Pedo Joe aint wasting time showing…

Pedo Joe aint wasting time showing Israel that he can be a better Goy Toy than Zion Don. If that demented idiot doesn’t fumble round & set off a major war B4 the end of 2021, I’ll B surprised. 

Moving troops into Syria, revitalizing ISIS & filling up his cabinet with Juden is not a good sign for the first week of his reign of terror. Mad Dog Harris will be even worse. 
White Americans now have to worry if they’ll get attacked by al CIA Duh or their PANTIFA Commie buddies. If you know REAL history, then you know that what’s coming is going to be bloody & terror beyond your worst nightmare. 
Stock up on beans and brass, its going to be a hot Summer.

We’re dealing with violent lunatics that can nurse grudges for 2,000 years, waiting until the time is right to seek revenge on something that did or didn’t happen. Doesn’t matter to these goons, they revel in shedding blood.

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