14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts

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Aug 24, 2011


How many times have you heard the mainstream media dismiss certain points of view as “conspiracy theories”?  It seems as though one of the easiest ways to brush something off is to label it as something that only “conspiracy theorists” would believe.  Well, you know what?  A whole lot of the time the “conspiracy theorists” are right and the mainstream media is wrong.  In fact, we owe a great debt to “conspiracy theorists” because they will go places and investigate things that the mainstream media would never even touch.  The reality is that the mainstream media only tells us what the government and the big corporations want us to hear, and much of the time it is those in the alternative media that are left with the task of trying to figure out what the real truth is.  So don’t look down on conspiracy theories or conspiracy theorists.  In a world where almost everything we are told is a lie, the truth can be very difficult to find.

The following are 14 conspiracy theories that the media now admits are conspiracy facts….

#1 Fukushima Uninhabitable

Back in April, I published an article entitled “Much Of Northern Japan Uninhabitable Due To Nuclear Radiation?“  At the time, almost everyone in the mainstream media was insisting that Fukushima was nothing like Chernobyl and that those that lived near Fukushima would be able to return to their homes fairly soon.

Well, it turns out that those of us that feared the worst were right after all.  Just consider the following quote from the New York Times….

Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday.

#2 U.S. Military Attack On Libya

At the beginning of this year, nobody would have dreamed that the U.S. military would have attacked Libya this year.

But it happened.  At first those that tried to warn about an upcoming conflict with Libya were called kooks, and even up until recently many in the media were still trying to deny that NATO was arming and training the rebels.

Well, the truth is that NATO had special forces on the ground even before the conflict began.

The “rebel groups” (which include large numbers of al-Qaeda fighters) would have been soundly defeated by Gaddafi if not for relentless air strikes by the U.S. military and NATO.

Instead of a straightforward invasion like we saw in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. military and NATO systematically developed, trained and equipped “rebel groups” within the country and have used them as the ground forces for this campaign.

That way the goals of the U.S. and EU could still be achieved, but in the end they would have less blood on their hands.

As the conflict winds down, now even the New York Times is admitting that we have trained and equipped the rebels….

“We always knew there would be a point where the effectiveness of the government forces would decline to the point where they could not effectively command and control their forces,” said the diplomat, who was granted anonymity to discuss confidential details of the battle inside Tripoli.

“At the same time,” the diplomat said, “the learning curve for the rebels, with training and equipping, was increasing. What we’ve seen in the past two or three weeks is these two curves have crossed.”

Sadly, there is still a very good chance that U.S. troops could end up on the ground in Libya.

Many prominent officials are already calling for the U.S. and the EU to provide occupation forces.  Richard Haas, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, has authored an opinion piece for the Financial Times entitled “Libya Now Needs Boots on the Ground“.

If that happens, it will likely end up being a situation very similar to what we have today in Iraq.

#3 Widespread Use Of RFID Chips In Humans

The doubters said it would never happen.  They said we would never see the day when RFID chips were implanted in humans on a widespread basis.

Well, today there are examples of this all over the world.  One of the most stunning examples recently has come out of Mexico.  According to the Washington Post, “thousands of worried Mexicans” have been having “satellite and radio-frequency tracking products” implanted in their skin in order to protect themselves against abduction.

#4 $2000 Gold

It was only a matter of months ago that we were told that gold was “in a bubble” at $1400 or $1500 an ounce.

Well, gold recently crossed the $1900 an ounce barrier, and appears poised to go much higher as global financial instability intensifies.

#5 Obama Wants To Impose Backdoor Amnesty

Those that warned that Barack Obama was going to impose amnesty for illegal immigrants by executive fiat were called “nuts” and “conspiracy theorists”.

Well, it has happened.  The Obama administration has now instituted “backdoor amnesty” for illegal immigrants and even plans to provide them with work permits.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

#6 U.S. Government Provides Weapons For Mexican Drug Cartels

For a long time there were those that claimed that the U.S. government was providing guns to Mexican drug cartels, but nobody wanted to listen.

Well, it is all now a matter of public record.  It turns out that the U.S. government facilitated the transfer of thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

The following is a brief excerpt from a CBS News report that discusses the fierce opposition that many ATF agents expressed to allowing thousands of guns to be given into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels….

On the phone, one Project Gunrunner source (who didn’t want to be identified) told us just how many guns flooded the black market under ATF’s watchful eye. “The numbers are over 2,500 on that case by the way. That’s how many guns were sold – including some 50-calibers they let walk.”

50-caliber weapons are fearsome. For months, ATF agents followed 50-caliber Barrett rifles and other guns believed headed for the Mexican border, but were ordered to let them go. One distraught agent was often overheard on ATF radios begging and pleading to be allowed to intercept transports. The answer: “Negative. Stand down.”

CBS News has been told at least 11 ATF agents and senior managers voiced fierce opposition to the strategy. “It got ugly…” said one. There was “screaming and yelling” says another. A third warned: “this is crazy, somebody is gonna to get killed.”

Amazingly, three of the key ATF officials involved in putting thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels were recently promoted.

#7 Fluoride Is Harmful

Incredibly, the federal government is finally admitting that high levels of fluoride in our drinking water can be harmful.  In fact, the feds have reduced the “recommended amount” of fluoride in our drinking water for the first time in 50 years.

We probably won’t see them ban fluoride any time soon, but for them to even acknowledge a problem with fluoride is a major step.  In a recent article on CNN, it was reported that the federal government is now saying that high levels of fluoride in the water have now officially been linked with fluorosis….

The Department of Health and Human Services and Environmental Protection Agency are proposing the change because of an increase in fluorosis — a condition that causes spotting and streaking on children’s teeth.

#8 The Federal Reserve Favors The Big Banks

We were always told by the media that the Federal Reserve was “above politics” and that it did not show favoritism.

Well, we all know now that the Fed is deeply corrupt and about the only people that they actually help are their friends.

It turns out that the Federal Reserve very quietly showered the big banks and their friends with hundreds of billions of dollars in loans at rates that were substantially below market during the financial crisis.  While Wall Street was being flooded with easy loans, none of the small banks that were deeply suffering and no average Americans got any money.

#9 Cell Phones Linked To Cancer

For years, “conspiracy theorists” have been claiming that cell phone use can cause cancer.

Well, the mainstream media is starting to catch up.  Some very startling scientific studies have come out recently that are hard to ignore.

