50 US Diplomats Call for War with Russia (but not a single one is named)

It’s hard to know precisely what to make of the latest propaganda being spoon-fed to the public regarding Syria. Supposedly 50 war mongers in the State Department have signed onto an “internal memo” calling for US airstrikes against the Syrian Arab Army–which essentially would mean war with Russia if it were to occur–but not a single news story mentions who these people are.

We are told only that they are “career diplomats,” but of the lower-ranking order. Their names, however, are not given. Nonetheless they reputedly are gravely concerned about the current state of affairs in Syria (where, I would remind readers, the Syrian Army, with Russian air support, is on the verge of retaking Raqqa, the so-called capital of the Islamic State). So concerned are they in fact that they have composed this memo, folded it into the shape of a paper airplane, and tossed it into the State Department’s “dissent channel,” we are told.

And guess what? The reasoning of these faceless people, as spelled out in their memo manifesto, precisely adheres to the same propaganda line peddled by the Zionist media. Imagine that! According to this line of thought, Bashar Assad is a brutal dictator who kills his own people and who simply has to be overthrown in order for there to be peace in the Middle East (just as, presumably, removing Moammar Gaddafi brought peace to Libya), and, well…gas pipelines and the interests of Israel–none of this has anything to do with it!

Here’s a passage from a CNN report on the matter:

The memo calls on the U.S. to create a stronger partnership with moderate rebel forces to battle both Assad’s forces and ISIS, which would change the tide of the conflict against the regime and “increase the chances for peace by sending a clear signal to the regime and its backers that there will be no military solution to the conflict.”

It also warns that as the regime “continues to bomb and starve” Syria’s Sunni population, the U.S. will lose potential allies among Syria’s Sunni population to fight ISIS. Moreover, it says, U.S. failure to stop the regime’s abuses “undermines both morally and materially the unity of the anti-Daesh coalition” and “will only bolster the ideological appeal of groups such as Daesh, even as they endure tactical setbacks on the battlefield.”

In other words, we have to get rid of Assad or ISIS will grow stronger and likely carry out more attacks in the West–maybe even in your town!

In the view of these anonymous State Department officials, the problem is not the state sponsors of terrorism who have been supporting ISIS. No.  The problem is the Syrian government and its allies, who have done more than anyone else in the world to defeat ISIS. These are the “culprits” US military forces should fight a war against.

Fantastic as it sounds, this is the story being given us by the mainstream media today.


Source Article from https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/2016/06/18/50-us-diplomats-call-for-war-with-russia-but-not-a-single-one-is-named/

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