruses.

All the above are great for painting your house with.


Get your vaccines sheep.

Drew Davide
Does anyone know what happened to Clint Ashton??? He just exposed a situation that happened on the radio where an infuriated Greek family called up stating that they were bribed by the government $25k to have their elderly loved one written down as a Covid death.

He wrote the station number and eveything and asked people to share it and now he’s been immediately taken off Facebook!!!

Did anyone see that?

Lindy Ross
Breaking Melbourne faking covid death numbers!

On Radio 96.1 FM Mikey & Emma just now 9am Friday 7 August.

Anyone can call in for “what’s on your mind?”.

A guy came on, based in metro Melbourne, says he’s totally respecting all the lockdowns rules.

However he has a friend who’s dad just died at 79 years old. A Greek guy, it’s been in the news.

The dad was in hospital for 2 weeks for late stage terminal cancer. After that he was placed back into the nursing home.

Now to be placed back in the nursing home, all aged care returning need to be tested negative for covid.

He was allowed back into the nursing home. So he definitely did not test positive for covid otherwise he would not be allowed back in.

He died the next day in the nursing home. His death was labeled as covid.

The family were upset & asked why did they put that on the death certificate when that wasn’t true? The nursing home turned around & said don’t you want a payout for the death?

The Australian govt is handing out $25,000 to all nursing homes who label covid as the main cause of deaths on death certificates.

Another friend verifies this story. She’s got a friend who’s father in law in Melbourne just died in a nursing home.

The nursing home offered the family of the deceased $9000 if they could put covid on the death certificate.
The nursing home told them if they do, it would help the nursing home as they will get $25,000 -$30,000 for every patient they label as covid on the death certificate.

Splash Masks are not for Pathogens… you stupid Goyim.

The Judeo Satanic Freemason ritual of mocking the Goyim.

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