The following is an excerpt from a recent CNN article about one of these studies….

At the highest exposure levels — using a mobile phone half an hour a day over a 10-year period — the study found a 40 percent increased risk of glioma brain tumors.

#10 The Credit Rating Agencies Are Corrupt

We have all been taught that the credit rating agencies are supposed to be objective.

But in the real world things are not that simple.

For example, just a short time after long-term U.S. government debt was downgraded, the head of Standard Poor’s is resigning, and is being replacedby Douglas Peterson, the former COO of Citigroup.

Do you think the former COO of Citigroup is going to come down hard on his former comrades over at the big Wall Street banks?

Also, a whistleblower has come forward with some stunning revelations about Moody’s.  The following is what former analyst William Harrington says was going on over at that credit agency during the financial crisis….

“The track record of management influence in committees speaks for itself — it produced hollowed-out (collateralized debt obligation) opinions that were at great odds with the private opinions of committees and which were not durable for even a short period after publication”

#11 Prescription Drugs Kill A Lot Of Americans

Growing up, I never even imagined that prescription drugs could be dangerous.  I had complete faith in the medical community and the government to only allow drugs on the market that were fully tested and proven to be 100% safe.

Well, I was dead wrong.  The truth is that adverse reactions to prescription drugs kill a huge number of Americans every year.  A recent Vanity Fair article entitled “Deadly Medicine” began with the following statement….

Prescription drugs kill some 200,000 Americans every year. Will that number go up, now that most clinical trials are conducted overseas—on sick Russians, homeless Poles, and slum-dwelling Chinese—in places where regulation is virtually nonexistent, the F.D.A. doesn’t reach, and “mistakes” can end up in pauper’s graves?

#12 Bisphenol-A Is Linked To Infertility

A very common chemical known as bisphenol-A is found in thousands upon thousands of our plastic products.  It also turns out that it has some really nasty effects on the human body.

Fortunately, some in the mainstream media are beginning to acknowledge this.  Back in October, one of the largest UK newspapers published an article entitled “Bisphenol-A now linked to male infertility” which made the following unequivocal statement about the dangers of BPA….

Bisphenol-A (BPA), known as the “gender bending” chemical because of its connection to male impotence, has now been shown to decrease sperm mobility and quality.

#13 The “Super Congress” Is In The Pocket Of Wall Street Interests

The amount of money that has been donated to the campaigns of those on the “Super Congress” is absolutely astounding.

Just check out what a recent CNBC article had to say about the matter….

Overall, according to the center’s research, the dozen super committee members have raised more than $50 million from the finance, insurance and real estate sector since the 1990 election cycle.

How much influence do you think 50 million dollars is going to buy?

#14 The Targeting Of Christian Groups

We are increasingly hearing from the Obama administration and some members of Congress that we need to be really concerned about “homegrown terrorists” and “Christian extremists”.

For example, during a recent Congressional hearing U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee warned that “Christian militants” might try to “bring down the country” and that such groups need to be investigated.

In addition, according to a shocking document obtained by Oath Keepers, the FBI is now instructing store owners to report many new forms of “suspicious activity” to them.  According to the document, “suspicious activity” now includes making “extreme religious statements” and believing in “radical theology”.

Not only that, a Department of Homeland Security report on “right wing extremism” from April 2009 lists the following people as potential terrorists….

-those that believe in “end times” prophecies

-those that believe abortion is wrong

-those that stockpile food, ammunition or weapons

-those that are against same-sex marriage

-those that believe in “New World Order” conspiracy theories

I don’t know about you, but when the federal government starts targeting people based on their religious beliefs, that makes me very nervous.

This world is officially going crazy.  So don’t blame “conspiracy theorists” for wanting to dig around and get the facts.  The mainstream media sure doesn’t give us much of the truth.

As the world continues to fall apart and as the propaganda from the mainstream media gets even more blatant, the hunger for the truth is only going to grow.

Who knows?  Perhaps before it is all over you will be a “conspiracy theorist” too.


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122 Responses to “14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts”

  1. So if “those that believe in “New World Order” conspiracy theories” are athreat, then that will make bill clinton, G. Bush sr and jr, the brittish minister, a target for believing in the New world order, isn’t?

  2. With human history filled with factual conspiracies, I find it discouraging that so many find conspiracy theories to be unbelievable.

    There is a very large and growing segment of society which insists on ignoring the lessons of history. They call themselves “progressives” and they are progressing straight into the abyss of repeating mistakes.

    • If you research you will find discrepancies everywhere. Even Alex just mentioned something to the affect “I first found this story hard to believe.” Humans make mistakes and it is hard to discern between those you know are lying and those you respect but know they are not infallible. To criticize people for having doubt goes against the premise that is established here. This site actually asks people to doubt so some doubt the doubters and one can be a doubter while doubting the doubters. This is healthy. When one cannot even trust their own senses what is left but blind faith. If you have not reached that stage then being a skeptic is normal.

  3. those things all happening now.
    that are not conspiracy theories that those are real things.

  4. I’m a proud conspiracy theorist.

  5. LMAO @ Leann

  6. I’m on your side, but sorry. This is one of the worst articles I have ever read in my life. This lazy author has not provided even one (1) link to a conspiracy theory charge.

    Look again. No quotes, no links, no references. Just numerous claims of charges against us, but no evidence of such charges being made.

    Lazy, lazy journalism!

    How can you say, “They were wrong” when you can’t even quote them?

    Again, I am on your side. But I expect better.

  7. in reference to the last one in the list. Isnt religious oppression one of the major reasons behind this country being founded in the first place. I don’t know about anyone else but I was taught in school that the pilgrims came to this country to have the freedom to practice their faith the way they wanted to. And now the very country they founded is targeting christians and those who had the same beliefs they did.

    • That is EXACTLY why!

  8. No. 14 Targeting of Christians was what Waco was about. Rember, if you home school, beleive in the second coming ect. I know another conspiray theory he missed. This past Sunday, Liz Trota(poor spelling?), on Fox News, that show with the Dr. and host Eric ? Any way Liz was talking about how the media is ignoring Dr. Ron Paul she said that the media had most likely talk among themselves and ‘decided Ron Paul can’t win so let’s move on”. I thought we would see some thing on that story here. So much going on, they might get to it.

    • Let,s rember that these are “supposedly ” “admited theories”. I take that as an admission LIZ.

