Degenerate Perverts of Sports Illustrated Put Fat Chick on Bikini Cover

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2016

Some people argue that our culture is oversexualized. In fact, I am one of these people. However, I would also argue that if you’re going to have a sexualized culture, it is better if you have a culture which promotes normal sexuality, rather than degenerate forms.

Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue is an institution of the sex culture, presenting the hottest models on the sexiest beaches since 1964. This year, they’ve switch it up: they’ve put a fat chick on the cover.


Ashley Graham is a “plus sized” model – that is a gross euphemism for “fat slag.” Here’s another image from the issue, where her fat layers are rolling over her bikini bottom.


This woman is dangerously obese.

This is part of a propaganda campaign of the Jews called “fat acceptance.” Instead of looking at fatness as a form of sick degeneracy – not to mention a dangerous health hazard – which should be shamed, fat accepters believe that fatties should love their fatness, and force it on everyone else. They also claim that fat chicks are attractive somehow.

This is like a version of Alcoholics Anonymous which would be called “Alcoholics Fabulous,” where instead of trying to stop drinking they demand the government allow them to drive drunk with an open bottle.

drunk driving is awesomedrunk driving is awesome

Normalizing alcoholism would also be good for fat chicks, lol. Hey yo – don’t act like you don’t know.

Sports Illustrated pushing a fatty as as a sex symbol would be like a dating advice guru encouraging women to date drug-addicts. But this embracing of degeneracy is par for the course. It is part of the whole equality doctrine of the Marxist Jews.

First they told us women were equal. Then the Blacks. Then they started openly celebrating disease by promoting the homos. They also now claim that Islam is a religion of peace, even though the entire religion is about murdering people.

It is no wonder at all they are now pushing pedophiles as victims, as well as fatties as beautiful.

You’d best start believing in slippery slopes – you’re on one.


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