Totally depraved JEWISH transgender military historian “Lynette” Nusbacher proves that the JEWS have indeed been Satan’s leading henchmen since they nationally committed the crime of the Crucifixion

Totally depraved JEWISH transgender military historian “Lynette” Nusbacher proves that the JEWS have indeed been Satan’s leading henchmen since they nationally committed the crime of the Crucifixion


Just today I was watching a History Channel documentary that (as expected) presented the JEWS’ perverse “alternative reality” perspective on the relatively righteous White Christian European ruler Vlad III, prince of Wallachia, by making him out to be some very, very bad guy, in line with the evil Golden Dawn initiate Bram Stoker’s totally false presentation of him as “Count Dracula” of Transylvania in his popular novel by that name. When I noticed that a part of the commentary was provided by someone looking decidedly JEWISH.

So I did a quick search and sure enough Aryeh Nusbacher was a JEW, but because he’d morphed into a transgendered freak since the program was aired, I thought I’d put up a post about the horrible moral and cultural transformation the already reprobate tribal Israelite had made.

According to Rightpedia, Dr. Lynette Nusbacher, born 1966, sex change 2007, and  formerly Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher, is a Jewish military historian employed at the Sandhurst Military College at Sandhurst, UK. He/she/it makes regular contributions to a wide variety of television programs on military themes, among which is the game Time Commanders. In 2007 the tabloid The Sun reported that Nusbacher had undergone a sex change operation.

Among his/her/its publications is the book The Battle of Bannockburn, 1314. Stroud, Gloucestershire: Tempus, 2000, the childrens’ book War and Conflict, Face the Facts. Chicago, Ill: Raintree, 2003, and a paper on “Civil Supply in the Civil War: Supply of Victuals to the New Model Army on the Naseby Campaign, 1–14 June 1645” in the English Historical Review

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Has a top male lecturer at Sandhurst Military College, who taught Prince William and Prince Harry, won his own war… to be a woman? Officer Cadets have returned to the elite military academy to find the pipe-smoking JEW Dr Aryeh Nusbacher is now Dr “Lynette” Nusbacher.

Already given the honorable title of “Ma’am” and tagged “Mrs Gunfire”, cadets have been ordered to treat her with full respect. Sandhurst’s Commandant, Major General Peter Pearson, has warned that any jokes or snide remarks by pupils or staff will be severely punished.


Jewish creep Nusbacher as a man


JEWISH creep Aryeh Nusbacher as she/it is now, under the assumed name Lynette Nusbacher

Transgendered JEWISH creep Aryeh Nusbacher, under the assumed name Lynette Nusbacher

The sicko JEWISH professor Lynette Nusbacher is married with a young daughter and still living with its wife Melanie and family in Guildford, Surrey. A friend of “Lynette’s” said: “She’s a very brave girl. “A stiff upper lip military environment such as Sandhurst is about the hardest place to come out.”

As well as teaching at Sandhurst, the JEWISH creep Nusbacher has provided commentary on the BBC2 war game show Time Commanders and various History Channel documentaries. “Her” wife said recently: “She does not wish to talk to you about a private matter.”

More words of JEWISH wisdom…

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33 Responses to “Totally depraved JEWISH transgender military historian “Lynette” Nusbacher proves that the JEWS have indeed been Satan’s leading henchmen since they nationally committed the crime of the Crucifixion”

  1. Nicholas Peters, says:

    It is clear that the author of this piece has little or no knowledge of the terms “Sex” and “Gender”
    For many people, the terms “gender” and “sex” are used interchangeable thus incorrectly. This idea has become so common.
    “Sex” refers to the physical attributes that we are assigned at birth.
    “Gender” refers to our Psychological attributes – do we see ourselves as “Male”,”Female” or neither.
    Biological Sex and psychological Gender are different.
    For some people whose psychological Gender identity does not match their assigned birth Sex, they feel they cannot live in their as the Sex they were assigned at birth and you have hormone treatment and surgery to correct this.
    These people call themselves Trans or Transgender or Transsexual.
    Being Trans does not imply any specific sexual orientation (attraction to people of a specific gender.)
    Therefore they may transgender people may additionally identify with a variety of other sexual identities as well.
    They are not “perverse” or “creeps”
    I hope this makes sense.
    Nick Peters Registered Mental Nurse.