    • You are right about Waco and you probably already know, but that is what started AJ’s crusade. He knew that the only real reason they killed that group is that they were Christians.

      • Those who was waking up back then, if they heard my voice they would KNOW who I am. On Waco, why were the GOV THUGS there? A branch of the ADL, the cult awearness network. Those treacherious ZIONIST/TALMUDIST “JEWS” also Known as Esau/EDOM!

        • Google Waco the big lie, by Linda Thompson. The raid code name was, OPERATION SHOW TIME. And Clinton said “Let this be a warning to those who would be like them”-ect.

  9. Hogwash. AJ has outdone himself with this tripe.

  10. When I saw – “#5 Obama Wants To Impose Backdoor Amnesty”

    I thought it meant he supported gay marriage.

    • well, we know where your mind’s at…. LOL

      • Good analysis…

  11. Reading quickly through the comments I do not see many who actually address the subject of the article. It makes me wonder if the posts are real or they have been copied and pasted from discussion of another topic.

    I guess not many saw or remember the Larry King show when he had 3 neurologists stating that cell phones can cause cancer and they refrain from using them more than 2 hours a day and always use speaker or headset to reduce risk of contamination.

    But try and tell young people who have grown up with these phones and unfortunately most are fatalistic in that they either feel it is too late for them or because it has become habit for most they do not intend to change. Reminds me of the days when doctors were warning people against cigarretts and many people disdained the warning.

    • I believe bluetooth devices are bad as well. I dont have scientific data but I and a few of my friends were using BT devices and was all getting headaches. I switched to hands free with wires. Common sense should tell us that radio waves near our heads are not good. Remember most of our parents telling us to sit back from the TV when we would sit too close?

    • Check mine regarding #1

    • Larry King is nothing BUT a NWO pos tool from way back. I have no idea why you’d refernce such a disinfo agent of bs to prove a point about conspiracy theories. Stupid

    • who in their right mind would even consider watching a larry king show?

      • I heard an interview once about Larry King and how CNN had to install a fan under his desk blowing away from guests because he farted continuously and his gas was super smelly.

        Eating children will do that…

  12. argentina said back in the 90′s that they are the model for for the world for the medical chips to be implanted

    • To me , it seems that the model to follow is the dictatorship of China, and the procees they use is what has happened in Latin America, like Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, etc. they are trying to bring teh USA and Canada to latin america levels and they complete the new world order agenda.

  13. They just had to work in that last one! LOL

  14. I’ll start with #1 Fukushima

    “… I published an article entitled “Much Of Northern Japan Uninhabitable Due To Nuclear Radiation?“

    New York Times, “Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday.”

    There is a considerable difference between these two statements. As was announced earlier this week here in Japan, the government expects that areas between 3 and 5 kilometers distance from the plant will be uninhabitable for several decades.

    Now, THAT is very different from “much of Northern Japan”.

    Summing up, #1…..nonsense.

  15. Okay, almost all of these are obvious and don’t count as anything significant. The writing here is juvenile.

  16. The other “myth” that’s been proven true is the liberal bias in media. I can’t fathom why anyone would want socialism. Who are these people?

    • politician worshipping communist nwo agents like you see that have infiltrated everywhere. Especially here at this site. They all show themselves before selection time.

      • What a whiner.

        • so says the politician worshipper.

        • What’s it to you?

    • Correct, and this has actually been academically documented and proven, unlike the stupidity of conspiracy theories coming from this idiotic site. Google “UCLA Liberal Media Bias”. It is not a myth that the mainstream press is biased toward the left. It is a proven fact, documented through a prestigious university.

      • So, you are saying the media is perfectly objective and unbiased? I used to think that kind of stuff too.

        • Um, can you read? What does the post ^ up here say? I’ll help you…

          It is not a myth that the mainstream press is biased toward the left. It is a proven fact, documented through a prestigious university.

          I really wish that there was a person with a brain capacity deeper than a rock filled with sand here please… Look at who listens to and believes Alex Jones and who supports Ron Paul. A bunch of freaking idiots who have the brain capacities of little children. Good grief!

        • Anyone who thinks something “documented through a prestigious university” represents some standard of truth isn’t really that smart. Sorry.

      • By the way sir, the only thing more liberal than the media are the universities.

      • and yet you believe everything the US Military and corporate-media spoon feeds you, how sad.

  17. Does anyone know the meaning of “Annuit Coeptis – Novus Ordo Seclorum”?

    And why do the people at Infowars use it so much?!?!?!

    • “Annuit Coeptis” – He favors our undertakings. “He” refers to the “all-seeing eye” of Lucifer whom the Freemasons worship – yet feverish deny, instead, they call their God in public, the “Grand Architect of the Universe.”

      “Novus Ordo Seclorum” – A New Secular World (without God), or a New World Order, such as what George HW Bush announced on September 11, 1991 (exactly 10 years prior to 9/11).

      • Truth Monger??….Myth Monger more like.

        So you are saying the founding fathers were Freemasons? So the founding fathers of the US were part of the NWO? Wow!!

        The Freemasons do NOT worship anyone!! The ‘He’ refers to God…idiot!!

        Novus Ordo Seclorum = New Order of the Ages. NOT A New Secular World

        ‘seclorum’ does NOT translate into ‘secular’

        ‘world’?!?!? where did you get that from the Latin. Orbis or Mundus is the Latin for world. That ain’t in the statement.

        Try again fwit

        • You’re a bit defensive and insulting Jon, aren’t you? It’s pretty much a fact that these mottoes do translate to what the both of us have said. If you take all of the evidence into account there is no denying that the “powers that be” have been incrementally building their new world order. We’re in the final stage of their completing the new world order. Regardless of “age” or “secular” it still amounts to the same thing in function, total control over all humanity.

          A lot of the founding fathers were definitely Freemasons and definitely part of the the plot to reduce humanity to slavery. Do some serious research on the subject and you cannot come to any other conclusion. The forefathers can be divided into two groups, the first group being those in favor of the New World Order and the second group in favor of freedom and liberty for all.

          Here’s what General Cornwallis said about it:

          “A holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown [. . .] in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.” – Charles Cornwallis.

          How in the hell could an English General make such an accurate prediction about the future of the United States of America more then 200 years ago without being part of a very organized plot to subject all humanity to a world government based on tyranny? I guess old Charlie just got lucky?

