Wrapped in cellophane and aluminum baking foil

Buzz Aldrin admits to an 8 year old little girl that the so called NASA moon landing never happened.

NASA rockets land in bermuda

NASA image of MARS

space station hoax

Below Video:
Look at him trying to pick up the hammer that he dropped, but cannot because of the bungee cord attached to the suit.

Astronaut then tries to jump up higher to put more weight on the bungee cord, to be able to drop lower and pick up the hammer used to erect the usa flag on the moon.

This is so funny that the astronaut with all that weight on the moon, he cannot kneel down to pick up the hammer. The bungee cords too tight to let him.

The slow motion is a laugh… giving the illusion of low gravity.

The Hammer can sure drop on the ground … without bouncing in the air :))

He gives up and returns to the rover to get the tongs to pick up the hammer successfully.

Check out the lunar buggy. (remote controlled toy) on the moon in slow motion.

Command Module being dropped from an aircraft, not from space.

NASA Admits We Cant Go Beyond Low Earth Orbit!

Rockets cannot fly in vacuum of space

Moon Landing Hoax Exposed!! 2014 [Full Documentary]

Scientist proves you cannot fly a rocket in space

Mars has Chemtrails

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