How to stop Islamophobia?

How to stop Islamophobia?

by Alicia Frischmann

I don’t think that Islam should be in Western civilization because it is incompatible by nature. I refuse to have Muslims in Europe that JEWS have been bringing since few decades after Europe has been peaceful HOMOGENEOUS place. We are now facing the situation of becoming minority in the next few decades, in 2045 – 2060, replaced by Muslims and Africans in our own ancestral lands. They breed too much using our money that the JEWS give, Muslims who hate us for our race because of the propaganda against the evil White people. They hate us for what the JEWS have done to some of their countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. But because of their very high tribal belonging, supremacist and centric identity, they care about other Muslim countries contrary to the altruistic internationalist Whites.

I’m not interested in good/bad Muslims, radical/moderate Muslims etc., I want to know why they are here and more importantly, WHO brings them in.? Figure that out and you have the answer to a whole lot more than the Muslim question.

White people don’t care about other White nations, even they are ready to massively elect a Black president such as in USA while 96% of Blacks voted on a racial basis.The Muslims are the same, they are very tribal and thus unite against the Western people.

When mixing such very tribal group with Whites, then the Whites will loose because they have been programmed since childhood to be universalistic non racists humanitarian tolerant. They even don’t reproduce themselves to keep their number, thanks to the JEWS pushing all the filth in media & education.

This is why we have to struggle to reduce Islam in Europe by any mean necessary in order to avoid greater clashes on large scale. Right now there are thousands of crimes locally contained, and 75% of prisoners in France for example are Muslims. Same in all Western Europe most prisoners and criminals are Muslims or Africans.

White people have the right to have a country for themselves. Denying that means real racism, real hatred, real supremacy. Thus not opposing the Islamization of Europe means being racism anti-White anti-European, Anti-Christian.

You can’t pretend to be anti-JEWS “activist” if you don’t expose ALL the plans of the JEWS such as the demographic, cultural and ethnic genocide of Europe that was happening since 1970’s

You can’t always say “poor Muslims should come to Europe” because they are poor or there is a war here or there. No they don’t have the right to come to Europe, but they should be deported or encouraged financially to leave Europe with their very large families. Imposing on Europeans a situation where they might become a minority is far more racist than refusing Muslim immigrants.

There are unlimited wealth with the rich Muslim governments in the Gulf Arabic (Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Emirate). They are literally throwing money and everyday come up with a new idea of a tallest building

Saudi even is building thousands of Mosques in Europe and each one costs MILLIONS of € !!

Every people has the right to exist and secure a safe future to his descendants in a land where the culture and identity is preserved.


How non-Whites react to the decreasing number of Whites in their homelands?


by alicia frischmanN

Non-Whites are the best tools of the JEWS to destroy the World, to destroy humanity by genociding the best race, the most intelligent, most productive, most innovative race. Such stupids don’t see the OBVIOUS TRUTH that without the Whites = Ethnic Europeans, they would be living today in 1200!!

non-Whites are brainwashed by the JEWISH media & education.

Whites should learn about the feeling of non-Whites, that when they become minority in 2040; they will have no rights like now the non-Whites have, they will have no compassion and no jobs and no integration in housing and companies. They will be persecuted, hated, discriminated by law, and slowly KILLED in racial crimes.

The JEWS will make these laws to elevate the non-Whites to use them to subjugate the Whites. It is happening already now in South Africa!! Open your eyes, search it! Look around you. Look in France, Britain how the JEWS place Muslims such as the mayor of London.

Arabs, Blacks, Hispanics and the majority of non-Whites hate the Whites because they are BLINDS. They don’t see the truth of the JEWS behind all wars and colonialism and multinational corporations robbing the natural resources of the 3rd world.

Non-Whites (and Whites) are programmed by the JEWS that all humans are exactly equals in abilities and intelligence, that race does not affect the productivity or the innovation level of an ethnic group!

This is the main problem so the non-Whites such as the Muslims ad the Blacks think that the only reason why they have retarded civilization is because of Whites racism!

If they knew the truth of RACE and IQ, then they will not be anti-White, because they will understand that the reason why Muslims or Africans never built and can never build any advanced civilization is their RACIAL abilities. It is their biological intelligence! They cannot change the AVERAGE of their nations IQ!

Please do research, start by searching Charles Murray “Bell Curve”, and Jared Taylor. Please watch and stop being Politically correct. Silence will not solve any problem. Only this truth can save the Whites and save the entire humanity that will be dramatically affected if Whites are destroyed >> <<

JEWS get so triggered with these messages because they know that it is a matter of death or survival between their race and the European race. After all they struggled for centuries to get where they are now, we are on the brink of extinction as White people. So yes it is a battle for survival. Either their civilization or OURS 卐✠

Nazi is the new N’Word. It’s a pejorative, ethnic insult created by Jews used towards White people. Its used to dehumanize Whites for in order to justify abusing them. It’s  fundamentally racist and offensive. Anyone who uses it is a an enemy of the American people.

WHY the JEWS want “White Genocide”? You know?

It is their top goal that they struggled for it since decades if not centuries, everything they do leads to Genocide the “Whites” (Ethno-Europeans) on the long term. Facts are here: much more Whites are dead then they are born (cultural Marxism, feminist, abortion, race-mixed couples) and Whites in ALL and ONLY White countries countries become replaced by other races starting 2042 in USA, and 2050 in Europe. After that their stock will just die more quickly without being replaced to just keep their number. Isn’t that “White Genocide” or is just a conspiracy for bigoted “White supremacists”?

This is WHY the JEWS want White Genocide

And “Lessons of Babylon Race mixing” << this is very important!!

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  1. Paul says:

    Fire up the ovens!

  2. Anonymous says:


    This word (despite it’s coincidence as a contraction of NSDAP, was first used to describe Austro-Hungarian soldiers in a derogatory way. Believe it or not!

  3. reynolds says:


    “In World War I Nazi was a generic name in the German Empire for the soldiers of Austria-Hungary”

    The 24th edition of Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (2002) says the word Nazi was favored in southern Germany (supposedly from c. 1924) among opponents of National Socialism because the nickname Nazi, Naczi (from the masc. proper name Ignatz, German form of Ignatius) was used colloquially to mean “a foolish person, clumsy or awkward person.” Ignatz was a popular name in Catholic Austria, and according to one source in World War I Nazi was a generic name in the German Empire for the soldiers of Austria-Hungary.

    nazi | Origin and meaning of nazi by Online Etymology Dictionary

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