    • Valhalkarie says:

      Look we people of the European rooted western world ARE THE MOST INTERGRATED AND TOLERANT SOCIETY ON THIS PLANET. THIS CONSTANT MENTAL GYMNASTICS OF YOU FAR LEFT RETARDS DEMANDING 99.9% OF OUR SOCIETIES CELEBRATE,PROMOTE&GIVE SPECIAL RIGHTS,PRIVLAGES to trannys or anyone who feels compelled to blast there strange uncommon sexual desires that are no one’s business as some Godly amazing group of people is getting to reach critical madness! No we won’t change science to make you feel better!EQUALITY IS EQUALITY,WERE ALL EXACTLY THE SAME UNSPECIAL ASSHOLES! Having warped visions n feelings about screwing and mate choices NOONE GIVES A FUCK! YOU THINK YOUR A WOMAN N U HAVE A COCK COOL,I DONT HAVE TO CHANGE FACTS ABOUT GENDER TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER! YOUR A MAN BUT HAVE NO COCK YOU CANT EXPECT MEN TO NOT BE MEN IN THERE LOCKERROOM AND INVITE YOU TO THE TITTY BAR

    • Truth bringer says:

      Who the fuck cares

    • Matt says:

      Gimme a forking break

    • Earl says:

      Peters is also used interchangeably with dicks.

  2. Adolf JewHunter says:

    Wherever there is depravity out in the open being promoted, One will find a Jew

  3. Jerry says:

    I am a JEW. I am better than you!JEWS 4 LIFE!!

  4. A good white guy says:

    It is so saddening to see evil racist pages like this. It is so obvious that we are all the same. We Caucasians are the most mixed mutt race on the planet so the idea of white superiority is bullshit. Ignorant people fear difference rather than embrace it. Get your head out of your asses, rub the stain off your souls, and be good people

  5. Steven Frost says:

    Dear American History Channel:

    Do you really think that the American Hero’s you are trying to honor on the American History Channel would approve of having a loud mouth transvestite recalling their history for eternity?…I think not!

    Lynette and all of her-his -it confusion should go away and let someone of less confusion pay tribute to these American Hero’s that would ridicule her-his- or it’s decisions!

    Steven Frost

  6. Warrior says:

    Maxresdefault is hiding SO deep in the closet it’d take a Sherman to dig him out.

  7. Bos says:

    Jack Otto is a fool. Varganian? ‘Varangian’, fool. Duh!

  8. Wdog says:

    Just wow. What a bunch of out right fools.

  9. Thowie says:

    To all of you idiots that are trashing a highly intelligent and will educated person for being Jewish or transgender, GROW UP!! Lynette’s personal life is none of your business.
    How many of you idiots that are saying bad things about her love to say, “but I’m a good Christian?. To you I say, BULL SHIT. YOU ARE NOT A GOOD CHRISTIAN. You seem to forget,”judge not, lest ye be judged”, “love thy neighbor as you love yourself”. Oh wait, Jesus was a Jew!!

  10. Me says:

    Your “will” educated yourself thowie….

  11. Me says:

    And she makes it everyones buisness….

  12. Jrod says:

    I just made a mean grilled chicken.

  13. Me2 says:

    Don’t you people have anything better to do then to spend your time bashing this woman? Get a f*****g life!

  14. Dude says:

    You are a bigoted, and hateful human being, and that’s being generous to somthing like you. No one deserves to hear anything from what you have chosen to become. Lynette did not choose, however you have and it is truly horrible, and I feel for those whom have to travel through life with you, anywhere in earshot of you… Especially children. Good luck in spreading your hateful and homophobic diatribe. What do you fear anyway? Strangely attracted, and afraid? Most likely.
    Your Betters.

  15. YKantUC says:

    I discovered Lynette on the show conspiracy stated she was a military historian I researched her online and found this site I noticed her opinions on some past events we’re biased towards the New World order mindset she’s an apologist for the hidden Hand totally muddy the waters to the ignorant

  16. Timo says:

    What an awful biggeted site.

    Shame on you, you and some of your contributors are a slant on decent humanity.

    Lynette is a very accomplished and respected historian, she would not be on the staff at the RMC if she were not.

  17. dave says:

    if Dr. Lynet wants to be a woman. Fine by me. but can i have his wifes phone #.

  18. david says:

    I just want to know her cup size,)

  19. Fritz B. says:

    You may wish to reflect on what happened to the last herb of organized anti-semites. They were crushed. Stay in your moldy basement unless you want to suffer the same fate. Up your sieg heil ass, bigots. Grow up.

  20. Herb says:

    Great website! The Jews are assassins and wicked murderers. No wonder so many hateful mindless comments against you on this site. Glad you allowed it to see the real low moral character of such people

    If you want to know who these monsters are, go back to the first pages of Genesis. There are two seeds. The seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. The seed of the woman is true Israel or Christ. But there is another seed, oh yes, that belongs to Satan And has been the enemy of Christ and mankind from the beginning. The Jews are that satanic seed. The good news is Jesus Christ is coming with a rod of iron and he will crush them and break them into pieces. They will be cast into it the lake of fire in the end that’s their true history and how it ends

  21. reynolds says:

    NOTICED EVERY TIME THOSE WHO ADMIT THE’RE JEWS, GET INTO A DISCUSSION AND HAVE NO WAY TO RESPOND EXCEPT THROUGH ABUSE, ACCUSATIONS AND CURSING. If you go to the ‘etymology dictionary’ you find it supports the caption below – that even ‘Nazi’ is a Jew term.


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