60 Minutes now claims Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are real, not conspiracy, because Russia is supposedly using them against us

60 Minutes now claims Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are real, not conspiracy, because Russia is supposedly using them against us

For years, the mainstream media establishment in the United States has scoffed at all speculation about the existence of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) that the government is using to spark “wildfires” and attack entire towns, i.e., Lahaina, Maui, calling DEWs a “conspiracy theory.” Well, suddenly DEWs are real, according to 60 Minutes – but only because Russia is the new alleged boogeyman.

In the following video clip, 60 Minutes investigative reporter Christo Grozev expresses his belief that a top-secret Russian intelligence unit called 29155 is behind “mysterious health incidents reported by U.S. officials” – have a look:

Now, have a look at this video in which Grozev explains how he “literally had tears” in his eyes after uncovering alleged evidence possibly linking Russia’s top-secret 29155 unit to DEWs:

There is obviously an agenda here, and one that we continue to see over and over again every time another U.S. government plot is exposed as real rather than a conspiracy theory: just blame Russia.

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When outed, just blame Russia

Newsweek and other corporate-controlled media outlets are already running with the new narrative, blaming Russia for the “mysterious and debilitating condition that struck U.S. personnel in Cuba,” which is now being referred to as “Havana Syndrome.”

“Unexplained anomalous health incidents, also known as Havana Syndrome, may have their origin in the use of directed energy weapons” used by Russia’s foreign military intelligence agency, known as GRU, reported Newsweek, citing a joint investigation between 60 Minutes, The Insider (Russia) and Der Spiegel (Germany).

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This is the modus operandi (MO) of Western media, by the way: deny the existence of some horrific thing like DEWs, chemtrails or what have you until denial is no longer possible because the world knows about it. Then, just proceed to blame Russia for whatever the horrible thing is.

Town Hall claimed recently to have debunked the foreign adversary myth concerning the Havana Syndrome, citing “years of investigating” that shows it “cannot be tied to the actions of a foreign adversary.”

The CIA and six other intelligence agencies are cited as having reviewed the approximately 1,000 cases of career diplomats succumbing to strange symptoms tied to Havana Syndrome. It was determined that all such cases were “very unlikely” to have been caused by foreign adversaries.

“‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’ for the past decade – no one believes you anymore,” wrote one person on X about the bogus 60 Minutes report. “Everything the politicians and media say Russia is doing turns out to be what our own government is doing.”

“This is so embarrassing for Democrat women who will be the only ones who believe it,” joked another.

“I always knew there were secret spy units out there, but causing mysterious health incidents? Sounds like something straight out of a James Bond movie!” said another.

Others pointed out that the government, working through its media puppets like 60 Minutes, is so obviously desperate right now that it is throwing everything it has left at Russia.

“The aliens story was much more believable,” joked one of them.

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