          We never won the Revolutionary war, we signed a cease-fire with the King and made an agreement to pay him in perpetuity, i.e., The first and second Banks of the United States and finally, the Federal Reserve. When you win a war the enemy isn’t usually allowed to quarter their troops on your land or walk around armed, yet that is what happened after the war was over. Just a few years later the British sacked Washington and burned down the White House to remind us who was really in control. Since the war of 1812 we have been slowly but systematically defeated. Americans don’t run American any longer and if you think they do you’s have to be a nitwit.

        • Yes I do get insulting when people twist facts.

          It’s pretty much a fact that these mottos do NOT translate into what we’ve both said.

          There is only one translation. The translation I gave. In fact that was the meaning intended by Charles Thomson….who, btw, was NOT a Mason.

          So you don’t think the founding fathers thought that their founding of a new country/political system was something that was unique? Hence the ‘New Order of the Ages”

          Wow AJ and his supporters might be shocked that people here think that George Washington et al were part of the NWO, and the NWO’s plans for humanity. Now THAT is a bold statement.

          The Founding Fathers of the U.S. of A were global elitists and part of the NWO.

          what happened to ‘Spirit of 1776′? You mean “LET’S SUPPORT THE NWO”?!?!

        • You so wong Jap. Wead Albert Pike’s book, Mowels and Dogma. Realy, read Morals and Dogma some where close to page 1,000?? He admits The great architect is Luciefer.

        • LOL. Wow Jon, you never mentioned that you lived so close to Fukashima. I had no idea that you were some troll, patiently waiting for us wacky infowarriors to respond to your loaded question. I foolishly thought you were some mentally stable person asking an innocent question. I’ve learned my lesson.

          My response was based on several people research including several many former Freemasons, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, David Wilcock, and David Icke to name a few. No need to flip out like some retard, bro. But it seems like you have a lot more homework to do if you didn’t even know that most of the founding fathers were in fact Freemasons including George Washington and Ben Franklin (member of the “Hell-fire club”). My favorite FF, Thomas Jefferson was not a Mason. And yes, the 33rd degree masons and up DO worship Lucifer, both current and ex-Mason all confirm this, sorry to break this to you. 32nd degree Freemasons (like some of my coworkers who sit beside me) are clueless morons who honestly believe the Freemasonry is a Christian “mens club,” and nothing more. I’m guessing these are the same type of Masons that you’ve spoken to. But since you’re from Japan, i’ll forgive your total ignorance on a subject matter you clearly no nothing about, and please, for everyone’s sake, take some iodine pills.

          “I have heard much of the nefarious and dangerous plan and doctrines of the Illuminati. It was not my intention to doubt the doctrines of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.” – George Washington

      • Technically “A New Secular Order”, not “A New World Order” or “A New Secular World”. But we know what it means because we have an orgy of evidence to support their plans of a one world government.

        Annuit Coeptis – “Providence favors our undertakings” or “Providence has favored our undertakings.”.

        Providence or “God”, i.e., their god Lucifer. So translating it to “He favors our undertakings”, though technically incorrect, is still spot on in my book. Since the world’s politicians have been climbing out from under their rocks and using these phrases I think it’s safe to say that they no longer fear the people. Their undertakings are succeeding and we’re being destroyed on a daily basis.

        • So you are still saying that the founding fathers of the US were devil worshippers?

          A New Secular Order?!?! Where is ‘secular’ in ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’?

        • Just to make it clear for people:

          secular (Eng) = saecularis/secularus NOT seclorum!!

          completely different words!!

        • Read my post above.

          Some were and some were not. The technical translation is meaningless, the result of their plot is what is important. Whether “New Order of the Ages” or “New Secular Order” doesn’t really matter considering our way of life has been totally subverted and our nation taken over from within.

        • Read my post.

          Your nation was never taken over from within according what has just been said.

          Your nation was and always has been part of the NWO’s plans to destroy humanity. Oh and just in case you forgot, you also said that the founding fathers were Satanists.

        • Can I ask?

          Do you worship ‘God’, i.e., Lucifer?

          God=Lucifer? What a strange way to think.

          You quite clearly don’t understand Freemasonary. They worship no god. That is the main reason the Church (Roman Catholic) excomunicates anyone(or used to) who is a member. Because they call a god a ‘supreme creator being’ they accept anyone from ANY religion…not just Christians.

        • First off, I never said they were “Satan worshipers” so stop misquoting me. As for my nation being taken over from within, it makes perfect sense considering there were factions fighting for control of the nation.

          As for “God”, go research the etymology. It has no relation to the “god” of the Bible. Translators used the term in error, purposely. Freemasons do worship a “god”, just not the Elohim of the Scriptures. I understand Freemasonry well enough to know that it is evil, regardless of the exoteric outer circle of members. There is plenty of historical evidence to prove my point. What book/s sit at the alter in a Freemasonic building? It doesn’t matter. Read “Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike, he openly admits that the true “god” of Freemasonry is Lucifer.

        • you’re correct Death Ray, it is a “New Secular Order” not a “New Secular World,” that was my mistake….that, and responding to that idiot in the first place.

    • who really gives a shit

      • Exactly what I was thinking. The fact is, Bush publicly declared they are building a new world order, and that is exactly what the globalists are doing.

        • Exactly. You can misinterpret ANY translation from Latin, the point is, there are some pretty cryptic, Masonic stuff littered all over your currency and GHWB keeps referencing it, and the question is WHY?

          Poor Jon, I didn’t know the radiation was THAT bad in Japan.

    • Why are you setting people up for trivial debate, asking questions to which you’ve already drawn your conclusions? You’re not going to change your mind, and you’re not going to change anyone else’s mind.

      Perhaps it has more to do with your need to put others down, so that you can feel better by comparison. If you need help with your self-esteem, there are professionals who can guide you. You have much more to offer than you realize.

      • LOL, that’s what i was thinking, WTF??? What kind of troll asks a basic question in a polite manner, then EXPLODES when someone gives his interpretation based on his research? My answers come from Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and ex-Freemasons, so WTF is wrong with this DumbassInJapan???

  18. Is it just me or have you noticed when you go out shopping or down to the hardware store or even take the kids to a movie what people look like. The more I have gone down the Rabbit Hole over the years the more I notice just how retarded people look and act. Have you noticed the looks on their faces and the total disregard for decency people have now.

    I am not talking about WalMart losers I am talking about people who when you look at them seem to have no soul in them. I was sitting in my truck the other day in the parking lot watching people go by at the University (I had to take my daughter in law to register for classes). All I can see is the look of ignorance of the truth. Poor unsuspecting fools who have no idea what is really happening. Poor supposed educated individuals who are so blind to current affairs of propaganda.

