3 Reasons Why the COVID Resistance Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

#1 – Stood up against the most egregious assault on human rights and civil liberties in modern history.

• This included violations of bodily integrity and informed consent, the spread of a surveillance state, the closure of small businesses, and the dehumanization of people who wanted to be left alone.

#2 – Displayed great courage and made significant sacrifices to stand up for essential human values.

• Previous peace prize recipients “typically paid a heavy personal price for their defense of human, women’s, and children’s rights.” COVID dissidents lost jobs, doctors who did not conform had their licenses threatened or taken away, and many lost lifetime relations with loved ones for not going along with the narrative.

#3 – Created supportive communities, took matters into their own hands, and overcame censorship in the face of tyranny.

• COVID-19 necessitated the emergence of citizen journalism, where regular people with full-time jobs dedicated their free time to covering the other side of the story, AKA the truth.

• Others created and bolstered spaces for dissenters to coalesce. Platforms like Rumble and Telegram allowed citizen journalists to grow a following. And later on, 𝕏 unbanned accounts from the COVID resistance.

• And then there are the people who took to the streets, who deserve all the praise in the world. In my opinion, the Freedom Convoy will go down as one of the most important demonstrations in history. The efforts of the truckers and their allies almost single-handedly swung public favor against despotic vax mandates.

As such, “There should be no shortage of potential candidates for the Peace Prize to recognize their brave efforts to keep the flame of freedom flying through these dark times.”

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This post was inspired by an article written by Ramesh Thakur, which originally appeared on Brownstone Institute.

Click here to read Thakur’s extraordinary article.


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