2 Beautiful Australian Barbie Dolls Get Permanent Heart Problems after Drinking Poisoned Juice



2 Barbie dolls from Australia get permanent heart damage and possibly fertility damage after drinking a glass of poisoned orange juice. Nobody knows who poisoned the juice but everybody is suspecting the manufacturer of the juice probably put poison in the juice by accident or deliberate. As you our most faithful readers already know, we have to conceal and hide some words to avoid mass sen sir ship. laugh1 but you know what we’re talking about.

Anyway, below you can read their stories as they posted them on their social media accounts and remained visible for only a few minutes and after that their posts got removed for spreading wax sin bad info. How can it be called miss info when they are just sharing their stories and what happened to them?

But hey this is 2021 where you are not allowed to speak anymore and the reason they are being silenced is because they do not want people to know beautiful Barbie dolls are getting harmed cause otherwise Ken dolls are gonna be angry! laugh1

Luckily we managed to capture their stories. One of them is Chaye Connelly and here’s her story and her pictures underneath her story:

This is my back story to why I was forced into getting the V.

I am a women who was never going to get the C-V as it, wasn’t something I wanted to put in body.

I’m a strong believer in pro choice for your own body.

My ex partner which is the father of my child lived in NSW.

Currently, I have final order with the Federal Court Order that should over rule any states decision of my fulfilling my Obligation to sustaining a parenting order.

I was strong armed into getting this V which I only did for my child to be able to see both parents.

On the 14th of December 2021 at 3pm I received my 2nd M-J. I felt little off a few hours later then that night.

I felt like my body had someone poured gasoline and lit me on fire but at the same time I was shivering cold. I could barley breath and my heart rate was dropping.

I was told these are side affects to C and there was nothing to be worry about.

Please listen to me and don’t put this poison in your body!

Now watch her video and be shocked to see how intelligent and well spoken she is! You see people? Never judge a book by its cover… she’s not just a barbie doll!!!!!!!! She’s very HIGH IQ as well! While many imbeciles begin telling their stories like this “I’m not anti-wax! I love waxes, I had them all but this one… here’s what’s happened to me….” and after telling their horror stories, in closing they yet again mention “I’m not ani-wax!” rofl like how stupid can one be? But this woman Chaye right here…. maaaaaaaan! She’s smart, she called it what it is: this poison harmed me, this is genocide! Now that’s more like it! That’s the reaction people should have but people aren’t generally smart. Chaye is smart… she made a big mistake but at least it was for love so she can visit her daughter. The thing is, DO NOT make this mistake regardless of the reason.

The other beautiful Barbie doll harmed by the wax sin is Just Peachyx and here’s her story and photos:

Trigger Warning!!
Received my second jab on monday. Didn’t think I was going to react much different to the first one. I only experienced a sore arm and a horrible beach ache. 4 days after the second jab I had a fainting episode and just figured my sugar levels were too low and didn’t think much about it. I left work early that day to go to the doctors as I wasn’t feeling too great. On the drive to the doctors I noticed the left side of my face was droopy and I had pins and needles all over my face and tongue so I went straight to the hospital. Spent 7 hours at the hospital before any tests and scans were done. I had 3 MRI’s and several blood and urine tests done. Once the pins and needles had gone I was sent home with a droopy face. I woke up the next morning with the right side of my face all droopy. So I made a doctors appointment and found out from the scans and blood tests that I had a mini stroke and that I now have Bell’s palsy. My doctor is certain it’s related to the jab. He called the neurologist and his big boss because the scans that had been done in the beginning were all wrong. I go to the hospital via ambulance and spent a good 8 hours there to be told that I don’t have Bell’s palsy, my brain was starved of blood and oxygen and this is the way my body is reacting to that. Blood pressure in the 90’s and heart rate sky high. Can’t drive, can’t stand for too long without getting light headed, can’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting tired. My vision and balance is so off. I’m so confused as to what’s going on. My GP seems to care more about my health than the 2 hospitals I went too. He told me because of the jab my period is going to be crazy bad. I’m 2 days in and I’ve gone through near 3 packets of tampons, I’ve never ever experienced anything like it. I’m being told that I’m fine, brush it off, my face will go back to normal eventually and if it gets worse to come back to hospital but it’s okay, it doesn’t seem to be Bell’s palsy.

Experiencing all of the same the things, massive headache and numbnesss to the left side of my face due to bells. Can’t walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. Oh and I lost my job.

And here it is YET AGAIN the wax sin affecting not just the heart but FERTILITY as well. In fact this is most likely the main cause of the sin, to affect fertility of people as we showed multiple times in previous stories with pregnancy losses and hysterectomy after receiving Satan’s wax SIN. A woman’s period is the most important part of her fertility.

Affecting her period is affecting her fertility. And look at her General Practitioner doctor telling her that she should expect crazy bad menstruation from now on because of the sinful wax which means this is common thing and he KNEW that this would happened because he probably saw it many times before.

No matter how beautiful and hot and attractive women are, remember guys do NOT mix with the poisonated barbie dolls, you do not want to carry the burden of having a handicapped child or dead children due to spontaneous abortions. Stay away! If you are single and looking for a long-term partner or even for 1 night stand, YOU MUST ask the person’s poison status. Is it poisonated or not? And if YES then you must politely refuse. Needless to say this is also valid for women. Women must also ask men if they are poisonated or not and refuse the poisonated.

Yes people not even for 1 night stands as many of the result in pregnancies and even though you move on and you might not know, you do not want to find out at the Judgement Day that you had a handicapped child or an aborted child. It is flesh from your flesh, blood from your blood. So remember no mixing with the poisonated.

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