If people are reincarnated, what comes with them into their new life?

Bishen Chand.

The case of Bishen Chand, ‘who had been Laxmi Narain‘.
Bishen Chand was born in Bareilly, in India, in 1921. 
Laxmi Narain was from Pilibhit, about fifty miles from Bareilly. 
At the age of ten months, Bishen would try to say “Pilvit” or “Pilivit”. 

When he was about one and a half years old, Bishen began asking questions about the town of Pilibhit, 
He began to speak of a previous life in Pilibhit. 
He said his name had been Laxmi Narain, and his uncle, a wealth landowner, was named Har Narain.
At about age four, Chand’s father took Bishen and his brother to a wedding in a town beyond Pilibhit. 
On the return trip, when Pilibhit was announced, Bishen demanded to get off the train. Bishen cried when his father refused.

Sometime later, Bishen’s father visited Pilibhit with Bishen to verify the claims. 

Bishen correctly identified places and people and made statements about his former life in Pilibhit. 
Those statements corresponded correctly to the life of Laxmi Narain, who had died in 1918, two years before Bishen was born.

Professor Ian Stevenson who studied reincarnation.

From 1964-1971, Professor Ian Stevenson did several interviews with Bishen and surviving members of both families. 
All the interviews confirmed the original material.

When asked for the name of his favourite prostitute, Bishen reluctantly named her correctly.

When interviewed by Laxmi Narain’s mother, Bishen gave additional details that convinced her that he was Laxmi returned. 

The details involved some rotten food that he had refused to eat and the mother verified this.

When Bishen was given a pair of tablas (Indian drums) he immediately played them “with ease”. 

Bishen had never seen them before. 
Bishen had language competence, corresponding to Laxmi Narain’s competence in Urdu. 
Bishen used two Urdu words that he had not been taught: one was the word for women’s quarters “masurate” and the other, a word for lock, “kafal”.

Between the ages of 4-6, when caught drinking brandy, Bishen reportedly said, “I am used to drinking.” 

At the age five and a half, Bishen turned to his father one day and said, “Papa, why don’t you keep a mistress? You will have great pleasure from her.” 
During their first visit to Pilibhit, Bishen said to a police superintendent when asked about wife and children, “I had none; I was steeped in wine and women and never thought of marrying.”

Belief in reincarnation can be found in many religions.

There are Indians who believe that after many reincarnations the ‘soul’ has got rid of all negatives and joins with God.

The Buddhists believe that there is no unchanging “soul” to reincarnate.

What is reborn is not the person. 

What is reborn is an “evolving consciousness” or “stream of consciousness”, whose quality has been conditioned by karma.

Professor Ian Stevenson studied the past lives of twins.

Article by Walter Semkiw, MD from Born Again

Stevenson studied 62 individuals i.e. 31 twins.

He found that in all these cases, the twins had some type of intimate relationship in their prior incarnations.

The most common type of past life relationship was that of siblings, which represented 35% of cases.

One set of twins were also twins in their prior incarnations.

In 29% of twin cases, the twins were friends, acquaintances or business associates.

Other family relationships, such as being cousins, made up 19% of twin cases.

In 16% of twin cases, the twins were married in the past incarnation.

Burmese Sisters Reincarnate as Twins

Souls can plan incarnations from the spirit world and even choose parents for upcoming incarnation?

One set of twins in this study also shows how facial features can remain consistent from lifetime to lifetime. This involves the reincarnation cases of Daw Aye Phyu | Ma Nyunt Nyunt San and Daw Sapai | Ma San San Nyunt

The Power of Souls: The Tripathi Twins are Murdered, then Reincarnate as Twins Again

Sri Lankan Rebels Johnny and Robert are Killed and Reincarnate as Twin Girls

Same Family Reincarnation Cases in which Sisters are Reborn as Identical Twin Girls: The Pollack Reincarnation Cases

Grandparents Reincarnate as their Own Daughter’s Fraternal Twin Girls: Cases that Involve Gender Change, Muslim Reincarnation and Change of Religion

Nyein and Gywin, Born on the Same Day in Burma, Who Married and Died on the Same Day, Reincarnate as Twin Boys

Two Japanese Soldiers in Burma Reincarnated as Burmese Twin Girls, San and Yin, Demonstrating How War is Self Defeating

‘Reincarnation cases also show that souls can plan lifetimes to be brought together even when they are not born into the same family. These are described in the section Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation.