    Is it just me or have all of you here noticed just how stupid people look now. It is like I am on the outside looking in at an alter reality. I used to take the time to try to awaken others and I have found over the years everyone knows so much more than I do…(joke)… or think they do. They give you this look of pity and disgust when you try to open their eyes. I have to follow the premise now of what the Bible says in God helps those who help themselves. I do not want to leave others out of the truth but I am so tiered of them not watching the videos I give them or searching for themselves about the information I present to them. It has gotten old and I find I have no time for stupidity any longer. I believe they will spark after the fact, hopefully it will not be to late for them to come to their senses. Do you notice that now when the guy next door says “Oh come on your full of shit” just how ugly he looks to you now. I find more and more that people who I really liked and looked up to who will not listen to the truth look so damn ugly now. I don’t know maybe it is just me. What are your thoughts?

    • Perhaps you are the one who looks stupid to everyone else?

      Perhaps not everyone chooses to believe in your God or your Bible?

      • Right. Those of you who are not among the elect, have not been chosen by God to inherit His Kingdom. You will spend eternity in Hell. In fact, you are already there, you are just in denial about it. Hell is the final and eternal separation from God. You are born to death and will only receive life through rebirth in Christ. In this life you will still receive common grace because we have a loving God, but because of your rebellion toward Him, you cause the separation. You will spend eternity in Hell because you want to. Everyone in Hell wants to be there.

        • You’re part of the problem brother, you make the authentic followers of the Messiah look very bad. Thinking you are one of the elect is very presumptuous and not very humble at all. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Since the soul is not eternal and sin equals death there will be no eternal suffering in hell. Death is the complete destruction of the soul. The fire is eternal, no human being will suffer eternally because they will be dead, i.e., sin equals death, not eternal punishment, which would mean you’d have to still be alive in order to suffer for all eternity.

          You have to make a distinction between humans and fallen angels, they will indeed suffer for eternity. Also, the word translated as “hell” is the Bible does not mean what most Christians think it means. Whether the Greek word or the Hebrew word.

          Sheol – Gehenna – Hades – Tartaroo.

          It all depends on context and meaning. And no, people do not want to go to hell even if their actions cause death. Ignorance and arrogance cause death more then anything else.

        • And so you have placed YOUR self at the’ right hand of GOD’ AND JUDGE WHO GO’s TO HELL. You fool!

        • You are incorrect. I have studies theology extensively at the seminary level. Jesus describes repeatedly in Matthew, weeping and gnashing of teeth. He describes suffering. Final death does not mean the soul dies, and nowhere in the Bible is that said. Your doctrine is not of the Bible. If the soul is not eternal, then how do we spend eternity in Heaven? You are obviously a liar and seek destruction.

          Read Scripture.

          2 Thessalonians 1
          Isaiah 33
          Revelation 14
          Isaiah 66

          I could go on and on…it speaks of eternal damnation and punishment.

          As for election, Peter says to make sure of your election with fear and trembling, giving praises to God in humility. That does not mean that you should be unaware of your election. It means the opposite and Jesus specifically addresses that in the book of Matthew.

          If what you say is true, the how do you explain what Jesus says in Matthew 25? I just happened to have read it last night, and I know for sure that you are incorrect! He addresses election and eternal punishment in the same chapter. Sorry but you are incorrect, brother.

          The authentic followers of Christ preach His word boldly, as it is written and substantiate it with Scripture. Let Scripture prove Scripture Paul says. Yes, God has prepared Hell for the Devil and his angels, but nowhere does it say that only they are there. They were the first is all.

          I encourage you to study deeply into God’s works and make an apologetic wisely, based in the Word, not in man-made doctrines.

          Finally, to suggest ignorance is the cause of judgment is totally flawed according to the Bible. It is absolutely true that those who are in Hell want to be there. They knew the punishment and did it anyway. Therefore they want it otherwise they would not do it for fear of the wrath. Romans 1:32.

    • You are right about many things, but one thing you got wrong: NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that “God helps those who help themselves”. That is a commonly held and repeated fallacy. That said, I DO think that God wants us to use our brains, hands, and feet and be thinking individuals. But that saying is NOT a verse in the Bible. Just sayin’….

      • Fair enough thank you for that. I am still learning. I poured myself into waking up and it took over a lot of my life. I have come to one conclusion and that is. This is a war for your very soul. Out of all the Rabbit Holes I have gone down it all seems to come to that conclusion. I have found myself just turning to the WORD and learning. I appreciate your insight. Thank you again.

    • not only do they look stupid, they are stupid. i would say only 1 out of 10 has any clue at all as to what is happening. i’ve said it before ‘americans are the dumbest folks in the world. and they are by far the fattest and most arrogant so called ‘people’ alive today. what really shocks me is the fact that so many returning vets that i have seen are physical wrecks. i was just at the VA clinic and i seen young men who are already obese and out of shape. i’m nearly 50 and i am still at my peak fighting weight. what a shame these young people will only get more unhealthy as time goes by.

      • You sound like a bigot to me. Fat doesn’t equal stupid or lazy and it doesn’t make someone a second class human being. I’m glad you’re in good health, some people aren’t as fortunate as you and all human beings are individuals and are limited by their DNA and other individual factors. Would you deny a life-saving hand from a “fat person”? Would it bother you if a fat person saved the life of one of your family members? I doubt it. Stop acting like a bigot and treat people the way you would like to be treated. We have enough hate and bigoted people in this world already.

    • it’s not really wise to call people stupid. You see how people look and based on what you think a person should look like you call them stupid. However this God you speak of searches hearts (Rom 8:27). Can you do that? If not then maybe you should re-evaluate whether or not it’s wise to be judging people. It’s something we all have to be on guard against, because throwing judgment on someone is tempting I’ll admit it.

  19. When we are successful in defeating the New World Order, and we will be, let’s keep in mind a philosophy-based plan to rebuild ourselves into a galaxy class civilization. What will it be like? As superior as it is different! Begin with these precepts:

    Consciousness is the awareness of the nature of reality that we bring to solving the challenges of life. Reality is a perpetually unfinished book because it is written by each of us, eternally dreaming our personal realities. Reality is nothing but dreamers and dreams, and though our life dreams come and go, our true selves as dreamers go on forever, always learning more about love, always moving closer to God.


    Judge civilization by its consciousness.
    Judge consciousness by its truths.
    Judge truth by reality.

    As soon as we accept this,

    We change civilization by changing its consciousness.
    We change consciousness by changing its truths.
    We change truth as we discover the nature of reality.

    How shall we resist the monstrous tyranny now destroying our lives? Has it occurred to us that we may be petty tyrants also, destroying ourselves? Does what we do come back to us?

    When you attack others, you attack yourself. All negative acts are self-destructive. Negative acts begin in fear. Primal fear, the fear of final extinction, is the genesis of all evil. Knowing you exist forever, you solve life’s challenges with freedom, creativity, and love.

    It bears repeating endlessly that we must clean our own house before cleaning others’ houses. Are many of us not just as predatory, though on a smaller scale, as the tyrants who control our world? To the extent we are also lying, cheating, spying, stealing, motivated by greed, hurting others, we inherit the world we create.

    Integrity makes us invulnerable to manipulation by others. Integrity comes with independence. We learn by testing our own personal truths, and evolving these from the feedback, failure or success. Dogma opposes such personal growth because it condemns truth testing as heresy.

    We live in sensational endtimes. We approach the end of outmoded ideas and will soon drop our fear of extraterrestrials ready to lift us above the tyranny besetting humanity for thousands of years. It changes names and faces, but resurfaces whenever we forfeit our individuality, whenever we allow religion to tell us how to think, and whenever we allow government to tell us how to act. The true individual thinks for himself and acts for himself. He is immune to the “crisis/solution,” fear-mongering scams of government and religion.

    Until we cleanse ourselves of those evils echoed in the tyrannies, we are in a failure mode. So we toss out the NWO– what then? Acting out of primal fear, do we once again ask government to take charge of things? Down, down, we go, back into the vortex of evil! Tyranny, though inevitably deposed, is ever on the horizon of opportunity.

    Let’s wisely transit from a dependent, oppressed humanity to a galaxy class civilization. There are stages. First, a return to the last good thing that worked, the Constitution. Then we work through small changes to avoid utter chaos, electing directly short term interim leaders and interim government on a reduced scale, for however many years it takes, until we all are living in reality, instead of living in “truth”.

    Nothing is more important than the discovery of the true nature of reality! As we hear it from those who control our minds, reality is somehow nested in truth. Nothing could be further from reality! Absolute truth is incompatible with reality, for Absolute truth pretends to be certain, permanent, and perfect, while reality is forever uncertain, forever changing, and forever imperfect (unfinished).

    Have you ever heard this from our leaders? Have you heard it on the news, or seen it in television programming? In church? Of course not! The change must come from within.

    • You say you believe in God and yet you say that we create reality and we must change ourselves. If that is true, the what role does God play? Why do we not hear what you say in Church? Because the Bible does not support what you are saying. The Bible says that God defines reality and in fact is the author of all life. It also says that man is evil and cannot change his heart without the Holy Spirit doing it for us. Our own free will is a myth and not supported by Scripture at all. Read John 6:63.

      • It’s not the bible that doesn’t support what he’s saying, it’s the STATE-RUN CHURCHES that aren’t repeating what the true Christians are saying, which is why i no longer go to church. Instead the churches are preaching the book of Romans, and how to be submissive to your government, and this is yet another form of treason.

        Would role does God play? What kind of question is that? The Creator gave us all LIFE, and controls the balance of nature and all that exists in the universe. You have free will, and you are free to do what you want with it. You can rape and murder and steal, but just don’t expect you’ll escape judgement in the afterlife, that’s all. Just like if you’re a moron and do crappy in school, don’t complain that you can’t get until Harvard. They have very high standards and so does God. The choice is 100% yours. It’s not that complicated.

    • I get what you’re saying. But I disagree.

      Truth is absolute. It is our flawed perception of reality that prevents us from understanding truth absolutely. It is impossible for us to change truth. It is our natural tendency to deny truth which challenges our preconceptions, and to select truth which reinforces our preconceptions. And no matter what we do or say or think, and no matter what happens throughout existence, truth remains absolute. Truth is not “in the eye of the beholder”; it is the eye of the beholder, and all other things.

      • Exactly. Truth is was actually exists, and not what the masses are aware of.

  20. The broad areas around Fukushima turns out less than 5 square kms. This is a relatively small area; a health person can easily walk around it. That’s according to NHK, a Japanese news source. To be sane, always double check the New York Times, a major propaganda organ of the elite, if there every was one. Why hasn’t Alex and the rest of you caught on, that the British aristocracy is the number one enemy of nuclear power. For a damn good reason, it’s the door to a prosperous future for all mankind.

    • Nuclear power is great….when it works properly and isn’t believe near fault lines (intentionally???). But since human being are fallible, that is exactly what makes Nuclear power soo dangerous. High risks, high rewards.

      • …isn’t built near fault lines….. eeeer, haven’t had my coffee yet.

  21. “The truth will set you free.” – Jesus of Nazareth

    • John 8:31-32 “Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

  22. Do you really think “Those” are the conspiracies people are concerned about? I think you’re reading the culture wrong. The most basic is 9/11, which wasn’t listed. And people are concerned about those conspiracies that are directly affecting them. Nobody gives a damn about Libya in this country…other than don’t kill my kid while he/she is there.

    • Agreed. no matter how much we here (on this site) care about Libya and what it means, no normal bring home the Bacon crack open a beer and flip on the tv people will ever desire to care about Libya or most foreign countries for that matter. for some reason people think the world is still so big that no one in another country can possibly affect our lives… its sad. everything affects everything these days

    • That would be because the 9/11 truth conspiracy theory is unproven.

      • It’s not unproven by any means. If you have a basic understanding of physics then you cannot deny the impossibility that fire brought down any of those buildings. Do you understand resistance? How does a building fall at the speed of gravity? In order for any of those building to fall the way they did the internal structure had to be compromised, i.e., the steel beams hat to be cut, and all at the same time as the building began to fall. No steel framed building on earth could fall at almost the speed of gravity unless explosive charges were used. It’s very simple to understand. No resistance equals what we all witnessed on television ten years ago. If the fire had actually weakened the steel structure it still would not have produced the pancake effect. The buildings falling on their own footprint is the real smoking gun. It just doesn’t happen in reality.