‘In analyzing past life cases, it appears that we all have a predetermined destiny or life plan, which brings us to the people we are supposed to spend time with. 

‘Think of your life as an extended vacation that you plan in advance. You decide who you want and need to see, where you want to go and what activities you would like to participate in. You coordinate your itinerary with the people you are to rendezvous with. You, your karmic friends and loved ones all agree to the plan before you are born.

‘Once you come into life, destiny ensures that you meet up with your karmic soul group. The settings for karmic affiliations can be our families, as noted in the twin studies, as well as our work life and recreational pursuits. These settings are stages on which we play out the karmic dramas of our lives. This casts a new light on Shakespeare’s phrase, “All of life is but a stage.”

‘We meet up with different karmic groups at different points in life. When we get the urge to take a new job, travel to a new city or take up a new recreational pursuit, many times this is a part of our destiny being played out. New venues bring us to karmic or soul groups we need to be with. When we meet up with our past life friends, though we may not be aware of what the past life relationship was, we have a sense of familarity or attraction.

Reincarnation and Love at First Sight: A Likely Past Life Relationship

‘The phenomenon of “love at first sight” is one example of how emotions can bring together individuals who have made a plan or contract to be together even before they were born.
Reincarnation and Free Will

‘If it is true that we have a destiny or life plan, one must question whether we have free will. My belief is that though we all have a predetermined itinerary that we are committed to honor; we have free will in what we do along the way. Indeed, growth and human evolution could not occur without free will. Some people may have a more structured itinerary that limits diversionary treks, while others may have a less structured game plan. Either way, we have free will along our destined paths.
Déjà Vu and Reincarnation’

‘Karmic groups provide insights regarding déjà vu experiences. If we meet up with people we have known in past lives, it is not surprising that we may have a spark of recognition when we meet. Since people have consistent patterns of behavior, we may recognize these traits and idiosyncratic reactions when situations recur. Finally, déjà vu may occur if we recognize an event that is part of our itinerary. We may become aware of a road mark along our predetermined path.’

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation

Reincarnation Research Home Page


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Reincarnation Research

Noor al Haqiqa commented on “REINCARNATION – REBIRTH”

At 72 I have lived my life believing fully in reincarnation. 

Raised Roman Catholic. But around 8 or so my thoughts turned in those directions simply from time spent growing in the wilderness and watching life replenish itself in the wilds. 

As an adult, memories bled into this current life. 

All told, I have had strong memories for 7 lives and known I was here this time to clean up my own messes, work through various things. 

Some of the things that happened to me I knew were not payback but… opportunities to make things right. 

Eventually I plugged the door to memories of the past bleeding through; it became too dangerous, the risks too high. I was advised to ‘put a lid on it” by those much wiser than I. No more active explorations. 

We are here in each life to start anew not remember the past; each life a fresh opportunity to be and expand. But as with everything there are never set rules and many remember fully with time. 

When a baby is born, it often remembers much of its previous life until the weight of the current life takes over and the child settles in to its new circumstances. 

No mention has been made here, for good reason, of wounds and illness memories being carried from incarnation to incarnation; another awesome phenomena. 

Thanks for this great collection of links. A pleasure to read something different and deep on this, the day of the inauguration of the fraud. This is something I KNOW I was born to witness. We have all seen these traumatic events of civilizations before us and know what is to come. This gives me the inner peace of knowing the human spirit will survive no matter how they try to eliminate it.

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