        And again, explain the mystery of building number seven? No plane impact (not that it would make a difference), no large fires, and an open admission from the owner on public television that he ordered the building to be “pulled”. It was a perfect demolition and any demolition’s expert or engineer would say it was a controlled demolition, granted that they didn’t know they were looking at footage from 911. And what about all of the other “anomalies”, hundreds of anomalies that can only be explained by a massive conspiracy? Why don’t you offer some proof that supports the government conspiracy theory?

      • 19,000 architects and engineers have all proven 9/11 to be impossible to have been done without the use of internal explosives.

        10 YEARS LATER – WHERE ARE THE NEW “FREEDOM TOWERS?????” Oh that’s right, they can’t build them because ground zero is still heavily contaminated with MILITARY-GRADE nano thermite.

      • The proof is right in front of us. Evidence of thermite and testimony of explosion after explosion after the planes hit until the buildings turned to dust is all the evidence that is needed. The truth is there. We can all see it. We don’t need testimony from the govt that it was controlled demolition. It’s plain as day.

        The gov’t was tasked with investigating itself. That would be like you being the judge in your own murder trial and declaring any evidence that would prove you guilty inadmissible. It’s a complete joke and disgusting, quite frankly.

        But this is the method in which ALL of these acts are carried out. With “plausable deniability” such that it can be discredited as a “conspiracy theory”. Or a thought arrived at through speculation or conjecture. Theories typically remain unproven. This is their mantra. And if conspiracies don’t exist why do we incarcerate people in this country for it on a daily basis?

        Our power and resolve rests in our unwavering support and conviction in our beliefs that these theories have substantial merit. What’s crazy is the line of BS we have been fed by the establishment and many still believe.

    • I think that the author was trying to introduce the sheeple to the broader principle that “conspiracy theories” have validity. Giving people uncomplicated, obvious examples is a good way to challenge their thinking and open their minds. Milk before solid food, you know. Going straight into 9/11 truth turns most people off and is counterproductive to waking them up, no matter how true the inside job premise is (which I DO believe). They have to be gently led, or they go into shock and denial as a form of emotional self-protection. Frustrating, I know….but it is sadly the case.

      The author’s approach to starting with the easy stuff and then proceeding to the more complicated is a wise one, I think, IMHO!

      • Exactly.

  23. “You have to choose between trusting the natural stability of Gold and the honesty and intelligence of members of the government. With due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, to vote for Gold,” George Bernard Shaw, 1928.

    • great quote, dude.

  24. Ofcourse christian idenity is targeted, look at this site alone and these forums where half those that post spew their hatred against christians and they damn well know AJ is christian, so why the hell are they here if they think they’re all nuts including AJ?

    This is for all the non believers….
    “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.” David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

    “One-fourth of humanity must be eliminated from the social body. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.” Psychologist Barbara Marx Hubbard – member and futurist/strategist of Task Force Delta; a United States Army think tank. The Population Control Agenda.The Timeline

    So you see it doesnt matter what you believe, however it does matter what the luciferians believe because they are the ones pulling the strings and pushing the buttons and most of you say things that go hand in hand with luciferian doctrine like: religion is the cause for all wars and its stupid bible thumpers we need to get rid of. talk about kissing the ass that wants us all dead you bible bashers would love to be a part of this process of elimination with the delusion that your not next. thats how i see it.

    • Good post.

      Let’s not forget that it was Christians who first exposed the New World Order. And why did it happen to be Christians who exposed it first? Because the Scriptures prophesied that such a thing would happen. Now all of the new-agers and atheists have jumped on the bandwagon, acting like they were aware of the conspiracy for a long time. I guess watching the lie that is Zeitgeist makes people like this instant experts? Never mind that real Christians were blowing the horn hundreds of years ago to warn humanity of this sick and twisted plot.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I keep telling the ignorant morons on these forums to STUDY SATANISM, the ILLUMINATI, and ASTROLOGY. NOT because you should practice it, but KNOW YOUR ENEMY. These aren’t silly little fades, they’ve been around literally since the dawn of civilization, why??? Because they’ve proven the test of time. Bullsh-t beliefs don’t last, they fade throughout history. Satanic secret societies wouldn’t be around for 5000 years if there was no Satan. Christian churches wouldn’t be around 2000+ years later if there was no Christ.

      I study and care about these things because our sick, psychopathic rulers firmly believe in these things. It is their language. You don’t want to learn the elites language??? Fine, that’s your ignorant choice, and you will FAIL through lack of knowledge. Do you know that most of all stock trades (by the elites), military strategies, and most major financial/corporate decisions are based solely on astrology? We can argue until we’re blue in the face whether or not star constellations are BS or not, but the fact is, the elites are using them. We can argue until we’re blue in the face whether or not Lucifer or Jesus is real, but the fact is, the elites believe both are real, and have been suppressing knowledge from us “useless eaters” since the dawn of civilization.

      All these douche-bag non-believers on these forums take great joy at criticizing a 2000+ year old book that has been edited, modified and translated into 180 different languages repeatedly and when they find any inconsistency they see this as some bizarre “proof” that there is no God. What a moronic thing to do. I can also “prove” that practically every single historical figure never existed using their same lame logic. These atheists better wake up to the fact that THEY ARE NOT HELPING us defeat our demonic world leaders, they are HURTING our cause by dividing and conquering and dragging us down to their level. Christians want to expose and DESTROY EVIL and atheists are still sitting on their asses waiting for someone to prove to them that evil even exists! It’s starting to really piss me off.

  25. Annuit Coeptis is a direct quote from the Roman book the Aeneid,its says that the bloodlines of the Caesars and ancient Greece are related to trhe gods Zeus,Apollo,by blood.It means ,he favours our undertakings,he is Jupiter which is Zeus which is really Satan,Jesus is Lord ,nibirupedia.com

    • We all have our beliefs. I believe you are a nut.

      • Then you need to do some intense research of the pagan religions and philosophies! The truth is there, if you are not too lazy to seek it!

      • Learn the difference between belief and knowing.

  26. Should we include disarming all Americans, and USA military moving closer to UN full control, of course that is just a conspiracy theory.
    What spirtital satanic group is controling NATO= UN.

    Public Law 87-927

  27. I can think of atleast 14 more for a part 2! Random, your comment about the black helicopter makes me want to tell you what happened to me 10 years ago. I was in a forum that discussed conspiracy’s, the gov etc.Many on the forum were talking about Black Helicopters practically landing in their yards but just starting at them. I made a tough comment about how they’d better not do that to me or something stupid I’m sure. The VERY NEXT DAY…A BLACK HELICOPTER FLEW INTO MY BACK YARD!! I was on my back deck and we just looked at each other. I gave them a defiant “fuck you” look and started at them back. They hovered for maybe 3 minutes at most and then took off. I never had it happen again UNTIL JULY!! AFTER I joined the forum here and started posting. I didn’t see this one, my brother did. I was gone at the time and he was staying with me. I tell you all this because obviously they really do watch online and have for a very long time, They’re tagging “Subversives” I feel and have been since atleast 1999 (I think that’s the year it happened the first time). Anyhoo, fwiw, I’m curious to know if others on this site have had similar encounters. Do Tell.

    • Those black birds are just our friendly FEMA/UN folks that want to see us gone.

      Next time they drop below 25 feet and/or any jumps out of the aircraft onto your property call 911 and have them arrested for trespassing.

    • i’ve had the same experiance several times. i’d be on infowars saying ‘fuk the gub’ and a helo would just so happen by- i’m in a very rural area in a nat’l forest. while downstate, i lived next to Selfridge Air Base(a wingwalker just fell to his death this weekend there) i have wit5nessed the black helocoptors. hell i have flown on them before while stationed at Ft Campbell KY. it is all real folks.

      • I was walking to my car one day on my way to work and I looked up in the sky to check on the chemtrail activity and shook my head at why they are still trying to spray the skies with all those nasty chemicals and then low and behold a black SUV stopped my car and a man in black came out and warned me not to talk about what I was seeing in the sky and to keep my head down. That was a scary moment – i wonder if they are reading our thoughts too?

        • OMG to all of the above encounters! That is pretty creepy, but not out of the realm of possibility! We all are SO on the watch list….I wonder to which camps they have preassigned us!

        • @raw milk. fuk them and their plans. if you find yourself in a fema camp, you didn’t fight hard enough.they’re just like the hotel california… you check out, but can’t never leave.

  28. Not surprising to me at all. I uphold the law for a living, But I do it with my eyes open. I may sometimes disagree with a law that I have to uphold; but, I still uphold that law and when times comes to vote against that law, I vote my conscience. Many Americans dont believe they have a voice and in many instances this is true, but not when it comes to your vote. I have in the past 30 years, seen the number of people voting on any given issue decrease with time. We have done this to ourselves, and have no one else to blame. Dont be lazy, vote!

    • “Voting” is useless. Tyrants have taken over and they aren’t listening. They are shoving their agendas down our throats. Doesn’t matter what the people want, they will “rig” elections to get their way, “buy” votes or do whatever it takes to get their people in place, or pass whatever crap laws they want. That doesn’t mean I do nothing. I talk to people all the time, wake them up. Upholding an unjust law just to keep your job makes you part of the problem when that unjust law hurts an innocent person.

    • Voting does matter! except when 216 votes magically disappear and Ron Paul looses by just over a 100 votes.. coincidence? then you learn that going to vote costs $60 unless your in Bachmanns party she paid you $40… fair? voting is an illusion of influence

      • If patriots decline to vote, the globalists have no need to cheat.

        • sure, look where voting has got us so far, its the very reason were all in this mess. voting is for suckers and theres plenty to go around. Even you admit it in your post battle hymm if you finish the sentence with , “however if patriots do vote the globalist will cheat and diebold takes over”

        • It’s akin to giving away your guns willingly (by not voting), or with resistance (by voting).

        • That’s crap. Voting just guarantee’s that their world order will continue without any real resistance. As TennWalt said, voting is for suckers, at least on the Federal level. If you live in a small town then it’s a completely different animal. That’s why they are eliminating small communities and have created “urban sprawl”. If you cannot identify with with your neighbors (because you have hundreds of thousands of neighbors) then there isn’t a chance of changing things. As they introduce more chaos to the mix (think illegal immigration, multiculturalism, forcing the majority to except a gay lifestyle practiced openly, political correctness, etc.) we lose our identity as a people and chaos ensues.

    • If voting changed things, it would’ve been made illegal by now.
      You do not uphold “the law” and you are not a “law enforcement” officer you are a UCC “code enforcer”..has nothing to do with “the law” as in law of the land.
      Our courts are not constitutional courts and our judges know it. You’ll get laughed out of these “tribunal courts” if you even mention the bill of rights. You are nothing but a tax paid patsy that will do what your told or get fired, you will write those damn unlawful tickets to fill your quota, not to “protect and serve”.
      You say, “we have done this to ourselves”…bullshit, its people like you going along with orders to put your fellow americans in jail for unconstitutional bullshit codes that you enforce while you and your comrads get to enjoy “special priviledges”. Your nothing but a browncoat in black and a jackboot in disguise. Broyght it on ourselves my ass.

      • tenn—I’m glad there are some that see it. jfc man. You know who the nwo infiltraters are when they attack when you don’t worship the politicians.

        • Can you please leave the “f” out of the “jc”? it’s sickening…

        • just think of it as: jogging for charity. jfc!

      • Hell Yes! My comment got “deleted” for whatever reasons.

        • P.S.,

          Speaking on TennWalt’s comments.

    • garthog – upholding laws that are wrong is how the Nazi’s grew.

      The Nuremberg Laws are one example – would you “uphold” those? After all they we called “The Laws for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor”.

      You would be anti-German if you went against them.

      Just like you would be “unpatriotic” if you were against the Patriot Act.

      It is really hypocritical and dangerous to arrest someone for “breaking” a law that you think is wrong and satisfy your conscience by saying you would vote against it.

      How many people are sitting in prison in the US for years for having one joint?

    • Oh boy, another cop disagreeing with an illegal law yet still following orders. It doesn’t matter if that “law” (in reality a statute or code enforced under “color of law”) you’re enforcing will ruin someone’s life or cost them thousands of dollars in legal fees, you’re just doing your job, right? The commissars and Nazis said the same thing, “Just following orders”. Keep voting your conscience while America goes to hell. It sounds like you don’t have much of a conscience to begin with if you have to justify your oath breaking. No, a lot of the blame falls on people like you who carry out their evil plans in the name of “following orders”.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. We the people pass laws all the time that are overturned by legislators. Happens all the time. Lawmakers undoing the will of the voters.

  29. though a black helicopter fly up his ass, the complacent American intones “All Is Well” as he drifts off to dream of The Big Game.

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